I'm so sick of "gay pride" its way pa...

I'm so sick of "gay pride" its way past time to stfu

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#1 Aug 17, 2012
Ok "gay pride" we all know what it is and we all have different views on it me personally I do not care at all who f_ucks what or who likes who and don't care about a person being gay


what I do hate about homosexual is the over the top need for attention its 2012 back in the 1950's gays use to get beat up and even murdered on the street and no one cared that is rare now

My question is how long are gay people going to milk this sympathy card for?

It's like gay people want straight people to feel bad for them for being gay and no matter how much heterosexual people kiss there @ss and make them feel "comfortable" in there OWN skin its still not enough

Homosexuals are every where now
You have you're own tv station the media is all for gays and making it a cool fade which is ridiculous in itself you have stores with rainbow products every where you get to have you're own parades you have the president speaking up for you, there are openly gay famous people and now the military is cool with it


You have so much yet still cry and b-itch about being gay and "gay rights" YOU HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS, RIGHT NOW

yet gay people still cry like the victim and at this point I think there doing it for attention because there is so much support for you homos Idk why its even talked about any more I mean we don't get homosexual parades so if you want to talk unfair we can

I'm sick of gays crying about nothing call me in sensitive I'll call you overly sensitive and a b-itch gays cry about being bullied in school UH OK A LOT OF PEOPLE GET BULLIED MOST PEOPLE THAT GET BULLIED ARE STRAIGHT

Gays have every rights straight people have they just continue to b-itch bc they love attention good or bad its a sick need you're brains aren't different for just any reason clinical studies btw

So please if there are any gay people on here please tell me a problem in life that you have that is so much different then straight people I'm talking everyday problems not 1 story where you got discriminated against WE ALL HAVE THOSE

My point is gays have more rights then straight people bc straight people are using all there ability to make gays feel "equal" but its the gay person that feels bad and different bc deep down they know that its unnatural that is you're personal problem and all people and all races have problems stop acting like such a sad storey -_- I don't like gay people bc they do s_hit like this plus they extremely phoney not bc they like the same sex

The sad part is if the homosexuals ever shut up which is starting to happen then we will have a new 30 year rain of disgust "transgender" and I will not voice my opinion on them bc I do not want someone to see it and commit suicide

I'm sweet like that :)

Let's goes people.

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#2 Aug 17, 2012
Gay pride is lame.

You are gay now shut up nothing to be proud of.

Should we hold Tourettes pride parades too?

That would be lovely!

Let's hold a 1 million man Tourettes pride parade on Washington.

To hear a million Tourettes people at once say Sh*t F*ck Wh*re Tourettes pride Motherf*cking Wh*res
#3 Aug 17, 2012
They sure did destroy a good word, the last thing they are is gay.
#4 Aug 17, 2012
JEWISH Marxist are pushing Homosexuals and Feminist since 1960s.

JEWS are guilty for that.
JEWS are Cancer of this world..
#5 Aug 17, 2012
If youre gay they make someone hire you. In this economy they hate young straight men.

Canonsburg, PA

#6 Aug 19, 2012
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this.

Gays need to go about there business and stop drawing more attention to there gayness they say the want to be normal yet make themselves not normal by bring gay up with everything when it has nothing to do with it

It's annoying and old

I'm a women and its still annoying

Not to mention that they talk sh_it on straight people for being straight which is natural how outrageous!

Someone says anything to them its "discrimination -_-

Not fooling me using being gay as an excuse to be a @ss-hole

United States

#9 Aug 24, 2012
Prophet wrote:
If youre gay they make someone hire you..
There is NO protection for gays in the workplack....
none deserved

United States

#10 Aug 24, 2012
Mike101 wrote:
<quoted text>There is NO protection for gays in the workplack....
Why should there be? Sucking another man's [email protected] doesn't make you special. Why should that give you some special right that straights don't have?

People get fired for all types of reasons...including sometimes your boss just doesn't like you. Suck it up and move on (no pun intended)

United States

#12 Aug 24, 2012
I dont have a problem with gays, however I do have a problem with this gender swapping/transgender crap thats going on....confusing people with that mess! If your gay why would you want female/male parts just be happy with your gay self!

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#14 Aug 24, 2012
Homo's suck /=

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#15 Aug 24, 2012
The bigotry against gays from some of you is wrong. I know some of them are cool people but its funny we do con-struction and they do domestic jobs. Also they want to be trusted with kids?

Shining in darkness

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#16 Aug 24, 2012
Hey Gays! nobody cares anymore so STFU and when you do have a march try not to act like degenerates,I remember footage of a gay pride protest with little kids there and vile sex toys everywhere.Not a good look for your cause.And if you want gay marriage good for you but dont expect it to happen in my Church.
saul finkilstien

United States

#19 Aug 24, 2012
Elaborate Please wrote:
Ok people I have never seen a gay pride parade in my life not even on clips on television because I choose not to. However I have heard and read several blogs where people actually talk about the things that takes place at these parades. The things I've heard is unbelievable to me; sex toys, sexual activities, half naked men doing all sorts of sex acts in front of children. Why would gays demoralize themselves this way. Is all the stories true or is
You forgot the street venders selling butt plugs and elbow grease
saul finkilstien

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#20 Aug 24, 2012
Forget the morals or even there disgusting fetish the c.d.c. and a.m.a. says the homosexual lifestyle is allmost as dangerous has being on heroin. And this is what they are teaching kids in grade school that its normal and the same as hetrosexual marrage

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#21 Aug 24, 2012

United States

#22 Aug 24, 2012
Why is their so much hate against gays but not lesbians????

United States

#23 Aug 24, 2012
Will anyone let me babysit their kids for say five hours a week??

United States

#24 Aug 24, 2012
YurGirlAlex wrote:
Why is their so much hate against gays but not lesbians????
Becouse they mind thair own bisness and don't get in your face . Besides they are the best dog groomers

Andrews, TX

#26 Aug 24, 2012
It's in your face

United States

#27 Aug 24, 2012
I cant even babysit/ adopt any kids you homophobes are wrong for not trusting us!

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