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#906 Apr 21, 2013
Melody88 wrote:
<quoted text>
Two White Man shows these Negros who is really in charge, check it out:
They are not praying to a black man but a black Modonna (The Virgin Mary) and her infant Jesus.

Woodbridge, VA

#907 Apr 21, 2013
LovinLife1974 wrote:
<quoted text>
classy BW? lol.....there are no classy BW all of u are chicken heads and you are from the ghetto stop fakin on topix. found WM who treat them well huh? lol.... your just a fresh piece of black azz to them something to keep their sacs empty on a rainy day...u really thin they would replace a bald BW such as yourself with their prized she-devils? your on crack.....what would be the benefit for them? why would they want to marry a BW? whats the benefit? what do u have that their WW donnt?????

Read and enjoy, I see things like this all the time. Most BM get kill from affairs or running to adultery. Apparently, they can't take it when a woman does it to them.

If there not planning murders of husband/BF many WW trick BM for that insurance money to go get money from them!

Police: Delaware Co. killing result of love triangle
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TAGS:pennsylvania, delaware county, stabbing, homicide, local/state
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SPRINGFIELD, Pa.- June 23, 2010 (WPVI)-- A love triangle ended with one man dead and the owner of a well-known Delaware County business behind bars, police said.

Police say Stropas was dating Burton's ex-wife, and the Springfield Police chief says they have a lot of evidence that shows Burton was jealous of Storpas.

Burton was escorted out of his arraignment late Monday night bound in shackles and his hands covered in bandages, apparently from the deadly altercation earlier in the day.

The incident began at a strip mall along Baltimore Pike. A witness reported seeing two men arguing as they got in a white Jeep Cherokee in a shopping center parking lot at Paper Mill Road and Baltimore Pike.

The fight apparently escalated and Stropas was stabbed as the two drove southbound Baltimore Pike.

Two detectives from Delaware County were passing by and followed the Jeep into Smedley Park. That's where Burton was arrested and Stropas was found dead inside the vehicle, according to police.

Reports indicate that Stropas suffered a fatal slash to the throat.

When police asked Burton if he knew Stropas, Burton replied, "Kind of. It's a long story," according to police.

Burton is being charged with murder, robbery and other charges.

(Copyright ©2013 WPVI-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

This happens every other week! I don't see black women getting into this foolish behaviors!
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#908 Apr 25, 2013
Most BM hate to see BW with non-black men. In fact, more BM than ever are beginning to hate non-blacks period. It's no secret, nor rocket science. It's self-evident to the common black himself. Some of the profiled cases here help exemplify the familiar adage - only the good die young.

Woodbridge, VA

#909 Apr 28, 2013
LovinLife1974--Scott wrote:
im not sure what type of BM u are used to seeing or dealing with but the BM i know and see in the public do the opposite of what your saying. now if your talking about the select thuggish type, what would u expect?

LovinLife1974--Scott wrote:
Capree wrote:

You are missing the whole point. Sure everyone dislikes being rejected. I have seen white men get badly rejected by white women, black women and Latinas and most white men would just walk away a little displeased, embarrassed but on to the woman. But just let black men get rejected by a woman and many of them will go ballistic! Trying to pressure the woman into giving him a number or getting angry insulting and cussing the woman out. And it is twice as worse if nonblack females because these bm act as though it was a person attack against them and that their whole self-worth depended on whether they bm are validated by these nonblack women.
Sadly I told you many BM don't ask a woman out; they throw "Insults" or point out and say negative things hoping that if they point or say something negative that you'll "Lower your standards" if he feels insecure!

Your statement is true of MANY black males because I experience it all the time!

That's why I don't date Black men anymore!

Woodbridge, VA

#910 Apr 28, 2013
the boundaries of space wrote:
Most BM hate to see BW with non-black men. In fact, more BM than ever are beginning to hate non-blacks period. It's no secret, nor rocket science. It's self-evident to the common black himself. Some of the profiled cases here help exemplify the familiar adage - only the good die young.

Many of these BM have to complete with some White males and they can't compete!

Woodbridge, VA

#911 Apr 28, 2013
Capree wrote:
Most black men haven't even been husbands, providers o protectors to their black women and children. You say black men have alpha strength over nonblack men yet black men have been nothing but slaves to those non-black men, whipped and humiliated by those nonback men also. After almost 150 years of freedom AA black men have still live in what other men have created. Black men as a whole universally have shown the world that the only countries they run are nothing but corrupt, poverty, disease stricken mud holes were it's people are starving and where it's not even fit for animals to live.
MACEO aka Anti-Chaos wrote:
Anti-Chaos aka Old A** Maceo wrote:

<quoted text>Now your being totally halious, bm have endured the most brutal attack by hater black women than any man has in history and the bm has shown nothing but alpha male strenght over any other male of any other race of man could endure the imposing abomations that have been put before a race of men without having his women heads on a platter yet here we are..soon bm will have to decide whether that's the course to take though ..but by no means have they not shown great integrity and grit ..but everything reaches a boiling point
The only integrity you've show is chasing Poor sl*tty White women; you're pretty consistent. Your hatred towards Black women is also consistent you've been whining for almost 40 years now!

