white Australian men love black women


#139 Aug 31, 2012
Dr-Zaius wrote:
<quoted text>
Many white Europeans are saddled with egalitarian guilt and would do anything to take a picture with a black person to prove they are not racist. They will also sniff at the feet of the most disgusting black person because they want them as an accessory, just like a brotha will date a 400lb white whale.
They are a different breed from proud White Australians, that love their women. Like proud white Africans and proud white Americans love their women and their women alone.
You were hanging out with folks that want to turn the EU over to Muslims. All of us hate them as much as we hate blacks and everyone else that brings our superior civilizations down.
Whatever! Everyone are proud of their own race, not just white! If you want to be proud, you should have this competence to be proud of, a lot smart people from races outhere, mate!

Edmond, OK

#140 Nov 11, 2012
Capree wrote:
http://theybf.com/2010/05/06/r egina-king-to-black-women-date -outside-your-race
not necessarily true

Edmond, OK

#141 Nov 11, 2012
Capree wrote:
http://theybf.com/2010/05/06/r egina-king-to-black-women-date -outside-your-race
not even close to being right I am a black women an I state a line because that's not true I know a lot of black an whites an they are married an happy I am with a white man an I love him more than anything !! Your wrong black girls don't just get with white men an use them for a toy that's cold hearted an it's not just white women that are hurt an that are single mothers black women Mexican women an Asian women too are also sad with kids single mothers its not just black men it's mostly judged by what character a man is

Prague, Czech Republic

#142 Nov 22, 2012
Hahahaha best response ever don't verbally challenge an educated black person you will lose! RECESSIVE GENE MUTHAFUCKA!

Detroit, MI

#147 Jan 6, 2013
I think all races of men got good looking ones n ugly ones. Im a black woman who's attracted to black, white, Asian, etc men n have been hit on a number of times by men of different races. I live me some brown sugar but my last bf was white n I'm still inove wit him. Ppl can have their own views on things. Nothing wrong with that, but racial slurrs and bigotry need to stop in both the white and black circles. There are some fine ass black men and there are some fine ass white men. This is coming from a fine ass black woman ;)

Newport News, VA

#150 Feb 5, 2013
Klaus666 wrote:
<quoted text>
But, but, but, you ARE subhuman.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#151 Feb 10, 2013
Walls of Jericho wrote:
<quoted text>
I always knew that the interbreeding between negroes and whites is basically just hate-breeding in most cases. Or it's Hollywood made couples. There is no true love.
Braindead white people that like to go interracial so much better wake up and come home to their own people. Hollywood is not the real world.

what is wrong with you.

lol see this is typical of ignorant people.
all humans are the same race.

The racial class was only a factor is because scientist thought that their was a perfect human or perfect race.

when i went to visit australia i had tons of guys begging to take me out...

they didn't think twice about me being black.

dating someone of a different color does work because you can personality and traits and features of whites or asians inside of every human.

Since: Dec 12

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#152 Feb 10, 2013
Dr-Zaius wrote:
<quoted text>
'Many' white people have homosexual sex. Unfortunately, many in your world means a really small handful of the overall population.
In reality, there are not that 'many' black men to begin with, and there are not that 'many' white women with a complete lack of respect for themselves with a hatred for their family, so there really are not 'many' mulattoes being born.
umm actually in the americas are the blacks have white in them the perventage is from 18% to 65%

thats from america to brazil..
50% of brazil is african decent.

im eritrean but i live in los angeles .

their is no sucj thing aa 100% black person in the americas haha.. technically their all mullato but they call themselves black because of the one drop rule and affirmitive action.

go to instagram type" baddies "

thats what they look like.

Since: Dec 12

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#153 Feb 10, 2013
Tellin the Truth wrote:
Wich race is known for raping their own children and loveing it?which race is known for letting their children go to school lookin like whores?which race is known for ketching their kids do drugs and not soing anything about it?which race is known for letting their children beat their own parents?which race is known for letting their kids have sex at 13 and under?which race is known for haveing ADDs and all types of dieses more than any other race in the world?which race is known for letting their kids drop out when ever they feel like it?which race is known for being hated by many people because they think their better than any one else?which race is known for acting stupid on movies?
every human does that.
Asians blacks whites mexicans etc...
its a human thing.

Rochester, NY

#154 Feb 21, 2013
black man wrote:
<quoted text>
I could care less a black women gets with a whitey. It will only serve to end the white race quicker.
Could you be any more ignorant

Rochester, NY

#155 Feb 21, 2013
Dr-Zaius wrote:
White Australians hate wogs, curry munchers and Africans as much or more than everyone else does. This is real life experience talking.
You know why Australia rocks?
White people as far as the eye can see.
I cannot wait until I am back.
So please do yourself and everyone else a favor: go back there ASAP and never leave again. Its best for everyone youve ever come in contact with

Rochester, NY

#156 Feb 21, 2013
Walls of Jericho wrote:
<quoted text>
Stupid and useful. Useful for us whites to wake up braindead white people that like interracial dating/marriage so much.
Like I already said, the interbreeding between negroes and whites is hate-breeding in most cases.
I know, life can be a b*tch sometimes.
Why dont you go back to the redneck cave you crawled out of and do your best not to breed with anyone because i can guarantee the world is a much better place without your ignorant racist bastard offspring.
high yellow

United States

#157 Feb 21, 2013
black man wrote:
White men will hump anything.
So will black men.

Rochester, NY

#158 Feb 21, 2013
Dr-Zaius wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be smoking some good dagga, monkey man.
Perhaps you should learn why black Africans have so many cases of Sickle Cell Anemia and get back to us, ok?
Africans had no diseases...LMFAO, drink some water from the Zambesi you cream puff and I doubt you would survive.
The 'few' blacks raping animals? You need to visit a typical African township if you think it is a few.
BTW: They were doing it when we discovered them 600 years ago.
Should i raise the question of what race is consistently found guilty of pedophaelia, serial killings, etc? Despite the countless news stories of yet another white man convicted of raping,sodomizing, and killing young children or perhaps the same amount of white men convicted of killing their girlfriends, their kids, even whole families-i have never once blamed the entire race for issues such as that. There will never be a time when white people rule the world again, therefore what choice do you have but to tolerate those who are unlike you? If you really do choose to live a life of misery and hatred for people that are different and that have never done anything to you, i pity you. Life is short but its definitely long enough that living it hating something for no reason isnt worth it. And dont make the argument that you are happy and blah blah blah. You cant possibly be happy about your life or yourself with evil and hatred like that in your heart(if you have one). Have fun wasting your life racist trash

Rochester, NY

#159 Feb 21, 2013
white wrote:

HAHAHA yeah!! You showed them!! You def scared the SHIT out of them typing in all caps, they wont show their face 'round these parts again

Rochester, NY

#160 Feb 21, 2013
Klaus666 wrote:
<quoted text>
But, but, but, you ARE subhuman.
You would know, you obviously invented the word


#161 Feb 21, 2013
AUssey men, lve them so they can get visas
For usa.
all know bw is lonely n desperate open
For business to world

Adelaide, Australia

#162 Feb 26, 2013
White Aussie here with a Polynesian princess, skin colour means nothing over here

Hawthorn, Australia

#163 Mar 7, 2013
Hahahaha everybody read Dr-Zaius' comments, this guy is a nut. When did you come to Australia and where did you stay? because I can tell you it is so not like that. Why don't you stay in your own country you racist piece of shit!!! We don't need you here! The most ignorant person ever!


#165 Mar 10, 2013
Am a black african woman in Zimbabwe, looking for a good genuine australian man to date. Get in touch on email patientzim@gmail.com.

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