What Gang Is Biggest Where You Live?

What Gang Is Biggest Where You Live?

Created by LazlowX on Apr 12, 2009

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Gangster Disciples



Black Disciples

Vice Lords

Latin Kings

Black Stones


Other -- Home Grown


Holbrook, AZ

#190 Apr 18, 2012
wat up 2 all da hmies talkin straight out frm phx az. Cuzz we grown rollin deep holdn it dwn n da valley az always keepit gangsta yeah me talkn sht straight frm da din'e nation hmies keep bangin .
hilltopbloodsmin nesota

Minneapolis, MN

#193 Jan 4, 2013
bloods run the world

United States

#195 Feb 12, 2013
All vice lord bloodz and most native mob are united in mn nd mess with red mess with us all family ova everything

Riverside, CA

#196 Feb 26, 2015
jayrag wrote:
in Georgia we don't reall have gangs. just dope dealers and wannabe thugs. none of the big gangs are in my area.
Yeah I don't know what your talking about but gangs are everywhere in the world Georgia has alots of gangs in every city and you say wannabees you don't even know what wannabees are you really wanna know or you think Im lying anyways wannabees are gangs that are not affiliated with the bigger gangs like nortenos bloods surenos. Crips people nation folk nation and ms13 etc theres crips sets like westside crips cartel southside gangsta crips but the biggest gangs are the mexican gangs like ms 13 the worlds fastest growing gang 700.000 members estimated worldwide they have different sets but yeah every city you go there's gangs and yep. Crips stand for " California revolution in progress or Community revolution in progress" and bloods stand for "brotherly love overcome our depression" in bloods have between 15.000 to 20.000 members and crips has between 30.000 to 35.000 just message me or replay if you want me to tell me if I should do a gang roll call of different gangs in what cities they are from and what state ps mexican gangs mostly were nike Cortes shoes white pro club shirts and baggy dickies pants and shorts and wear knee high tube socks and also black locs sunglasses.

Columbus, OH

#197 Feb 26, 2015

Riverside, CA

#198 Feb 26, 2015
9 trey bloods Christianburg.va latin kings Glasgow.va sur 13 southside x3 bloods in bobtown.va colonial beach Warsaw.va bloods and crips Windsor.va four horsemen wytheville.va slaunton bloods Verona.va crips lynnhaven.va warlocks mc mt Jacksonm.va bloods radford.va ms 13 Strasburg.va bloods latin kings crips Montpelier.vt deathrow 35 Lyndonville.vt latin kings St. Albans.vt bloods Springfield.vt killer Bronx committee winooski.vt nortenos 14 and qvo mid vale.ut the little rascals silent decendents mc iron horsemen mc hells angels mc sons of silence mc Murray.ut surenos 13 south Salt Lake City.ut 104 st gangstas Newport.va ms 13 ashburn.va bloods Powhatan.va crips Salem.va outlaws mc ormand beach fl aryan nation draper.ut Tongan crips bloods surenos nortenos sandy.ut bloods crips 5x snake kings surenos 13 norte 14 jump st latin kings all in council bluffs.ia soldiers of the aryan culture and silent aryan warriors in Farmington.ut Mongols mc Roy.ut varrio loco town taylorsville.ut crips and bloods bountiful.ut juggalos nortenos surenos tremonton.ut kr3w and straight edge Spanish fork.ut surenos 13 ppl in payson.ut vagos mc garland.ut king mafia disciples Iraqi mafia toonersville Rifa surenos alley boys Salt Lake City.ut cg 13 Provo.ut king mafia disciples magna.ut forever about breed and 100 click Missouri city.tx aryan brotherhood of texas Denison and Marshall.tx eastside temple and jay mafia temple .tx Rancho Alegre Alice .tx crips spring.tx tango blast Mercedes.tx latin kings crips giddings.tx westside crips lakeside crips la marque.tx crips sealy.tx texas 7 Huntsville.tx omega crips Galveston.tx brown assassins texas city.tx sur 13 colony.tx ms 13 Hitchcock.tx gangsta disciples humboldt.tn fam mob north Memphis.tn vice lords Brownsville.tn bloods white haven.tn playboy surenos 13 Bartlett.tn aryan nation juggalos Clinton.tn vice lords tullahoma.tn kitchen crips mason.tn ill show more later deuces

