as long as white supremacy exist, wm ...

as long as white supremacy exist, wm will own the best of our women

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Houston, TX

#1 Oct 24, 2013
We got to understand, we are living in the White Man's Heaven right now. Been that way for the last 2,000 years. They own all the inventions, technologies and colonized half the globe.

Because of their status, they'd be favored over all ethnicity including our Black Race. If a Black Woman get with a White Man, that White Man has a better chance of keeping her til death do them apart without doing anything else except basic responsibility and being White.

The IRBW sees a privilege never known to her or her mother or grandmother. She can go all around the globe and experience a richer life-experience simply for being with a White Man. She got it good, and would give up on her Race and Black Men that still being victimized by White Supremacy and pretends it's a myth. And that we're just lazy etc.

Compared with a BM and a WW, a Black Man cannot take her as far in life for a richer life experience because as the Head of his family, he is still Black and White Supremacy will work against him all the days of his life. The BW can simply stand behind her WM and live through his privilege as a WM.

I will stop right there because I know I pushing Black people's button and stirring up some raw emotions on this taboo subject. Even BW knows better not to discuss these things around BM because it will kill our pride when it is out of our power and control. She will only discuss it among her sisters while quietly leading them to White Men.

They stay so quiet so calm, so happy because they are in a totally different world than we are as a Black community, and even to the point, they think their "blackness" is higher than our blackness.

You know what though? This is not the power of the White Man. This is the power of Yah, and He's kicking our a** with the Curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Truths!

This White Heaven is prophecized. I am not worry about the Gentile continued Rule on Earth because these are the last days....the End Times and their Rule is soon to be over. If this was during Medieval Times, we'd just be fu*ked as sh*t as Black people, and Slavery would not have even started yet!

So, if we want to be mad about this, don't be mad at the WM (even though I will continue to be mad at the WM!), be mad at Yah!

And Yah is mad at you! Ha!

Why is He mad us? Well, 1,000 years to us is only One Day to Yah. Our ancient Ancestors broke the Covenant, Laws, Statues and all, just 3 DAY AGO, to Yah. You see? Even though, to us, it was in antiquity....ancient times and shouldn't have anything to do with us. Well, Yah says otherwise! Three days ago, and He still see us then as we are today.

Uh huh....smh. Stuff like this make me get on my knee and pray for forgiven for our sake! Yah is All POWERFUL, MY PEOPLE. He's given the White Man complete control for 2,000 years, which is 2 days to Him but a mighty destruction to our Image, Identity and Race.

Yah is even controlling these IRBW's minds to desire WM in order to straighten out BM! Yep, that's right: He is MAD at us, my people!

We sitting here with our lives hanging in the balance and in the throes of elimination and feel poweless to help our cause. Even with the BW seeking higher education, theu are not bringing that knowledge to us, to help our Black Family. Nope, they using it to help the WM's family, and give their wombs entirely to the WM.

How does it make you feel, my brothers?? I tell ya, I can kill a bunch of White Boys right now in my anger but we got to be smart and turn to Yah! Do the Covenant, keep the Commandments, Laws and Statues. Do that, and our conditions will end according to the prophecies.

Good thing, though. Our Rule is just around the corner. And we will win back our sistah and punish our Oppressors!

Houston, TX

#3 Oct 24, 2013
Vanilla Gorilla,

Sure see, it's not the inferior ethnicity (they're not a Race, buddy), it's Yah working through them, to punish us.

That's what I'm trying to explain. Yah is active. It looks like he's dormant or even "not real" but He's alive and well, and infinite.

We are still in the Times if the Gentile Rule. To Rule is to have Power. To have Power, can only come from Yah.

Therefore Yah empowered the Gentile to rule over us. He gave them the wisdom, smarts to create the world we live in today.

So, Im not so much looking at the White Man but Yah. And it is the WM He is using that's destroying us. Look around at our Black women here.

Do it looks like they trying ti cherish us, get with us love us?? Naw....I see more love and respect expressed from WW than BM but I will not give in to Whites, ever. However, it is what it is, man.

I wish these children and their offspring would be cut off from us. I wish we can separate all these IRBW from us now. Take our Race from under them because that's what they doing, using our Race to get White Men. It's a disrespect so, the best that can happen to remedy the situation is tk cut them off completely if they want to go to the WM. And have our Race move out of America away from them. Then they'll suffer their own fate without having us to fall back on.

Houston, TX

#6 Oct 24, 2013
....after you put on your big-girl glasses and realize I am the Messenger.

Ashburn, VA

#7 Oct 24, 2013
yt men cant control ww..but they can bw..because bw are the bottom of everything..when you at the bottom..any affect will do. Ww wild out abroad..they like other race men than they own. They know wm..they know that sinister side to wm.

Jasper, AL

#8 Nov 9, 2013
I don't get it?! You are sabotaging yourselves. God loves you! Educate yourself..that is the key. Did you know white men have also been enslaved. The Anglo-Saxons were a barbaric tribe enslaved by the Romans..who had to teach them to read/write and of course bathe. So many other people have had terrible sufferings e.g., American Indians, Jews ( been rejected and thrown out of just about everywhere ). Knowledge is key. Don't believe God hates you or that you deserve the hatred that has befallen you. These are great times we are living in. Incredible social changes and views on black people have changed. We even have a black First Lady ( classy, graceful and beautiful and very educated)...this is exactly what the world needs to see. Free your minds of your own mental shackles..I think it's the only thing holding you back. As a Jew I tell you even when it seemed the world wanted to exterminate us...we were killed by the millions, burned in ovens, did medical experiments on our children, stole all our wealth, gassed to death, placed in the real ghettos were they even made soap from our bodies...we knew it was simply men's cruelty. We never believed we deserved it or that God wanted that for us. Look at us now..although we only comprise less than two percent of the U.S. Population , we own 48 percent of wealth in the U.S...We heavily advocate for is the most incredible weapon.

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