Black male criminals who rape White w...
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Atlanta, GA

#50 Jul 21, 2011
[7/19/11] GA. Black Man Beats And Rapes 50-year-old

the suspect himself appears to be no older than age 25.

``A man who did not show up in court Monday on a battery charge is wanted for the Saturday rape and beating of a woman.

When he is caught, Kass Rico Lee, will be charged with rape in a predawn Saturday sexual assault of a 50-year-old woman at her residence.

Lee was released from the Thomas County Jail July 8, after serving a 45-day sentence for violation of probation on a conviction of financial transaction card fraud.

The rape victim answered a knock on her door between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. Saturday. Lee punched the woman in the face with his fist and forced her back her into the house.

The woman fell onto the floor, striking her head on a mantel, and Lee choked her. Lee then raped the woman on the floor. The suspect has been charged several times with battery, including sexual battery, on women.

The battery case in which he was to have appeared in court Monday also involved a woman. The detective has been in contact with Lee via cell phone calls and texts. The suspect was cooperating, but has stopped responding to messages.``
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Atlanta, GA

#51 Jul 22, 2011
[7/20/11] 2nd Trial Begins For FL. Black Serial Rapist

a recent bulletin reports he's now been convicted.

``A convicted rapist stood trial for a second time Wednesday on one of seven other rapes for which he's accused.

James Steel, dubbed the "Arlington rapist" by Jacksonville police, was found guilty in January of raping a woman in 2008. The 50-year-old was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The trial that began Wednesday involves an alleged sexual assault that happened in 2009. Prosecutors say Steel punched a woman in the face then sexually assaulted her.

After lawyers delivered their opening statements, Steel's accuser took the stand.

"Did he give you any other orders while he's raping you in this brutal manner by the Dumpster?" a prosecutor asked her.

"He just told me to do everything he said," the victim said. "He told me to give him cigarettes when he wanted one."

"Sometimes he would tell me to put my clothes back on and take them off again. Or he would tell me to sit a certain way or I couldn't stand up. He just controlled my every move."

The rapes Steel is accused of took place over an eight-year span dating back to 2000.``
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Atlanta, GA

#52 Jul 22, 2011
[7/18/11] AL. Black Man Robbed And Raped Stranded Motorist

main subject of report concerns a probation violation.

``Willie Kevin Williams stands accused of rape after a Mobile police investigator combed through evidence in an 18-year-old cold case in the city and found a fingerprint match.

Even before that case could be set for trial, Williams was sent to prison today for more than 13 years.

Williams, who dropped out of a court-ordered drug treatment program and disappeared in 2005, had violated his probation on a decade-old robbery conviction. Williams, 42, never reported back to his probation officer.

Police took him into custody this month after a grand jury issued a 3-count indictment of first-degree rape, first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping in a 1993 attack on a woman.

Williams was originally given a split sentence of 15 years. He was ordered to serve one year in prison followed by 5 years' probation. The remaining 14 years were suspended as long as he complied with the terms of his probation.

Williams had a record of violating his probation even before he vanished. He dropped out of a drug treatment program, failed to report to his officer and at one point was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

In August, a police lieutenant looked again at the 1993 case of a woman who was robbed, kidnapped and raped after her car broke down. Investigators were able to get DNA evidence from the victim and lifted fingerprints from the woman’s car.

The lieutenant matched Williams’ fingerprint to one lifted from the car, and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences later matched Williams to the DNA evidence.``
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Atlanta, GA

#53 Jul 23, 2011
[10/27/09] MI. Black Man Rapes His Grandmother

the victim was actually a step-relative but certainly don't make the crime any more excusable.

``A Detroit grandmother says her 19-year-old step-grandson raped her on several occasions, and she hopes he is treated the same way in prison.

Fox 2 reports Lee Aaron Moorer will face multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct on Tuesday, and that his step-grandmother will testify against him.

But first, the unidentified victim sat down with the television station to share her story.

"I want everybody to know he's a rapist, and he's done it to me more than once," she told Brad Edwards.

"I allowed him and his mother to live with me, and this is what I get."

The grandmother said medication she takes makes her groggy, and she woke up recently and saw Moorer pulling up his pants.

In text messages Moorer allegedly sent to his grandmother, he asked her not to tell anyone and threatened suicide. The grandmother offered no sympathy.

