Impeachment! "Obama" knowingly lied...

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#3 Oct 31, 2013
Impeach Obama wrote:
Knowingly lying to the (real) American people is an impeachable offense. "Obama" (or whatever his real name is) WILL be impeached for his hatred of White-created and White-built America. He and his ugly-ass scowling gorilla "wife" will be in f ucking prison where ill-bred pieces of shit like them belong.
These dumb animals KNEW that their vile Barrycare scheme would KILL the American economy and pushed it through anyway.
Almost like they INTENDED to kill this White-created and White-built America.
How do you this is going to work out for you nighurs? We KNOW you ugly useless slave-begotten nighurs voted 96% for the destruction of the greatest country in Human history.
When? Can we get a specific date?

Lockport, KY

#4 Oct 31, 2013
CoolMandingo82 wrote:
I tell you what. The Secret Service is earning every cent of their salaries. This is my biggest worry for Obama. TO many people hate him with a passion. its insane We have had way way way worse presidents. Oh i see its because he is Black or half black.
Its not because he has black blood. It's because of his infatuation with Marxism and Leninists. So I cannot speak for everyone. But I would have vited for Colin Powell back when there was a buzz that he might make a bid for the presidency.
Hindsight is 20/20, and obama will definitely be in the category of worst presidents in our history

Lockport, KY

#6 Oct 31, 2013
CoolMandingo82 wrote:
<quoted text>
I know i know more code words. Dog Whistles and false flags. "Kenyan", " Not American" " illegal presidency" aka RACISM.
You know what. nobody cares about cries of "Racism" anymore. you are like the boy who cried wolf. after awhile, people dont give a sh#t. you'd do well to discern the difference between whats real and whats imagined. Of course there are people who dont like him because they are racists. but not everyone. the vast majority who dont like him, don't because he's far, far left of center.

Lockport, KY

#10 Oct 31, 2013
CoolMandingo82 wrote:
<quoted text>
I know i Know racism is gone. Black people just making it up, 1/3 black men will get jail time in their life. its just criminal black men doing crazy stuff. 80% OF MEN WHO USE HARD DRUGS AND SELL HARD DRUGS ARE WHITE. YET 80% OF THE MEN IN JAIL ON DRUG CHARGES ARE BLACK MEN. NO RACISM THERE I AM SHOCKED AM SHOCKED. the war on drugs put more black men more non violent black men in jail than it did white men. EVEN THOUGH MORE WHITE MEN USE AND SELL DRUGS THAN BLACK MEN OMG OMGG OMG. From the same country who enslaved Black men and Black women and BLACk children no way.
Dog Whistles Because see white people are still very much racist. but today they cant just come out and say " we hate Obama because his black". They have to use code words. "ObamaCare" Welfare President" " Kenyan " "His Arab " " his not one of us " HIS NOT ONE OF US. IF THATS NOT THE BIGGEST CODE WORD FOR WE DONT WANT A BLACK PRESIDENT I DONT KNOW WHAT IS.
GEORGE BUSH SPENT SO MUCH MONEY ON THE WARS, YES WARS MORE THAN ONE. IN THE MIDDLE EAST. WE ARE BROKE. Tea party didnt start nope. But as soon as WE LAND OUR FIRST BLACk /Half Black president. WOW SHOCKING SHOCKING TEA party forms voltron and wants to destroy him. COLOR ME SHOCKED!
you dont listen very well.

Montgomery Village, MD

#12 Oct 31, 2013
Topix deleting my posts since 2011. I hate this place. The racist trolls don't get deleted but I do? Come on now.

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Oct 31, 2013
Coolmandingo82 wrote:
Topix deleting my posts since 2011. I hate this place. The racist trolls don't get deleted but I do? Come on now.
for whatever its worth, I dont think its right that your texts got deleted. mainly because I want everyone to see the stupidity in the words you write.

Montgomery Village, MD

#15 Oct 31, 2013
I don't get why Republicans hate Obama so much call him too far left. He is. a terrible deal maker when It comes progressive issues.we didn't get single payer on the healthcare bill. Still don't have an energy act to stop pollution. EPA has no teeth, Republicans shut down the government and basically got everything they wanted. USA is wasting , wasting billions of $$ a year on defensive spending we don't need. The military is telling them to stop making new tanks and ships. Yet Republicans want more cuts on social security and food stamps. While cutting more taxes for the top 2% super rich. I still don't get how poor whites, even middle class whites and women vote Republican its mind blowing! Republicans also want to cut education, and projects jobs bill to rebuild America into a 21th century nation. We have old roads, failing bridges and land marks. Its a shame because of prejudges against a president. Their willing to destroy this country. And punish the middle class or poor.

“The sun also rises”

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Dubtown Ohio

#18 Oct 31, 2013
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha facts don't lie Obama is president until 2016

Barrie, Canada

#19 Oct 31, 2013
The affirmative action obamanation will be removed from office by a CIA-military coup within the next eighteen months.

“The sun also rises”

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Since: Mar 11

Dubtown Ohio

#20 Nov 2, 2013
Klaus666 wrote:
The affirmative action obamanation will be removed from office by a CIA-military coup within the next eighteen months.
and you should be removed from the human species
Blacks Are Worthless

Miami, FL

#21 Nov 2, 2013
Ocoonbongo is a n!@@er & a traitor to America, impeachment is too good for that muslim filth, he should be charged with committing crimes against humanity.

Montgomery Village, MD

#22 Nov 2, 2013
Impeach Ted Cruz and the Republican tea party ran house of Congress. Their racist nut jobs.

“I'm a proud grandma”

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#23 Nov 2, 2013
Republicans dropped the ball, while they were acting out with the government shutdown. They keep coming up short and pointing fingers, and now want an impeachment.

Fix the healthcare system, Republicans, and stopped trying to enlighten us with quotes from Dr. Seuss, and racist jokes about Nigerians.

Ted Cruz is carrying the water for ya, no? Is he not the next Romney?

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