3 Black Males Murder pregnant white w...
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#154 Sep 24, 2011
[4/26/10] FL. Black Man Decapitates Mom, Puts Head In Bag

previously posted in the relevant thread y'all wanted get rid of (and were successful) so badly.


``A 21-year-old was charged with murder after his mother was found dead in her Jacksonville home and her head was found in a bag a few blocks away.

Family members found the body of 43-year-old Jennifer Ling Sunday afternoon in her home on West Sixth Street. A short time later, the victim's head was found in a bag in a field on the other side of Kings Road.

Witnesses reported seeing Jumar Henry carry that bag away from the house. Henry was brought to the sheriff's office for questioning, but when he learned he was not going to be allowed to leave, he attempted to break out of the homicide office and had to be restrained.

Henry's resistance resulted in an additional charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. He is being held without bond in jail and is expected to have a first appearance before a judge Monday.

"We do believe the homicide occurred inside of her house, but as far as what was used and those other details, that will come out at a later time," police said. Henry did not give them a reason for killing his mother.``
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#155 Sep 24, 2011
[5/4/10] NH. Black Man Fatally Shoots Nursing Student

like so many other victims profiled all over these pages, she was a non-black.


``A Haitian man living in town with a relative for a week was arraigned Monday on a first-degree murder charge in the death of nursing student Molly Hawthorn-MacDougall.

Roody Fleuraguste, 22, with a last known address of 31 Rand Road, is being held without bail pending a probable cause hearing May 11. He allegedly shot Hawthorn-MacDougall, 31, in the face.

"We can tell you that there was a connection between the victim and the defendant," the senior asstant attorney said.

"He had been living there for about a week. His brother actually lives there and works as a caretaker for one of the Paul family's elderly relatives, the elderly mother," she added.

Hawthorn-MacDougall was to graduate next week with an associate's degree in nursing from New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord. The couple lived on the same street as the accused murderer.

Authorities found her body at the residence Thursday morning after a 911 call. The felony complaint filed by state police indicates the shooting occurred that morning.

Fleuraguste, who was arrested Sunday night on the first-degree murder charge, has been in the country since January.``

Henniker Police Chief Ryan Murdough said he could not recall the last time there was a murder in town.``
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#157 Sep 26, 2011
May he rot in H-E-L-L!!!!!!!!!!

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#158 Sep 27, 2011
[7/8/10] MO. Black Man Kills Woman Walking To Her Car

main subject of report is his sentencing - 48 years. no word on the second suspect.


``A man convicted of murdering a Leawood woman in Westport two years ago has been sentenced to serve 48 years in prison.

Brandon Smith killed Devin Cassidy during a robbery in 2008. She was walking to her car alone near 42nd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue when Smith shot her while trying to get gas money from her.

Cassidy managed to drive away from the scene, but died of her injuries. A second man, Claude Sterling, has also been charged in Cassidy's death and is awaiting trial.``
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#159 Sep 27, 2011
[7/9/10] Black Man Kidnaps And Kills AR. Woman

there's also one other suspect not pictured. further fate of this case is unknown.


``Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police and Ashley County Sheriff's Deputies have identified a second suspect believed to be directly connected to the kidnapping and murder of a Crossett woman and the subsequent robbery of a bank which occurred July 1st.

Law enforcement authorities in both Arkansas and Mississippi are searching for Kendell Clifton Nickelson, 26, who was last known to reside in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

Nickelson is described as a black male, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds. Agents believe Nickelson may be driving a 2002 white Cadillac Escalade.

This is the same vehicle identified earlier in a news release associated with the identification of Peter Keith Harvey who was arrested yesterday in Louisiana. Nickelson should be considered armed and dangerous.``
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#160 Sep 27, 2011
[8/31/10] 4 AR. Black Males Kill 3 People

seems to be divided into two unrelated cases.


