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San Jose, CA

#395 Mar 17, 2010
BlackChick wrote:
Nemesis, you seem ok, but you're a bit immature for 28.
If race is just some arbitrary construct then why do you acknowledge the people who give you grief as "black"?
You sound like a hypocrite.
How would you feel by seeing majority of 'white people' wearing T-shirts w/'100% White'?! Or read everywhere,'White University','White studies','White Power','White News','White Hospital'?! I bet you'd be really happy.'Race' is an arbitrary social construct. In Europe 'blacks' are Gypsies, here in the States 'blacks' are 'Blacks'/'Afro-Americans'.

“Future DOD Africom Civilian”

Since: Dec 09

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#396 Mar 17, 2010
Mack the Great wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah I know! LOL! Thats good that you don't conform to any European standard of beauty as you are proud of your black features just like real black women do. I never dated a white woman before since I never was physically or sexually attracted to them and didn't want others to think I was whitewashed. Besides, I don't find anything sexy about a genetic defect white people are and me dating or marrying a white woman is like a father having sex with his younger daughter. I say this because if you think about it from a human race perspective, us blacks were the first and parent race of humanity and Asians are our older children and whites are our younger children as genetics proven this.When I was teen, I had a huge fascination with Asian women, preferably Chinese and Japanese women since I was in to Japanese culture while was taking Japanese in HS. So yeah, me dating a Japanese girl was like a father having sex with his oldest daughter! LOL!I'll admit that I was a self hating and low self worth feeling black man when I was teen because of the way black women treated me and because I had no concept of my history, which also explained why I dated a Japanese girl during my senior year of HS. Now that I have a better understanding of my correct and complete version of our black history and became aware of the Willie Lynch conspiracy to keep us blacks divided, I regained my love for black woman and decided to remain devoted to them and my black race which explains why I come of Afrocenrtric and black nationalist sometimes. I may not condone IR relationships of us blacks, especially with those mutated inbred albinos we call whites, because it's self destructive behavior we're engaging in but I'm still open-minded about other peoples choices including yours Ashley and want to politely encourage other blacks not to date outside of their race by making them feel appreciated, informing them about Willie Lynchism and encouraging them to learn more about their history since it will teach them pride in their race and make them not want to date outside of it. You've seen me behave this way because it really hurts me to see so many blacks dated outside their race because of self hatred and low self worth since they have no concept of who we are. That;s why I want to help other self-hating blacks out and make them feel proud to be black instead of aspiring to be socially accepted into a non-black culture.
So you were actually human in High School?

You just proved your ignorance Mack the Cack, The Willie Lynch letter is fake, concocted by Black racist to recruit morons like you into buying into their crap..SMH

Your whole belief system is based on lies and ignorance...You are joke kiddo!!
Stag R Lee

Tempe, AZ

#398 Mar 17, 2010
Pay no attention to BlackChick. This person is nothing better than a card carrying commie in the tradition of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Those traitors were executed for selling nuke secrets to the Russians. BlackChick wants to divide through spreading race hatred. Same difference.
Should have been named RedPigeon LOL
God Bless America

“I swear, I lost my shirt....”

Since: Mar 10


#399 Mar 17, 2010
JBC wrote:
I'm with you all the way! Like you, I've been called all the names. I've been called an oreo, eskimo pie (kinda like oreo), whitewashed, sellout, the whitest blackman in the world, etc. I'm colorblind when it comes to friends and I love all styles of music and I'm not fond of gangsta rap like I was when I was younger because of the fact that most of the songs degrade women, degrades the Black Community and the fact that they use the "N" word. I love to show people that I'm intelligent and that I can be successful in life. If anybody wants to question my blackness, I'll just have them meet my parents and my family because that what makes me black. My parents are black and they made me so therefore I am black. Don't let nobody tell you any different. I just laugh at those who label me otherwise.
<quoted text>
I love the black people who call me white washed, because even though I may be "white washed", it seems like I take more pride in who I am, and where I come from then they do.

