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Swindon, UK

#25 Jul 30, 2012
Somalians have big black gums, massive black lips, big teeth and think they are beautiful

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#27 Jul 30, 2012
http://images.fanpop.com/image s/image_uploads/Please-Don-t-F eed-the-Troll-atsof-573296_300 _336.jpg
I get the point:)

Spring, TX

#28 Feb 5, 2013
Somali Duchess wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha. Sounds like someone is jealous of East Africans? lol.
Not all people view Us that way, so you can just bugger off girl. It's kind of of funny when a lot people insult us, when we are constantly hit on by men of all races...but yet, we are loyal to our own men :)
Maybe not all but Majority of them. I wonder what makes you feel the way you do. I started coming to Somali sites for charity then found out that they do not stoop to their level. I admire your courage in trying to portray an image of self dignity but I must tell you this, it turns into stupidity and ignorance when you try to put down another race to step up your own image. Claiming you are not Africans makes me think you have completely lost your mind. If you are not black then katy perry is definitely not white. The condition of your nation is very obvious but the worst thing you can do is to bite the fingers that fed you.(Not saying African Americans fed you) but you never know who's got your back. So, I advice you suppress your baseless ego and face your real problems. You think African American men are obsessed with you?*huge joke*! men are usually curious of things and women they are not used to but after coming close, they realize there is no place like home and go back to their own. Men of other races don't marry you, not because they can't get whoever of you they desire but because they don't find you as attractive as you claim to be.(some think you look alien). Okay, now I'm not trying to make you feel bad but to open your eyes to reality to notice:
1. you are not the only race of women African American men or other men for that matter look into.
2. you are not even close to the top lists
3. you are of African decent "whether you like it or not"
4. these men you think are into you just want to experience the difference and will end up marrying their own.
5. Stop broadcasting your ignorance by spilling hate for people who feel pity for you
6. Don't be too distracted, a "wife" beauty is different from "magazine" beauty @iman*
7. Focus more on what you can do for your country than these myriads of imaginary men trying to steal you with a magical box and transport you to his home.
A NOTE TO AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN: The dignity of a people is the bond they share together. Do not give other people the chance to define your women for you. Whatever image you create of them is what others see of you and of them too. No matter whom you end up marrying, always speak GOOD of your mother, always speak GOOD of your women so others do not look down on her. You are supposed to be her place of solace, her anchor. It is your duty to protect her and make her feel safe and at home. Because when the arrow rebounds, it heads back to the archer. When putting them down, you put yourself down too and earn disrespect for your race. Remember this...!
brainwashed by arabs

Westwood, MA

#30 Apr 13, 2013
You sound so ignorant and idiotic making statement like that against African Americans.
Well the Arabs are not Somali and they hate Somalia people and use them for what they can use them for their own interests. The Arab did to you what the European did to the other parts of Africa. The exploited you as they saw fit, from the raping young Nubian women as young as nine, using them as house servants and field servants, forced their language on you, marry young preteen and teenage girls to add to the young wives they already married to them by force to men two and three times older than they are. Marry them off to first and second cousins. Here we call the kissing cousins or incest. They mutilate young girls sex organs in the name of religion. Most African Americans wouldn't want to be with some who is from a kissing cousin community anyway if they knew what was really going on in the Somali community.

So before you start disparaging the African Americans, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why do you think your any better than African american.
brainwashed by arabs

Westwood, MA

#31 Apr 13, 2013
And if you feel that way about the African American community, then are so many of you in the African American community since you hate us so much. You should have left that type of thinking where you came from. You must be a third or four wife and mad about it

Woodbridge, VA

#32 Apr 13, 2013
mytots wrote:
<quoted text> Maybe not all but Majority of them. I wonder what makes you feel the way you do. I started coming to So.!

The picture of a White Queen ..........your Ex Queen who you claim is so much better than Black women! lMAo

Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LMao


She sure is precious! lmao

Is that why they say you put DOGS on your desk and laugh about not putting your Ex Wife pictures?

Oh well..........she one of he Dogs?

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

#33 Apr 13, 2013
To the one using the "Nubian Queen" alias: Nubians are East Africans as well. Stupid!