Riverside, CA

#199 Feb 26, 2015
WLC wrote:
<quoted text>
so this gang DOESN'T kill for street cred... BUT... it is a street gang.
am I getting this right???????
and why do they have drugs and weapons... again????
(YOU devils sure can LIE)
There's a street gang called sons of silence lol all I heared was that it was a biker gang lolz

Riverside, CA

#200 Feb 26, 2015
The_Chad wrote:
<quoted text>
There are no gangs in the county I live in....
Ok we're you live there gangs everywhere and you guys say wannabees wtf? Wannabees are gangs that are not affiliated with the high ranking gangs like bloods crips surenos nortenos lolz its so funny you say they wish they were gang members but there not that's what you guys thinking but its not lol so when you guys are saying there wannabees you really saying there a gang but not affiliated wtf you guys don't make sense lolz

Riverside, CA

#201 Feb 26, 2015
Here's some of the gangs in Minnesota black panthers-shotgun crips-pstons-native mob- vice lords-black p stones-Los quientes locas-cash money boys-mexican mafia-hells angels mc-brownpride for life-latin kings-gangsta disciples-native vice lords-almighty vice lords-vatos locos-white supremacists-nortenos 14-rough tough Somalis-texas syndicate-surenos 13-sons of silence mc-prison motorcycle brotherhood-royal Cambodian bloods but I'm from jurupa valley so Cali 951
Drilling for the nerve

Batavia, NY

#202 Feb 27, 2015
Here in Zimbabwe By The Lake, NY, we have the all AA male, West Side Hood Rats. During the warm summer months, they enjoy wearing open-toed sandals, pastel-colored tutus, and painting their toe nails various shades of the rainbow.

Oddly enough, the West Side Hood Rats do not allow female members. Rumor has it there's a waiting list of AA males anxious to join. Imitation gangs have sprung up all over the city.

Riverside, CA

#203 Feb 27, 2015
Los locos ripley.tn sur13 collierville.tn vice lords Sparta.tn gangster disciples Milan.tn 357 crips s.pittsburg.tn the lost boyz Columbia.tn bloods and crips Bristol.tn bloods la vergne.tn hells angels mc Mongols mc outlaws mc sons of silence mc sturgis.sd 10-4 round tree circle gang Chester.sc blat sex money Murda bloods Greer.sc summa town bound and west cash Summerville.sc bloods gaston.sc ms 13 crips orangeburg.sc young Gunnas and young goons Dorchester terrace.sc southside pirus n.charleston.sc town of Lincolnville gang myrtle beach.sc 715 fam-901 kash over broads-southside bloods York.sc bloods and crips Conway.sc latin kings-satan disciples-gangster disciples-vice lords-latin disciples-crips-bloods Lorain.oh bloods and crips belvedere.sc crazy white boys winnsboro.sc one trey five greenbrier.sc nine trey and ridgeway boyz ridgeway.sc gangsta killa bloods irmo.sc bloods Camden.sc bloods socastee.sc crips-bloods-brick city boys Anderson.sc felony lane gang St. Andrews.sc crew 42 union.sc folk nation blackville.sc red scorpion rolling 20 bloods and gangster disciples darlington.sc clover gs and west west clover.sc conservative vice lords merriweather.sc latin kings and queens nation Greensboro.sc ms 13 saluda.sc gangster disciples new berry.sc bloods and five percenters dillon .sc bloods in Bennettsville and loris.sc e town gang and bloods edge field .sc j town boys-m8-3.5 boys Johnston.sc 7 town gang Trenton.sc bloods-18th st-napa boys Georgetown.sc low valley kings-la gran familia-sur13- mexican mafia-la raza Hilton head island.sc bloods fort mills.sc respect us outlaws Krew (tagging crew) rubidoux.ca bloods Bristol.ri ms 13 Taunton and Johnston.ri sons of Samoa-sbe-free bands new port.ri bloods Fall River.ri ms 13 Chatham.pa greenway boys and back st boys Philadelphia.pa black p stones Hamilton township.pa bloods Kingston.pa bloods and crips Lebanon.pa 64th and callow hill gang west Philadelphia.pa bloods coolbaughtownship..pa ms 13 and latin kings hazleton.ps crips Carbondale.pa sur13 new garden.pa bloods Smithfield township.ps felony lane newton.pa almighty renegade gangsta bloods shamokin.pa bloods west reading.pa slatington bloods and walnut port crips slatington.pa young guns and sur 13 coatesville.pa bloods Milton.pa mexican mafia-barrio small town-syndicato Nuevo Mexico - southside locos.taos.nm 18th st Montgomery village .md bloods plains town.pa rinitarios winsted.ct and trinitarios Hilliard.oh $ ill do more laters.