"I just want him to be violated like he violated me," she said. "If he goes to jail, I hope they rape him. I hope they make him somebody's princess. I really do."``
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Atlanta, GA

#54 Jul 23, 2011
[7/20/11] NC. Black Rapist Mistakenly Released From Jail do the same thing over again.

``A North Carolina prison worker has resigned after mistakenly releasing an inmate accused of kidnapping and raping a woman the next day.

A caseworker was supposed to release 38-year-old Antwaan Clanton to Halifax County deputies last week after he finished serving two years at the Odom Correctional Facility.

Clanton was set free instead and attacked and raped a woman sitting in her car in the Halifax Medical Center parking lot the next day.

The victim was on a trip from Florida when she became tired while driving Friday, so she pulled off of the highway into the hospital parking lot.

The next thing she knew Clanton was forcing her into the back seat of her vehicle. She says he drove her to a deserted area just off of I-95, raped her and then released her.

Clanton was arrested in the same area later that day on suspicion of breaking and entering.

There was a breakdown in the system and although the case manager shouldn't have let Clanton go, overall, the system works.

Clanton has a long list of priors and still faces charges in at least three separate incidents.``
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Atlanta, GA

#56 Jul 24, 2011
[7/21/11] LA. Black Rapist Absconds From His Trial

two other suspects are also involved in the same case, races unknown (only one's pictured) but probably won't take a palm reader. they also jumped on one man which could give you a ball-park prediction on what race THAT victim was.

``The search is continuing tonight for an Opelousas man who was scheduled to stand trial for aggravated rape this week and has decided instead to make a run for it.

Prosecutors were prepared to prove 19-year-old Nelson Chambers was one of three men who broke into a Hub City house in 2009 where a woman was raped, a man was severely beaten and both victims were robbed.

The state didn't get the chance to prove its case because when Chambers trial date rolled around on Tuesday he was a no show and tonight he is still missing.

Not everyone was surprised that Chambers was a no show Tuesday. According to court records the prosecutor in this case was concerned months ago that Chambers might run.

Prosecutors filed a motion requesting Chambers be held without bond pending his rape trial because while out on bond before, Chambers was arrested on three separate occasions for drugs, possession of stolen property, theft and bench warrants for failure to appear for traffic offenses.``
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Atlanta, GA

#57 Jul 24, 2011
[7/21/11] IL. Black Man Attacks Woman In Store Restroom

what's believed to be an attempted rape took place. i thought "most-to-all women wanted black males only"?

``A quick-thinking customer helped them track down a man who attacked a woman in a restroom of a Lowe's store in Aurora Wednesday morning.

The woman was washing her hands in the restroom when Tyrone Young walked out of one of the stalls, dressed only in boxer shorts, grabbed her and slammed her to the floor.

The woman began screaming and, when another woman came out of a stall, Young got dressed and left, police said.

The customer spotted the suspect leaving the restroom, followed him out of the store and took down his license plate as the suspect drove off in a dark green Pontiac.

Young, 29, was arrested at his home and charged with criminal sexual assault, attempted criminal sexual assault and aggravated battery, as well as misdemeanor public indecency.

The victim suffered bruises but declined medical treatment. Young was ordered held on $500,000 bail.``

Toronto, Canada

#58 Jul 24, 2011
Rape is a cowardly evil act, that's why blacks, and other lesser racial types are so prone to it. Payback is coming for Channon Christian and the million other White females in America who have been raped in the past forty plus years by n!%%er animals.

"Therefore, we can plan on more Black-on-White crime; more Black males sent to prison on drug charges in which to be converted to Louis Farrakhan’s hatefully-racist, anti-White, Black Nation of Islam; more gladiator/paramilitary training for Black Muslims; the future outbreak of an organized Black “Muslim”-on-White “Christian” race/holy war; a politically unified (via the Council for National Policy), religiously ecumenical (via the Manhattan Declaration), White Roman Catholic-led backlash involving the imposition of a White Jesuit-Fascist Military Dictator who will direct his DHS Blackshirts in the grand mass-guillotining of the nearly 60 million Blacks within the American Empire. In addition to the Blacks (both Savage and Civil) and Latinos (both legal and illegal), the “perfidious” Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites will also be “extirpated.”
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Atlanta, GA

#59 Jul 25, 2011
[9/16/05] Prison Gangs Brutally Rape TX. Black Inmate

according to the featured portrait of the victim, he served in the military. he was also homosexual. main subject of report deals with civil litigation.

