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#98 Feb 8, 2012
Black Watch wrote:
Blacks are big spenders but bad tippers
A study of inner city black spending habits that finds poor blacks like spend a lot on ostentatious purchases:
"African-American inner-city shoppers are 35 percent more likely than the population as a whole to buy women's dress shoes. They're also 54 percent more likely to purchase teen boys' clothing, and 64 percent more likely than average to buy fine jewelry...While American households in general spend an average of $1,069 annually on apparel, inner-city African Americans spend $1,502."
According to waiters in the restaurant business, white customers tip about 1/3 more than black customers. Blacks tip taxi cab drivers only about half as much as whites. According to data collected from research by universities, African-American passengers tipped approximately one-half the amount of white passengers (African-American passengers are 3.7 times more likely than white passengers to leave no tip). While African-American passengers generally tipped less, they also tipped black drivers approximately one-third less than they tipped white drivers.
If you ask 100 black waiters or 100 black taxi drivers if they prefer black or non-black patrons they're likely to mostly prefer non-blacks. Why? Those asked say that blacks tend not to tip much, if at all.
I am not a tipper. I have given tips as much $200.oo.
Sometimes it depends on the patrons financial standing at the time. It is not exclusively a black thing but a "peoples" thing.

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#99 Feb 8, 2012
I am not a bad tipper.

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#100 Feb 8, 2012
I tip very well! If the service wasn't good, you still would get a tip but not a good one.

Jacksonville, FL

#101 May 1, 2012
I am not being racist when I say this. I am stereotyping. And all stereotypes have some truth, especially this one. Is there was no truth to it, it wouldn't have become a stereotype in the first place. Blacks are horrible tippers. But I think it's for various reasons. The main reason is because they just weren't taught the slightest bit of common courtesy or etiquette when it comes to services. They will run you around and almost always complain about their steak being burnt when they ordered it well done. They will order the $1 cape cod special and complain about it being watered down. They will bring their kids in on "kids eat free night" and not tip on the service provided to their children. They expect from others but do not understand how to return the gratuity. They are uneducated in that sense. Uneducated to the fact that servers make almost all their wages from tips. And most of them are broke. So black people, if you don't know how to tip or don't have the money to do so, do not go out to eat. P.S. 15-20% before tax is a proper tip.

Bridgeport, CT

#102 May 7, 2012
It's true they are bad tippers, if your lucky to get a tip from them at all. I waited tables for a few years and now im a hairdresser and it's true they dont tip and when they do it's $1. I think its because most of them dont work they get checks from the state so they dont know how it is to work for your money. They're lazy and dumb you can't get to upset it's just the way they are.

Columbus, OH

#103 May 7, 2012
One of my jobs is pizza delivery. I've been doing this for a couple years now. I'm black, but I'll be the first to say that BLACKS ARE THE WORST TIPPERS of all. Black men are actually not that bad of tippers. It's the black women. They don't like to tip at all.
Dino Jr

Euless, TX

#104 May 7, 2012
This black guy that worked in middle management at our company, quit to open his own French and soul food restaurant called "Château Say What". It shut down after just six months because the clientele was 90 percent black and they seldom tipped, so he couldn't keep any waiters or waitresses. Then, they wouldn't let him have his old job back because he failed to give adequate notice before quitting. He wound up being screwed both ways. He was really pissed when he found out they filled his old position with a young white woman. LMAO!!!!!!!!

Plainfield, IN

#105 Jul 19, 2012
Hate da black man

Dallas, TX

#107 Jul 19, 2012
Wtf if you service me well and I have excess money tip will exceed 20 percent. My fam put pressure on me to NOT tip.

Phoenix, AZ

#108 Aug 19, 2012
Janette wrote:
<quoted text>But question,is the 30% of your bill worth the service that you received at the restaurant,even if the service was satisfactory? Like I know these waitresses need tips,but you're going to pay a $10 tip for a $30 meal in order for someone to take home a high bounty in tips? Not me,I would not see that as my call.I'd pay in tip what the service was worth,usually 10 or 11 percent of the cost of the meal,with $2 being the minimum. I'd never leave less than $2 even if the meal was only $8,$9,$10,where $2 tip would be more than !0% of the $10 meal.I know waitresses may be striving,but a lot of patrons who go to restaurants to eat are in financial struggles as well,can't afford to pay a $10 tip for a $30 meal.
No not if the service isn't good, and even still I like to leave at least 4 dollars. If the service was just blatantly bad I may leave nothing or a dollar.

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Haw River, NC

#109 Aug 19, 2012
In most states, the minimum wage is lower for waitstaff because tips are assumed. They aren't something extra or a reflection on how much we're struggling. They are built into the cost of labor and thus the cost of the food. If there were no tips and we had the same minimum wage protections as everyone else, the base price of the food would be more.

United States

#110 Aug 19, 2012
No black americans are the worst tippers.
Other blacks are actually generous

Chicago, IL

#111 Sep 16, 2012
The main reason is blacks are stupid and arogant. They think spending big with big flashy cars and rims will make them look cool and some how get the attention they crave. They have huge inferiority complexes which are sowed into them since they were young. The problem is that the money they are spending like crazy either comes from drug dealing prostitution or simply stealing or by fraud. Or sometimes they are just doing it on credit cards which either they dont own or they never pay it back. They are simply bad tipper because of their high "standards" which nobody can keep up to and then when people despite their bst efforts are not able to meet these "standards" get tipped less or dont get tipped at all. These people need to put down their food stamps and section 8 housing and actually get their lazy assess off the ground and go to work. Black is not a race its a disease its a curse which we have to live with on day to day basis.


#113 Sep 16, 2012
Tipping is based on service and most places treat blacks very badly. Therefore blacks should not tip bad, rude help and shouldn't shop at these businesses. If service providers want tips, treat blacks better.
Urethra Brawley

Somerset, NJ

#114 Feb 1, 2013
shodonttips wrote:
Tipping be based on service and mose places dey treats blacks very badly. Derefore de blacks should not tips bad, rude helps and shouldn't shops at dese business. If service providers wants tips, treats blacks better.
You go girl!

Miamisburg, OH

#115 Feb 15, 2013
I'm a 53 year old black man who's worked in the food industry for years. Most of us blacks don't tip well because we think we don't have to. Well ill tell you what, if you get bad service next time your in their dont blame it on racism, take responsibility on yourself for disrespecting the establishment last time you were in there. We need to step up as a race and take responsibility for ourselves. We need to respect other people for the services they render and we will get respect in return. If we don't have money to tip then save money and cook at home.

Decatur, GA

#117 Mar 10, 2013
Ooo I Know wrote:
They are only big spenders because they dont pay their child support
They are big spenders because they get everything else for free: Medicaid, child care assistance, public housing, food stamps, etc.
Plus since they are used to eating for free on the tax payers dime, when they have to spend their own cash on dining out- they are surely going to avoid paying full price, let alone tip.

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#118 Mar 10, 2013
Aaaaahhhh LOL @ Jeff bringing this thread to life to show me the Candaymama profile. I've already conversed with Byron Ang Tademy. My question was who is behind the Number1Queen moniker using my pic since 2008 whose not on THIS thread.

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#119 Mar 10, 2013
So no one wants to admit whose behind the Number1Queen moniker using my pic since 2008 huh? It's ok you can anonymously email me the answer to
Cybersoulsista AT yahoo dot com. I will not post anything resembling a link on this site ever again.

Orland Park, IL

#120 May 31, 2013
blacks are cheap maybe slavery issue

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