3 Black Males Murder pregnant white w...
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#111 Aug 12, 2011
[8/10/06] NE. Black Man Kills His Wife

such cases continue to expose the true cowardice of America's common black man.


``An Omaha metro man accused in the death of his wife has been extradited to Iowa.

Pottawattamie County sheriff's deputies picked up Stan Tribble from Omaha on Thursday afternoon.

He's being held in Council Bluffs on a first-degree murder charge for the death of his wife, Tracy Gostomski-Tribble.

Tribble told investigators that he had last seen his wife sleeping on the morning of May 3.

But Pottawattamie County attorney Matt Wilbur said that results of a toxicology report indicate that Gostomski-Tribble more likely died the night before.

Wilbur said that Tribble's behavior has not been consistent with a person who's not involved in her murder.``
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Atlanta, GA

#112 Aug 12, 2011
[8/11/11] NY. Black Man Arrested In Teen's Murder

this missing persons case has been big statewide and sometimes nationwide. there's a slight possiblity that the suspect may be biracial (half pure black mixed w/half of some other race) but view the pics and judge for yourself.


``Police in Duchess County have arrested a newspaper deliveryman for the murder of Kathryn Filiberti. The two apparently did not know each other.

John Filiberti expressed thanks to law enforcement and the smallest bit of relief. For five months he has been mourning over the murder of his daughter, Kathryn Filiberti.

The 18-year-old was found dead in a park last March in a crime that sent shockwaves through the small county community.

Authorities have arrested Stephen Shand, who they say strangled Filiberti to death. Shand is a newspaper delivery person for the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Police say the 23-year old suspect was driving his route in the early morning hours when he came across the victim who had left a party on foot. Shand was picked up by detectives at his house after completing his route. His car has been impounded.

Prosecutors claim there is forensic evidence linking Shand to the crime, and that he made statements to detectives about his involvement.``
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#113 Aug 15, 2011
[10/23/09] WV. Black Man Fatally Shoots Woman In Apartment

info which is more recent than the report's date suggest the motive may be related to a "stop snitching" "violation".


``Wheeling police on Monday arrested Jarell L. Hurt for the murder of Ashley Blankenship. Now, they are trying to figure out why she was killed.

He is accused of killing the 19-year-old Blankenship on Sept. 13 with a single gunshot to the back of the head in the apartment in which he was staying.

A warrant was secured Monday for Hurt's arrest. The murder suspect turned himself into authorities later that night. He is being held in jail.

Wheeling's acting police chief said investigators are confident the man who killed Blankenship is Hurt, but they still are working to determine a motive.

The investigation still may reveal the reason for Blankenship's slaying. There still is much to learn regarding the relationship, if any, between Hurt and the woman he is accused of killing.

Blankenship's body was found inside an apartment. Responding officers found the body lying beside a couch in the living room with a gunshot wound to the head.

At a later date, a witness said he and Hurt took Blankenship to the apartment. Blankenship was sitting on the arm of a couch when Hurt shot her in the head.``
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Atlanta, GA

#114 Aug 15, 2011
[11/7/09] IN. Black Child Rapist Strangled 2 Women

almost meets the criteria for the serial showcase. previous convictions include rape of 6-year-old.


``The 42-year-old Gary man charged Friday with killing the grandmother and aunt of a policeman last week is a convicted murderer with a violent history stretching into his troubled childhood.

Willie Lee Steele could also face a capital murder charge for the second time in 25 years on allegations he killed 79-year-old Lillie L. Miller and her 52-year-old daughter, Donessa Miller, during an invasion of the women's home.

Family members told police Steele had been bothering the victims and they had to change the locks on their doors because of Steele.

Steele admitted planning to break into the home at a time he believed his elderly victim was alone inside. Steele said he knew he could gain entry through a second-story window using a neighbor's ladder lying outside.

Steele took duct tape with him into the house and admitted killing both women, whose bodies were found in a bathtub with the water running.

Lillie Miller's hands were bound with duct tape. Both victims had been scalded with hot water and strangled. The women are relatives of patrolman Damon Bradshaw.

The Gary mayor said the murder of the Millers was "heinous and dastardly. If it's any consolation, I don't believe this man will ever see the light of day for the rest of his life."

Steele was released early and on parole from a 50-year prison term for murder and was living in the city's Midtown section, less than a mile from the victims' home.

Steele has spent much of his teenage and adults years in state institutions, starting in 1983 at age 16 when he was convicted of raping a 6-year-old girl in the basement of his previous home.

He was released shortly before murdering Vivian Jurincic, a beloved 62-year-old Crown Point kindergarten teacher. She was raped and fatally stabbed in Steele's basement on Dec. 21, 1984.

The new murder charges come a day after prosecutors charged Steele with pulling a knife on a 17-year-old girl Oct. 18 and failing to disclose to another woman he has HIV.``
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#115 Aug 21, 2011
[9/26/05] MS. Black Man Beat And Shot Woman To Death

nobody was ever clear on a motive.


