Do Arab Men Like Black Women?

Brooklyn, NY

#108 Aug 1, 2013
Vega wrote:
I think black women need to get real on this. Arabs are only going to marrying women of their same faith so unless you want to become a Muslin you need to steer clear of Arab men because they will only use and drop you for their Islamic brides.
Oh- blackwomen beware! Be VERY aware! NOT AT ALL a wise choice for the best of your intrest. These souls has treacherous hearts (hey will bomb theirselfves next to their (chilld)(mother) or (wife and kids) JUST TO GET THERE POINT ACROSS; they DISPISE blkwomen. safe, be wise, keep your distance, and RUN, as FAR as you can RUN.

United States

#109 Aug 1, 2013
I hung out with someone from the Middle East & he hit on every white woman he saw. I mean literally, every white woman he saw. He wanted to go to a strip club so I took him to an all black strip club. When we were at the bar a stripper came over to us & made a pass at him. I was willing to pay for the table dance, but he said, "NO!" The stripper reached out to touch him & he jumped away & kept telling her not to touch him. He told me that he didn't like black women.

Garden City, MI

#111 Aug 8, 2013
Well I date an arab n I am black we been together for 4 years almost five. And I wanna marry him n convert I just think he thinks it may be to much for me. But I think not I have met his brothers n father someday his mother n sisters. They are a nice family also nice n gentle to me . So am i like to be around the them they are fun. Just good going people I like that. I'm african american n half indian n I have family back n africa . It don't matter ur race r color long as u love each other n willing to be there with each other. And I love him n he love me n I'm going to be there. But f there is a time come when everything falls I will have to let go I dnt. Wt to but me knowing I have to plus he is my first love so it would really be hard for me .

Johannesburg, South Africa

#113 Sep 25, 2013
Yes, its true.. be careful when an arab man is chasing after you if you are a black girl. The truth is only sleep with black women and disappear, and then they will
marry their own women, so please dont waiste your time with these arab men they are not like white men besides why go after them? they treat their women like dirt and beat them up..and still they go cheat with other women while their wife remain faithful to them..besides they are very racist people, they hate black people..

Mississauga, Canada

#114 Oct 16, 2013
I am Caribbean good black woman and dating an Arab man for a few years and we are engaged so most of the comments I see is false

Mississauga, Canada

#115 Oct 16, 2013
And a lot of what I see is ignorance, you need to know things before saying things not just base facts on opinions...

Satellite Beach, FL

#116 Nov 3, 2013
I totally disagree with all your posting. I know middle eastern men that have married African american female and have treated them like queens. It is obvious that all of you have never had intimate knowledge of people of middle eastern extraction. By the way I have three grown children by an arab man, whose family would kill anyone that messes with them period.

Satellite Beach, FL

#117 Nov 3, 2013
Of course, if you are a ignorant acting individual, why would anybody black, white, asian or otherwise want you? People are people, all belong to the human race. Love among people is not dependent upon geographics, skin color but seeing each as human beings living on the planet earth.


#118 Nov 4, 2013
@Jackie, and unknown, You are a compulsive liars.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#119 Nov 7, 2013
No we don't.

Level 2

Since: Sep 13

Location hidden

#120 Nov 22, 2013
so why did Osama Bin Laden want Whitney Houston? Why is Janet Jackson Married to a Wealthy Arab Man that went after her? Both are AAW.
Janet Jackson

Waukegan, IL

#123 Apr 13, 2014
Oh k unless you've been living under a rock we all know Janet Jackson is currently married to multi billionaire Wissan Al Mana. So I assume she must be the exception to the rule.

I tell you what even if Arab men just want casual sex from black women well my thoughts are everyone is clearly missing the big picture like their culture women are getting a great prize, when they have to be covered daily from the world. They are brutually beaten torchered the female girls are married off to old men, go to CNN & Youtube youll see incest going on young female girls beatn to death. Trust me in the words of Oprah to be born in America is a blessing fuck em.........You all are acting like because they chose to marry their own, its a disrespect towards black women honey to b treated worst than and demean worst than an animal is no offense to me.

