Black Women dating Indian Men: Experi...

Roswell, GA

#331 Mar 25, 2013
phakade wrote:
All of you guys are soooo mean WHY! I'm a black south african women and I have never heard people hating on each other like this,I'm shocked and dissapointed
Really? Black South African woman, really?

Ashburn, VA

#332 Apr 20, 2013
Thnx jay aleast i'm nt the only one seeing that i'm also dating indian men bt people they stare at me they say they feel sori for me bt he loves he wants to intrudes me to his parents in Durban i'm scared to meet them he wants me to meet him coz he wants us to get married is it wise to marry indian men:-/


#333 Apr 28, 2013
Yes observer black south african women that is what I said,or what? There are different races here have you forgotten? And I'm black,ther are indian,coloureds and white south africans,so why did you ask that question?


#334 May 3, 2013
Indian Techie wrote:
Indian families marry within their caste
There is strong prejudice against foreigners
black, white, yellow
The strongest Indian prejudice is against blacks and muslims, marrying either will get one outcasted
Most Indian guys will get a rich dowry with an arranged marriage within their caste
In the meantime, they are looking for free sex
Not sure what Indians have to be racist about. They too were enslaved in their own country, their skin tone varies from sand to charcoal not all Indians have straight hair and they want to be racist against people of African decent. Not all Africans were enslaved, Africa was civilised and still is. What ever shade of brown and Indian is a African person can match that too. Most people of African descent have strong values, morals and are highly educated! IF YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR OWN SKIN COLOUR YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOURSELF


#335 May 3, 2013
INDIAN wrote:
<quoted text>
The reason Indian/Black relations are discouraged by these Agents/moderators is because Indian-Black children comes out funny looking..
But at the same time, Indian-Spanish, Indian-White, Indian-Asian relationships are encouraged by them.
I have never heard of such crap in all my life. Indians genes are more dominate than those of African descent. The problem with Indians is that they do not like their own skin colour which is very SAD. There are so famous celebrities that are of African-Asian mix deemed as the most attractive men or women. Indians just want fairer skin because they are inferior! When they have children with a European the child either still appears to look unmixed INDIAN or European with Indian features.


#336 May 3, 2013
Jordi wrote:
Indian men love the large buttocks on the colored ladies. They do not like the loud talk and bossiness. The colored ladies have a big problem with the food. One time was on a date with a lite colored one, she.loved the spicy chicken masala too much. The noise and not so nice aroma prevented any Indian African relations I'm the evening. The other problem is when trying to put the dot on a colored lady it cannot be seen too well. When going out in public all other Indians laugh and talk badly when with the colored ladies.
What an idiot! Not all Indian are fair skinned so the dot does not show up on the very dark skinned ones either! Indians talk loud in general! Not all Africans talk loud! Your comment is backwards!


#337 May 3, 2013
iNDi wrote:
<quoted text>
You Blacks go eat in Indian restaurant all time, then have the nerve to come out online talk sheet about us!
WHO's the Real Racist??
U go eat and take all kinds of advantages... then come online talk BS against us?
That statement u just made, apply that to yourself!
BTW, I've had it with the Western world... it is Racist to the core! Bigotry and blasphemy are everyday part of life.
Blacks are racist against whites, whites against minorities. Live amongst yourself with that heart full of Hate and tear yourselves apart. I'm outta here!
But before I go, I'd say this... u Westerners have a lot to learn from other eastern/native culture and have a Looong way to go to become civilized lol.
Please do not generalise! There is a big difference between African and Caribbeans! Most Carribeans are mixed with African, Whites and Indians as a result of slavery, we eat the same type of food as Indians because of the diversity, there food is also of African and European influences. So be mindful of what you say!


#338 May 3, 2013
JRoxi wrote:
Indians are racist and they have always looked down on blacks. We simply don't like them. Black sisters please stayy away from Indian men.... also arab men are exactly the same so stayy away from them too! You will be disgusted of what they truly think of blacks.
Study the history of India! You'll find that there were too types! Both were almost the colour of coal one group had dead straight jet black hair, thin lips and noses and the other had broad noses with frizzy hair! These were the appearance of Indians before they became diluted like African Americans and Caribbeams! Most Abrabs are of West or East African anscestory. If you knew your history you would laugh at their ignorance. I'm African Asian by the way.