``It was around 7:30 a.m. on September 26, 2005, when Angela Boyle walked out the door of her Southaven, Mississippi apartment headed to work.

The 20-year-old woman made a quick stop to see her boyfriend, who was staying in the same apartment complex.

Angela said goodbye to her boyfriend and was walking to her car, when a man named Andre Davis approached her. Angela knew Davis through her boyfriend, but probably couldn't have imagined what was about to happen next.

Davis quickly grabbed Angela by her hair and began dragging her toward his car nearby. The savage attack continued as Davis pulled out a handgun and began beating Angela in the head with the weapon.

When Davis reached his car, he climbed into the driver's seat. Davis then fired a shot into Angela's chest at point blank range before casually driving off.

Witnesses heard the gunfire and called 911. Ambulances raced to the scene, but by the time they arrived, Angela was already dead.``
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#116 Aug 21, 2011
[11/21/09] OH. Black Man Guns Down Innocent Woman

relationship of suspect and victim not known, nor what became of the case.


``The suspect accused of gunning down an innocent woman has turned himself in.

19 year old Daries Hall turned himself in three days after Candice Tate was killed on Ridgeway Avenue in Avondale.

Hall is being held on a million dollar bond in the Hamilton County Justice Center. He was also wanted on unrelated drug charges. A report of the Grand Jury is due November 25th.``
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#117 Aug 24, 2011
[2/16/09] AL. Black Man Fatally Shoots Woman

specific nature of the relationship not known.


``A 25-year-old Birmingham man has been charged with murder after being arrested in the shooting death of 34-year-old Demarshell Taper. The Mississippi native was shot Friday afternoon in Druid Hills.

Police arrested Carey Lamar Lee after he was interviewed by detectives on Saturday afternoon. Lee and Taper "knew each other socially," according to police.

A murder warrant was issued today. Lee was booked into the Jefferson County Jail shortly after 7:30 Monday night on $75,000 bond, according to the jail booking log.

Taper was found shortly after 1:30 p.m. Friday. Witnesses reported hearing as many as four shots. Taper was shot in the head and left lying face up on the concrete.``
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#118 Aug 24, 2011
[12/5/09] AL. Black Youth Robs And Shoots 63-year-old

the victim didn't survive. any further developments haven't been researched.


``Mobile Police have arrested and charged 17-year old Vonterry Conner for the Thursday morning murder of 63-year old Jo Ellen Russell.

The victim was found shot to death in her car on Brucewood Drive West around 7:30am. Russell had been shot in the neck. Police believe Conner robbed, then shot Russell.

Conner was arrested Friday night near the scene of the crime. Investigators say they had developed Conner as a suspect over the course of their investigation. Conner remains in Mobile Metro jail without bond.``
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#119 Aug 28, 2011
[1/9/04] 3 MO. Black Males Fatally Shoot Woman

at the time of this fairly old case, all suspects were wanted fugitives. any further outcomes haven't been researched.


``Police on Friday announced the identities of three suspects wanted in connection with the shooting death of a local teen.

Dwayne Coates, 30, is wanted in connection with a narcotics transaction that allegedly led to the murder of 19-year-old Keya Kimbrough.

Chatha Tatum, 25, and Charles Winston, 18, are accused of being the gunmen in the shooting that also seriously injured Kimbrough's boyfriend, 19-year-old Damon Walls.

The two victims were sitting in Kimbrough's car when a burgundy minivan drove up. Two men jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire. Investigators believe Kimbrough was not the intended victim.

"The information that we have is that she was just an innocent bystander hit in the crossfire. And additionally, there's no indication that Damon Walls was doing anything that would have merited him being shot, either," said police.

Police have not located the three suspects. Officers hope someone will step forward with information about the murder.

"It's very important that we get them into custody for the purpose of furthering the investigation. Also, we believe them to be very dangerous individuals," police added.``
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#120 Aug 28, 2011
[1/11/05] MO. Black Man Strangles His Girlfriend

the motive was the suspect believed the victim gave him an STD.


``Kansas City police said a call to the TIPS Hotline helped them make an arrest in connection with a woman's murder.

Police found the body of Terri L. Bloomer, 19, along Kelly Road near Longview Lake Monday.

Shawn C. Newman, 20, was arrested Tuesday and was charged with first-degree murder. Newman was Bloomer's boyfriend.

Newman believed that Bloomer had given him a sexually-transmitted disease. Newman told police that Bloomer had a seizure and he shook her by the neck to try and stop her from choking.

A man told police that Newman had called him Friday, asking for help in getting rid of the body. The man later led police to where the body was located.

Takiyah Diamond, Bloomer's cousin, told KMBC that Terri was in love with Newman. "She was crazy about him, crazy about him," Diamond said. Newman will appear in court Wednesday.``
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#121 Aug 31, 2011
[12/17/06] 3 GA. Black Males Fatally Shoot Girl During Robbery

main subject of report is the convictions of all suspects. the fact they didn't rape her can only be described as a paranormal phenomenon like ghosts and UFO's.


