Why do Black folks name their kids su...

Why do Black folks name their kids such weird and unusual names?

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#190 Jan 5, 2008

New York, NY

#191 Jan 8, 2008
I would like to know why White folks kill each other for petty issues?

Mcadoo, PA

#192 Jan 30, 2008
Why the first post was omitted, but the second was allowed to stand? Just another double standard where a White person cannot express their views, but a black person can. PC crap is what it is. "OH NO!!! A White person said something BAD about a black person!! DELETE IT!!!"

Latoia, the question you should ask yourself is this: why do blacks make up the majority of the prison population, but they are a minority in this country?

No answer for that one, though, right. Oh, wait... you might say it's WHITEY'S FAULT!!

NM, my bad.
Educated Man

Melbourne, FL

#193 Jan 31, 2008
since you'd like to know, i'll tell you.
Picture this: You start out with some money & I tell you where you want to go & build a house you can have the land & do what you want to. Now, you have you money & your land but you need someone to work because you don't want to; it's too dirty. So I then sell you a person for a few hundred dollars that will work for 8x what you paid for him in one year. So yo start to make huge profits. But then I tell you that you can't use that person anymore. You have to let him go his own way. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. You just let him go. He made you more money than you could have made by yourself.
(other side of the coin)
You were dropped of in this foreign place where you don't speak the language & the people of this strange place wont educate you. All you know is that when you don't do what they wont, they whip you & beat you to within an inch of your life & sometimes worse. So you work like your life depends on it (because it does). Then one day, you are told you can leave; go away. All you have are the close on your back and you may or may not even know how to spell your name.
Because of this lack of stability at the start, there is a likely chance that the end product will never amount to its full potential.
There are many wealthy black people today, as well as whites. But there are black families where because the great grandmother couldn't educate the grandmother, the grandmother couldn't tell the mother how to make the best choices who couldn't tell her sons & daughters how to make the best of themselves. Those sons and those daughters only know of one way to survive. Take what you need & kill him before he kills me.
The rate of African Americans in jail is on the decline. I do not approve of stealing or killing. I had the privilege of being able to finish high school because my family was able to support me without me having to get a job for enough income to keep the lights on. I am now the first in my family to attend a 4 year University. I am majoring in Molecular Biology. I wouldn't have made it this far it I hadn't had the stability of a caring home in the beginning.

Aurora, IL

#194 Feb 7, 2008
Yea dawg, i agreee wit dat whiteboy, why they name us all different and stuff...holla at me at the local KFC or Roscoe's near u! Oh, bring some kool aid too!

Virginia Beach, VA

#195 Feb 21, 2008
Hey educated man, blah, blah, blah, blah, was all that I read. Oh and how does that answer the question?

Hendersonville, TN

#197 Mar 25, 2008
I wanted to know the answer to the question, "Why do black parents name their kids such weird things?" I met a girl the other day and her name, poor child, was Chandelier. Why would someone name their child after a light fixture? I don't get it, and am hoping someone at this forum has an answer. Thanks.
Un-educated man

Stockton, CA

#198 Mar 28, 2008
Educated man, that happened many many generations ago. You can't use that as an excuse anymore. and it is an excuse. Blacks are the only people who, rather than try and over come, complain. Mexicans, Asians, they all came over with the same language barrier, same lack of financial support. Why aren't they in prison as much as blacks?

Mission Viejo, CA

#199 Mar 30, 2008

Lemme AXE ewe DIS....

Even DOE I be goe-IN to da skule wear dey tells me all da places where eyes can gits me inFO mashun an books, WHY I know bee aybull to git me a gud jobb?

I tells ewe!....It stil be RACE-IZM!

ewe noe wy?

Cuz, my brUtha...instedd uv lissening too mye teechur, or reedin DA bookes, or doin mye homewoik, I bee lissinin to SNOOP an' da udder wrap see-dees dat tell mee da WHITE man is DA one whoo too blaim.

Sew...lissin too mee muthafkucaaz...it knot bee mye faltte, it BEE DA white devil..still it bee his faallt.