#339 May 3, 2013
roshan wrote:
indian people believe in the caste system,in short black or dark people are considered untouchables ( lower than dirt,only ment to clean toilets.equivelent to American jim crow laws centries back. If you date him , do not have sex with him. Dont expect marriage from him. If he does marry you, his family may diss-own him or try to kill you. Its a shame that people cant see that were all human,that were in this world together.
Historically the 'Dilates' aka 'Untouchables were originally an African tribe that went to India appearantly they were the first natives in India until the Ayrans barbarians who slaughtered and raped these people the castse system was mainly based on religion but the Ayrans introduced skin colour where they placed themselves at the top being pale skinned the mixed Indians below them (light skinned) and the very dark ones at the bottom (the untouchables). There is lots of literature out there on the history of India.


#340 May 3, 2013
Lord Murugan wrote:
<quoted text>
They think they are a part of the Germanic "Aryan" race....They are being fooled by their British colonial masters...It is merely the purpose for the British "Aryan" to rule them....Indians are actually the Black Dravidians.
Yes Indians are the Dravidians this is correct. Not a lot of people know this. The Aryans did invade India where they slaughtere and raped most of the people this why there is now an issue with skin colour. The lighter skinned Indians were placed at the top.

London, UK

#341 Jun 1, 2013
Indian and Black - Blasian wedding:


Hayward, CA

#342 Jun 19, 2013
Purpledusk971 wrote:
<quoted text>Indian-Black children comes out funny looking..
lol, what do you mean funny looking? We look great!
Did not Obama get into a bit of trouble saying Camala Harris was the ' looking attorney general...':-):-)

United States

#344 Jul 27, 2013
I have dated a nepali and he was a player. .also a guy from Punjab..I am white..the one from Punjab was not stable. .wanted to date me but cancelled every single time...then call begging me for another chance..very persistent. .I liked him..had no problem with their race..or nationally. .but damn they play leave them alone.
The Indian brown mamba

Decatur, GA

#345 Jul 27, 2013
canada_wondering wrote:
I have dated a nepali and he was a player..also a guy from Punjab..I am white..the one from Punjab was not stable..wanted to date me but cancelled every single time...then call begging me for another chance..very persistent..I liked him..had no problem with their race..or nationally..but damn they play leave them alone.
have you seen our inventory

“Power to the black V”

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#346 Jul 27, 2013
Its not rare for Indian men to date black women. During slavery, Indian men would marry black women as their wives. It was a huge number (i forgot). Black women were wives not slaves though. Asian, Indian, and Hispanic are black women best bets, if you want to go out your race. White men too but be careful lol
Ajay and Ola

Hitchin, UK

#347 Aug 17, 2013
Well f**k you then punk. I am happily married with a black woman and we are happy:)

Johannesburg, South Africa

#348 Oct 3, 2013
I;m black dating an indian guy we are ataying together and we have a son. he's good in evetythin but we do fight sumtimes and he love his son more than everything my problem i'm not sure if he will merry me? pls help what shoud I do?

London, UK

#349 Oct 3, 2013
SWEET56 wrote:
i think your best chance would be if you were to join a course at a college that also has a technical faculty with courses in engineering or computer science. i think you're best chance would be to do this in philly or pittsburgh

London, UK

#350 Oct 5, 2013
i like black women who are in slim . indian men dating black women is not rare even though thats the assumption.

indian men of all asian american groups marry black women the most at 0.3 percent,so they probably date them the most too out the asian groups.

Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago

#352 Oct 30, 2013
I remember going to clubs and seeing Indian guys just watching on to see when more sexsual music comes on to see "upskirt" of the black women who gyrate to it.This has always been my problem to with our black women in my country to they make themselves sexsual objects.

I think anyone can really love anyone and you must not judge on race.Although I've heard and seen so much to make me feel they look down on black women and them as good sexsual fun but not marriage material.

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