White girls are just UGLY! deal with it!

White girls are just UGLY! deal with it!

Created by B-MAL on Apr 29, 2008

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They have nothing i like

Does disgusting sexual acts

Open to anything

I hate their kinky lifestyles

Their gold diggers

Just stay away from me!


Houston, TX

#394 May 14, 2013
DOLPHIN wrote:
bw stop refering to mixed people as black.black=naomi campbell,tyra banks michelle obama not mariah carey,halle berry,tiger wood
Feel free to tell non black people that being biracial doesn't equate to being black. Many people still align the two groups together.

San Antonio, TX

#395 May 14, 2013
My fellow BW,you know they only made this forum so they can start talking bad about black women,we all know Every man,Especially black men highly prefer white women.

Howell, MI

#396 May 14, 2013
it really depends which one.. seriously..

Howell, MI

#397 May 14, 2013
some white women really are ugly and think that just because i date white woman i would date em .. no way man look for tens.. not 4's looking like meg griffin from family guy..

Howell, MI

#398 May 14, 2013
even the white men themselves are talking about how black men take the uglier white girls while white men get all the hot ones..

Level 8

Since: May 08

Pacific Northwest

#400 May 14, 2013
Toddler wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh shit... White queens? Bitch you mean cumbuckets? I don't want no thin lipped bitch who thinks she all that.
Chill out, Toddler. Nobody ASKS to be born with thin lips or a flat azz. We all have to work with what we've got.

All women do the best they can with what they have.


#401 May 14, 2013
mynerves wrote:
even the white men themselves are talking about how black men take the uglier white girls while white men get all the hot ones..
i like this.....this white chick looks for blacks men coz white men are not dating them.....

Bronx, NY

#404 Jul 30, 2013
Black people are disgusting, they have too big of lips they look scary, and look like apes :)
Just some kid

Liverpool, UK

#405 Dec 21, 2013
You guys are so dam pathetic. A post about WHITE GIRLS and you just cannot stop talking about black women no fucking wonder all the white girls are insecure and botox the fuck out of their faces, get butt, cheek, lip and breast implants to look more exotic and interesting ....

Black people are disgusting? white people are worst!(by white im mainly talking about uk and us) in the uk for example the majority rarely wash and dont take care of their teeth. The white girls are DUMB, dirty skanks who think a girl who's had a lot of sexual partners is worth more respect than one who has a degree. White people have crashed so badly in these past few decades its unbelievable thats why you have to scapegoat black and asian people because deep down you know your younger gens are pathetic idiots with no work ethic. You cant handle the fact that those you once looked down on are coming up and doing better than you.

You know in the future because of how the younger generations of white people are other races/cultures will become more dominant ... but why are you so worried we arent sick like your ancestors we will treat you like you should be treating us FAIRLY. I find it so dumb how you all come here saying that shit and then expect people to respect you. Luckily for you we have morals and were raised in cultures where hard work gets you a job and respect not your skin tone. Keep talking black, asian, latino .. we are all just biding our time.

Warwick, RI

#406 Dec 21, 2013
Especially the blonde ones they look the manliest why does the white race uplift them so much?

Warwick, RI

#407 Dec 21, 2013
Phoenix wrote:
<quoted text>
Feel free to tell non black people that being biracial doesn't equate to being black. Many people still align the two groups together.
yes it does whatever biracial is it's definitely not white or those other races. I'm America a mixed race person is the minority. So basically they are mixed is just a way of identifying their white side.

Warwick, RI

#408 Dec 21, 2013
DOLPHIN wrote:
bw stop refering to mixed people as black.black=naomi campbell,tyra banks michelle obama not mariah carey,halle berry,tiger wood
you can't claim them the have color which makes them not white. And yes they are black black is dominant over all other races. And what does it matter dark skinned black women look better than blonde haired blue eyes women and so do mixed people aka blacks.

