HardCore Pawn owners are racist
Done judge all by one

Pontiac, MI

#236 Jan 15, 2013
Jontavius wrote:
Just remember, folks...it takes a Negro to make a racist. Working as a physician in an emergency department was all it took to make a believer out of me.
But every black person portrayed on this show is ignorant; so there you have it. My best friend is black, I am white male myself. He is a Gulf War medic veteran turned firefighter; yet he is one in a million!

Once I was in the ER, the black doctor pronounced the word ask as "axe" me questions. I think they just call him doctor on the street as he was clearly illiterate. I had my ride take me to the next hospital ten miles further.

Every race has its trash. In my opinion some colors more so than others. The Gold's are Jewish but nevertheless they're business people working to make a living. They are not the ones lining up to pawn their video game or stolen merchandise. Give credit to the working class heroes of any race. The greedy needy are forever at the bottom of the totem pole with their hands out!
John Smith

Hillsborough, NJ

#237 Jan 22, 2013
allknowings wrote:
Whites have never been slaves

Philadelphia, PA

#238 Jan 22, 2013
Blanket Jackson wrote:
why do majority of blacks keep going there.
they make it known they are,when they see a white person...they all smiles and greet them at the door but when blacks come in they talk real nasty to them and potray us as loud,crazy,hot tempered on every episode.
PLEASE...somebody close or near by they pawn shop go whip the daughter's ASK and shove a BIG FAT YOU KNOW WHAT? N THE SON's MOUTH.
The daddy ugly and look like a bull dog,his son look like a chihuahuas but,daughter look like a 15 year old wrinkle face poodle.They heads so huge that they can't sit together on a plane, one have to sit in the front,one in the middle and one in the back, to even the plane's weight out.
who cares?
why do blacks care so much how the white man thinks?

Houston, TX

#239 Jan 23, 2013
HAHAHA! You do realize this show is 100% scripted. Their all acting, and they do a pretty damn good job at it. Pawn Store owners are douche's in real life, and African Americans, are well, African Americans. If anyone's racist it's the person making this post. We didn't know your were black till you pointed it out to us.
Truth sayer

Vista, CA

#242 Feb 20, 2013
Seems to me that the civil rights movement separated blacks from whites more than Plessy v Ferguson (Separate, but equal). it appears blacks, of all classes, want to live separate from whites; yet, want whites to pay for massive entitlements, One has to conclude that the massive entitlements paid to the "urban" poor class since 1965 far outweighs so-called reparations. after watching the animalistic, grossly rude black behavior on Hard Core Pawn, I wonder how any inner city black person will ever work again. What sane employer would hire such angry persons? Yet, white---especially of the high school teacher persuasion--females are constantly bombarding their students with "diversity is a good thing." A good thing for whom? Why be required to live and work around a group of angry, hateful people, who have been taught from a very young age, notwithstanding the so-called Civil Rights Movement, to hate whites, the basis for their livelihood? Hard core Pawn shows us, in living color, that the United States is approaching a serious social impasse.

Hampton, VA

#243 Mar 12, 2013
I can honestly say tgateas a half black person that black people act stupid so of course its going to make the viewing rate go up white people isn't perfect either I hardly hear of a black person killing there mother and molesting there kids nobody's perfect I think white people are just jeluse of the size of there dicks and they are weak trailer park trash is just as ghetto and whit people always talk shit online in person they respect blacks cause they will get there ass beat if no took over the white house golf basketball football and don't want hockey if they did they will dominate

Howell, MI

#244 Mar 17, 2013
white people kill black people.. i hate both sides.. it's better if your mixed with asian nobody Asian ever does nothing and they live longer because nobody ever bothers Asians.. not saying they should but they don't..

Howell, MI

#245 Mar 17, 2013
most of my friends aren't even black they are white even though i'm black..

Howell, MI

#246 Mar 17, 2013
or half white and black..

