The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals)
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#188 Jun 14, 2013
Naada yoga is the yoga of sound.According to Yoga, the nadis(energy channels) and chakras have healing powers that unlock the spirit.

"Sound vibrations are gross and subtle.
The quality of Akasha[space or ether]is sound Akasha is infinite.So you can fill the ear with the infinite sound.”--Upanishads

Chakras have a certain number of petals depending on the number of sounds that it is capable of producing. During a practice of japa, when a specific sound is produced, the sound vibrates the petals which in turn vibrates the chakra.

Today is Friday which is goverened by venus(heart chakra)It corresponds to the Cardiac Plexus in the physical body. From here 15 Yoga Nadis emanate.
The sound that is produced by each Nadi is represented by the following Sanskrit syllables kam,
kham, gam, gham, ngam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam, and tham. Anahata sound, the
sound of Shabda Brahman, is heard at this centre.
The seed mantra is "Yam". Pronounce it by inhaling audibly though your mouth, and pronounce
the word hum (as in humming); allow the breath to extend beyond the resolution of the
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#189 Jun 14, 2013
In the beginning was the word.

"OM" is the "word which all the Vedas rehearse."-Upanishad

we are spiritualy born from the "OM" mantra vibrations produce from the horns/voice that resonate the waters of the spine resting in the horns of the sacrum at the baseof the spine in which the chakra patterns are produced.leading to enlightenment of the awakened 3rd eye.

Today the moon is in Virgo(Mary)
Mi-riam in sanskrit turned to Mary=mother of the waters of the spine.The waters of the spine are almost identical to sea water.

The horn/phallus of Shiva inside the yoni/vagina of shakti is the symbol the Hindu 6 point star 'Shaktona'
physically we're born of the horn/phallus of our father and horn/womb of our mothers.

"This is OM, this sound is OM.”
“Nada is sound.
OM is Nada Brahman.
Veda is Nada Brahman.
Sound is vibration.
Name is inseparable from form.
The form may vanish,
but the name or sound remains.
OM is the first vibration of sound.
The world has come out of Nada or OM.
In Pralaya all sounds merge in OM."--Upanishads
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#190 Jun 14, 2013
Controlled Breathing (pranyama)Different methods of controlled breathing are specific to each chakra. We are all aware how important the breath is to the life force.

Revamping the bioelectricity ideally, should be done slowly and gradually. One’s physical and spiritual self is accustomed to operating on a certain voltage of bioelectricity.

Hatha yoga=Ha(sun) Tha(moon) yoga.Unitiing yin/yang energy.sun is the active part in you and the moon is the inactive part in you.The negative is cool, silent, still. The positive is hot, vibrant with energy, active. The sun is the active part in you and the moon is the inactive part in you.Every forty to sixty minutes, your breath changes from one nostril to the other. If you need more heat in the body, or if you suddenly grow angry, your sun breath starts functioning.

"Mitra the spirit of day is the inhaled breath (prana).And "VARUNA" the spirit of the night is the exhaled breath." --the Shankaracarya

Nadi Sodhana-alternate nostril breathing
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#191 Jun 14, 2013
For those readers that do not know “Astrology” or traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) each organ of the organ system described in TCM have a “high function” hour within the daily cycle. The heart is strongest at noon, the large intestine at Dawn and the Stomach (8AM) and Spleen (10AM) at a division of the time between.[and the same at other times for the other 9 organ systems]. These times are equal divisions of day and night which changes as the day lengthens and shortens during the seasons, not of our “modern equal” clock time.

This “stable” cycle of our basic organs, where each organ in all animal species peaks at the same time for each individual, is mapped onto the moment of birth of each individual for the “charts” of the mammal brain.