``After enduring 18 months in prison where gangs bought and sold him as a sexual slave, Roderick Johnson will appear in federal district court for the first day of his civil trial against the prison officials who failed to protect him.

"Roderick Johnson was brutally raped by prison gang members," said the associate director of the ACLU's National Prison Project and Johnson's lead attorney.

"The devastating horror of the first rape was multiplied many times over the next 18 months because prison officials refused to intervene to protect him."

Beginning in September 2000, Roderick Johnson was housed at the James A. Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Texas where prison gangs bought and sold him as a sexual slave, raping, abusing, and degrading him nearly every day for 18 months.

The ACLU lawsuit seeks damages against seven officials for ignoring his pleas for help and failing to protect him against continued sexual attacks.

Gay prisoners in Texas like Johnson (who is no longer in prison) are highly vulnerable to rape and exploitation perpetrated by prison gangs.``
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Atlanta, GA

#61 Jul 26, 2011
[9/19/07] MI. Black Man Rapes 66-year-old 3 Times

other than sheer abundance, not really too many differences among the cases or the black rapists.

``The man accused of attacking and raping a 66-year-old grandmother of three, three times entered a no-contest plea in court Monday.

38-year-old Lewis Collins broke into a a Troy home in the middle of the night, put a pillow over a woman's head and raped her three times.

"I never questioned if I was safe. I locked the doors at night and made sure the windows were closed and never thought anything about it," said the victim.

"It makes me physically sick to talk about it. I was just terrified I thought he was going to kill me." The grandmother of three called 911.

Police and police dogs tracked down and arrested Lewis on suspicion of assault and rape a short time later. DNA tests matched Lewis.

The victim now keeps a bat, pepper spray and a new dog in her home for protection. She has replaced all her locks and sleeps on her couch. She hopes to one day return to her bedroom. Collins could get up to 75 years in prison.``
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Atlanta, GA

#63 Jul 27, 2011
[4/21/10] SD. Black Man Accused Of 3 Rapes

wonder what his girlfriend would have to say now

``People in Brookings are hoping they can rest a little easier tonight. Police have a suspected rapist in custody. A man who recently moved to South Dakota is accused of raping three women.

After a month of assaults, police believe they have caught the man responsible for the crimes. "I think it's good to say the community can breathe a sigh of relief," said police.

Police arrested 21-year-old Chris L. Jones at his home Tuesday night, which is less than three blocks from the SDSU Campus. He is accused of assaulting three young women, two of whom are students.

Jones is charged with kidnapping and five counts of rape. A conviction of the kidnapping charge alone could get Jones a life sentence in prison. Police are saying although Jones is in custody, women should still be cautious around town.

"Brookings is still a small and safe community. We pride ourselves on that and these things don't happen very often but I think it would be irresponsible for me to say you can go about your business and live life as usual. It's the world that we live in," police said.

Jones is from Omaha and moved to Brookings only recently to live with his girlfriend. He made his first appearance in court Wednesday.``
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Atlanta, GA

#64 Jul 27, 2011
[5/7/10] NY. Black Athlete Admits Paying 16-year-old For Sex

many probably know of the case against the ex-football star.

``Following his arrest yesterday for statutory rape, Lawrence Taylor admitted to cops that he paid a young woman $300 for engaging in sex acts, according to a criminal complaint filed against a Bronx man accused of pimping out the 16-year-old runaway.

In a U.S. District Court complaint filed against Rasheed Davis, FBI Agent Mara Schneider disclosed that the ex-football star (who is referred to as 'Client-1' in the document) spoke with Ramapo Police Department officers after being given a Miranda warning.

Taylor, 51, reportedly told cops that he took a car service from Newark International Airport to a Holiday Inn where 'he met with a female.' After 'engaging in sex acts with Victim-1, Client-1 paid Victim-1 $300 in cash.'

Davis, charged with the sex trafficking of a minor, is pictured in the mug shot at left. He was photographed in February 2008, shortly before his release from the New York State prison system, where he served about 14 years on a manslaughter conviction.

According to the complaint, Davis plied the girl with Ecstasy and 'used violence to force' the teenager to 'engage in a commercial sex act' with Taylor. Davis also allegedly directed the girl to tell Taylor that she was 19.``
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Atlanta, GA

#65 Jul 28, 2011
[6/4/06] MS. Black Man Kidnaps And Rapes Attorney

the victim probably wouldn't be the same counsel later representing him in court. she managed to survive the vicious attack however

``A 35-year-old Alabama parolee, who should have been returned to Mississippi to serve another sentenced instead of being released from custody, now faces kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault charges in connection with the abduction of a female Birmingham family law attorney.

