Bi-Racial Girl + Black Moma = BM's wo...

Panama City, FL

#221 Apr 9, 2013
Why does anyone care?

I'd guess men who are similar to their fathers, so if it's a white dad, a white man, and vice versa.

But really why does anyone care? Go find a pleasant biracial and get with her.

Life is not that hard.

Howell, MI

#223 Apr 9, 2013
what if the biracial person looks all white. o h yeab but his dad was half white ok nevermind..

Howell, MI

#224 Apr 9, 2013
bring back limewire.. or im' sueing..

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#225 Apr 10, 2013
Definitely not true.
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Atlanta, GA

#227 Apr 11, 2013
Black males in America have lower standards not because they voluntarily choose, but because they have limited options - same as the particular women who "prefer" them. They also tend to burn their own bridges rather than being more appreciative of what little they can get or already have. It's a result of giving yourself too much credit while in reality, asleep at the wheel.

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#229 Apr 29, 2013
Merry Xmas wrote:
Bi racial women with black mothers are usually raised to hate black people. The majority of IR relationships involving WM and BW, the WM is extremely racially abusive.
The bi racial offspring is usually some weirdo that hates blacks due to growing up being taught by her racist dad..... but some how feels her actions affect bm even though she isn't black.
Nobody wants a nutty bi racial woman with a racist white father, and a self hating black mother.
What exactly is there to be desired about that? Why not go for the real thing? Either a real black woman, or a real white woman? Or a normal biracial woman that wasn't raised to hate black or white (BM/WW)?
How would you know what goes on in the relationship between a wm and bw? And mixed girls with a black father and white mother are normal? Are you serious? Those are the most conceited ones, with the "light skin is the right skin" mentality
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#230 May 5, 2013
If racial comments on websites could be anything to go by, non-black men w/any race of women may be the common black man's moderate nightmare. A non-black man w/a black woman is almost certainly his worst nightmare. Black males, especially in America, would like to see both their desirability amongst women increase, and the population growth of their brethren increase.
allupinlightskin puc

Houston, TX

#231 May 5, 2013
Halle Berry Sister wrote:
Definitely not true.
agree i love fcuking mixed b!tches
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Atlanta, GA

#232 May 9, 2013
Worst of all (for the BM), many such bi-racial women are further procreating with non-black men and it keeps going on the rise. Could this be a partial factor on why, for the past 400 years, American black men in pure ethnicity have consistently struggled to scratch and claw their way past the seven percent bar in population?
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Atlanta, GA

#233 Jun 11, 2013
Might this nightmare also be because of the growing amount of biracial males?

They, as well as females, also play a hand in lightening America's gene pool.

Saltville, VA

#234 Jun 14, 2013
ya i used to not have limited options but i do now.. since i lost that one woman's freakin phone number that my maid vaccumed up freakin idiot... she's so dumb
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#235 Jun 20, 2013
American black men in general are unfortunately suffering badly these days. It matters little whether a black is a street thug with baggy pants or has a job where he wears a three-piece suit and/or makes decent money. Women are just not finding them physically attractive, unless desperation and/or hopelessness rears its head.
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Panama City, FL

#236 Sep 13, 2013
Yes I would because I want to make beautiful babies with my fiancee. Race doesnt w/e. My child is gonna be still part black so like its's not like he's fully white like their dad.

Manassas, VA

#237 Sep 13, 2013
BM too busy w/WW, Hispanic women. I'm trying to juggle 4-5 myself lol!
ooops wrote:
BM are starting to get real damm scared seeing WM with BW ..because not only is it a power thing but BM WHO HATE BW WILL NOT BE DATING THESE Bi-racial girls that have black mothers...a bm will hide how he hates bw around her "if" he finds out the moma is black....see self hating bm prey on bi-racial girls and feel safe dating her knowing the father is a black men like him..infact some feel these girls "belong to them " lol
So when the mother is blk not only does this make some bm feel more inferior...they have to find a way to turn the relationship into something negative with the know making tons of reasons why she is f*cked up and she must be his slave..even though her husband persued her...
So when they see the children from this union they want to seperate them you know saying..since daddy is white this brown skin child in most cases is now white? lol...even though they look just like the children bm have with ww
is there some secret genetic war bm are trying to have with wm? do they actually believe they can wipe out the black race but not theirs being that whites are still the majority here?
they actually think the black race can't die off...they also hate knowing that the girl that bi racial girl loves and calls "father" is white...
BM who boast about WW CAN'T STAND seeing a BW with white men but these same men have no plans on reproducing and marrying bw so umm what's the point of talking about it all the time if you don't like bw anyway????? you want bw to die alone while you live it up looking like a fool because your not dating your own women while the world laughs at you????
I know you guys are just butt hurt...but much of this is your made your beds now lie in it

Atlanta, GA

#238 Sep 27, 2013
Generally, most black males in America are angry because of their synonymy with violent crime but they're also becoming ever-more-livid of the growth of non-black men w/black women couples just the same.

This "disapproval" of such couples may also be indirectly tied to their association with crime though nevertheless, it goin away. It's only gonna get bigger and if the textbook black man hates it, he's gonna be in a world of hurt.

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#239 Sep 27, 2013
Its funny how bm think because bw actually have the superior genes.

Atlanta, GA

#241 Oct 8, 2013
In America, textbook black males generally scoff at bi-racial people (properly defined as at least half black, half of another race or composition) because the said bi-racials are realized living, breathing evidence suggesting the country's BM population growth may be in the red zone.

Atlanta, GA

#242 Dec 20, 2013
In America, your population ain't automatically or magically increased in a day, a month, a year or even a generation - that's your central detriment.

Atlanta, GA

#243 Dec 20, 2013
Ask yourselves why y'all are so angry and ponder if Angry Black Theory boosts credence or credibility.

Atlanta, GA

#244 Dec 20, 2013
Conduct your own research yourselves if you're a disbeliever, but you should do it w/o being angry or your outcome's gonna be distorted.

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