African Americans... why can't they understand? why act such uncivilized & and hateful towards one another?
Why can't they understand anytime a white person notice another unemployed white person they will always get rid of any black person just to hire that white person. white people hire mexicans before they hire a black people. Mexicans are part white and native American, plus most Mexicans work for super cheap income.
while some blacks remains and continue to support white people and help build up white people wealth all blacks will still continue to get put down below all other white people, no matter who you are? Why do you not understand that? some blacks spend all of their money at white businesses and just don't understand that their making that white business more richer every time they purchase something because businesses always sell stuff more than what their worth.
some blacks continues to fight each other and complain about each other just to put each other down. they just don't understand the only thing their doing is tearing down their own race, making each other look bad, and look absolute useless to society, why can't they understand? somebody tell me why can't you understand this is not Jerry springer? stop acting in such manner as if African Americans are the most uncivilized group on earth.
I am trying to prepare y'all for black unity, black power and black love, but y'all just won't stop bashing, and degrading each other. will this madness ever end?