Dedrick Griham was charged with one count of rape and two counts of sodomy after he was captured by police at a motel with the victim hours after she was abducted at gunpoint and forced into a vehicle near her apartment.

The attorney was driven to three bank ATM machines where she was forced to withdraw cash. Her abductor then abandoned the vehicle, which belonged to the attorney's boyfriend, and paid someone to drive them to a motel.

Griham was paroled after serving eight years of a 20-year sentence for holding up three stores at gunpoint. Griham was also on probation in two Mississippi counties for robbery and grand larceny.

Mississippi authorities said Griham should have been sent back to their state to face parole violation charges, when he was released by Alabama.

However, Alabama officials said Mississippi never filed the request for his return and signed a waiver to be notified of his parole. "They didn't want him back," said a spokeswoman with the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.``
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Atlanta, GA

#66 Jul 28, 2011
[7/25/11] TX. Black Man Robs, Rapes And Shoots Woman

so far the suspect is unidentifed. terrible thing for the victim to have to go through.

``A composite sketch was released on Monday of a man who police said kidnapped, robbed, raped and shot a southwest Houston woman.

The man grabbed the 27-year-old woman as she tried to enter her apartment in the 9800 block of Meadowglen Lane at 12:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The victim was sexually assault in the apartment before she was forced into her own car and driven around for several hours.

The attacker then had her walk into a field where she was shot in the left shoulder. She has since been released from a hospital. The man fled the scene in her vehicle.

"He's a dangerous man. He's a dangerous individual. He went this far, we don't believe it's the first time he's been involved in something like this and it's probably not going to be the last time if we don't get him," an officer said.

The attacker was described as a black man, 25 to 30 years old, 5 feet 5 to 5 feet 7 inches tall with a medium build. His hair was in corn rows and tied in a pony tail with beads at the back of the neck.

He was last seen wearing a burgundy shirt, blue jeans with red and yellow letters on the leg, possibly spelling the word "love." He also had Air Jordan tennis shoes with black tops and white soles.``
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Atlanta, GA

#67 Jul 29, 2011
[8/6/06] IA. Black Man Rapes And Fatally Stabs Woman

further info and pics of both the suspect and victim can be found elsewhere on the web.

``Police said that a man showed up at the Polk County Jail at about 2 a.m. Sunday and confessed to killing a woman.

Authorities said that after 48-year-old Keith Owens Parker confessed, they charged him in the death of 37-year-old Georgina Kimble.

When police arrived at Parker's apartment at 1414 E. Walnut St., they had to break down the door. They said that Kimble's body was discovered inside.

Police continue to investigate the scene. It appears Kimball was stabbed to death. Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

"We believe he lives here. Their relationship -- that's still being investigated. We don't know exactly how they know each other," said the Des Moines Police Department.

This is the third homicide of the year in Des Moines. In all three cases, the suspect turned himself in. Parker has been convicted before of sexual abuse. He is on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.``
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Atlanta, GA

#68 Jul 29, 2011
[10/25/07] Black Councilman Rapes Women In Hotel Room

the suspect was from North Carolina but the incident happened in Kentucky. the victim was only eighteen.

``A city councilman from North Carolina is being held on a $100,000 bond in Kentucky after being charged with rape.

John Cantey Jr. of Lumberton was arrested after an 18-year-old woman reported being raped in a hotel room after a concert in Jeffersontown, a suburb of Louisville.

Cantey won his council seat on a successful write-in campaign in 2005, after losing in 1997. The Observer also reported Cantey has a previous criminal record.

In 1996, the paper reported, he pleaded guilty to 19 misdemeanor counts of Defrauding the Employment Security Commission.

Cantey received a $296 unemployment check weekly from Oct. 1995 to Feb. 1996 while he had a sales job at Fayetteville’s Ted Parker Home Sales.``
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Atlanta, GA

#69 Jul 29, 2011
[8/17/08] VA. Black Man Ties Up Woman, Rapes Her Multiple Times

violent and harrowing ordeal for the victim. all sordid details left in.

``A 24-year-old Newport News woman was leaving her apartment for work when a man confronted her, pushed her back inside, tied her up with her own clothing and raped her "multiple times".

James Edward Wilkins, 54, says he is innocent of charges of attempted murder, abduction, rape and two counts of forcible sodomy against a 24-year-old woman in her home.

