Insecure BM Are Even More So When She...

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#953 Mar 8, 2016
[4/30/14] GA. Black Man Kills His Wife For Filing Divorce

It don't look like angry black theory is holding up too well.

``A DeKalb County man who was found guilty of killing his wife and shooting her friend was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole today.

Jason Bryant, 28, killed his wife, Angelena Bryant, on March 7, 2012, not long after she told him she was filing for divorce, according to a news release from the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors said Bryant also shot his wife’s friend, Trina Nwoke, who was going with Angelena Bryant to get a temporary protective order against him.

Nearly four hours after the shooting in the 500 block of Wind Chase Lane, Jason Bryant was arrested when he showed up at a school in Duluth to pick up his son, authorities said.

“Domestic violence is often characterized by bruises and black eyes, but more often than not we see cases where a victim dies at the hands of a person they may have been married to or dated,” the prosecutor said.“Hopefully, today’s sentence will help the family find closure in knowing that Jason Bryant will never be a free man again.”

Prior to his sentencing, Bryant was found guilty of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and terroristic threats.``

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#954 Mar 16, 2016
[5/16/14] KY. Black Inmate Stalked His Former Girlfriend

How embarrassing to have to be arrested for this kind of stuff.

``A man in custody at Louisville Metro Corrections is accused of stalking a woman and threatening the lives of her and her daughter. Derek L. Harris, 46, is being held on burglary charges at LMDC.

An arrest warrant says that after being ordered by the court to have no contact with his victim, a former girlfriend, Harris tried to call the woman 255 times between September 27, 2013 and May 7, 2014.

Harris told the woman that if she didn't take him back he would killer her and daughter and burn down her house. After phone privileges were revoked by LMDC Harris managed to call his victim at least 19 more times.

In addition to his original charges, Harris was charged with stalking, harassing communications, violations of conditions of release and contempt of court for violation of an emergency protective order.``

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#955 Mar 23, 2016
[5/21/14] Jealous CA. Black Male Shot At 2 Of His Ex-G/Fs

Both survived or probably weren't even hit. It's not known if he was ever caught , though further info can probably be looked up.

``A suspect who tried to kill two of his ex-girlfriends escaped following an officer-involved shooting. The suspect drove by his ex-girlfriend's house with an assault rifle and opened fire, then drove to a second ex-girlfriend's house and shot at her.

Neither woman was injured. At about 1:45 a.m., a Rialto police officer observed two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed on Pepper Avenue. "Believing the vehicles were involved in an episode of road rage,(the officer) initiated a traffic stop," police said.

One of the drivers, identified as Darnell White III, got out of his Nissan with an assault rifle on East Mesa Drive. Officers opened fire and believe he was shot, but White was able to flee into a nearby residence.

A SWAT team responded, but a search of the residence revealed that White had already escaped. White's fully loaded assault rifle was recovered at the scene. No officers were injured in the incident.

White is a parolee with an extensive criminal history and should be considered armed and dangerous. He lives in the area and is familiar with the neighborhood.``

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#956 Mar 23, 2016
Let me get this straight..........blacks are weaker than whites, whites are smarter than blacks,whites commit 0 crimes,blacks commit all the crimes, blacks all have low IQs,whites all have high IQs,Whites are superior,Blacks are inferior to whites..........I guess that about sums up the racist mind ...

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#957 Mar 30, 2016
[6/24/14] TX. Black Man Attacks His Ex-G/F

Despite the "white" reference in this thread's title, the general spectrum of victims in all these posted cases include whites, blacks, Asians and Latinas.

``Houston Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for the arrest of a fugitive who allegedly tried to stab a woman. Investigators said Kamori Skinner, 41, got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend and punched her in the face in December of 2012.

Investigators said Skinner then threw the woman to the ground and tried to stab her. Weeks after a warrant was issued for Skinner's arrest, he was pulled over by a patrol officer for a traffic violation. While the officer was checking his identification, Skinner took off on foot.

Skinner is wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for any information that leads to Skinner's arrest.``

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#958 Mar 30, 2016
While black men go on with their lives, the insecure spend the day (after day after day after day...) posting all the negative trash they can possibly dig up or make up about black men. This is how it is in America today. How sad.

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#959 Apr 6, 2016
[6/30/14] AL. Black Man Kills Wife For Wanting To Break Up

I fail to see how acts of this nature is related to "economic survival".

``The best friends of a pregnant Hoover woman fatally shot in the head early Saturday said they are in shock over the slaying, and are praying the shooter is soon caught.