Atlanta, GA

#400 Jun 13, 2012
It's because you're in the wrong area. The blacks at my private school are really nice. It all depends on where you grew up. I agree. Hoodlums can be pretty ratchet. But that's why they're hoodlums. Go to private school if you wanna find the preppy Abercrombie wearing bro saying black guys.

Oakland, CA

#402 Jan 12, 2014
Im a black girl from piedmont and PROUD. But i do make sure to get to know more of my own culture, not to be declared less "white washed" but to understand my own roots.

Warwick, RI

#403 Jun 6, 2015
Ashley wrote:
You remind me of myself except me being a little less "white" lol. Just kidding. Anyway, I listen to mainly pop, alternative, and reggae music but all genres but rap. The people around me, fortunately, do not judge me based on that. Now with that being said, they seem to judge me because I've dated more Caucasian guys than any other. I don't get that notion either. I do not consider myself "white washed" or pro-black, I am what I am and who I am is what makes me want to be who I am TODAY. Similar to your taste, I can only find myself remotely attracted to the AA guys who speak proper English and wear their clothing properly. This isn't a "white thang" but a human thing. Wearing your pants off of your bums is actually imitating jailhouse men. That all started by thugs in jail because of course you weren't allowed to wear belts in there. The guards and all were in fear that the jailbirds would hang themselves. People who say that you're a self hater because of the music you listen to or the people you date have no idea what self-hate means apparently. Some people actually prefer to date someone who shares similar interests as they do like myself. I don't hang out at the club sipping on greygoose all night long and call it "the time of my life". I'm more into fine arts, poetry, jazz clubs perhaps, etc. I need someone who's just as laid back as I am I guess. And of course some people, especially women, don't find lyrics such as "pimp my bit_h up" as appealing to music that doesn't degrade you (me) as a woman. Some women WANT to become wives and perhaps a mother someday. If you want that, then you need to find a man who ALSO wants that. If it just so happen to be a "white" man or latino, then so be it. Every child deserves GOOD parents, not "black" parents. A good parent comes in every race. I've asked this question in another thread before...what IS a "real black" person? People been telling me that I'm not a real black woman. That right there lets me that it is "BLACKS" who feed into the very stereotype that non-AAs have for us.
I like you. You seem chill.

Bellevue, WA

#404 Jun 6, 2015
savvy101 wrote:
if you are a person because your ancestors were brought here as slaves from africa, then your're black.
it don't have anything to do with what social class you grew up in because a lot of blacks in higher social classes experience racism directly, then blacks who grew up in the so called "hood".
i grew up in Oakland, CA in the 80s and i didn't have to many white people in my neiborhood. as matter of fact the only ones i did see were either teachers or police officers.
the whites in this area lived in piedmont, san leandro, san ramon, berkeley, other cities outside of oakland (except richmond).
lady nemesis u are just as black as a person in south central, east oakland, harlem or any other hood in america.
people who question your blackness are people u have issue with themselves and they are most likely still stuck in that "divide and conquer " mindset that's keeping black people from moving forward as a group.
Then I am not black my ancestors came from France and went north and mixed with native Americans, Jamaicans, and Caucasians so apparently to you il" if you ancestors came from Africa as slaves you're black" so I guess I am not black

Hayward, CA

#405 Jun 6, 2015
I'm a black African guy, wherever I see those black girls who are proud to announce that they have dated more white guys than anything else and love to denounce black men based on white-washed media perceptions, I avoid those kind of women like the modern black plague.

I think IRBP have something inherently wrong with them. Something that wreaks of strong inferiority complex. They want to be overly accepted in a nation that doesn't truly like them. Well to each their own.

Clementon, NJ

#406 Feb 7, 2016
uh.. your dumb the nation accepts black people..
just because it's funny to kill people.. and they pretend it's because the person is black that they wanted to kill someone.. it's not because it's a black person they are just sick fuck and wanted to kill someone or pick on someone..

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