Compare #1 and #2 -- repeat almost verbatim


Capree | Sunday Jan 27

I have known this for long time. Manipulative black men logging on to this black site and other sites pretending to be white racists hating on black women in order to keep black women and white men at odds with each other now that more white men and black women are getting together. Black men do this also to keep black women self-esteem low and for black women to feel that black men are their options and that black women should be gratful for any crumbs black men throw at them while black men pursue and uplift other race of women. It's all a part of black men's self-serving trickery.


Vega | Nov 22, 2009 Jack wrote: They are cryin ass sissy brothas who hates seein a sista with a white dude.

I agree! These punkazz black men who impersonate white men in order to stir up trouble between bw and wm in hopes detour bw from their ever increasing interest in interracial dating, don't even have the balls to be themselves and tell black women about their concerns. No because with the way many black men ran to jump the fence to white women, these black men know they would look like hypocrites if they had the nerve to speak on black women now deciding date other men.
Vega | Nov 23, 2009 BlackWomenLover wrote: Yes Vega, The majority of trolls against IR are BM and WM impersonators..Its sad really. They know BW and WM in IR are correct in many issues concerning BMs. And if you are a BM in favor of IR you are a 'Tom'...pathetic. Ignorant BMs egos are what causes this tripe. They cannot except that they're EXPOSED as trash.

I agree, the ego problems of some black men is at the bottom of them protesting IR for black women and nonblack men so much, even going to the extent of impersonating other races men who are suspose be obsessed with hating only black women. The whole think is rather silly and transparent and it makes me question the IQ of the few black women who fall for this propaganda of black men. Report thi
Vega | Nov 23, 2009

This is my point no race of men is going to support their own race of women dating, sleeping with or marrying other races of men, let alone men who are racist. Yet these so-called white racist (really bm)come on here only hating and condemning black women while being respectful to black men and siding with black men decision to get with and have mixed kids with their (wm) lily white women?????? Come on now, who do these black men think they are fooling, lol!