Rashon Deidrenette Bester Epps instead died at the hands of her husband, police said. Brian Darnell Epps, 29, is charged with capital murder. He remains at large and a manhunt has been underway since Saturday by U.S. Marshals and Hoover police.

Rashon Epps was three months pregnant, and also had a daughter, 8, and a son, 4. "She loved those kids,'' the friend said. Friends said the children were with their father Friday night when the shooting happened.

While excited about the pregnancy, Rashon Epps wanted out of her marriage. Friends described a rocky marriage, saying that Brian Epps was hot-tempered and angry much of the time.

Rashon Epps had told him the marriage was over, but allowed him to remain in the apartment until he could make other living arrangements.

Despite the tumultuous marriage, friends said the shooting was a surprise. "I didn't see death coming,'' the second friend said, "but I was scared for her. She just wanted out and he couldn't take it."

According to court records, Brian Epps pleaded guilty in June 2005 to a misdemeanor third-degree domestic violence charge after he shot his father, Terrell W. Soles, in the foot.``

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#960 Apr 13, 2016
[7/28/14] AL. Black Man Torches His Ex For Ending Their Relationship

Like most BMs in America, the defendant snapped when he lost control of his woman beyond retrieval.

``A Mulga man accused of torching his ex-girlfriend was captured late this afternoon in Midfield. U.S. Marshals arrested 48-year-old Michael Kennedy at a home on Wilkes Road.

Kennedy is charged with attempted murder after authorities say he poured gasoline on his ex-girlfriend and set her on fire. Just after 2:30 a.m. Sunday, deputies were dispatched to a report of a house fire on Nellie Anderson Street.

When they arrived, they found the 49-year-old female victim with extensive burns to her head, arms, upper body and legs. Investigators learned the victim had been in a dating relationship with Kennedy for the past three years.

The woman ended the relationship about a month ago. Kennedy returned to the home early Sunday and an argument erupted. Kennedy poured gasoline on the victim and set her on fire.

The fire also burned an area of the carpeting in the home. The victim remains at UAB Hospital in the burn unit in serious condition.``
#961 Apr 20, 2016
[7/31/14] Black Man Held Woman Captive Because She Didn't Love Him

This happened in Kentucky.

``A woman was held against her will and assaulted by her ex-boyfriend in her own home. Her entire ordeal began on July 18, when the victim says she was sleeping when she woke up to find her ex standing over her, holding a golf club.

According to an arrest warrant, over the next few hours, Jerome Blevins, 48, made statements such as,“You don’t really love me, do you.”

When the victim would answer questions, he would hit her with the golf club. He then grabbed three knives and said he would cut her. After a few hours, Blevins said it was time to go to bed and moved a dresser in front of the door so the victim could not leave.

When she asked to use the restroom, he made her stand in the bathtub so he could watch her. Blevins said she could leave on Monday, when the injuries on her face healed.

At one point Blevins left, but was within viewing distance of the apartment so the victim was scared to leave. Later, Blevins took her car and left. At this point, the victim fled and a friend took her to the hospital. Blevins and the woman had previously lived together.``

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#962 Apr 27, 2016
[8/5/14] FL. Black Man Tried To Drown His G/F For Cheating On Him

Stop being angry and infecting society like a rusty nail.

``Daytona Beach police arrested a man on Monday they say beat his girlfriend and tried to drown her while accusing her of cheating on him.

Keonta Logan, 22, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary, aggravated battery, false imprisonment and assault while committing a felony, in the Monday incident.

Logan went to his girlfriend's home on Monday and accused her of cheating on him. He then punched her in the face, held a butcher's knife to her throat and said "I should just stab you and kill you and slice you up".

When the victim went to get her phone to call 911, Logan locked her inside the home and hit her with an iron, police said. Logan then took several bottles of water and poured water into the victim's mouth and nose, plugging her nose and said "I'm going to kill you".

The victim was able to get Logan to let her use the bathroom, to which she then told him she was going to get his clothes out of the dryer and he took her phone, police said.

While Logan was occupied with the phone, the victim ran out of the house and hid in her neighbor's bushes, then called police.``

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#963 Apr 27, 2016
You poor tortured soul.....

“The REAL Founding Fathers!!!!!”

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#964 Apr 27, 2016
DerekJ wrote:
You poor tortured soul.....
T-BOS has to be one of the most scrolled through posters on this site. Too funny!!!!!!!!

Hope you and yours are well, D, and enjoying your week........

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#965 May 3, 2016
[8/25/14] NY. Black Man Broke In Ex-g/f's Apt. And Raped Her.

