Do Arab Women Like Black Men?
Amelia DUBSTEP XStasy

Castle Rock, CO

#2779 Mar 29, 2013
They're not known to be into bestiality. That's Europe, not the Middle East.

Miami, FL

#2780 Mar 30, 2013
Do not FEAR,

God does not bless the ignorant and he helps those who helps them, it will do a great justice to the Arab male population (those who feel there is nothing wrong with this race issue) to date women who have no inherent submissiveness toward the Arab "race", that way you can understand the way the world around you works and what woman truly want.
God already cursed women with the pains of maternity, it is not our responsibility as men to further their oppression, saying what is right for them, for if MAN was so perfect a being he would have never been led astray by his female companion- likewise do not lead women astray- Their loyalty is for God and all are granted access to the holy spirit to help us maintain that loyalty.
The reason you Islamic Extremist hate the New Testament is b.c. it denounces all loyalty to the flesh, and without that Islam has no Woman- for if Islam was about Spirit and soul- there would be less executions in the middle east. My brothers need to give up the law of sin and death. and If those wealthy Arabs wanted you to be able to beat the "Infidels" you would... but they'd rather be rich and watch you argue shit to westerners and contradict yourself, with a complete lack of understanding for the transition from Judaism to Islam...
Islam may have been the "pure undefiled religion" mentioned in the Bible but with the impurity of man, it has become no better than Judaism- Mohammed was an orphan- what ought an Orphan to do given great power? I say help the widows and the fatherless, adopt Sons - NOT WIVES!
Under Sharia law (Arabic law) the woman is lied on when she does not appease a man, and she is slain; if she chooses to appease a man she may be told on an slain for infidelity/adultery... there is no escape for them and you can't see because the Crooked Imams have tricked you to thinking that it is the fault of a wide ranging class of people known as Infidels.
In Islam all power is in Man yet the wife of Mohammed was his Rock his comfort, all power is in man yet only women seem to receive punishment.. Is every work of a woman sorcery or does it take two to tango? In AMERICA we have a phrase: "DAMNED IF I DO, DAMNED IF I DON'T" This may be the position of your women, I'd tell you to listen to your Arabic women but I don't want to get them killed.

P.S. I don't expect everyone to understand.

United States

#2781 Apr 9, 2013
RealTalk1550 wrote:
<quoted text> Look, I don't want an Arab woman. I don't care if they love us or hate us. I've been around a few of them and they are extremely boring. I will admit some of them are hot but not to the point that I'm stressing over what they want or don't want. All I was doing was offering my opinion on the topic.
highly agree. I'm a white male I've been around Arab women unfortunately I've seen alot mixing with other race what's the problem the problem is if you let them choose they will loose hope. Judging by all negative comments it seems that all of you need to intermix maybe you will have a better personality instead of a stuck up self centered control freak :).

Garden City, MI

#2783 Apr 16, 2013
I beg to differ im black an my girl is arabic
Ron Francisco

Saint Paul, MN

#2784 Apr 19, 2013
No we do not Mix with any race proven to be inferior except white or asian people of certain races please no offense to you black people we pretend to like you to not start conflicts in america & No we Arabs are Not a mix of black either so stop thinking that.

Woodbridge, VA

#2785 Apr 19, 2013
Ron Francisco wrote:
No we do not Mix with any race proven to be inferior except white or asian people of certain races please no offense to you black people we pretend to like you to not start conflicts in america & No we Arabs are Not a mix of black either so stop thinking that.

Keisha Moore is dating an Wealthy Arab Tycoon! He runs the African route on Oil Exports! LMAO

So much for Atlanta Housewives! lmao

United States

#2786 Apr 23, 2013
First of all we TRULY know you're not black, we want know part in Arabian culture or your women
KEEP THEM..We seriously do not want them..I mean that I don't personaly..And secondly an Arab, white, Asian wouldn't understand me at all lol..we'll leave the Arab women for u and the white boys ....Yuck!!!!

London, UK

#2787 May 1, 2013
YES. If they are MUSLIM.

United States

#2788 May 2, 2013
Assalaamu Alaykum brother and sister. My problem is that I really like this Arabic girl and I'm Pakistani (oh yes I'm also Muslim) but I never told her that I like her. So I just wanna to know should I tell her or what ( I just wanna to tell her I don't wanna date her because its hAram in Islam ) so let me know what u guys say abt it (yes she is my good friend)

Forney, TX

#2789 May 4, 2013
Nur al Din wrote:
<quoted text>
You wrothless idiot, why would i let my sister marry a nonarab like a black man, or white man, it is my choice, and my arab sisters, they do not want nonarab men, why would they, so this topic, will end, arab women themselves do not like nonarab men, when has an arab girl looked at you? Never they think nonarab men are beasts, so stop with the prasing yourself.
I'm an African American male, Black, and this Arabian girl from Saudi Arabia finds me attractive. We are in highshcool and we have a great connection. We even considered dating. So what you're saying is complete shit.

Uddevalla, Sweden

#2790 Jun 5, 2013
Yes its very true. Black men only fancy other females not somali men tho. Somali men doesnt even like white womens cuz they not that attracted to them. However black men should love their womens and give them love and respect cuz they realli deserve it. Dont put down u own females. Love u own than u love others. And I have noticed when the black man makes baby with a white women the child hates theyree black race. I have noticed that mixed race ppl dislike black ppl more than the whites

Dearborn Heights, MI

#2791 Jun 12, 2013
I have dated woman of all races including Arabic... So this does not apply to me and I'm black.


#2792 Jun 26, 2013
Well, I've never heard of an Arab woman dating or dealing with an African, but I can give you unlimited sources for that in America and Europe, Western girls love African **** so much...

Arabs have no problem with Africans, but they won't fall in love with them.

“Maat's my principle”

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Since: Jan 12


#2793 Jul 5, 2013
lol !

Portage, MI

#2796 Jul 28, 2013
This is all very very stupid and childish topic. I am an Arab female. I was raised in USA. I agree and disagree with some things here. I went to public high school and my first crush was on a black guy. Actually I have 4 sisters and 3 of them had crushes on black guys too. But of course we're taught to marry our own so in order to keep peace we obey and we are loyal. I dated a black guy but I was not willing to have sex with him because i am saving myself for marriage. He had a problem with this. So it ended. One of my sisters was interrated in marrying a black muslim man but my dad and the whole family gave her hell about it and threatened to disown her so she stopped. I agree some things need to change in Arab culture because this is not islam. You supposed to marry for the taqwa. But the men being overprotected is a good thing, I just wish they would listen to us women a little more about how we feel.

Copenhagen, Denmark

#2797 Aug 5, 2013
I'm an egyptian women and my soon to be husband is from ivory coast.. So no one needs to talk on behalf of any middel Eastern girl

Jamaica, NY

#2798 Aug 12, 2013
I'm half black and half hispanic. I've dated a number of Arab women including Saudi girls. We are all one. Most were pretty good as girlfriends too. All (thus far) were great in bed. Hygiene was a problem for one girl but I didn't see her for long because of just that. All women like all men if you meet the requirements: Money, attractiveness, status.

“Maat's my principle”

Level 9

Since: Jan 12


#2799 Aug 19, 2013
Lmbao !
Yonder over

Dallas, TX

#2800 Aug 22, 2013
I think people should just pray to god or Allah or who ever for their spouse. Also Africans FROM AFRICA have high morals and stick to their OWN RACE
Darkness Falls

Houston, TX

#2801 Aug 22, 2013
Arab women only like the black men that remind them of camels, like Jay-Z.

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