``Police announced charges in three murders. The news included charges related to two people — Tammy Lawrence and Ahki Hughes — found dead May 9, 2009 in an SUV in Little Rock.

A charge also was announced in the slaying of Barry Glenn Murphy, 48, who was found in critical condition the same day the SUV was found at Crystal Hill. He died two months later.

Police are withholding many details on information that led to charges and aren't saying what the connections might be, if any, between the deaths at Crystal Hill and the later death of Murphy.

Three capital murder charges have been filed against Terry Dean Birts, 26. A hindering apprehension charge was filed against Broderick Patrick and Kevin O'Donald and Tavio Garrison.

O'Donald and Patrick are still at large. Birts is in custody in the Dallas County Jail on a federal weapons charge. Garrison is in the state prison unit at Wrightsville.``
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#161 Sep 27, 2011
[9/1/10] AL. Black Male Beats Real Estate Agent To Death

poster example for feral.


``The Mobile man accused of bludgeoning Zoa White to death in her Spring Hill Avenue home will be charged with capital murder.

Carlos Edward Kennedy, 24, was arrested and booked into jail early Wednesday morning on a murder charge in connection with the 69-year-old’s death.

White, formerly a real estate agent, worked on a campaign for Gov. Bob Riley and as special projects director for the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

More details about her killing will emerge in court proceedings. Police were led to Kennedy through “hard police work.”

After White’s body was discovered, police combed the two-story house for evidence. The cause of death was “blunt force trauma to the head.”

“She was his target,” Mobile police spokesman Officer Christopher Levy said.“This is not the case where it could have been a next-door neighbor or a man down the street.”``
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#162 Oct 1, 2011
[9/25/09] AL. Black Man Fatally Shoots Mother Of 2

older report in link but the case made recent headlines as the defendant was just found guilty.


``Huntsville police arrested a man in connection with the shooting death of a young mother of two and Alabama A&M student last week.

Huey Lovell Kennedy Jr., 22, has been charged with murder in the shooting of Sharee Bell, 23. He is being held in the Madison County metro jail.

Investigator Michael Leftwich said Bell wasn't the intended target. "They had no contact," he said. "They didn't even know one another."

Bell had gone to Focus nightclub on Country Club Avenue to pick up a family member at 2 a.m. Friday and never went inside the club, Leftwich said.

Kennedy admitted to getting into an argument with one of Bell's family members before going to a car and getting a shotgun. He allegedly fired several shots, one of which struck Bell.

She was taken to the hospital where she later died. Bell was a nutrition and hospitality management major in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at A&M University.``
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#164 Oct 1, 2011
[9/19/10] IL. Black Man Stabs Woman Multiple Times

domestic violence incident. the victim didn't survive.


``Chicago police responding to a call of a battery in progress came upon a horrific sight Friday morning - a man repeatedly stabbing a women in the head with a knife.

Police were able to stop the attack, but it was too late for the victim, she later died.

Carey B. Donald, 47, is now charged with first-degree murder in the death of Chorelynn Johnson-Roth, 53. He's due in bond cout today.

The couple lived together on the 1300 block of West 56th Street, according to police. They have classified the murder as a case of domestic abuse.

The Chicago Police Department web site offers a wealth of information and resource links for victims of domestic violence.``
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#165 Oct 1, 2011
[10/1/10] KS. Black Man Beats His Ex-wfie To Death

surprisingly, he was some type of physician.


``A statewide alert and an arrest warrant have been issued for a man suspected of killing his estranged wife Wednesday at her Hutchinson home.

The warrant for Hoseah Masabah Kaminja's arrest on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated burglary was issued after officers were unable to locate Kaminja to question him in his wife's death.

The body of Wilfrida N. Masabah, 41, was found Wednesday afternoon at 1601 Arthur, the rental home she shared with Levi M. Overman, 29.

An ax was found at the scene and there was severe trauma to the body. "We believe an ax might have been used," police said.

The couple had lived in Hutchinson for nearly 14 years, and Kaminja worked as an occupational therapist.