Warwick, RI

#409 Dec 21, 2013
A black woman can pull of really short hair unlike women of other races and look nice still. All white women are is their hair. They have beaks they evolved from birds. I'm surprised thy don't grow wing and fly.

Arlington, VA

#410 Dec 21, 2013
Mack the Great wrote:
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! So true! Love that pale skin genetically better than dark ashy sheboons women I stay away from

Klass673211 Wrote

Maceo Patterson of Virginia aka Greg Coop on YouTube (hundreds of alias) has about 15 female profiles on your site "BeyondBlackandWhite ". He's a Marginal Black man that has only Married, chased, ran to adultery with only White women for the last 35 years.

Maceo is similar to Sgt Willie Pete and Tommy Sotomayor but he's a "Weak man" that acts very immature, childish and insecure. He's almost 60 years old and lives a very reclusive life and he's bitter no Black women ever wanted him..

Maceo and his friends only worship and entertain White women only. Unless your a Mammie Black women where he can gloat in your face you remain faithful while he gloats about how stunning White women are how much better they are for Black men.

His motive is that he wants Black women to be alone and unhappy because they didn't want him. He only feels that Black women deserve to be screwed, left, lived off or leave them with OOW babies to support alone.

He calls Black women she boon bitches, Weave wearing bitches, Sluts, elitist feminist Hoes only accept Black men peeing on them! he doesn't believe that Black women deserve anything except to be left or just used as a fuk.and you should be happy with what you get even if the Black man is doing nothing because your a Black woman!

Many of the female profiles on your site are his!

His female profiles attempt to say Black men are good like himself and that Black women don't want Nice good guys. He's not an advocate for Black relationships only IR for Black males only!

He's not a good man, he never helped his family, nor his White wife with her business. He was too busy being a Black man chasing White women's ASS in his spare time as well as hating on Black women.

To be honest he's a old Sick Weird Acting Bitter Recluse. He seems to be getting worse since his White wife asked for the divorce several years ago.

He's my encouragement to NOT date Black man based on his behaviors as well as the collective. I want no parts of the high risk behaviors or stats that I see in Black men because I know its not changing. As well as you can't change a man or how he thinks.

Black men are too high risk and most women don't get anything for their investment in them! I see too many Black men doing some foul behaviors collective so much to the point where I feel its not worth the time or effort to invest in them.

Ill be only dating White man in 2014


Christelyn Karazin Addresses Critics of Interracial Relationships


Your a man of Poor character, No integrity or morals!

San Leandro, CA

#412 Feb 13, 2014
Hahahahahahhahahah i know right all i seen i ugly ass white girls and trust me spanish girls are the best(;

Cambridge, UK

#413 Apr 8, 2014
They are overrated big time and they know it but im not surprised its white people running the western media so of course they'll promote their women. Some are pretty i wont lie. They all tend to age quite badly. A lot have no shape and gain fat in the wrong places, yes im talking about british girls especially, so they stay very skinny with no ass or titties then come a certain age and boom" oval shape still with no ass??
One thing that makes most white girls unnattractive is their "im the cream of the crop" attitude like everyones just dying to be them. They can be so damn insecure as well and bitch about other girls to make themselves feel better. Im sick to death of these fake white girls saying some black girls are trying to be white because they straighten their hair. Like wise, so getting lip injections, tanning the fuck out your skin to the point people cant tell if your white, curly perming your hair, buttlifts/implants, and trying to dance like you straight out of the Caribbean for example isnt you trying to be black? I think Black and Latino women are much better, in England you should see the way white guys run to them.