The mind, emotions and the physical body are linked through the various chakras and Nadis(channels). Ancient yoga techniques works on the chakras and the chakras are linked to the horoscope, by looking at one’s horoscope and finding the major afflictions, one can use specific yoga body positions(asanas) that will be most helpful in bringing about release of negativity and self-realization
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#192 Jun 14, 2013
The sun is in Gemini,the signed ruled by Mercury.Mercury rules over the lungs,nervous system.Mercury also governs Mind.Breath affects the mind. Mind rides on the horse of wind (prana),just as the winds (prana) are affected by the mind.

"body locks" in Hatha Yoga are called Bandhas which are energy gates/valves or connection points that connect and harmonizes one's vital energy(prana)with the inner constellations (microcosm)the outer constellations(macrocosm).

The three Bandhas to master are:

Mula Bandha(contraction of the perineum)
Uddiyana bandha(the upward flying bridge),contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage
Jalandhara Bandha(named after the Hathi Yogi sage Jalandhari).tucking the chin close to the chest
Maha Bandha combining all three of the above bandhas.

moreon bandhas
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#193 Jun 14, 2013
When we enter the age Aquarius,the earth will be in Leo.This is the secret behind heliocentric astrology.The Earth in the chart is exactly opposite the Sun. If the sun is in Taurus, then the earth is in Scorpio. The sun doesn’t move through the signs,the earth does. Since we’re viewing the planets from the earth, and the earth is orbiting the Sun, it appears to us that the Sun is moving.

"When the Aquarian Age is thoroughly established, the sun will be in Leo, as will be noted from the explanation previously given in this chapter regarding the distinction between geocentric and heliocentric astrology. Then, indeed, will the secret religions of the world include once more the raising to initiation by the Grip of the Lion’s Paw.(Lazarus will come forth.)" - Manly P. Hall(33 degree Mason), The Secret Teachings of All Ages
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#194 Jun 15, 2013
You can do anything once you master self
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#195 Jun 15, 2013
The "as above ,so below" principle is also used in martial art fighting styles created by ancient occult fighting schools

"Observe the twelve celestial forms, and master their different roles, and your wushu will be ten times stronger!"

There are kung fu stances dedicated to each of the 12 chinese zodiac. The use of the Chinese Zodiac correspond to the elements which have many uses in different arts. for example
Dragon: Earth Yang Ming, Stomach
Snake: Earth Tai Yin, Spleen

Ram: Fire Tai Yang, Small Intestine

The Ram represents Chi. Harmony and the principles of balance. A martial artist in this form flows towards yin chi, and back away from yang chi. His combat movements are like the flow of water, sometimes moving back like the retreating tide, sometimes crashing in like a wave.
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#196 Jun 15, 2013
Monks use moving meditation (exercise)and meditation by repeating mantras. They mastered secret the absorbing techniques that can absorb punches(energy)and can control their chi energy and direct it through their entire body.
In cantonese its called "jair lake dar lake"(to borrow strength to ATTACK strength).
It is energy that allows a martial artist to hit opponants and cause them to "fly away" or what they call Ward off power.To achieve the power of ward off a practicioner must have the ability to sink chi energy to the lower tantien/belly(energy from the upper body to the lower body).Its primarily short circular movements that appear invisible,most of the energy is directed backwards.They call this the "soft" hand method.
You absorb and redirect your opponants energy at the exact point of contact.Causing your opponant to seemingly be left suspended in space for a microsecond(allowing you the oppertunity to counter-attack).
Center for Taiji Studies Articles
Feng Zhiqiang on Integrating Mind and Body

In human beings, the energy circulates in the meridians, the network of the whole body. Various health problems will appear if the meridians are blocked. So it is said bu(4) tong(1) ze(2) tong(4)[you will feel pain if the meridians are blocked].