Kaminja is described as a 5-foot-10, 175-pound black male with black hair and brown eyes. He may be traveling in his red 2007 four-door Nissan Altima, with license plate No. VUI800.``
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#166 Oct 3, 2011
[11/24/10] MI. Black Man Fatally Stabs Woman In Her Apartment

familiar surroundings for the texbook American black male turn out to be concrete, cinder block walls, steel in various forms, police offices, courtrooms, etc. in exchange for home and "family" environments or nice furniture.


``Warren Dee Hendrix, the murder suspect who allegedly left a bloody fingerprint in the apartment of Sara Jean Blok, has requested a forensic examination to determine his responsibility for the crime.

Hendrix, 21, will be evaluated to see if he is mentally competent to stand trial on accusations of open murder and arson from the slaying and fire set in the Waterchase Apartments.

Hendrix, police say, stabbed Blok to death. Their relationship and what spurred the homicide is unclear.

Police have said there was a connection between the two, but have declined to discuss the tie. Family members have said they were unaware how the two were acquainted.

In a probable cause affidavit, Wyoming police said they found Hendrix’s fingerprint in blood near Blok’s body and his blood-stained boxer shorts at the apartment.

Authorities said there were multiple ignition points in the fire that damaged the apartment. The flames never spread outside of a bedroom, officials said.``
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#167 Oct 3, 2011
[12/25/10] NY. Black Man Kills Woman, Stuffs Body In Suitcase

surveillance video piece included in link of what the cops dubbed a person of interest.


``New York police have new video showing what they called a "person of interest" in the case of a woman whose body was found in a suitcase earlier this week.

Detectives from New York's 23rd precinct, in the city's Harlem neighborhood, made the video public two days after the victim's body was found.

Police had earlier released a separate, grainy video showing what they believe is the same man, rolling a suitcase down a street.

The new video shows a dark-skinned man, wearing a black winter hat and a heavy jacket, at a store. He appears to be carrying several items when he enters the store, takes money from his wallet, and eventually leaves after making some purchases.

Police identified the victim as Betty Williams, 28. Williams was strangled and then stuffed into the dark-colored piece of luggage. Blood was leaking from suitcase when it was found.``
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#168 Oct 3, 2011
[1/10/11] NV. Black Man Kills His Dancer Ex-G/F

plenty of pics featured in link for your viewing pleasure. the Dailymail site is usually good like that.


``The former boyfriend of missing Las Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores-Narvaez, 31, has been arrested following the discovery of the dancer’s body.

She was reported missing after failing to show up for a rehearsal of ‘Fantasy’, the nightly burlesque show at the Luxor Hotel.

She was last seen at ex-boyfriend Jason ‘Bleu’ Griffith’s home on December 12. Griffith, 32, who is also a performer, is today being held without bail.

Police were not revealing any information about the arrest and said Miss Flores-Narvaez’s body was found following a tip-off.

The brunette dancer worked in several of Las Vegas's top nightclubs after following her dream to be a trained dancer.

She previously studied law and business, her family said, and she was also a cheerleading ambassador for the Washington Redskins football team.

Prior to her disappearance, Miss Flores-Narvaez sent an ominous text to her mother. "In case there is ever an emergency with me, contact Blu Griffith in Vegas," the text sent on December 1 read.

The revelation immediately cast a finger of suspicion at Griffiths, who was initially quizzed by detectives and released.

"It was a rocky relationship with a lot of ups and downs," Celeste Narvaez-Flores said after her sister went missing.

Last October, Griffith was arrest for domestic violence and formally charged with coercion following a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend.``
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#169 Oct 3, 2011
[2/5/11] AK. Black Man Fatally Stabs Woman

the suspect was a fugitive for decades who allegedly lived an "exemplary life" while there...or maybe just never got caught for anything else.


``An Anchorage homicide detective was on the phone, telling Pat Fulton the news she'd waited a decade to hear.