Wakefield, MA

#247 Mar 17, 2013
White Mans Burden wrote:
<quoted text>
Once again, there you go with the defensive, emotional ignorance. You are assuming that I came to this form to insult black people. In truth, I found this by doing some google searches about the show after watching a couple episodes of it. I saw a link accusing the show of being racist and thought how ridiculous that accusation was and decided to comment. Perhaps next time, you should try asking rather than getting angry and making assumptions that make you look foolish.
It was safe for me to assume you were talking about me seeing as though you posted about 'these white trash people' directly after I commented negatively. Do you see the difference between assumptions and Educated guesses? Am I getting through to you at all?
ugg, capitalization errors, gramatical errors...dang, it makes you look ignorant after attacking someone else for it. Anywho, I am racist, unfortunately I havent been exposed to enough quality people in other races to overcome my ignorance...therefore, I believe my race is better as a whole than others. I do acknowledge however that we've (whites) have had a four hundred year head start on blacks and possibly more on other immigrants here. I am still not naive enough to think that if you picked me up and plunked me into another country where I didnt know the language, or culture, that I would survive, thrive and own my own business as quickly as our minorities do in our own homeland, while lazy ass white kids sit around on their daddys couch. I am also not ignorant enough to say that blacks are the sole assholes on the show...think about it douche and count the races...its friggin tv, you really think theyd sway it all black if their audience is mixed? Frick no, count the white idiots nxt time you watch, if anything, theyre not matching the diversity of the area or customers...shoot, I can think of three of the biggest, now five of the biggest assholes on the show, and guess what, all white...the dude with the eyeballs poppin out of his head telling less to get his finger out of his face, the guy who lied to les about paying a grand for a ring, the truck driver who demanded money and was escorted out, the white trash chicken coup guy, the young douche who had the dui and was abusing his girlfriend, the other little douche grocery merchant with the fake body guard and baseball cards...I could keep going, and also tell you a list of normal black "hood" customers, but youre too ignorant to view an alternate opinion- a racist opened to be proven otherwise.

Eden, NC

#248 Apr 24, 2013
They are racist because the blacks in detroit decide to start chimping out in their pawn shop? Sorry you can't afford things or they won't give you free things. They aren't Obama and da Gubaments here to make your day Sha Nay Nay.

Dunedin, FL

#250 May 1, 2013
Worst show on TRU-TV
Seth is a lil' puss and sis is a fat ugly brat
Melissa Jaxson

Modesto, CA

#251 May 7, 2013
taylor wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont think it's american pawn that is making the black people on the show look stupid
Your response makes black people look like idiots who can't spell or speak English correctly. Ebonics isn't a language. And who the hell are you to make fun of these people's looks? I'm positive that you must be an ugly fucker! Stop the hating! I've heard black people hate Jews and you are proof of that! Ewwww...people like you make me feel sick! Racist!
Level 5

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#252 May 8, 2013
Well Les got burned.......Some 'friend' of his came by and was interested in a $42,000 watch and he let him take it home on a handshake, later he sent Les a package in the mail with a note indicating the payment in $40,000 worth of $1 watch bands.
Level 5

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#253 May 8, 2013
Skiff Azlaan wrote:
Well Les got burned.......Some 'friend' of his came by and was interested in a $42,000 watch and he let him take it home on a handshake, later he sent Les a package in the mail with a note indicating the payment in $40,000 worth of $1 watch bands.
BTW, the person that ripped him off wasn't African American, either!
Level 5

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#254 May 8, 2013
To think about this topic, barley a few people who make big purchases are mostly white, and they don't make most of the pawn shop's profits, it's the business of African Americans whom are the most customers.

South Burlington, VT

#255 Jun 8, 2013
nightwolf909 wrote:
Ashley is a totally spoiled brat and a real bitch, but for some reason I'd like to give her a good, hard F#k!! Maybe it would lighten her up!
In the [email protected]

Auburn, CA

#258 Jun 27, 2013
taylor wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont think it's american pawn that is making the black people on the show look stupid
It is the black person who acts like a DAN that shows they are stupid.

Brisbane, Australia

#259 Jul 30, 2013
Ya i cant stand that stupid show.my god its on serious 3 and he is still wearing that stupid white jumper.

Winston Hills, Australia

#260 Jul 30, 2013
How is filming TNB "racist"???
This is coons at their hilarious worst.

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