Riverside, CA

#204 Mar 1, 2015
Madstone bloods abingdon.va tepax3 tualatin.or norte 14 mill creek.wa brownpride raza and barrio nacked city13 mount lake terrace.wa southside kings 13 mt Vernon.wa eastside 13 Conway.wa eastside riders Tacoma.wa eastside goblins spanaway.wa eastside la flakida and 37 blocc crip gang and criminal minded loco surenos 13 and eastside 60 blocc Tacoma.wa lmn 14-npp-cant stop Mexicans brownstown.wa westside totus park gang whiteswan.wa original loco boys 14 brownstown.wa native gangsta bloods whiteswan.wa inglewood family gangsta bloods aloha.or living on the top stoners 13 aloha.or hillside 12th st Cornelius.or eastside paramount 13 and 360 familia sur13 and texas block thugs bloods and southside Whittier and tokers13 and la raza playboys 13 Bellingham.wa midnite surenos lokotes 13 Blaine,birch bay.wa 18th st lynden.wa vato locos surenos 13 woodinville.wa ms13 bothell.wa eastside insane mob gang woodinville.wa trompas 13 Renton .wa sureno king lokotes 13 federal way.des Moines.wa norte 14 Renton highlands.wa Belhi califas 13 kent.wa southside locos 13 and surenos 13 issaquah.wa 74 Hoover criminals-fall city saints 44th st-surenos 13 fall city.wa surenos villians 13 kingsgate.wa tiny wino surenos-norte 14-varrio campos locos 14 burley.id sur 13 gooding.id latin kings Rupert.id surenos13 blue foot.id westside crips-southside trece13-sicc insane crip cratus-westside native gangsta bloods-Gibson nativez-Gibson Indian ballers-westside crip villians forthall.id Caldwell norte villians14-lost souls trece 13-eastside locos-Los diablos-southside soldados13 Caldwell.id southside soldados 13 napa.id do more laters.

Riverside, CA

#205 Mar 9, 2015
Norte14.napa.id southside locos diablos13.napa.id southside locos13 napa.id northside looney toons14 napa.id big tyme14 napa.id nampa northside14 napa.id eastside locos13.napa.id Blythe street13 napa.id gangster 74 disciples.helena.mt 104st westside piru mysouala.mi Florencia13-sur13--18thst Milton-freewater.or westside bandoleros hermiston.or westside Los bandoleros brown pride.cmadilla county.or westside 18th st .hermiston.or tiny locos13 hermiston.or southside Angelitos13 hermiston.or southside13 hermiston.or norte reales14 hermiston.or money gang mob hermiston.or organized criminals hermiston.or sur13 Stanfield.or gangs in walls walls.wa are la dieciocho Rifa-westside 18th st-Florencia13-labor camp killers-pmc 1st-surside13 Medford.or are columbus13-nortenos14-varrio dub flats13 and for Longview.wa are chicano pride gangstas-juggalos-lpc 8thst-norte14-sur13-la raza14-southside locos13-Irish pride-surenos porvida13-brownpride13-northsi de villains14 and in Philadelphia.pa are baby gangsters-walnut hill girls-the empire- bloods.pricetownship.pa pagans mc.limerick township.pa wheels of soul mc limerick township.pa bloods edwardsville.pa crips.hanover township.pa and Vancouver.wa are 18thst-3rd world prospect-brownpride Lokas-crip killer-deathrow bloods-east Oakland bay$hit-florencia13-mexiian vatos surenos13-nortenos14-gangster disciples-westside tepas13-southside locos13-surenos13-westside Pomona13 southside in ellensburg.wa are southside playerz13-southside locos13-northside villains14-surenos13-all brown klan13-18thst in Wenatchee.wa are ws bs 13-tiny lokote surenos-southside13-hbc-rifamo s Mariano's controlamos13-northside14-ms13 -barrio surenos trece-marijuanos13-egc-varrio Columbus street13-colonia chiques13-brownpride locos13-tiny locos surenos13-southside locos13-

