Why are blacks so much stronger, physically better built than whites?

Created by vincent123 on May 5, 2012

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Because thei body is made of better quality materi

Because they pay more attention to keeping fit


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#329 Sep 6, 2012
African races have higher testosterone levels than any other races on the planet due to the qualities absorbed by their pigmentation from the sun!

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#330 Sep 7, 2012
Because only the strongest blacks survived from harsh conditions of the crossing through Atlantic Ocean. Two out of three blacks perished during the crossing.
It was like an accidental artificial selection for the most powerful blacks who were mainly African soldiers who fought against other African kingdoms.

Birkenhead, UK

#333 Oct 22, 2012
half truth wrote:
<quoted text>
100 years> No more like 30 years and it's over.
And MMA has only TWO BLACK CHAMPS get over yourself.....
the klitschkos are 6"7 6"8 ... How tall is the youngest heavy weight champ ever(Mike Tyson) 5"10...+ don't forget your precious vitaly needed sixty (60) stitches after getting mashed up by lewis! Lol

Birkenhead, UK

#334 Oct 22, 2012
Hellywood wrote:
Slave genetics. The slave masters would breed the biggest African women with the biggest African men to make better slaves. And I'm not racist, just giving you the facts.
Funny the way white people bring up this crap as if to say those slaves were something else other than african.... You've just emphased on the fact that blacks are more physically superior if you think about it # 2 healthy africans make superior kids. DUHH you dummy. What's your point? Lol

Birkenhead, UK

#335 Oct 22, 2012
<quoted text>
Its the scientific explanation for the white swimming dominance and the black running dominance
Whites: Strong and long upper body = float and move more fluid
Blacks: Long legs with less muscular volume = fast and aerodynamic
Lol I don't know where you got that theory ...it is scientifically proven that blacks can't swim as quick due to bigger muscle mass.

Birkenhead, UK

#336 Oct 22, 2012
Desmond Sandiford wrote:
<quoted text>Exactly...the white man is a weak lil woman compare to the bm. thank you for admitting it...that's all we wanted to hear.
Signed...your president, aka the smartest mfer in the world
b. obama.
Haha they know who the boss deep down...weak tarts they are.

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#338 Nov 10, 2012
First of all, I am white. I stumbled upon this comment section in my studies on the differences of the human races.

I want to start by saying all the racist, ignorant people in this comment section, black and white, are a disgrace to the human race. I would not want my children to stumble onto this hate-filled debate. Would you? Do you want to perpetuate racism by passing it down to the next generation?

Now, onto some science. Black men have longer legs on average. White men have longer torsos. Take from that what you will.

Now here is another good example of food for thought: Nurture. As socio-economic backgrounds change for the races, our environments change as well, we adapt to what is put in front of us.

Now onto the topic title. The darker your skin is, the more defined your musculature looks on your frame. A good example? White bodybuilders tan. Why? Because it highlights definition. It contrasts, it helps to accentuate.

As to why blacks are stronger, I am not so sure about that, because in my travels that led me here, I was also reading up on the world's strongest men, and they all seem to be white. Does this mean that whites can always be stronger than blacks? No. Does that mean whites enjoy that particular competition more than blacks? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

If I were to speak anecdotally, the strength thing is interesting. I noticed at one point in my life while locked up, that there was a black man who was stronger than the rest of us, white or black. He was always the strongest for the entire time he was there. But an interesting thing happened. He was released.

When this man was released, an interesting thing happened to my body, my physical strength. I basically became him. I filled the role that he left vacant. I postulate that he was in fact the alpha of our facility, and in leaving, he left a void that would be filled, as nature always seems to dictate.

I would guess that my hormone levels, particularly the anabolic and androgenic ones, became elevated to assume the role of alpha. It is anecdotal, but it has a correlating study done in fish. Let me find that...


Here is a link to the video about testosterone and it's role in animals, which is where I learned of this interesting feature.


That would mean that it is likely that part of this entire debate has nothing to do with our race, and has much to do with our circumstances.

An interesting way of looking at this is that the one who is most hungry will do the most to find his meal. Now consider where many African American families reside. In the city. Life in the city is harder than it is in the suburbs, I think we can all agree on that point.

Now, replace hunger with a want for success. If I am living a decent life because my parents have been able to provide for my wants and needs, I may still want to succeed.

Now let us take a look at the average black family living within Detroit's city limits. There is less to go around, that is a fact. Does this lack breed more hunger, more desire, to succeed? To break free of one's current position? I would argue that undoubtedly this is the case.

So to recap, environment plays a crucial role. Bodies look better the darker they are, this is almost self-evident, look at bodybuilders and their obsession with tanning.

But most importantly, stop spreading racism. It does nobody any good except maybe our masters, because united we stand, but divided we fall.

The day we can all truly consider each other as the brothers and sisters we are is the day our world moves on to the next level. Stop holding the human race back with tired concepts that are at best ignorant and at worst pure evil. I am looking at you, white man and white woman. I am looking at you black man and black woman.

For my children and your own, stop the hate. Racism hurts, white or black. End it.

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#339 Nov 10, 2012
sick wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol I don't know where you got that theory ...it is scientifically proven that blacks can't swim as quick due to bigger muscle mass.
Do not spread information, it is the tool of the ignorant.

Blacks are not as good at swimming for the same reason whites are not as good at running for speed.

Whites have longer torsos, blacks have longer legs. This is on average and it is a fact.