``Three men murdered Jennifer Ross, 19, during a series of attacks early last Christmas Eve, a jury ruled Saturday.

Because the state did not seek the death penalty, either malice murder or felony murder, defined as a homicide that takes place during the commission of another felony, carried a mandatory life sentence.

The judge sentenced the defendants Michael Thorpe, 26, to life plus a consecutive 40 years in prison. Webster Wilson, 25, life plus a consecutive 40 years in prison, and Kevin Huckabee, 21, life plus a consecutive 30 years in prison.

Ross, a Mercer University sophomore, was shot in the back during a botched armed robbery near Orleans Square in the early hours of Dec. 24.

She died New Year's Day on the operating table where surgeons tried frantically to save her life.

"The murder of our daughter, Jennifer Ross, has changed our family forever," the victim's mother told the court in a witness impact statement. "We will never be the same again," she added.

Court security, which had been unusually tight during the entire trial, was tighter Saturday. At least 17 sheriff's deputies ringed the arena and separated the defendants from the gallery.

Thorpe fired the fatal gunshot into Ross and Wilson slugged her friend on the head so hard the gun discharged. Huckabee stole and drove the Ford used by the assailants.``
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#122 Aug 31, 2011
[8/29/08] AR. Black Drug Dealer Kills Woman

probably the worst case scenario of witness tampering. main subject of report is death penalty debate.


``Lavelle Evans, a now-convicted capital murderer, won't be put to death for killing a woman, who was expected to testify against him in an Arkansas drug case.

Every district attorney will tell you that death penalty cases are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Dallas County's felony chief prosecutor Kevin Brooks did not know the specifics of the decision-making in the Evans case. But he said the death penalty is reserved for "the worst of the worst."

"This sounds heartless, but we have so many murders down here that fit that requirement that we could have a case every week for death," Mr. Brooks said.

For that reason, prosecutors consider only the most heinous crimes for the ultimate punishment.

Capital murder is the highest crime in the state of Texas and requires a specific kind of murder, like killing a police officer or child under the age of six or a retaliation murder.

And it has only two punishment options - life with no opportunity for parole or the death penalty.``

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#123 Aug 31, 2011
Hey! I should copy and paste so articles of crimes committed by Whites!

Wait... No I shouldn't.

I don't care THAT much!
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#124 Sep 1, 2011
@Atlanta poster: ever heard of SLAVERY?

How about https of all the deranged White and Asian pedophiles, serial killers, mass murderers of White women and children???

No reply needed.

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#125 Sep 1, 2011
Concentration camps, gas chambers and ovens, oh my!
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#126 Sep 1, 2011
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#127 Sep 2, 2011
Angry Man wrote:
Hey! I should copy and paste so articles of crimes committed by Whites!
Wait... No I shouldn't.
I don't care THAT much!
most-to-all black males who participate on this forum should have your username, distinguished individually by numbers,'angry man 1','angry man 2', 3, 4 and so on. since you've come up with the name originally you get to be number one.
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#128 Sep 2, 2011
[11/12/08] MI. Black Man Suffocates Woman

the victim was purported to be the defendant's own friend. robbery was the apparent motive.


``For the second time, Andrew Neal said he just wanted to plead guilty to the murder of his friend Mashonda Griffin. And for the second time, a judge refused to take his plea.

"I want to take responsibility and get this over with," Neal told Wyoming District Judge Steven Timmers on Wednesday. "People have gone through enough."

Neal used a pillow to suffocate the 35-year-old Wyoming woman at her home. He wanted cash to buy guns and was arrested after he allegedly tried to use the victim's bank card but had no pin number.

Neal was arrested along with a woman accessory after they used Griffin's card to buy gas. Both suspects were in court for a probable cause hearing after they were charged with first-degree murder.

New Life pastor, the Rev. James Stokes, said he continues to be confounded about what could drive someone to kill Griffin, whom he said was a loving and helpful woman.``

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#129 Sep 2, 2011
the boundaries of space wrote:
<quoted text>
most-to-all black males who participate on this forum should have your username, distinguished individually by numbers,'angry man 1','angry man 2', 3, 4 and so on. since you've come up with the name originally you get to be number one.
And we're gonna call you..... Mr. GoogleCopyNPasteOLdArticle That fits you perfectly!
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#130 Sep 4, 2011
Angry Man wrote:
<quoted text>And we're gonna call you..... Mr. GoogleCopyNPasteOLdArticle That fits you perfectly!
but with yours, you're gonna stymie your fellow brethren on this forum too much who're actively scrambling to distort or bury the truth about themselves and/or reverse such an image. food for thought. that image though is gonna be hard to deflect however since it's so abundantly clear all over this forum. the articles start off older because y'all have petitioned the admins successfully to get the former threads deleted.

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