You're a Black man of poor character, No integrity or morals!

Yet, you're a Christian with Christ Like qualities! lmao

Saltville, VA

#912 Apr 28, 2013
white men with black hair are still black in my opinion..

Houston, TX

#915 Apr 28, 2013
LovinLife1974 wrote:
<quoted text>99.9% of them have never wanted BW in the first placfe so why would they be fighting over u stitched weave wearing stanks?

useless she devils are not that much of an upgrade...just something to do
Sir, most white men and white women are with each other.

Woodbridge, VA

#917 Apr 28, 2013
LovinLife1974 wrote:
<quoted text>
99.9% of them have never wanted BW in the first placfe so why would they be fighting over u stitched weave wearing stanks?
useless she devils are not that much of an upgrade...just something to do

Well Michael Jordan married a White woman that's 15 years younger than him with no education, she's a retired Model at 35 years old.

I was talking to a woman slightly younger, everybody dating/marrying out! I don't know too many BW who are educated interested in Black men to date or marry!

Everybody sees the same negative behaviors and there's no use in sticking with Black males!

You don't act like responsible men so why stick around?

Woodbridge, VA

#918 Apr 28, 2013
LovinLife1974 wrote:
<quoted text>
99.9% of them have never wanted BW in the first placfe so why would they be fighting over u stitched weave wearing stanks?
useless she devils are not that much of an upgrade...just something to do

Yep, I"m doing the same thing, I moved on! lmao I don't have time for your Wretched behaviors stanks A** losers!
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#919 May 3, 2013
It can be awfly frustrating for the common black man when his own race of women prefer other races of men while at the same time (in general), only desperate or unattractive non-black women "prefer" black men.

Panama City, FL

#920 Jul 15, 2014
So when do the American people finally see Angry Black Theory in action in the real world, instead of only on the internet?

Panama City, FL

#921 Jul 15, 2014
Evidence both on the internet, and in the real world suggests that in America, most black males prefer non-black women, especially white.

Unfortunately, other evidence shows most blacks can't physically protect themselves from same-sized non-black men for whatever the gist of a confrontation may least not without an equalizer(s).

It even seems the more lovestruck the black becomes, the more vulnerable he becomes. Could this be an ominous sign of future race relations?

Panama City, FL

#922 May 18, 2015
[9/28/12] Lonely Black Man Terrorizes NJ. Women On Social Network

They need to learn to get used to getting turned down for dates and/or sex.

``A Hamilton Township, N.J. man is accused of sending threatening messages on a social network site to several young people across South Jersey.

Craig Wyatt Jr., 20, was arrested by New Jersey State Police and investigators say charges are pending from nearly two dozen law enforcement agencies.

Wyatt told his victims they had a few weeks left to live, so they should spend their time wisely, according to investigators.

The investigation into the threats began to unfold in July, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) notified police that someone going by the name Jimmy Raketerra sent a threatening message to a juvenile.

State police detectives were contacted by Voorhees Township Police for assistance with four separate juvenile victims receiving threats.

A bulletin was sent to all law enforcement agencies to find out if there were other victims. Police located victims, some adult females, who said they had been threatened by the same person.

Detectives identified Wyatt as the suspect. They interviewed Wyatt at his home. Wyatt admitted to using multiple accounts, email addresses and phone numbers to communicate with his victims.``

New Rochelle, NY

#923 May 18, 2015
Stealskin wrote:
Black men's greatest victory over white men were black women but black men were to stupid and selfish to even keep black women. Now many black men are burning up with jealousy and insecurity from the fact of knowing that attractive black women are finding comforts and getting their needs fulfilled in the strong, capable white arms of white men. White men who have always had more than most black men and who now has it all! Black women.
Insecure black women "are even more so" when he goes back to white, just ask Shar Jackson.

By the way, more black men are married to black women than they are to white girls.

Panama City, FL

#924 May 27, 2015
[10/8/12] Angry Black Males Berate Actress For Supporting Romney

This is y'all's idea of "not getting angry" or "not losing your cool"? Why the driving urgency for such hate? Such cases ain't only growing in intensity, also by

``“Clueless” star Stacey Dash recently tweeted her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, accompanied by a patriotic swimsuit picture of herself.

But her political viewpoint has become the subject of online attacks, with many expressing crude distaste that she isn’t endorsing President Obama – and race has become a key motivator behind the digital abuse.

“You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,” one Twitter user wrote, while @Black Voice wrote,“Stacey Dash had a perm since birth. I knew I couldn’t trust her.. lol.”

Others accused the actress of “voting for white supremacy,” claiming she “is white with a dark tan,” and calling Dash a slew of offensive names.