Riverside, CA

#206 Mar 9, 2015
Brick city13.wenatchee.wa Atwater surenos13 Wenatchee.wa in Brewster.wa are surenos13-nortenos14-southside surenos13-surenos porvida13-brownpride Mexicans14-barrio Los padrinos13 in mattawa.wa are frontline gangstaz14-thiz nation-northside familia14-ssw little locos-mexican mafia-little town surenos13-surenos13-true king outlaws14-southside locos-southside13-locos Porvida13-nortenos14-northside familia14.schewana.wa fu-k mattawa.schewana.wa northside familia14 Beverly.wa locos porvida13 Beverly.wa 18thst and s/s marijuanos13. Quincy.wa pocos pero locos-florencia13 othello.wa in warden.wa are south mexican loco13-nortenos13-hs13- florencia13 Malos-eastside familia14. La Banda loca.north Atlanta.ga in Aberdeen.wa are straight edge-surenos13-southside ryders13-northside varrio14- native gangsta bloods-nortenos14-juggalos-ins ane clown posse-gk-white power-united blood nation-crips-brown power- in centralia.wa are florencia13-norte14-Santa Nita rifa13- wa lbs-blp13-southside13-surenos1 3-little valley lokotes13- in cowiche.wa are sur trece califas13-la raza14- northside villains14-nortenos14-surenos porvida13-mexican crazy surenos13. La raza14.tieton.wa in n.seattle.wa are society of kings 700 block- Edmonds finest 18thst-206 n sudeck-united Latinos-southside criminals13-south los13-eastside Santana blocc crips-rolling 60 crips-Pasadena lokotes salvatrucha13- outlaw csk-outlaw blocc-msc13-Vicky's town13-eastside lake bity ave piru- eastside head hunter piru-gp13-eastside ave piru-csk-206 blue mafia crips-800 blocc-

Riverside, CA

#207 Mar 9, 2015
In Seattle.wa there are gangster two six-la primera surenos13-little valley lokotes13-wwg13-westside13-wes t uce piru-varrio 38th st-southland villains13-Santa bruta13-Rancho San pedro3rd st-pointside gangstas-native pride-native mobb pike street-mexican mafia-eastside clovers13-down azz playerz- clanton14st-Chicanos porvida and in e.seattle are valleyhood piru-east union st hunters-deuce 8 gangster disciples-barrio loco humilde13-31st e.cherry block gangster disciples-- westside bloods- westside thugs13-street villains-tiny rascals gang- Seattle.wa in s/w Seattle are westside mafia bloods-westside-varrio locos13 17th ave-tnb 44 ws-sureno escondidos13-South Park locos13-southpark lokotes13-southside criminals13-surenas malditas locas13 female gang-smd13-southpark13-southsi de-Tongan crips-native gangsta crips-southside playboys13-legit native mobb down azz playerz-little ruthless boyz-la posada surenos13-insime surenos locotes13-high point-south Seattle 44 crips-gangster surenos cliqua13-florencia13-eastside familia14-calle jones Escondidos13(southpark) calle jones escondidos13(white center) e/s brownpride surenos13-white center crips-d block-blood killers-pointside gangsters west Seattle.wa calle jones escondidos Seattle.wa ( s.del ridge) white center 206-deuce eight- wild logs.mt bakers gangster disciples.mt bakers-dale blocc rainier beach.wa holly blocc 114 rainier beach.wa in s/e Seattle are united lokotes13-highway mob-scuba squad-southside locos-surenos villians13-choriso-300 blocc-4600 c plus-57th south end-83 hoova criminals-92 hoova criminals-click clack-south cloverdale 74-money gang south cloverdale-30 block gang-crip zone-islanders westside 562 long beach crips 33rdst-cross roads eastside lokotes13-deuce 0 gangster disciples-fu-- da valley- down with the crew-deuce 1 gangsta crips-south end d dub-down wit the crew 53rdst-east African posse-74 groove status-holly blocc hellraisers 44thave-varrio loco 13-native pride-northside locos 14- rainier ave 74 hoova criminals-ms13-vatos locos13

