what is it about black women that ita...

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#1901 Jun 15, 2013
There are many popular social sites out there that you can probably meet people on like facebook but let's face it, they are not a dating site and there is a big difference between social networking and dating sites. The good thing about globogirls.com is that it combines between social networks and dating websites.

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#1902 Jun 16, 2013
Ciara wrote:
A lot of you here are missing the point. Black women are speaking for all Italian men, just speaking from their experience with them. People who oppose it are the following: bigot, insecure, supremely butthurt, troll, close minded, unreasonable. These are only experiences so why are you have burning desire to put black women down. If it was something that happened to them, making opposing statements invalid and false as hell. Unless you were there to analysis the personal relationship of these women, and you had a Ph.D in human and racial behavior, you would probably have some credibility to your statements.(from observation and experience with e-net trolls) Trolls feeds on threads like these because they search for things like :
"Black ppl"
"Black men"
"Black women"
"Black people and (insert a racial group here) relationships"
I think you meant to say that Black women ARE NOT speaking for all Italian men, just from their own experiences. If that's what you meant, and if this is so, I can't see what's objectionable about that. The problem comes--and this is quite common in Topix--when someone (of whatever race or gender) begin making sweeping generalizations about whole groups of people based only on personal experiences.

Joliet, IL

#1903 Jun 21, 2013
lillian wrote:
Italians from southern Italy have arab in them. Spike Lee rewrote history with his black theory. Besides, the Moors where also in Spain for like 500 years and no one ever says anything about Spaniards having African ancestry. There are white people all over Europe with dark hair and eyes with olive skin. Whites come in differn shades as well.
I don't know why Italian men are attracted to black women, but I don't think anyone is attracted to nappy hair. It's awful.
First of all how would you know that nappy hair is awful and I have seen plenty of unkempt caucasions with greasy thin short and nappy frizzy unkempt hair. So I think in any case when a person male female any race is unkempt its awful. And lice is always bad now the potentialof ctching that is awful considering your name is lilian it seems your just intimidated by te positive comments about afrcn amrcn women or jealous and u never see us walking around with nappy hair on average

Jackson, MI

#1904 Jul 4, 2013
tommy wrote:
<quoted text>no it wouldn't be. He is white.
Don't birds of the same feather flock togehter?
do ducks hang with pigeons?
What about quails,or peguins?
Are poodles supposed to mix with Pit bulls?
Are German shephards suppose to mix with chows?
Now these are physical facts. Blacks are suppose to stay with their own in physical terms. Meaning by nature.
However spiritually, blacks can mix with other by way of spirit. Meaning true genuine love. Which is immaterail.
Why else do most people marry their own? But by the way of the spirit, all can love.
the jews weren't suppose to mix with the gentiles physically,meaning materially. But spiritually yes.
But most people aren't spiritual people. Least of all europeans,and white folks in America.
Those are animals that are different! Some within those groups are different colors and may have differences to the others, but are still in the same group like a brown duck and white ducks. Still ducks. That goes for humans. We are all humans! Do you think people of color are aliens or something? That is so stupid. All you named we're different types of dogs and birds when really the problem everybody has is with skin color. We are all in the same group.

Jacksonville, AR

#1905 Aug 5, 2013
i have noticed that i am approached more by italian men, then by black men where i live. i find italians to be very attractive, and i love the accents. just curious about what other's think? also, does anybody know about the theory that most italian or sicillian's ancestors were of african descent?
The Wops must like the stank.

Lynbrook, NY

#1906 Aug 17, 2013
i m 100pct italian and i date only black women and this has been going on with me for 25yrs. the italians have been doing this long before any other white men

Bellevue, MI

#1907 Oct 14, 2013
ROCKY wrote:
As a Italian man I always thought BW were attractive.
. I always though Italian men were sexy

United States

#1908 Oct 15, 2013
Im from the old school and I have dated outside my race for whatever reason we do we just do cause there are beautiful wemen in all races would I prefer a black woman of course are there any out there more than any one black man can handle and they are lovely beautiful and sexy and i feel that its not cause black wemen are argumentive or loud or ghetto as some say y black men go other ways cause trust me the Caucasian wemen do the same tv and I say this LOUDLY tv the media started it all and the rest is history its just like fashion show ppl the new jordans and the Dona Karen 's and we rush to go get them we dont pay attention to how easily we rush to do what we think is hip but let me say this if u find love in any race and it makes u happy then GOD bless me I would prefer a beautiful black woman with a beautiful spirit because her spirit is what makes her beautiful not just her looks let me say that agian LOUDER HER SPIRIT MAKES HER BEAUTIFUL so stop bashing one another about black or white or any other race after all your opinion is just that just like all I have said is my opinion if u can't find love its not cause there's no black men or cause there's no black wemen its cause somewhere down you're journey you lost u and you not making yourself lovable im not saying lower you're standard's by no means im saying take a real honest look at yourself cause aint no way on earth. U can honestly say there's no good black men or no good black wemen if u do u are a lier and the truth ain't in ya lol...thats what my mother use to say b easy!!!!!