Guess what helps the most in swimming? The upper body. Guess what helps most in running? The legs.

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#340 Nov 10, 2012
Now that I have read through all the comments on here, I have decided I will not be coming back here. The hate and ignorance in here, from both whites and blacks, is infuriating.

I am ashamed of the words whites have left on here.

I am saddened by the words blacks have left on here.

If it were up to me, I would leave you all behind.

Actually, I am. Peace.

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#341 Nov 10, 2012
Damn, I forgot to add one last thing.

Wouldn't we be best off if we simply mixed our race together? Let's have the best of all worlds. Instead of this dividing mentality, let us unite.

I am a human being first and foremost. We all are. That is where my allegiance lies.

The problems in my world are evil, tyranny, injustice. They come in all different colors. When you are so fixed on looking for it in a particular place, you may well find those problems sneaking up on you from behind.

Confront racism, don't perpetuate it onto the next generation.

My door is open to all of you, regardless of color. I have love for all my brothers and sisters, the world over.

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#342 Nov 11, 2012
Its the diet and exercise! Hard work and good eating produced perfect well developed bodies! Sun exposure and soil tilling is the perfect lifestyle for young people, by the time they were ready to reproduce, they would have been healthy bid postured humans! Perfection!
Joe Cool

Roswell, NM

#343 Nov 11, 2012
i cant find my sunblock wrote:
4 outta the five all time homerun hitters are black.
You whites are pathetic.
Keep pitching weak one.
It has always amazed me that at a University out of how few of the students are black or of African Ancestry and how they make up such a huge percentage of the great football players. However it equally amazed me of how ninety percent of them were in the easiest of the easiest classes on campus, the classes that were really only high school level.
the guy

United States

#344 Dec 21, 2012
Coolmandingo82 wrote:
<quoted text>
So what your trying to say is whites dominant in sports which you don't need to be that athletic in.
Sports were you don't need to run move, or anything like that.
so what you are saying is that you feel it takes more cardio to run than to fight another man in a ring such as ufc?
you as well as 60% of the other blacks on this are absolutely racist.
ill tell you what though.
you dont see any black pioneering engeneers,scientists or philosophers. gee i wonder why.
tell you what.next time you feel like the black men are better take a look around. your lack of intellect is pathetic.

Belmont, MI

#345 Jan 23, 2013
i cant find my sunblock wrote:
Like I said blacks go where the money is at and whites are scientifically weaker than blacks period.
No amount of BS you krakkas come up with will change that.
I will continue to watch football where blacks rule at.
Wrong, what about quarter backs? They make the most money out of the football team, and baseball, you really are an ignorant person. Open your eyes and actually learn about genetics. White people were also so much more dominant in history because they had to work much harder than the rest of the world, that's why whites today are more successful in business and sports. So you are wrong.

Plymouth, MI

#346 Jan 26, 2013
Anon..i think u meant working harder at others expense.
Misunderstanding s


#347 Jan 26, 2013
Just to say.

All the sports and media are jew run.

They choose to mainly give the jobs to non whites.

The jews hate white people way more then black people hate white people.

Thats why engalnd has a 50% non white team, and it was a pile of shit.

The Germans had an alomost all white Team and they destroyed England etc.

I dont wacth sports really any more.

And well have you turned on the radio and listened to music recently?

I wouldnt say we are progressing in a direction.

More of a downward trend around the toilet bend.


#348 Feb 15, 2013
TheWhiteHand wrote:
<quoted text>
No, lol, BLACK people dont care about the Strongest Man, lol. Because they arent and cant be good at it, lol. And I cant think of or find a black dude that has won, lol.
I'll direct your attention to the "Athletes" page of The Worlds Strongest Man website, lol.
I find basketball boring as shit. And you fools wouldnt even HAVE basketball if it werent for the WHITE dude who invented it, lol.
Show the link of you "scientific" proof that whites are weaker. Because every scientific study that I have seen says that whites have more body strength and muscle density, and blacks have more fast twitch muscles and more bone density, lol.
The only reason that you fools do well in American sports is because of selective breeding during slavery, lol. We BRED you to be bigger and stronger than other blacks, it made you better farm equipment, lol. We even bred some white into you back in the day, lol. How many African immigrants have you seen in football and baseball? lol.
BTW. You may want to look up the list of bankrupt athletes, lol. That list is as black as the unemployment line, lol.

Port-au-prince, Haiti

#349 Feb 16, 2013
Black men are more sexual and more manly.i love them

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#350 Feb 17, 2013
Chocolate Beauty wrote:
<quoted text>For real though, you people need to get a life. It is really sad that every time you turn around you come to the AA FORUM to make "BULLS--T ASS" threads about black people in general. Comparing us to this and that. Go suck a d--k. Maybe that will make you feel good about yourself.
Now you're talking sis that is just how you tell these cave monkey's
now they are trying to say that blacks also have neanderthal dna what a joke! these genetic mutants are beyond pathetic.

BW stop sleeping with these parasites and come home.

Hays, KS

#351 Feb 23, 2013
Yes, be proud of your running ability. Running from the police. 87% of violent crimes are commited by black males. 257 million white people to 31 million black people in this country and you cause this much of a problem. The only reason yall are having a better life than your brothers and sisters in africa is because white people brought you along. Ungreatful people. You'll never stop complaining and will only take, not work for anything. Continue to blame the white man for keeping you down when you don't work for it. And obviously, even black men agree the black women are nasty as all get out.

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