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Decatur, GA

#6027 Sep 20, 2013
A real indian wrote:
First of all, get to know us before opening your mouth. Go to africa, ppl smell there too. go to other parts of asia, they smell too. wow, this is more of a racist blog then anything. im indian, i've dated women that are black, white and asian. how about you people learn about my culture instead of making stupid comments. for the AA women thinkin about datin an indian guy, just try to see if he is born in the US, if he is, then their MAY be a good chance of getting with him. take ur time, most if not 95+% of those indians born in the US DO NOT have arranged marriages, when you all decide to learn about my people then you will get a clue.
he doesn't have to be US BORN, he can just be US raised and he will still be okay, or even raised in Canada or the UK, and nowadays even if hes raised in some parts of India, he would still be liberal too.

Bridgend, UK

#6028 Oct 4, 2013
out of all asian americans indian men marry black women the most at 0.3 percent followed by filipinos at 0.2.

its not much but its the most out of any asian american group.
SA xhosa

South Africa

#6029 Nov 9, 2013
Hy guys I am from south africa , here we hv a city called durben and it has the largest population of indians outside of indian (u cn google tht) , they have been here for years even before the time of ghandi and they aren't realy racist against blacks sociely but marrige and dating amongst the two is rare but I think the younger generation wil aid tht

Rosemead, CA

#6030 Jan 4, 2014
I feel that True Love Has no Colors. Yes it is fact that the evil and hateful world we live in today breads not only hatred and prejudice foolishness in the Indian Community but in every race. Just stop and think about it for a moment.
I once dated and Indian. BT, I am a Black American. We dated for almost 2 years His brother hated me. But what is so funny about that is he was also dating a black female. He hate was his jealousy of the strong and loving relationship he I had with his brother AL. Ali treated me like a Queen. He was one of the nicest boyfriends I ever had. We had an arranged and this caused a breakup because of the pressure. Ali had an arranged marriage and went through with it.
Surprisingly to me after about 2 years he hired a Private detective to find me. When I met him he apologized for breaking up with me and told me he was married with a child. He said he was forced to do so by his parents, but he was very unhappy. He begged me to be with him. Of course I refused. he said I was the Best woman he ever had. He told me he thought of me all the time even when with his wife.
I do no believe in committing adultery so I told him to do his best t make his marriage work.

I now am in Love with another Indian, I am Christian and he is Hindu. I know it is contrary to what I usually believe in but Love has found me. Also a lot of Christians have let me down. Made me to wonder who God Really is because of all the evil things they have done to me. Same for the Black Man. I have had only many bad experiences with them. By the way he sought after me, I was not looking for him. He seems to be my soul mate. I cannot stop thinking about him. He makes me feel things I have never felt with any Afro-American nor any other Race. To be honest I do not think it is race. I feel it is Love.

Love Has No Colors and Does not Care who you are and where you are from.

I feel more comfortable with him then the Black Man of my own Race. Again I was not looking for him. I saw him in dreams and then one day there he appeared

Rosemead, CA

#6031 Jan 4, 2014
Ask yourselves this Question? Does God Judge us based on our Color?
Do you really think heaven or hell will be divided into sessions based on your race?
Just because the same sex marries or dates even if it was arranged by
their parents, does this guarantee it will be a success?

Again LOVE has no colors or no Prejudice .

I am so happy with my handsome Indian Man and Husband to Be.

His Kiss is Breath Taking and His Hugs Feels Like Forever. He communicates with me about every subject matter like my best friend in the entire world.

There is Someone for everyone. LOVE IS THE KEY

Be Blessed

Kolkata, India

#6032 Jan 21, 2014
call me only woman

United States

#6033 Feb 5, 2014
i don't know this ignorance from other races wil finish.blacks are just normal people like what u are and some far mach better than you.blacks are always welcoming and loving people,reguidless of the treatment from othr racies.stop injustic and treat them right.

United States

#6034 Feb 5, 2014
yes my sisters and brothers of mother africa.a great land of love and where every one is accepted no mata wat their colour othr races don't take our kindnes and love for your selfishness No.We as son and daughers of africa,we ar nt less humans and we are not poor as you think we stop stop stop miss treating us and take advantage of us.we ar best race in thz world bcoz we never tok or do racism to othrs.vivi africa and God Bless Africa.

Howell, MI

#6035 Feb 5, 2014
they ran out of women in india because they kept Aborting their babies..

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Saint Louis, MO

#6036 Feb 5, 2014
John wrote:
Indian men usually have arranged marriages. Don't bother.
Yeah. This is the hardest thing in the world for kafir to understand: if she is not a Muslimah, an Indioan, Arab of African man will NEVER marry you. Her might take advantage of an easy piece of meat. But he will NEVER marry you. Do not count the Nation of Islam among Muslim. They have different marriage rules.

Level 8

Since: Aug 09

Saint Louis, MO

#6037 Feb 5, 2014
If you want to marry a Muslim man, the first thing you must do is become a Muslimah. When you go to marry a Muslim man, the first thing the cleric will always ask you is "Are you a Muslim?"

Bronx, NY

#6040 May 20, 2014
Satan wrote:
<quoted text>
"Why you mad though?"
Still cursing cuz ghettogaggers fired you?
Masud_S_Hoghughi __

Mesquite, NV

#6041 May 20, 2014
.......personally - I couldn't b paid to date and marry female niccuz..........
Wait Theres More

Athens, GA

#6042 May 20, 2014
Impostor Of Masud_S_Hoghughi__ wrote:
.......personally - I couldn't b paid to date and marry female niccuz because I go both ways..........
Because you can't get no Black Puxxy anyway, you S.I.M.P. azzed MF!

Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun -(feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt & Warren G)
Erin dark chocolate

Missouri City, TX

#6043 Jun 9, 2014
Awesome im nt the only black women who r interested in indian men I find them very attracted .. very interesting postes here .. just zooming in reading the forum
Erin dark chocolate

Missouri City, TX

#6046 Jun 10, 2014
blackjapanese wrote:
Have you ever seen a black mixed with Indian person? They usually are beautiful. I only knew three women that were mixed with Indian and they looked like Nia long, but with really long curly hair.
Yea I've seen they are beautiful mixture
Erin dark chocolate

Missouri City, TX

#6047 Jun 10, 2014
I would love to marry an Indian guy .. it's nothing wrong being with one ... Mix it up ^_^
Gabonese girl in India

Pune, India

#6049 Jan 30, 2015
I am an African student in India and I like Indian men. They are really attractive. I am friends with a few people here (both guys and girls) and they come off as really sweet and down-to-earth people, contrary to what some people back in Gabon told me. My experiences with Indian guys have been really good so far. I think they're really kind souls, not to mention they have those big adorable puppy eyes that make me melt. I do get a few stares from those big puppy eyes here and there, but I don't really mind that. As far as the marriage is concerned, I think their parents will have issues with it. I asked my friends somewhat of a similar question a couple of months ago and they confirmed it. They said they would love to marry a beautiful black woman, but their parents would kill them for doing that. It's like no matter how old they get, their parents still get to have the final say when it comes to marriage. So, I think it would be very difficult for a black woman to marry an Indian man especially if he is really close to his family and culture.

London, UK

#6050 Jan 30, 2015
I heard a case in England where an Indian man killed his daughters white husband because he was white
Josh Ncm

Dubai, UAE

#6051 Feb 1, 2015

This is my own pic with my wife when we got married which is proof that black and Indian relationships do work out :)

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