A man had been arrested and charged in the 2000 stabbing death of her daughter, 28-year-old Genevieve Tetpon.

"I thought it was a joke. I said,'No ... say that again?' " Fulton said Friday, just after police announced they cracked the cold case.

At about 11 a.m. Friday, police and U.S. marshals went to the restaurant where Derrick Torian works and took him into custody on charges of first- and second-degree murder in Tetpon's death.

A motorist spotted Tetpon's body on March 22, 2000, in the brush and snow off Arctic Valley Road. She'd been stabbed to death. Torian was a 17-year-old student at the time.

Tetpon was among a string of Alaska Native or other minority women killed on Anchorage streets in 1999 and 2000.

Torian spent much of the past decade in Anchorage, but they have no evidence linking him to any of the other homicides, said police.

Fulton said that the last time she talked her daughter, Tetpon told her to be sure to get an oil change for her car. "We were supposed to meet up again, but we never did."

She has looked at people differently ever since, she said, wondering who her daughter's killer was.``
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#170 Oct 6, 2011
[2/5/11] MS. Black Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend

lots of legal wrangling featured in external link if you're interested enough.


``A man who was granted a new trial by the Mississippi Supreme Court for the murder of his on-again, off-again girlfriend in Oktibbeha County will have to wait a bit longer before he gets a new day in court.

The second murder trial of Floyd Robinson was set to begin Monday but was continued until May because Robinson needs additional time to prepare.

In 2007, Robinson was convicted of the Nov. 30, 2005, shooting death of Bridget Moore and sentenced to life in prison.

According to court documents, Robinson was at Moore’s home the night of Nov. 30, 2005, and the pair were watching TV in bed. An argument ensued after Moore allegedly made a comment about an ex-girlfriend.

Robinson claims he was trying to leave when Moore struck him in the back. When he turned around to get his keys, he claims he saw Moore with a gun.

The pair began wrestling for the gun and eventually fell outside the house, Robinson says. Then, the gun went off accidentally, he claims.``
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#171 Oct 6, 2011
[2/28/11] MO. Black Man Charged In Connection With Woman's Death

three other suspects were also charged in the home invasion gone awry. they also attacked a man but he survived.


``Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges against a Kansas City man in the slaying of a woman last May.

Howard S. Harmon, 33, is accused in connection with the shooting death of Sabrina Jones and of wounding a second man.

According to a police report, Harmon was one of four men who went into a home on East 21st Street on May 18, 2010.

One of the men went to a bedroom and dragged Jones into a main room and demanded all the people in the room hand over some items that the men came for.

A witness said two of the four men left, one of the other two shot him four times. He said that just before losing consciousness, he saw Harmon shoot Jones. When he came to, he said Jones was dead.

Investigators said that when they arrested Harmon, he had 72 grams of cocaine in his possession, along with a gun that the shooting victim said had been taken from his home on the day of the shootings.``
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#173 Oct 6, 2011
[3/4/11] FL. Black Man Found Guilty Of Killing Woman

apparently this was a burglary attempt that turned tragic.


``After deliberating for less than an hour, a jury found Lamont Yarn, 21, guilty of first-degree murder and armed burglary in the October 2009 slaying of a Palmetto woman.

After the verdict was read, the judge sentenced Yarn to two concurrent life sentences for both charges. "One night of craziness changed many lives," the judge said.

Yarn was accused of the shooting death of Patricia White, 43, on Third Avenue Drive East, where White and her son Clarence J. White, 22, were both found dead. Clarence White had taken his own life after his mother was shot.

The shootout also left then-19-year-old Yarn with a gunshot wound to the head. "Justice has been served," said Patricia White’s sister after the trial.

Yarn’s family declined to comment about the case, but were visibly upset in and out of the courtroom. Even with this verdict, the investigation of the case remains active.