Minneapolis, MN

#200 May 25, 2008
LOOLLL @ Moronhunter.
That was amazing.
Race IS Overrated

Post Falls, ID

#201 May 31, 2008
What has this to do with anything that was asked? Everyone knows how crappy black people were treated in the past. Shouldn't we be the bigger ones and bury the hatchet and move on with our lives here in the now?? Enough of the guilt trips already. That card has been pulled for decades now and it's getting quite old. I'm glad that you are working for a great future but don't mully it up by dredging up the past. It's not that I don't care about how people were treated, I just think it shouldn't be a tool to make OTHER people feel crappy about themselves or their ancestors. It doesn't help anyone and only furthers hatred and misunderstanding.You could probably guess by now that I'm not black. Big whoop. Mine and your skin is the body's largest organ. Let's fight about it like we should fight about whose got a better liver or lung. That would be more interesting...

As for the original question, I have no idea as to an answer for you. Sorry I could not enlighten those seeking such a thought-provoking and important question that is imperative to humanity's survival.:( I'll just go crawl into a corner in the dark and punish myself for ever thinking about other things, like genocide in Dufar, global warming, women/children slavery, or child soldiers... AH!! The gods! I must be soo stupid!
I am an American too

Livingston, TX

#203 Jul 24, 2008
I have some friends from Europe. They have a great naming system over there. There is a list of names to choose from. This way, everyone understands you and everyone can spell your name. Names that aren't on the list aren't accepted.
While we are at it, let's also follow this logic and give every child only a few options for career, every automobile maker a set of cars to build, and every person a uniform. This way uniqueness is squashed before it even occurs.
If it weren't for people like me, who think that living off of a list is boring, there wouldn't even be an America. So all of you racist jerks (that's blacks, whites and anything inbetween) can just shut it. Or, keep talking.
By the way, posts like this wouldn't exist if America hadn't started free speech.

Orlando, FL

#204 Jul 26, 2008
why they call there kids like lakuisha, lanisha, latoya, tamika etc etc.
dude are we in USA or not?
leemee axe you dees.
why you wanna call all brodas ly dat?

Homewood, IL

#205 Aug 2, 2008
Well first you all are a bunch of idiots. Why the hell would you turn a post about names into a post about race. THIS IS WHY OUR COUNTRY IS MESSED UP. Everything has to do with race. Hey why are you poor.. Becuase im black.. THATS NOT A ANSWER.. It is an excuse. The question is a simple. I dont know. or BLAH BLAH BLAH because that is what the damn parents named it.. i mean get over it blacks are just lazy. There is no other way to put they think that just because whites inslaved them they can just get away with anything.. well screw off because that is just nonsence and it makes no difference. IMO there shouldent even be a black history month. I could see that if more than 3 black people did something for this country that was INSPIRATIONAL. then ya lets get them the month.. but you guys had waht MLK and MAYBE Malcom X if you wanna count him.. Any way i digress

Blacks need to learn to not be lazy. i mean really get off your ass and do something with your life.. IM SORRY white people no matter how much you try. WERE NOT GOING TO HELP You.
j walker

United States

#206 Aug 19, 2008
It's a question of solidarity where blacks have this need to be unique away from the white man due to their past. It's understandable but played out. As much as everybody says lets forget race and be one, it'll never happen due to groups of races/culture being so different from the other. In other words the more we try to be super "unique" the more divided everyone gets.
I like Sonic Beverages

Windham, ME

#207 Sep 4, 2008
Could you please explain what you mean??

Albany, NY

#208 Sep 16, 2008
Look guys I have traveled the world and it comes down to free choice and culture. In SW Asia you can make a desision muhumid or be hung. In africa its everybody get what ever you can and dont work together in Latin america its band it to little groups. Those who follow the majority in any culture will be ok. If you make the choice to act against the majority then you pay for it. In some cultures the slightest deviation results in death (mid east) in america its jail. American blacks make a point of being counter to the majority (the majority is not white in America they are 50% at most) so they end up in prison diproportinent to there % of population. Look at the % of jews in Poland marked out in the 38-44 era. Point of this message if you want to go against the flow be ready to pay for it.

PS: Sry my english spelling is not great

Auburn, AL

#209 Sep 16, 2008
Becuz wee iz olde skool an un Educatad

Wethersfield, CT

#210 Oct 1, 2008
these people so obviously have a public school education. 3 blacks did something for america? hahaaa you need to get your head out of the gutter and educate yourselves.

Fayetteville, GA

#211 Oct 2, 2008
you wouldnt be here in the first place is whitey hadnt brought you over here in the first place. why dont black people go on cruises? they arent fallin for that trick again!

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