The common American BM needs to heed the first lyric from Utopia's Feet Don't Fail Me Now - "Can't you see, she don't want you around no more".

``Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with a violent rape in Brooklyn, and they're hoping an old mug shot of the suspect will lead to an arrest.

25-year-old David Evanson entered the 21-year-old female victim's apartment through a window, then choked her as she lay in bed, dragged her into the living room and sexually assaulted her.

He then fled the location in a sedan vehicle. The suspect is believed to be the victim's ex-boyfriend, and she reportedly had an order of protection against him. Evanson is described as a black male standing 6-foot-2 and weighting 250 pounds.``

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#966 May 10, 2016
[9/3/14] Jealous TN. Black Man Kills His Ex-wife

Soon after the homicide, he later killed himself when cops closed in. Video included in link.

``The victim of a day care shooting had an active restraining order against her husband, before police say he shot and killed her outside University of Little Scholars Learning Center.``

Tasha Thomas, said to be in her early 30s, was pronounced dead when crews arrived to the parking lot. Charles Thomas left the crime scene and locked himself in his home. Three hours later, he died after shooting himself on the front porch.

Tasha filed a restraining order against Charles. Her family says that she feared for her life and that they were doing their best to help her get out of the relationship. Thomas began showing up at different locations where he knew his wife would be, including her church.

In February, Thomas said her husband struck her in the face and hit her repeatedly, after they were joking about another family member's marital issues. On August 20, Thomas walked into the police precinct and said she noticed her "estranged husband" was following her.

It all escalated August 23, when Charles crashed a baby shower inside the church. He paced up the aisles and yelled at Tasha. Police tried to chase Thomas, but he sped off and officers were not legally allowed to pursue at such high speeds.

He was arrested Aug. 25 on a $15,000 bond. Charles was free on bond when he committed Tuesday's violence.``

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#967 May 17, 2016
[9/5/14] Black Man Sets His G/F On Fire For Trying To Leave Him

This happened in Texas. She apparently - and fortunately - survived.

``A Dallas County jury convicted a man who hogtied his girlfriend and set her on fire at her apartment last year, the Dallas County district attorney’s office announced.

When he is sentenced, Christopher Price, 29, will face up to 99 years in prison for setting Leslie Warren on fire in August 2013.

He was charged with aggravated assault and arson. Warren suffered third-degree burns on more than 15 percent of her body, including her hands, back and face.

Warren was trying to break up with Price at the time he attacked her. Price tied her up in her bathroom, placed her in the bathtub, poured alcohol on her and threw a burning piece of toilet paper on her.

In a separate case, Price was charged in November with capital murder in connection with the fatal shootings of Marcos Barajas, Manases Perez and Price’s girlfriend, Ingrid Ramirez.

All three were found dead in November 2012 at a Motel 6 in the 13100 block of North Central Expressway. Each had been shot in the head.``
Truth Hurts

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#968 May 17, 2016
Stealskin wrote:
Black men who were onces owned, beaten, flogged and humiliated by white men and white men who now today are so more advanced than the majority of black men in every possible way that most black men can't even hope of competiting with white men let alone surpassing them. Envious ankle bitting black men try to get back at white men by getting with white women but they even fail at that! Because black men,unless they have great wealth or fame, can't even get near the white man's most beautiful white women or more intelligent white women who that have their acts together. Most black men just sit by white men's tables like obedient dogs waiting for the undesired crumbs of white women to fail.

Black men's greatest victory over white men were black women but black men were to stupid and selfish to even keep black women. Now many black men are burning up with jealousy and insecurity from the fact of knowing that attractive black women are finding comforts and getting their needs fulfilled in the strong, capable white arms of white men. White men who have always had more than most black men and who now has it all! Black women.
White men will never ever have a bigger sling then us they will never win. As a man you will always feel better if your manhood is bigger. Because we are the original race, we don't advance, we are already it.

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#969 May 18, 2016
the boundaries of space wrote:
It can be awfully frustrating for the common black man when his own race of women prefer other races of men while at the same time (in general), only desperate or unattractive non-black women "prefer" black men.
T-BOS, there's nothing inherently wrong with having mostly "desperate" Caucasian-American women (WW) as potential mates. I don't mind saying that I have some experience in this area. Any well-informed, educated and intelligent observer can figure out that these ladies number in the millions and are scattered all across this great republic of ours. I have been approached by more than one of them, and I can assure you that they are going to continue to pursue relationships with men of African descent.

The key lies in understanding WHY they are "desperate." We all have our crosses to bear in life, so there is no point in arrogantly sneering at the less fortunate among our fellow human beings.