"We are still investigating," authorities said. "We’re pleased that we have one conviction and are looking forward to other arrests."``
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#174 Oct 9, 2011
[3/14/11] MN. Black Man Fatally Stabs Wife In The Heart

the suspect was an African-born con artist who was profiled this year on AMW. he was caught a short time later after the broadcast.


``No one had seen Abraham Mpaka for two years. He vanished the day after Christmas in 2008, right after his girlfriend Coty Paul, the mother of his two kids, was stabbed in the heart while watching TV in a Florida neighbor's apartment.

It turns out he's been hiding in plain sight in Hastings. The 46-year-old Nigerian immigrant was living with another woman, going by the name of Larry Holmes.

That's not the only identity he's believed to have faked recently. In the past, Mpaka has claimed to be a doctor, an FBI agent, and a student at the Universite de Paris.

But a tipster surfing the America's Most Wanted website saw Mpaka's photograph, realized she was looking at her friend's boyfriend, and called the AMW hotline. North Miami Beach police were alerted, and they contacted the FBI in Minneapolis.

After tracing Mpaka through six other women in Minnesota since Paul's murder, they zeroed in on their suspect yesterday as he was enjoying an afternoon at the Hastings library, where the local cops had spotted his van.

While their target worked at a computer station, the FBI moved in. Mpaka was arrested without incident and is being held at the Dakota County jail and will soon be extradited to Florida.

Via AMW, here's security camera video of Mpaka enjoying Sunday at the library, right before the take-down.``
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#175 Oct 9, 2011
[3/15/11] VA. Black Man Fatally Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend

like forcible sex assaults in America, per caputa black males kill more people than any other gender/race.


``U.S. Marshals say 27 year-old Gregory Nelson was not alone when he was arrested in Florida this past weekend.

Nelson was on the run since Wednesday, when his pregnant girlfriend, Susana Cisneros, was found stabbed to death behind a fast food restaurant.

Nelson left Henrico County in his Toyota Camry and headed north to the Fredericksburg area where he stopped at a Walmart to buy clothes.

He then headed to North Carolina where he ditched his car in the Charlotte area, and hopped on a Greyhound Bus headed to Florida.

On Thursday, March 10th, Nelson arrived in Orlando and slept on a bench at the bus terminal. The next morning, still at the bus terminal, he met a man named Luis Serrano-Torres. He was a homeless man.

Serrano had no idea who Nelson was or whether he was wanted or anything. The two started hanging out together. Serrano needed money and Nelson was in need of a place to "lay low".

Serrano got a room under his name for the two of them at a local hotel. At around 5:30 Saturday night, law enforcement spotted Nelson and surrounded him along with Serrano in a public parking lot in Kissimmee.

As for the victim, Susana Cisneros's baby boy, the Medical Examiner's office says he died of a lack of oxygen because his mother bleed to death.

They say there would have been very little, if any, chance of saving the baby unless an obstetrician was standing nearby.``
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#177 Oct 9, 2011
[3/18/11] NV. Black Athlete Kills G/F, Burns Body

as you'll probably guess, the victim was not the same race as the suspect.


``Justin Burns, who at least one scout pegged as the top prospect on the Cal State Fullerton Titans in 2006-07, was arrested in Mississippi on suspicion of killing a woman in last November.

Burns, 27, had been a suspect ever since the nude body of 25-year-old Michele Carson was found by target shooters in the Nevada desert under a stack of blackened rocks.

One of those who found her said part of the woman's arm was sticking out from the pile, which appeared to have been set on fire with a flammable liquid such as gasoline.

Her fingertips were missing, and her right arm and some of her hair were badly burned. Carson had an on- and off-again relationship with Burns since both attended Cal State Fullerton.

He left school shortly before graduation, returned briefly to try to get his degree, and then ultimately dropped out for good. Burns was nearly homeless at the time of his arrest.

He and Carson, a 2008 criminal-justice graduate, had tried to rekindle the romance sometime before she and a companion went to Las Vegas to visit friends.``

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