Whitestone, NY

#1909 Dec 30, 2013
i have noticed that i am approached more by italian men, then by black men where i live. i find italians to be very attractive, and i love the accents. just curious about what other's think? also, does anybody know about the theory that most italian or sicillian's ancestors were of african descent?
I'm italian and.... Damn maybe it's just because your sexy... We should get to know each other

Whitestone, NY

#1910 Dec 30, 2013
I'm italian and.... Damn maybe it's just because your sexy... We should get to know each other lol
alvina lund

Brisbane, Australia

#1911 Jan 29, 2014
black W 23 wrote:
<quoted text>that white guys who like black girls are usually ugly. someone told me that and its kinda true i think
Goodness me! Some people can be so ignorant at times, how sad.

Washington, DC

#1912 Jan 31, 2014
i have noticed that i am approached more by italian men, then by black men where i live. i find italians to be very attractive, and i love the accents. just curious about what other's think? also, does anybody know about the theory that most italian or sicillian's ancestors were of african descent?
We have be aware that the Italians are mixture, historical, of many races.
Thank you

Washington, DC

#1913 Jan 31, 2014
We have to be aware that the Italians, historically, are a mixture of
many races.

Thank you.

Decatur, GA

#1915 Mar 16, 2014
Karina wrote:
White women are beautiful, educated and have a calm character. The most good looking models and actress are white. They look great and always will be more appreciated by men. Color is doesnÂ’t matter, culture does matter. So you all should stop being arrogant in this chat.
But your comment was extremely arrogant

Chicago, IL

#1916 Mar 19, 2014
Gman wrote:
Maybe the straight hair extensions and a round bubble butt are what catches their eye. Seriously, there are not enough brothers (jail, dead) to match the available Black females at large. Hopefully you have enough class to keep up with them and they prefer a submissive type. Your kids hair would come out straight. Good Luck!

wowww lol that's mean asf. I'm black, my hair is long asf without weave, I'm a straight A student, and uhh my ass is not huge. You have problems. Just because u see those ratchets doesn't mean the great ones don't exist

Chicago, IL

#1917 Mar 19, 2014
Italian men r soooo hottt omgg

Lynbrook, NY

#1918 Mar 27, 2014
whit wrote:
Italian men r soooo hottt omgg
so are black women and i m italian

Smyrna, TN

#1919 Apr 4, 2014
I'm black my mom had my sister by a Italian man...he was fool Italian from italy
make_it_make_sen se

Chicago, IL

#1920 Jul 6, 2014
Why is this topic even relevant except to breed some thoughts of ignorance?!?! Why does it matter who some dates/marries or what race they are? Everybody is a historian on culture & dating...really!!! Maybe an Italian man loves &#65279;the woman he loves rather she's Black, White, Italian, Japanese, or whatever; she is who he loves! How can anyone person know what everybody really likes? The only Omnipresent, All Knowing Being is &#65279;the FATHER & only HE knows who or what every single person likes, loves, wants, or needs! Why is it always an issue with race primarily &#65279;the African/Black American race. We will forever be objectified & minimized by those of lesser value! When I say lesser value I'm speaking of value of mind, character, & thought! Really why does it matter who someone else chooses to be there mate? People should concern themselves with their own lives & affairs. Make it make sense people!

Middletown, NJ

#1921 Aug 25, 2014
tommy wrote:
<quoted text>one thing you forgot to mention. Most are catholic. And most believe in God physically,not spiritually.
Sisters,and brothers are so lost.
Everything that glitter aint gold.
in america obviously black people are at the bottom materially,but spiritually.
You're an idiot believing in God physically? Catholicism was the first religion st peter one of the apostles founded it we believe in god father son and holy ghost. God is in everyone's life even if they chose not to believe in him. Black women aren't a fetish to me they are beautiful smart sexy loyal confident. Im Sicilian and yes maybe its just that we are part african too. What is wrong with that? I wont let any disgruntled people ruin what i believe is a beautiful n very unique thing between italian men n black women

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