Flushing, NY

#414 Apr 12, 2014
White girls are absolutely disgusting. They're just the most putrid, immature, childish, racist pieces of shit that have ever existed. Seriously, I am so angry i ever encountered white girls/people. Extermination of white girls, that's what I say. They know how pointless their lives are, and man are their lives pointless. Don't fall for them. Their whole lives are just absolutely pointless. Their sole purpose is to segregate and discriminate against people of color. They are the original gangstersThey have no spiritual discipline or religion of any sort. Seriously, stay away from these heathens. They can't do anything worth any merit or praise and man, are they fucking disloyal. I think the sole purpose of white women is to propagate white supremacy for their tiny little prepubescent "bros." Two white people together walking around flaunting around some concept that they believe is white supremacy, that's pretty much all these disgusting vile human beings do. They really shame humanity, society and God. If it wasn't for silly white girls, what would effeminate white guys be? What would they talk about? What would they celebrate over? How would the white male possibly pretend they're better than everyone else if it wasn't for the stupid white girl? Think about it people, disgusting white girls are the most irritating, divisive, spoiled, godless and discriminating "human beings," Ever. They invented slavery and propagate it every single second of their life. That's their pathetic life, unfortunately. If you really get to sit and talk to a white girl, you'll realize that there is absolutely nothing in their head. They really are the saddest people ever. They ruin society every day so they can sit around with other white girls and talk about silly pointless trips they took to Cancun or the Middle East. I mean, seriously, when have you seen a stupid white girl do anything for society? Have they ever built anything? Are the clothes they wear even American made? Can they even drive worth a damn? Do they even cook well? Are they strong Christians? Do they contribute anything to society? The answer to all these questions, is, unfortunately, no. Do they have any real talents? The proudest moment of their meaningless lives is strutting in front of someone like they just won or accomplished something. Sadly, the next proudest moment of their meaningless lives is running away from someone, as if they are trying to convey a message that the other person just lost something. Haha, Barely. White girls are lazy in bed, horrible at sex, and their cooking is just absolutely horrid. They won't even lift a finger when it comes to household chores, and all they do is talk up a storm and deplete your budget. Seriously, these idiots do absolutely nothing for anybody and are absolutely pointless. You just see them ruining society everyday (Facebook, magazines, etc). They are just POINTLESS. All they do is ruin the minds and peace of everyone around them. Really, anyone (except for another silly white person) who must bear the responsibility of taking care of one of these ungrateful bitches is really in for some serious hell. They don't really DO anything. They stunt the development of society and other people. They cause others to be jealous of things that they have acquired, simply because they have been handed everything in life, without doing anything. The actual worth and value of these individuals must be closely examined by intelligent people (NOT OTHER WHITE PEOPLE). Seriously, it's pathetic. White people just think they're God's gift. I'm not saying other groups of people are better (i.e. blacks, mexicans or asians), but man I personally have had enough of white chicks. I just honestly don't see the point of them. All they have done in the past to me is taken my attention off God, my maker. Focusing your attention on white girls is like playing the lottery; nothing good happens.
white girls

Flushing, NY

#415 Apr 12, 2014

All they have ever done is take my attention off my creator God and caused me to stumble and worship idols. They hide behind a veneer of nice clothes, smiles and cars but are really secret devils. They are never there when you need them, are very reluctant to do any actual work, and are fucking lazy in bed.

All they do is worship themselves and make you give them ALL your attention. They are historically the most evil, spoiled and lazy people, ever. The proudest moments of their lives are running away from people and talking about trips to other countries, where they went out of their way to be "nice" to the "lesser" people.

Seriously, I have never seen these people do ANYthing productive. They have no religion and are SPOILED. They ARE NEVER THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM. Seriously, when was the last time a white girl helped you? I mean, seriously, they are the original gangsters who invented slavery and discrimination. They divide, divide and divide every chance they get. They are the most harmful psychological warfarers and they will NEVER have your back. Instead, they will make YOU fight!

Stay away from white bitches! I'm not saying other girls are better, but man, they are NOT worth it!

Mountain View, CA

#417 Jun 18, 2014
White girls have no shape.

Blackburn, UK

#418 Jun 26, 2014
I'm seeing a lot if ugly black bitches on here let's face it u have got to be the ugliest race!thats y black men like white weman ! Bcoz white girls r stunning

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