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#1 Jul 26, 2013
Black is the color which absorbs all. In physics a Blacks form of any shape is the perfect absorber of all energies; it is called a Black Body.

A black body is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence.
A black body in thermal equilibrium (that is, at a constant temperature) emits electromagnetic radiation called black-body radiation. The radiation is emitted according to Planck's law, meaning that it has a spectrum that is determined by the temperature alone (see figure at right), not by the body's shape or composition.
A black body in thermal equilibrium has two notable properties:[1]
1. It is an ideal emitter: it emits as much or more energy at every frequency than any other body at the same temperature.
2. It is a diffuse emitter: the energy is radiatedisotropically, independent of direction.
An approximate realization of a black surface is a hole in the wall of a large enclosure (see below). Any light entering the hole is reflected indefinitely or absorbed inside and is unlikely to re-emerge, making the hole a nearly perfect absorber. The radiation confined in such an enclosure may or may not be in thermal equilibrium, depending upon the nature of the walls and the other contents of the enclosure.[2][3]
Real materials emit energy at a fraction—called the emissivity—of black-body energy levels. By definition, a black body in thermal equilibrium has an emissivity of ε = 1.0.

That’s a secret whites don’t want you to know about. A Black hole the fiercest thing in the universe is an example of a black body. It can suck in so much energy and gravity that it can used to travel instantly to the other side of the universe or into the past or future.

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#2 Jul 26, 2013
BLACK is the meaning of KAM ­root of Chemistry, study of the building blocks of Life. Life is founded upon CARBON, the BLACK element present in all living matter. Black carbon atoms, with other atoms link to form Black Melanin, which has "Black-Hole" properties. Black Holes are found at the center of our own galaxy and countless others. In physics, a "Black Body" is known to be a perfect absorber and perfect radiator of all forms of light and energy. This "Black Body Radiation" is at work in the Electron, as shown by Nobel prizewinner, Richard Feynman. The Electron is responsible for all "Khem-ical" changes in matter. It has been present since the creation of the Universe. Scientist Jean Charon proved the Electron has all the properties of the Black Hole, plus it exchanges "Black Photons" with other Electrons, enabling it to continuously accumulate data. This means that if we view the Electron as a carrier of memory, it has experienced everything in creation since the very beginning. Blackness is fundamental to the operation of the universe of Energy. God is the Giver of All Energy: "Blackness" (not darkness) allows the perfect reception of all wavelengths of Energy. Regarding blackbodies /blackbody radiation, a physics book shares the following: "a body which is a good reflector is a poor radiator. A blackbody...described as a perfect radiator must therefore, also be a perfect absorber. This...means simply that such a body must absorb all the radiation falling upon it. This requirement could be fulfilled by drilling a small hole in a large hollow sphere since any radiation falling on the hole would be effectively trapped inside, being reflected back and forth from the walls indefinitely without finding the exit. If such an arrangement were heated the radiation streaming out of the hole would be characteristic of a blackbody and the emissivity would be unity
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#3 Jul 26, 2013
Also the color of shit. Not a coincidence either.

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#4 Aug 1, 2013
To the top.
Cap Black

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#9 Aug 1, 2013
"You are the God youve been praying to!"--Elijah Muhhamad

"there was never a time that you where not alive!"--(Bhagavad Gita)

The human body is a prison for the Soul or in other words, the Soul is entrapped, incarnated or imprisoned in the physical body, only temporarily. The Sun's ‘Light' and the Seven earth atmospheres layers acts as a prism (prison), which Melanin acts as black holes absorbing, conducting, transforming ALL sounds, electrical, magnetic, light, heat, radiation, waves, and frequencies.

I am Amun/Amen the true Christ(not the fake european invented one) and the white man's "anti-christ"(i was here before xtianity),and I am the Sun of my own creation "I made myself in my mothers womb" I never had a real father or mother just the fleshly ones I created and made my parents.I Am the sun/soul/of man.I am that I am

In every star burns a core,in that core in every star is a carbon substance called melanin,in the core of every person is melanin that gives birth to a star

"Now shall i speak to you knowledge ancient beyond the thought of thy race. Know ye that we of the Great race had and have knowledge that is more than humans. Man is a star(God)bound(trapped inside)to a human body until the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggling and toiling thy utmos/jt star within you bloom out with new life"--Emerald Tablet of Tehuti

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#10 Aug 9, 2013
Yes carbon the Black element is what life is made of.

“sly as a fox”

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#12 Aug 9, 2013
---OH---REALLY--- wrote:
You're not "black", dopey.
You're brown,
....the color of feces.
Do you have a feces fetish?

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