Christopher Doner's Manifesto

Christopher Doner's Manifesto

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Afro Podz 1991

Hull, GA

#1 Feb 8, 2013

United States

#2 Feb 8, 2013
Ican feel your pain, but your action is too drastic.
double standards


#3 Feb 9, 2013
Have you noticed now its a black man on a killing spree that all the black people on this forum are keeping quiet , but if it was a white man they would be shouting from the rooftops .
Us against the world

Los Angeles, CA

#4 Feb 9, 2013
Long live Chris Doner

Level 5

Since: Jun 12

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#5 Feb 9, 2013
News said this guy is getting more support everyday all over FB from people of various backgrounds. I can't say that he's a hero, but he sure is doing a lot of families in L.A. some justice the horror stories I hear about their cops murdering innocent bystanders because they're horribly trained. This will test the LAPD's training skills. They need a brush up anyway. What better way than to be in The Hunger Games?(be the prey).
Living for righteousness

Delano, CA

#6 Feb 9, 2013
He is doing what he feels is right and how he can get his word out there. And I'm 100 percent on his side all I got too say is stop making this a race issue but see how dirty and full of lies this officers are and it's my just LAPD it's also here in my small town o McFarland nothing but dirty cops with felines from riverside

Since: Oct 09

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#7 Feb 10, 2013
So why did he go after an innocent BM.

Level 3

Since: Feb 13

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#9 Feb 10, 2013
He is just as dirty as the cops. Why does he think it's okay if he does it, but not if they do?

Obviously because he is mentally disturbed. I supported him before his murder spree, now of course, I do not.

Who in their right mind would? Only people that are disturbed themselves.

The man is a cold blooded murderer, he has become what he is fighting against.
Keep Pushing

Leesville, SC

#11 Feb 11, 2013
I understand your rage Christopher. However this is not the way. Now with that said, I'm sure you have ignited a $hit storm on LAPD. LAPD is dirty and corrupt and deserve to be put under the microscope. I'm sure this will not be the end of this story by far. Good Luck Chris!
Nairobi Trio

Tempe, AZ

#12 Feb 11, 2013
Craziest manifesto of all time.

You flunked English or else you'd be humiliated.

“Yes WE Can! Yes we Will!”

Level 8

Since: Jul 07

Baltimore, Md.

#13 Feb 11, 2013
John wrote:
Ican feel your pain, but your action is too drastic.
Not all reactions to injustice are equally wise.
Nairobi Trio

Tempe, AZ

#14 Feb 11, 2013
Okay, please explain the part below where Dorner discusses homosexual marriage:

[taken verbatim from Dorner's Manifesto]



When I was a pre-man, my family used to take me to Coney Island, where I gazed upon men in tight Speedos and ate foot-long hot dogs. And I like my hot dogs with a lot of relish.
Marcus Washington

Laredo, TX

#15 Feb 11, 2013
This mofo needs some powerful psychiatric meds.
Level 5

Since: May 12

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#17 Feb 11, 2013
sassyntrashy wrote:
So why did he go after an innocent BM.
Dorner was quoted saying, "It was a necessary evil." Energy/Spells aren't destroyed, they are simply transferred. When you are part of an organization like especially the Military or Police Force, you have people being arrogant because of their "rank" or funk, let it go to their head. Some don't know how to simply behave. Wether they know the Laws of Spiritual Physics or not, they can place a lot of pressure/negative energy on you if your one of those "By the Book" soldier/Cop. This indicates they can't f*ck with you and it drives them insane because you can get something on them and they worry about that at all times. The bad part about this is that when a "By the book" type person goes about life, this negative energy/pressure is built up due to spirits of victims who cry out to them to do the right thing. A corrupt Cop/Soldier in uniform are most likely beat or kill you. This adds on to the misery of a do-good solider/cop. The negative energy/pressure becomes so great, the individual will either succumb to abusing drugs/alcohol, suicide, or homicide. If the individual has a plan to attack, then that individual would have to kill in order to relive that negative energy/pressure.(Unfortunately , good people get in the way.) That negative energy/pressure can be manifested by the wicked to have an all around "all seeing eye" watching every move.(This can be used for good, too.) Have you ever have someone piss you off so bad to the point you wanted to hit them and before you strike, they block your move! Then before you strike again, they "mysteriously" know how to dodge you. You see, they feed off the negative you give off and can see and read your mind! This is common among Soldier/Cop profession. It's like magic and "your" energy, like I mentioned before, can be used against you with "your" psychological/spiritual profile! If you manage to have extreme discipline, your enemies/haters will become blind mentally and spiritually, this is why the cops who were looking for Chris Dorner ended up shooting two innocent women!\, one of them recieved a new truck! It happened because they can't "lock" on to Dorner's spirit/energy residue! Always remember that dark colored people absorb more energy and reflect less, white colored peeps can reflect more and absorb less, so they need dark skinned people to piss off in order to properly see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Dorner may never be caught if he continues to remain dicsiplined. He can manifest "good" energy/spirits to the point he would be able to use the postive energy to mask himself as someone else and walk among us undetected.

"Bad people are only strong as good people are weak!"- Lord Skiff Azlaan

Chestnut Hill, MA

#19 Feb 11, 2013
Us against the world wrote:
Long live Chris Doner
Have you notice that the difference between some psychotic person going around and killing people for absolutely no reason and then a person actually killing with a cause ? It does not matter weither or not he's black or white !Who cares why is the focus always racial? concern yourself with the cause because death does not discriminate. iF he was white trying to expose the LAPD for what they are then power to him. Get your background information, unblock your eyes and please educate your ignorance

Chula Vista, CA

#20 Feb 12, 2013
How sure is the media with evidence, facts that chris doner killed that couple? Besides taking notes from lapd? Because I know he aint out there being a coward an shooting random ppl like lapd cops..

Dearborn Heights, MI

#21 Feb 12, 2013
sassyntrashy wrote:
So why did he go after an innocent BM.
There is no such thing as an innocent black man.

“Sombrero Galaxy”

Level 8

Since: Jan 10

I'm An Illegal Alien

#22 Feb 12, 2013
Hang him.

“I'm a proud grandma”

Level 7

Since: Feb 12

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#24 Feb 12, 2013
double standards wrote:
Have you noticed now its a black man on a killing spree that all the black people on this forum are keeping quiet , but if it was a white man they would be shouting from the rooftops .
Is that why there are so many comments on this thread and others from Blacks that disagree with Dorner, and aren't making him out to be a hero, like myself?

On the other hand, the thread about the white nut-job that killed the bus driver and kidnapped the little boy was noticeably quiet from our usual band of white racists that live here on the AA forum.


Level 5

Since: Jun 09

Laramie, WY

#26 Feb 12, 2013
****ATTENTION pinheads of Topix AA Forum***

The name of the cowardly thug currently on the loose somewhere in Southern California is Christopher D-O-R-N-E-R.

His name is not.....Christopher Doner.......Christopher Donner.......JaMarcus Donor or any of the other incorrect names I've seen used on this forum while viewing it this morning.


This forum is the ONLY place I've seen this guy's SIMPLE name get butchered as often as it has. Good grief , people!

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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