Louisville, KY

#34 Jun 17, 2013
hey I am somali n realy somali and ethopian are dark skin too and some offem have kingy hair so if u talking about african american in american dam these guys are very sexy ,,, not even close to short ethopian ,,,,, and somali guys are ok but I wouldnt date ethopian cuz they tooo short for me...

Brooklyn, NY

#35 Jan 11, 2014
Shut the fck up you ret8arded bxtch! I was going to explain to you why this happened but you had to make negative comments about common features that are found in most Africans, sit your thirsty arse down!
Your people are poor and diseased worry about that and less about your features because your high bridges noses hasn't stopped your people from starving.
the west African are also starving and u AA American ain't rich either do u remember huricane Catherina ? And also remember u are former slaves.
Blacks Are Worthless

Miami, FL

#37 Jan 11, 2014
I think African American males are terrified of mating with black African females for fear of contracting the AIDS virus or the Ebola virus as if that wasn't enough, they all detest the looks of the black African female with their big black bald heads only good for carrying, crates, boxes & barrels of water, their skin is black as tar & their eyes are yellow like they got some kind of weird disease, their teeth are all brown & rotten, they reek of urine too, black African females are by far the least desired women in the African American males eyes, too many pretty White, Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Asian, Indian or even light skinned African American females to choose from.

Farmington, MN

#38 Feb 9, 2014
I am a somali girl and I don't agree with what you are saying. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. who cares about features? We are all going to die in the end. So in this world, if I found a man who loved me for who I am. I would adore them. Because life is short don't Hate on people because of looks. And don't generalize all somali people into because, hell if I liked an " African American" man I would definitely go for it

Edgware, UK

#39 Mar 27, 2014
bayo wrote:
this is the funniest thread i have ever seen, somalians or marlis (what we call them in the uk) are the most ugliest creatures i have ever seen in my life, they have long skinny necks, alien shaped heads, big forhead, bunny rabbit teeth and tar-stained finger nails..yuck, for a human being to look like a goblin from harry potter films, is absoulutely incredible, and they like spitting every, dirty somalians
In uk somalians are voted least attractive and undesirable, thats why somalians can only marry thier cousins because they are ugly and no one else will want them.
You little jealous bitch please, I bet your those West Africans that eat what do u call it fufu? And Yam.I mean if u are west african I sugget you to shut the fuck up.Somalis dont have long neck
2) They have smaller and nicer features than u guys.
3) Somalis have nice curly hair and soft hair something u'll necer ever get go and stick the weave or extensions on ur head.I might as well rip it off your head and dont forget to tap it not sctrach it if it itches :°) Bye.
EastAfricanAndPr oud

Ottawa, Canada

#40 Jul 27, 2016
Naimalove wrote:
Lol I cannot even tell you how many my MOM!, me, my cousins and my sisters have asked out my Black American guys...Why don't you run after your own women? They're always on tv, saying "oh ma lawd, my man left me, i ain't got no job, no money, no food...where all the good men at?"

There THOUSANDs of websites of Ethiopian/Somaliam women pictures posted on African American forums and Blogs for them to look at! I saw it online!!

Why don't you guys get that we don't like you Black Americans, we love our men, we are loyal to them.

If I had children with a African American guy, my kids would have rough hair, black skin, bip lips, huge flat nose...etc gross!
Ok first of all it sounds as if your speaking for the entire Somali women out here and I can tell you that you are wrong. I can also tell that you are prejudiced and harbour self hatred towards being black.Truthfully from what I've gathered from what you said I can draw a fair conclusion that you are one of the Somalis whom consider themselves Arab or not black or even African. If that's the case then girl you need to get your head checked.
Horn Africa

Moscow, Russia

#41 Oct 17, 2016
EastAfricanAndProud wrote:
<quoted text> Ok first of all it sounds as if your speaking for the entire Somali women out here and I can tell you that you are wrong. I can also tell that you are prejudiced and harbour self hatred towards being black.Truthfully from what I've gathered from what you said I can draw a fair conclusion that you are one of the Somalis whom consider themselves Arab or not black or even African. If that's the case then girl you need to get your head checked.
You're stupid you ain't Somali or Horn African, that's for sure.

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