Several other Obama supporters even went as far as to encourage “the old hag” to “kill herself.” One suicide encourager is listed as a doctor and politically active Democrat in Washington D.C.

Although he has deleted the inflammatory “kill yourself” tweet, it was captured by social media news site, . But Dash seems to be taking the backlash in stride.

“My humble opinion… EVERYONE is entitled to one,” she tweeted in response. But the 46-year-old's plug for Romney attracted plenty of applause, too.

“Thank you for being willing to think for yourself despite what your haters have to say,” tweeted one user, while another noted,“You can NEVER, EVER (did I say never?) NEVER leave the Dem party if you r Black. Once you do, the name calling begins.”``

Panama City, FL

#925 Oct 22, 2015
[10/11/12] Jealous Black Man Sets Fire To Home, Killing 2 Boys

Obviously to "get back" at the ex. This happened in Pennsylvania.

``A Scranton man on trial for setting a fire that killed two young boys was found guilty Thursday afternoon on all of the charges against him.

William Woods could now face a lifetime in prison. The judge found Woods guilty of all the charges against him, including first degree murder.

Tyaisha Leary wore her sons’ school pictures on her t-shirt when she came to the county courthouse for the last day of the trial against her ex-boyfriend.

It’s been more than three years since two of her sons, Taevon Miles, 9, and Michael Miles, 10, were killed in a fire at the family’s home.

“I should have a little less anxiety, the nightmares will hopefully be over,” said Leary after learning the verdict. The judge found Woods guilty of 19 different charges for setting that fire.

Leary and her three children were home when Woods torched their house with lighter fluid. Taevon and Michael Miles were trapped on the second floor.

It took investigators a year to charge Woods. He was arrested in 2010. When his verdict was read, Woods wore a red prison jumpsuit and sat emotionless while the judge said guilty 19 times.

“Just to see him in what he’ll have to live in for the rest of his life, I’m grateful, I’m grateful, I’m glad to the D.A., to everybody,” added Leary.

“I’m happy he got what he deserves. I’m really happy, and I know my grandsons are looking down and saying,‘thank you’. He wont hurt anybody else,” added the victims’ grandmother Dorean Davis.``

Panama City, FL

#926 Oct 26, 2015
[10/15/12] Jealous AL. Black Man Breaks Into Ex's Home

Same old story you hear often on talk shows - demanding to know who's in bed with her, wanting to confront the new b/f, etc.

``On October 11, 2012 the Dothan Police Department made a felony arrest in what police call a domestically motivated burglary.

An investigation revealed Reggie Rodgers forced entry into a residence located in the 1000 block of Grant Street which was occupied at the time of the incident.

Rodgers confronted the occupant whom he had a former relationship with and demanded to know who was in the residence with her.

Rodgers searched the residence and then fled on foot prior to police arrival. Investigators say the case will now be closed following the arrest.

Reggie Rodgers, of Eufaula, AL., described as a black male, 33 years of age, was arrested and charged with Third Degree Burglary with a $2,500 bond.``

Panama City, FL

#927 Oct 30, 2015
[10/17/12] NY. Black Man Kills His Ex And New B/F

Do they feel they're losing their perceived solidarity with women?

``The man wanted for killing his estranged wife and her beau in a Bronx motel, killed himself yesterday in Miami as authorities attempted to arrest him.

Joseph Kernizan, 42, was tracked down to a residence in North Miami by the New York - New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force, law enforcement sources said.

As marshals and detectives were closing in on him, Kernizan fired three shots. None of the rounds went through any walls or windows, and none of the pursuing lawmen were hit.

Authorities sent a robot inside and its video camera captured footage of Kerizan dead of a self-inflicted wound, on the bedroom floor with a small semi-automatic gun by his side.

The agencies, working with the Florida - Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, recovered three firearms from the residence.

They were Kernizan’s gun and two fully loaded AK-47s stashed in a duffle bag. Kernizan was wanted for the fatal shootings of his ex, Tracy Bennett, and her boyfriend, Wayne Hamilton.

The Long Island woman and her reggae-musician lover were shot dead in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel early Saturday, cops and witnesses said.

The gutless killer went out on his terms -- unlike his victims who were gunned down in cold blood at the Holiday Motel in the Bronx early Saturday morning.``

Panama City, FL

#928 Nov 4, 2015
[6/7/13] Black Man Stabs His Girlfriend Because She Cheated On Him

This happened in Florida.

``An Orlando man has been arrested on Friday after police say he stabbed a woman 10 times over infidelity accusations.

Luckner Joly, 46, has been charged with attempted felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault/domestic violence and battery/domestic violence.

Orange County deputies said Joly attacked the victim on North Pine Hills Road Friday morning, stabbing her in the neck and near her eye.

A witness aid Joly was upset about finding the woman in bed with another man, according to the report. The victim was rushed to the hospital were she is in stable condition.``

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