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United States

#44 Aug 20, 2009
Your hair is different from all the other races, so we don't quite know if you are part of the human species. Since we can't quite tell, we are being nice and keeping you in the human species, but you better behave yourselves!

Vancouver, Canada

#45 Aug 20, 2009
Tableux wrote:
<quoted text>
First off, I never said "Aboriginal" was an ethnicity.(WTF???) Learn how to read ffs!!! Second, what GENERAL PUBLIC are you talking about?!! The only people that care about this s&*$ are miserable AA AND Africans,like yourself. NO, you do not come off as INTRIGUED! You come off bitter to me! I would'nt know what Atlanta thinks, because alot of the people that I know, who have those views, of Alicia Keys and Beyonce are not from Atlanta. The fact that you have not come to terms with your negativity is laughable!
Colorism may not be an issue in Africa, but tribal war and murdering ETHINIC groups, is alive and well! I rather deal with colorism in the U.S.A than someone kicking down my door in 2008, raping me and infecting with the HIV virus!
You: "Colorism may not be an issue in Africa, but tribal war and murdering ETHINIC groups, is alive and well! "

Kamit4ever: You may not have a tribal war coz you don't have a tribe but your people murder each other everyday. In Africa tribes are killing each other, in US Blacks are killing each other. Tell me what's the difference.

You: "I rather deal with colorism in the U.S.A than someone kicking down my door in 2008, raping me and infecting with the HIV virus!"

Kamit4ever: Get out of your hole and get information. The HIV/AIDS infection in AA communities is waaaaaaaaay higher than it is in many third world countries. Tell us why your people who are not exposed to rape are so infected with HIV virus.

La Paz, Bolivia

#48 Jan 4, 2010
Well, as always It'd work out much better If we all were told the true about this "latino" pseudo term as far as I'm concerned --- I've always been told that "latino" is not another typical race with a habitat farther than the other coast but of the same continent. Even thought they speak another language, different customes, a different standar of living --- wheter it's low or high that's another point to look at.
since the imigrant-conquer was meant to spread the heritage , there has been mixed races and I'm talking about europeans,asians, ect. that as time goes by they didn't preserve their cultural heritage and pro-created a great varity of races such as white-latinos the ones that are blue-eyed as well and black latinos the ones that don't speak Enghlish but look almost the same as black north americans thought.

Germantown, TN

#49 Jan 4, 2010
Because, uh...uhm...God bless America!

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#50 Jan 4, 2010
The biggest proponents of the ONE DROP RULE in the United States are the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, Rainbow/Push, National Action Network, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, and a hundred other groups. Ironically the ONE DROP RULE is why Blacks have any political power at all in the USA.

In Latin America you have blacks, natives, whites, mulattos, and zambos (blk/indian). A person can be mixed about 10 different ways and oftentimes each mixed group has their own identity. Look at Brazil.
In Brazil there are over 100 racial classifications people write in on the Brazilian census.

Actually in Brazil if you believed the Brazilian census there are only a tiny amount of BLACKS in Brazil. That is because maybe 90% plus of the people we call black don't call themselves that. They call themselves mulatto, zambo, cafe com leite, bronzenda, pardo/parda, and on and on.

If the Brazilian way of counting races came here and everyone called themselves what they wanted Jesse Jackson would be broke and the Nation of Islam out of business.

Can't have that.

Irony how a law put down by Eugenicists in the 1890s and early 1900s is the basis of Black solidarity.
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#51 Jun 20, 2010
African dude wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm WELL aware of EVERYTHING you mentioned, which is EXACTLY why I made this thread. People ALWAYS make the distinction between whites and "Hiispanics" when the topic of race is brought up and you know that. The general public doesn't consider black Brazilian people or Mediterraneans to be Latino (Portuguese speaking people are not Hispanic btw) but rather the brown skinned Native peoples. Your post imparted nothing new to me and totally missed the point.
I just noticed that the brownest George Lopez-like mestizo/aboriginal is considered the same race as these genotypically white individuals with no protest whatsoever yet Americans continue to make it a point that Beyonce and Alicia Keys have non-black ancestry. I'm just wondering why the hell people who are blatantly predominantly (or in some cases even wholly) Mediterranean white are considered one in the same as the more indigenous folks yet American blacks must look completely West African to not be considered "bi-racial". People highlight the light-skin/dark skin disparity among black celebrities to point out black self-hatred but you never see any criticism of mestizo Latinos for using models like Vida Guerra and Sofia Vergara to represent themselves.
Last time I check Portugal in the map it was in the Iberia Peninsula, located in South Europe. Which means that Portugal was in the area known as Hispania! Wow, interesting isn't it? Don't you think that clarifies why Portuguese and Spaniards are also consider Hispanics???? And why their descendants (Fully/White or half/Mestizos/Mulatos) of Spanish Colonists are also consider Hispanic in the US census???? The only people that are not "Hispanic" is the Native Amerindians one, but since their is to much ignorance in our current society every North American consider or describe them as "Hispanics".
doesnt matter

Brooklyn, NY

#52 Jul 5, 2013
In latin america the one drop rule has never existed we had a casta system instead which is based on genetics. With criollos also known as whites on top then its mestizo then pardos which means multiracial black white native mixed all these were pretty accepted for the most part since marriage amongst whites with any race was recognized by the spanish crown. Then u had zambos and blacks at the bottom so in other words the spaniards never really gave a fuck to stay pure it was mostly about money for them thats why in latin america its ok to be mixed with black just not "full black" if that makes any sense people dont get looked down in latin america for being mixed with black only when ur culturally black meaning u practice a lot of the behavior and look african. We just use a genetic approach where as america uses a political one which is far more ignorant lol
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#53 Jul 5, 2013
Wat dos dis has ta du whif da AAs yo?

Numbsayin yow?

Bangkok, Thailand

#54 Sep 14, 2013
The "one drop rule" in the US is more myth than fact. The myth originates with a 1662 law in the Virginia colony for categorizing individuals born of mixed parentage (which, by the way, has been just as common in the US as in Latin America). But there has NEVER been a federal law in the US stating such a 'rule'. This is one of those stories that gets told enough times people believe it.

The truth is that throughout American history people have self-identified with whatever 'race' they were brought up in. Thus, people with Native American ancestry brought up in Euro-American homes identified with the latter and vice versa.

This also explains why 1/3 of US Whites have recent African ancestry. Individuals -- not the government -- are the ones who have determined what 'race' they will identify with.

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#55 Sep 14, 2013
jocietay wrote:
i think hispanics, when they come to the US are not seen as being just white but something other or mixed, and the one drop rule does apply to them, especially in hollywood, they are discriminated against are or given limited roles due to the fact that they are hispanics, but some of them that look very white like cameron diaz are seen as being more white than hispanic

Since: May 10

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#56 Sep 14, 2013
JOR27 wrote:
This also explains why 1/3 of US Whites have recent African ancestry. Individuals -- not the government -- are the ones who have determined what 'race' they will identify with.
That 1/3 doesn't hump the other 2/3? Really?

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