The spiral movement of Taiji is based on the same theory of the heaven and earth rotation. Qi rises through the du meridian, sinks through the ren meridian, and fills the dai meridian.
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#197 Jun 15, 2013
Tai chi teaches you to "flow like water" with your movements.Just as chi/qi/energy should flow like water within your body

Everything operates in mathematics/angles.When i played basketball you can use your defender as a sheild for the other defenders when youre on offense(or making a move).Or if youre trapped under the basket,coaches tell you to use the goal is a sheild against defenders(like a reverse lay-up).
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#198 Jun 15, 2013
The sun is in Gemini which rules the hands. There are healing hand gestures and methods to heal the body.
for migraines

Hast Mudras _ Healing Hand Gestures
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#199 Jun 15, 2013
Hastamudra(hand gesture healing)

Our body is composed of five elements - earth, water, air, fire and ether (space). These five elements also form our cosmos. These five elements have assigned functions in our body to keep it healthy.

After intensive research, Indian sages have found that Hastamudras (hand gestures) are very important, for keeping a balance in the energy the flow among the five elements. All five fingers regulate the five elements of body.

These are as follows–

(a) Thumb(Fire element)

(b) Index finger(Air element)

(c) Middle finger(Space or ether element)

(d) Ring finger(Earth element)

(e) Little finger(Water element)

Mudras can cure almost any ailment from a simple ear ache to heart attack.

Ear ache can be cured in just a few minutes, by the Shunya Mudra. Similarly, many urinary infections will be cured by the Apan Mudra. In the case of severe heart attack, Mritsanjiveni Mudra provides instant relief within a few seconds.
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#200 Jun 16, 2013
Today is SUNday,the day is ruled by the sun(Leo)which governs the solar plexus.

Sehkmet and the solar plexus chakra.

In yoga the solar plexus or third chakra is associated with the sun or heat and is associated with the will.

Sekhmet is a part of us like all the gods they were described to be body parts but in our other higher dimentional bodies/tools to help us elevate
There is a breathing technique called the The "Breath of Fire" ,in hindu nown as "Kapalabhati" is a breathing excercise for the solar plexus chakra.
It removes stress(the more oxygen in the brain,the less stress in the body. Breath of fire uses forceful inhalation,increases oxygen exhalation,removes toxins.Fire burns the toxins.

planetary hours of the day and chakras.Most people are not aware of the rythm of the day.
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#201 Jun 16, 2013
All over the world it is thought meditation is a means to God.;God is the end God.Patanjali reverses the whole situation: He says meditation is the goal,God is only a hypothesis.If your mind is very childish then you need the support of a God to meditate . Okay,you can take the support. But remember the moment youve learned how to meditate,drop that support.It was just there to help you in the beginning"--Osho
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#202 Jun 17, 2013
"Given a knowledge of three things--the affairs of men, the seasons of heaven(planetary influinces) and the natural advantages of earth(--, victory will invariably crown your battles."-Sun Tzu(Art of war)
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#203 Jun 17, 2013

Children have more life energy than elderly people do. You notice that they move a lot from morning to night, hardly getting tired at all. When suffering from a fracture, who heals faster—the child or the elderly? The broken bone of a child heals very fast while that of an elderly heals very slowly; sometimes, it will not even heal at all.
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#204 Jun 18, 2013
"My doctrine is like the ocean, having the same eight wonderful qualities.
Both the ocean and my doctrine become gradually deeper. Both preserve their identity under all changes.

But when I spoke, they knew me not and would say,'Who may this be who thus speaks, a man or a God?' Then having instructed, quickened, and gladdened them with religious discourse, I would vanish away. But they knew me not, even when I vanished away." -Buddah(chapter 61-The Teacher unknown)
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#205 Jun 19, 2013
"Most people are living such a miniscule portion of what they are capable of.If human beings realized the immensity of what is to be a human being there wouldn’t be so much god talk in the planet.-Sadhguru Jaggi
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#206 Jun 19, 2013
The moon is in scorpio the warrior.

they start children young in shaolin warrior schools.The body can withstand a lot with the proper training

at 39minute mark this shaolin munk gets kicked in the balls repeatedly and still remains standing
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#207 Jun 20, 2013
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