Wilkins, who served 36 years in jail for murder before being released last September, claimed he was in a consensual sexual relationship with the woman.

The victim told police she was threatened with a knife, had a plastic sheet placed over her head and suffered chemical burns after Wilkins poured a cleaning solution over her.

The victim took a step outside and noticed that there was somebody standing there. He forced her back inside her residence by threatening her with a wooden hammer.

The woman, who had been carrying her toddler as she left her apartment, was able to put the baby down in another room before the assaults began.

Wilkins used a large knife to cut off her shirt and removed her pants and underwear. He raped the woman and bound her arms and legs with clothing. He then forced her into her bathroom where he poured a powdery cleaning substance over her body.

Wilkins returned the victim to her bedroom, her arms and legs still bound. He grabbed a plastic sheet from the mattress and pressed it onto her face. The woman was unable to breathe, began gasping for air and attempted to cough. She fought Wilkins and was able to break free.

Wilkins forced the woman back into the living room, where she was able to free her arms. Wilkins retied them with a clock cord.

Wilkins warned her as he left "You better thank God I didn't kill you because that's what I normally do."

The victim suffered chemical burns to her genital area from the cleaning substance, a cut under her left eye, bruising to her back and abrasions to her left arm.``
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Atlanta, GA

#70 Jul 30, 2011
[12/3/08] OH. Black Serial Rapist Sentenced To 30 Years

wonder if '216 Elite' knows about all the Ohio cases. much more from that state are to be featured.

``Antonio Darnell Trice, 39, was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison for rapes committed in 1996 and 1997.

Trice raped a 19-year-old woman March 5, 1996. She was at a pay phone near Fulton Road and Walton about 8 p.m. when he asked for directions then forced her into his car.

He drove her to West 81st Street and Lake Avenue where he raped her in the back seat, prosecutors said.

Trice raped a 24-year-old woman Aug. 16, 1997, when he grabbed her from behind as she walked home on Bellaire Avenue. He forced her behind a building and raped her.

Those cold cases were solved after Trice was convicted of raping a woman who visited his house last year. He pleaded guilty July 20, 2007, was labeled a sexual predator and was sentenced to four years in prison.

He was required to submit to DNA testing. His DNA was entered into a national database and compared with the suspect's DNA left on the victims in the 1990s. It matched.

Trice has another prior conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in December 2005, prosecutor's spokesman Ryan Miday said.``
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Atlanta, GA

#71 Jul 30, 2011
[2/14/09] MO. Black Man Rapes And Sodomizes Relative

``A Platte county man has been charged with rape, sodomy and incest with a close family member.

Prosecutor Eric Zahnd has charged 37-year-old Joen Lukas for allegedly assaulting a close family member between June 2005 and June 2006. The assault also allegedly led to a pregnancy, and a child.

Lukas was arrested Friday afternoon. In court documents he admitted to assaulting the victim more than 100 times over the two year period.

He also admitted that DNA would prove he is the father of the child that was born. Lukas is being held on $250,000 cash only bond.``
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Atlanta, GA

#72 Jul 30, 2011
[7/28/11] AL. Black Man Rapes Woman, Slashes Her Throat

fortunately the victim is expected to recover. the suspect is unidentified and on the loose. local law enforcement warns residents to be vigilant and make sure their doors are secure.

``A woman who was sexually assaulted and her throat slashed in a morning attack in Southside is expected to recover, authorities said today.

Birmingham homicide detectives plan to interview the 25-year-old victim this afternoon. She underwent surgery after being cut in the throat and stomach during the attack, and remains in serious condition at UAB Hospital.

Police are checking into several tips that have been called in but no arrests have been made. Patrols have been beefed up in the area.

The attack happened at an apartment complex. The assailant broke into two other apartments on Southside before attacking the victim.

The first incident happened on Highland Avenue. The man went into an apartment there, had a physical altercation with a man inside and fled.

He then scaled the balcony of the other apartment building and went into the victim's unit through her sliding glass door, which she had left open for her cats while she was getting ready for work.

He sexually assaulted her and cut her throat and stomach. Police said they don't know if he had the knife with him, or got it from the victim's apartment.

"Make sure your residence is secure when you leave, or go to bed," police said. "And utilize the block watch groups in your community."

The attacker s described as a black male in his 20s, 5 feet, 8 inches, 180 pounds. He was wearing a red shirt and a red hat.``

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