(1) Some WW are struggling with depression and/or PTSD after being abused by a White father or stepfather. I was once aggressively pursued by a very intelligent and attractive, Ivy League graduate with this kind of background.

(2) Some pretty, lower-income WW are in the process of "rebounding" from a failed marriage with a WM. They may be disillusioned with the myth of white supremacy after seeing what a poor provider their ex-husband is. When surrounded by a sea of low-caliber, underemployed, unimpressive White men as suitors, these ladies easily become desperate for a "real man" to share their bed. They should not be mocked or disparaged for turning to a Black male. Many of them will also find a Latino/Hispanic mate.

(3) Some WW are emotionally unstable and prone to act out in inappropriate or self-destructive ways that surely embarrass the hell out of loved ones: Pennsylvania schoolteacher Kelly Aldinger is an excellent example. Struggling to cope with a failing marriage, she was recently arrested at age 49 after being caught in the act of sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old a parked car.

(4) Some WW are flat-out crazy as they lust after BM: actress Amanda Bynes is a prominent example -- she who verbally attacked Rihanna, spoke of wanting to kill her parents.... and posted of her wish to have celebrity rapper Drake "murder her vagina." LOL

I would advise all intelligent, single Black men who are open to WW, to completely avoid types (3) and (4), and depending on the circumstances, maybe give careful consideration to types (1) and (2).


Panama City, FL

#970 May 24, 2016
[9/14/14] Jealous MI. Black Male Beats Up His Girlfriend

Some readers here might recall the suspect's name, as he was a prominent athlete involved in a fight with a school security guard.

``Jayru Campbell was charged in connection with the assault of a 17-year-old girl who is reportedly his girlfriend.

Campbell has been charged with robbery not armed, assault with intent to do great bodily harm and misdemeanor domestic violence assault and battery.

It is alleged that Campbell assaulted his girlfriend at Cass Tech during school hours. Sources said he tried to take her phone, eventually pushing her to the ground to get the phone.

He allegedly read her text messages and then assaulted her, choking and hitting her, leaving the girl with a bruise below her eye.

He is beginning his senior year at the high school. He announced earlier this year he will no longer be committing to play for Michigan State University.``

Panama City, FL

#971 May 31, 2016
[9/20/14] Black Man Killed His Girlfriend For Leaving Him

The homicide occurred in Pennsylvania but the killer was apprehended in Florida. No pics in below link but other sources confirm his race.

``Masako Griffin tried to leave her abusive boyfriend at least five times but couldn't break the tie. And, police say, it cost the Upper Darby woman her life.

"This is one of these unfortunate - we see it all too often - domestic violence cases that turns tragic for the victim," said Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood.

De-Schae Lowry, 38, of Upper Darby, has been charged with murder and related counts in the killing of Griffin whose partially clothed body was found last month in her bedroom, police said Thursday.

Lowry, who had turned himself in to Jacksonville, Fla., police and eventually was extradited, had been considered a "person of interest."

The body of Griffin, 38, was found inside her residence, on Emerson Avenue. She was lying on her back, partially clothed with a towel or piece of clothing over her head .

She was strangled and had been dead at least two days, according to court documents. "We don't have a confession," said Chitwood. "We do have evidence."

Chitwood said Lowry was "a violent man" who had a history of abusing Griffin and had been arrested for stabbing her son. "This woman has had five different protection from abuse orders," said Chitwood.``

Panama City, FL

#972 Jun 7, 2016
[10/3/14] Jealous TX. Black Man Fatally Shoots His Ex-wife

No pics in link though other sources will verify the killer's race.

``The man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in an East Memphis Target parking lot was captured near the Georgia-Florida state line.

Officials located Ronald Ellis, a firefighter, at a fast food restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla. They chased Ellis in the car he reportedly sped away in after the shooting. He was later stopped by deputies using spike strips.

Ellis was taken to the hospital after deputies used a stun gun to get him in custody. Police issued a first-degree murder warrant for Ellis on Tuesday. He is believed to be the man who shot Torhonda Cathey,33, in the parking lot.

Cathey was on her lunch break Monday when shots were fired into her car. When she ran away, Ellis shot her twice in the back at point-blank range, eyewitnesses say. She was shot a total of three times; she later died in the hospital.

The shooter drove away in a white Ford Focus, which sources say was a rental car. Later, police had a five-hour standoff outside of Ellis' house, but he was not found.

After the warrant was issued for Ellis, MFD Director Alvin Benson said the firefighter was on leave without pay. He was scheduled to work Tuesday morning. Ellis' arrest is only bringing the family of Cathey more questions in their search for forgiveness.``

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