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BlackPeopleBeing PsyOpped

San Marino, CA

#29 Feb 12, 2013
Told you this is designed by the offshore banker interests to foment race riots in America and destabalize the country before they do some big false flag.

Don't fall for it black people -and get your community to stop supporting Obama. The only evil "crakas" are the offshore UN bankers -of all colors/backrounds- orchestrating America's demise Egypt style:


This is designed to get you angry at the cops so the Nazi bankers can get you fighting with the cops. They use divide and conquer strategies to weaken countries before they bring them down.

There are some infultrators high up in the LAPD/law enforcement probably directing the cops to unwitingly look like "racists."

The LAPD needs to recognize this as well and not fall for it.

If riots ever break out, I hope the police remember all the media stations and talk show hosts -especially on KFI and KTALK- that demonized them when these cowardly big mouths demand protection for a situation they created in large part.

I hope this does not happen, but people should know who to point the blame at if it ever does.

Average people are going to need to round up the Nazis acrosss the globe very soon and put them in re-education camps before they put us in re-education camps.

Here's my take for what it's worth. YOU should start your own thread and get some different perspectives out there as well:

BlackPeopleBeing PsyOpped

San Marino, CA

#30 Feb 12, 2013
Sorry if the abive post came out of left field like that. Read the last page of my thread to find out where the hell I'm coming from if you have an open mind.

Start getting informed.
BlackPeopleBeing PsyOpped

San Marino, CA

#31 Feb 12, 2013
-above post-
So Many Bots

Covina, CA

#32 Apr 4, 2013
RogueScholar48 wrote:
The OP is doing exactly what the Illuminati wants:
That's what they do best.
WhatHappenedToAl lPosters

Covina, CA

#33 May 22, 2013
All of a sudden the racist posts have stopped dead. Did our government trollbot computer system go down all of a sudden?

WTF Lol..

What exactly was Benghazi about? I mean, WHY was that consulate attacked to begin with. Someone needs to explain why this happened, not just what happened.

Who cares about the coverup, we need to know why this incident happened to begin with.

This is Fast and Furios and Iran Contra all rolled up in one.

From what I understand it was about covering up the fact that the White House was involved in arming terrorists in the middle east that American troops are supposed to be fighting.

Also, apparently some shoulder fire rockets disappeared and could possibly end up in the U.S.

The people in that embassy may have been whistleblowers who were targeted to be silenced. That's why the administration may have left them die.

Why isn't anyone in the media reporting on the real story? All we get are bits and pieces of sideshow news.

Rush Limbaugh -like him or not- is right about Obama and his administration committing crimes, standing back, and saying rest assued America we are going to get THOSE scoundrals. Obama has learned to shift accountability away from himself (the real culprit) thus making it look like he is also a victim like the rest of America of his own Admin's crimes.

The IRS story as bad as it is, is a distraction away from Benghazi. Look at the way it is framed -Dems spying on Reupbs -so what? Why isn't the headline simply that the IRS is spying on all citizens Soviet Style -who cares about the left spying on the right stuff or vice versa.

The IRS story could have come out anytime -why all of a sudden when Benghazi was gaining traction? The timing says it all.

Benghazi is really, really, bad stuff -impeachable national security breach bad stuff that needs to be burried.




Are these missing weapons going to end up here in the U.S. someday? Hopefully not! The media needs to investigate. This is the real story. Why doesn't anyone have the balls to report on this?



“I've got a GREAT idea!”

Since: Mar 13

Let's BUZZ Lower Manhattan....

#34 May 23, 2013
Naked Chics -Yaaaaaaaaa wrote:
<quoted text>
Tin-foil hats aside, think about it.
Do you really think there are over 1200 individual posters here right now?
Can you name one ofhter Topix forum with this kind of contunued high count?
Top Stories.
Not Usually

Baldwin Park, CA

#35 May 23, 2013
-0h_really- wrote:
<quoted text>
Top Stories.
Ok, good point. However that is dealing with almost everyone on Topix.

I still think this particular chat room -and many like them on the net- are focused on insighting racial hatred and destabalizing the country through inciting racial hate.

This is how the ellites turn people against each other in countries they want to start a conflict in.
NevrUsePenisOnTo uchScreen

Covina, CA

#36 Jul 14, 2013
Look at all the federal funded govt bots in the AA chatroom trying to stir up crap. Black people are not going to take the bait this time.

No more distractions from our criminal federal government's ongoing crimes...
Laugh At The Bot Clowns

Covina, CA

#37 Jul 15, 2013
Black folks aren't stupid. They are not going to riot for the Democratic Party anymore.

Nobody likes being used like that.

All the government paid trolls here can go to hell. This shit isn't going to work.

Just laugh these desperate demonic fools off.
Laugh At The Bot Clowns

West Covina, CA

#38 Jul 29, 2013
What is the federal govts troll/bot department down or something. Thankfully it's slowed down to a snails pace for some reason.

Maybe they've been furloughed finally or are on strike...

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