That's not racism let their muslim women have them. Hell Janet Jackson has a billionaire husband an Arab so she we won sistas. I know the Arabic women are mad as shit behind that and the me wish, Bahahahaha I cant tell you how many Arab me try and talk to me and I brush them off. They can keep their no voice covered sex slave embred children that they disfigure and burn. You people need to do your research..........who gives a shit. I DONT!

Brooklyn, NY

#124 Apr 14, 2014
Vega wrote:
I think black women need to get real on this. Arabs are only going to marrying women of their same faith so unless you want to become a Muslin you need to steer clear of Arab men because they will only use and drop you for their Islamic brides.
PLEASE!...don't say,..QUOTE: "BlackWomen." UNQUOTE as if (ALL) blackwomen WANT. These *middle eastern HAbibi men; (blackwomen) want THEM?? It IS NOT TRUE.

I'm an African American Woman, and I DON'T LIKE, TRUST, nor EVEN CARRRRREEEEeee to be with *MIDDLE EASTERN MEN; they don't like us, my people, and NOR do I LIKE THEM and their people.

They ARE violent, murderous, BOMB kiLLING, TORTURING, CAzY clan of people; they will play GOD with people lives- and kill AT THE DROP OF A HAT.

They say, and think, BLACKPEOPLE are violent to eacher it at times has happened- but these middle easterners are BLOOD THIRST (VIOLENT) and will take lifves of ANYONE child, women, and men, JUST TO MAKE A STUPID MOTHER- fug-in 'STATEMENT.' And MORE than NOT SO the 'STATEMENT' actually makes NO SENSE for lifves to be taken.

To get in volved intimately with THESE would be BEYOND crazy. Besides, middle easterners and blackpeople JUST DON'T GO WELL.

ANY blackwoman and/or women who chance being STUPID to get involve intimately with them..WOULD DESERVE to get whatever it would she would get. THESE PEOPLE are VIOLENT, MAD, PEOPLE.

Toronto, Canada

#125 Nov 20, 2014
Am lebanese married to black muslim.I love her and i have three kids with her.The cost is huge i wont be able to live in my country.

Southfield, MI

#126 Dec 31, 2014
Peachy wrote:
We already know that black, latino and some white men love black women. I have had Arab men flirting with me since my early teens but I'v yet to see to an Arab man and black woman married couple. Why is that? Plus don't start in about Islam because if I was truly in love with my man, like a dutiful mate I would learn what's important to him and convert.
So why would u convert??? U dont love your own religion enough??? Ashame... U dont deserve to be with anyone let alone a muslim man if your so easily swayed

Philadelphia, PA

#127 Jul 18, 2015
I am an Arab man of Jordanian decent. My fiancée is black American. Two different cultures, traditions, and religions. We Lways have troubles with these but always find a way through. We have a beautiful son. She realizes that my son is Jordanian first then black. He carries my name and soon enough she will share my name too. A woman can be a woman no matter where or what she is or from. My lady does everything an Arab woman would do and then some. It is very possible. Don't ever doubt.

Carrboro, NC

#128 Aug 23, 2015
What's going on with some of these people spelling and grammar. This makes it hard to comprehend what their trying to say.

Centurion, South Africa

#129 Oct 19, 2015
I really think its unfair to judge and single them out and say arab man
every person has a soul every person loves different
It doesnt matter wether they are arabic or not!

Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico

#130 Oct 19, 2015
I want them damn muslim jihadists to stay the hell away from our AA gals.

Tumba, Sweden

#131 Feb 4, 2016
tshad wrote:
<quoted text>
you are right , Arab are like Somalis , they are a close community they mix rarely and when they do ,they do it with people that share the similaire culture as them .by the way what language do they speak in Syria beside Arabic ?
lol it's Arabic we speak only Arabic in Arab countries

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