All Black Men Want A Light Skin Girl!...

All Black Men Want A Light Skin Girl!!!!!!!

Created by KrystalRose on Dec 27, 2007

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Of Course They Do

Light Skin is better then dark

They are way more exotic

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#2710 Jul 1, 2013
Smh. This type of mentality needs to stop. Black is beautiful no matter what shade you are. We are a beautiful people period. What matters most is the goodness in ones heart not the complexion of ones skin. Please let go of this Willie Lynch syndrome and start focusing on more important issues that are effecting our back communities . Much love.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#2711 Jul 2, 2013
KrystalRose wrote:
<quoted text>
Iam not stuck up i'm just real. And you can't help what u like because we are prettier.
krystalrose or whatever the fuck yur name is, just SHUT THE FUCCK UP! Guys probably go 4 u bcuz yur most likely a slutty hoe and guys always get with the hoes and then get what they want from them and then dump them. Yur most likely going 2 end up as one of those baby mommas with as bunch of bastard kids, but no father and not a lot of money in sight.

Light-skin is NO BETTER than dark skin, just like dark skin is no better than light-skin. Every shade and color is beautiful. Black is very beautiful. And there r a lot of men who like dark-skinned and chocolate women. Some men appreciate the beauty of dark-skinned and black women! There r numerous dark-skinned women who r beautiful and gorgeous! Light-skinned black women jsut look like sumthing that they r not- which is WHITE! Light-skinned women look like a million other high-yella lookin women and white women! Light-skin is overrated and trying 2 look white is overated! There r alot of white men and hispanic men and men of other races who cum runnin after us dark-skinned beauties bcuz they appreciate our gorgeous beauty! Actually white beauty is overrated! It's just a pity that there r sum dumbass stupid men out there who don't appreciate the beauty of black women!

I just think u r a stuck-up, insecure, slutty bitch who NEEDS 2 shutup more often!

By the way dumbass, yur brown and yur not light-skinned u dumbass! So technically yur insulting yurself, u insecure bitch!
Caribbean Queen

Palm Bay, FL

#2712 Jul 8, 2013
Thats cause youre white washed and not all BM want light skinned women down here they like em dark. Everyone loves my skin tone so Ive never had a problem or complaint.

“Black Luv or Bust!”

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#2713 Jul 8, 2013

not at all!

Dallas, TX

#2716 Jul 26, 2013
dark skinned women tend to be more of an african than u stuck up light skinned bitches with snaggle tooths and ten pounds of weave on yalls damn head.oh and we dark women tend to have more hair.

Dallas, TX

#2717 Jul 26, 2013
oh and krystal , i believe u are an ugly stuck up bi** who was probably not raised good enough to not be stuck up . apperenty we dont really know if u r pretty because ur coward a** didnt put a da** picture on ur comments. FU*** COWARD .

United States

#2718 Aug 1, 2013
To me all girls are pretty as long as dey gotta pretty face according to men but dats not all a pretty body, intellignt, has goals, dont show their body all over da internet and not all lights are cute and not all darks are ugly sone lights are ugly.especially when dey get acne and some darks are ugly when act rachet and i think thats how they get attention cuz dey told dey werent pretty by a guy

Seattle, WA

#2720 Aug 25, 2013
Hi humans. I am here again after others and I have conducted a certain amount of observance throughout society. And while doing so,we noticed something. Discreet competition. But this form of competition is NOT wise. These whole skin competitions/altercations must be stopped. Sheez. People who want to compete in that form,you ain't gone get nowhere in life. Try interacting with more positively competitive things,like how ''smart'' you really are. Instead of: My skin tone is all that and your skin tone is all crap. Type shit. And by the way check this: I'm pretty sure if you saw a person from the tanned-skin category with a light shade applied to em',like a beige skinned person. You'd probably call that person ''light skinned''. Understand this,if you see other people with um,lets say a pink complexion,those people are not ''light skinned''. They are ''light tan skinned''. Example: Any person with a yellow-white-ish skin color is light skin. Any person with a light reddish,orangish,or brownish skin color is light tan skin. And if your wondering what to call what people would normally call ''dark skinned'' people,they are actually dark tanned skin. Becuz if someone is dark yellow skin,that person is still from the light skinned category and is ''low-shade light skin''(meaning a lower shade of the light skin color 'yellow'). I have also forgotten that color gold consists of red,and I mistakenly put that color in the light skinned color category. That's because gold is most of the time more yellowish than brownish orangish. But not all shades of gold are the same. But since the true gold color does have a color from the tanned skin category present within,it will now be added to that specific category. Although I don't recall seeing a person with golden skin,they might be goldish. But to be honest I don't know if any gold people exist. But anyway people,just quit this madness okay. Becuz in the ''end'' there won't be a winner or loser. HOWEVER. I can understand how trying to appeal better than others can be quite desirable. Becuz I'm kinda like that too,I ain't gone lie. But I also comply with limits. So I don't go overboard. But with all in mind people,"enjoy life".*Dueces*.

Los Angeles, CA

#2721 Aug 31, 2013
Michelle Kia wrote:
<quoted text>
Is that you in the pic? Do you consider yourself light-skinned? I am confused.
Im lighted skinned but im not so down low like that blaco girls do get as much attention as we do its just sometimes they don't show as much respect as some girls do and if you consider yourself light dam your a dam lie bcuz ur not okay so stop
Slim pretty girl

Jacksonville, FL

#2722 Sep 14, 2013
Im young pretty and lightskin but there are so many good things about everyone this is stupid im team redbone dark skin brown skin team all girls are beautiful dont worry love you. And if you are mixed lol you do not count!!! Like no

Briarcliff Manor, NY

#2723 Sep 14, 2013
I don't pay black men any attention. In fact my boyfriend is spanish, white and 1/4 black.that's all the black I need. I'm tired of black men. All they have ever done was make fun of my dark skin and treat me like crap. Then when they see me with my nice mixed bf, they have an attitude. Boy bye!! I'm not lookin at you. Uggly asses!

Spotted Girl

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Spotted World

#2724 Sep 14, 2013
No they don't. This is a lie from the pit of Hell.

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#2726 Oct 2, 2013
Sorry...but while there are some lovely lighter skin sistas (and I've dated a few...hell lived with one from the there are always exceptions to the rule!)they've never really done it for me in general...I've always had a sweet tooth for pretty chocolate chip beauties...lord have mercy!

And truth be told...the only woman that I really want is my wife...who's nowhere near light skin!

And I'm happier than the cat who caught the Three Blind Mice!

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Stockton, CA

#2727 Oct 5, 2013
People just have a preference.
Albert B


#2728 Oct 5, 2013
I think stereotypical niqueurish black men want a light skinned woman. Normal black men can see beauty in any shade of black woman.

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#2729 Oct 5, 2013
Some black men like dark skinned women.

“Perfection is impossible”

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But excellence is close enough

#2730 Oct 14, 2013
Rosewanda wrote:
Some black men like dark skinned women.
mmm, very small percentage, lol. It's so small it shouldn't even be counted.

Cleveland, MS

#2732 Oct 22, 2013
Ryrg-og, I don't feel like reading all of that. I'll have to read it later.

“Sexy emo chick :)”

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#2733 Oct 22, 2013
No the bm is going for the real thing now..white women
Light bright

Fremont, CA

#2734 Oct 22, 2013
Mint cookies wrote:
No the bm is going for the real thing now..white women
The darkskin bm is going for the white women,lightskin men still love us lightskin girls and we love them right back.Lightskin love is the best so keep us out of your dark skinned gender wars.

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