Riverside, CA

#208 Mar 9, 2015
Rest of Seattle are hillside-villains turf-32nd piru-23rd piru-souf end-south end vista blocc-gr92ve gang swisha street-south13-south young crips-tiny rascal gangsters-vice lords-barrio white fence13-westside Rollin 90 crips-southside watts varrio grape st13-young oriental troops-east union st hustlers-34th and norton gangster disciples-ghetto troops-44 south holly blocc crips-74 Hoover criminals slob remover-74 Hoover criminals ratt pack. Clique-h74ver din it-34 south Horton gangsta disciples-Horton blocc-Horton deuce jive-went folks fourth generation-holly park south end-46th and June av st folks-kern county nortenos14-street mob killa-low profile killa-central district killa-20th killa-21st killa-28th killa-4mob4 in skyway.wa are 44 holly crips-5 star point bloods-westside crips-down with the crew-nortenos14- and in ocean shores.wa are nortenos14-bloods for life-puro norte-fu-- crabs crips-westside 800th block and in Moses lake.wa are pocos locos13-pancho villa locos14-Los lokotes sur13adst-Los lokotes surenos13-eastside familia14- CCTV-Columbus st13-sur13-18thst-base blocc-mousey little valley lokotes13 norte14-coeur d' Alene.id latin kings coeur d' Alene.id varrio surenos lokotes13 and 25630 norte14 lacey.wa gangster disciples tumwater.wa southside locos13 royal city.wa surenos13-Malta.mt in rocky boy Indian reservation is native pride crips-surenos13-nortenos14-la raza14... Eastside sureno killers-bloods-sur13-westside brownpride mexicans14-Omak.nebraska-easts ide San Jose and westside piru.eugene.or in sacatan.az there's wsm.wsls lokos13-stb-13k-coke killa-nortenos14-westside 30 crips-gmc-joke killa-gilla river insane-latin kings-mv-wa-bk-Dtk-wss-nse-wes tside crips-wsck-surenos-crips-sacat an bloods 410 avengers mc and latin kings moundsville.wv grimreapers mc shadyside.oh crips Morgantown.wv cornbread mafia-elk view.wv barbarians mc and pagans mc .fairmont.wv Baxter white boys Baxter.wv twb fairmont.wv road disciples Huntington.wv avengers mc red house.wv ghost riders mc Princeton.wv

Level 1

Since: Jan 11

Bronx, NY

#209 Mar 13, 2015
The gang called The Police

Riverside, CA

#210 Mar 16, 2015
Some blood sets in San Antonio.tx are big time bloods-210 bloods-Lincoln court gangstas-San Antonio bloods-texas made bloods-mobbing to deep-westside bloods-blood girl overrunning-united blood nation-bloods down south-evil blood azz holes-eastside bloods-all day red-Denver heights bloods-bloods mobbing deep-bloody money-texas bloods overrunning-true young bloods-member of bloods-dem northern bloods-bloods murdering crips-always flamed up Kriminals-texas made playas-blood stone villians-one time-5 piru 959 piru-south east criminals-money hungry click-true young pirus-stixx blood gangstas-Wheatley courts bloods. Crip sets in San Antonio.tx are San anto crips-united crips-52 hoova gangsta crips-east terrace gangstas-big time crips-wrecking crew-San eugistine thugs-chicano organization locotez-texas boys-westside thugs-big time locs-virgins for life-sick made crips-crips murdering bloods-mobbing street krazy-true 2 blue-Indian creek posse-Denver heights crips-almighty crip gangsters-anybody killa-tippin down konstantly-texas won't stop killing-original crip gangsters-meadow trace Kriminals-third coast crips-southern criminals then Lincoln courts kings.san Antonio.tx doom city.deerfield.fl renegade goon squad.pompano.fl riverside ballas.coral springs.fl insane money gang.hollywood.fl insanes.st Lawrence.fl east Haiti 360.e.hammond.indiana tuskaville gang. St Lawrence.fl Custer street Zoe's.stamford.ct now top 6 gang.sets are San castle.boynton.fl g block.lake worth.fl 14th Zoe boys.w.palm beach.fl c terrace.lake worth.fl fade squad.lake worth.fl 2nd ave Zoe's.w.palm beach.fl triple 6th ave.boca raton.fl gods mafia.baton rouge.la one stop.lake worth.fl amazon killaz.lake worth.fl Haitian voodoo posse.delray beach.fl dog patch.boca raton.fl dam dem dawgs.west palm beach.fl 561 nightmare gangstas.boynton beach.fl 954 imperial thugs.pompano beach.fl palmetto park.boca raton.fl grave yard 6.pompano beach.fl elite assassin unit.atlanta.ga forbidden mercenary family.miami.fl 3rd st warriors.deerfield beach.fl southside executioners.orlando.fl killing spree mafia.tallahassee.fl deathrow gang.bronx.ny devils syndicate.new Orleans.la celestial hunters.memphis.tn Afro Caribbean kings.miami.fl sons of samedi.jacksonville.fl under ground Zoe's.tampa.fl black power emperors.tampa.fl no limit.pensacola.fl cold blooded killers.brooklyn.ny zone8.boca raton.fl z zone.atlanta.ga hill zone soldiers.tampa.fl goon money squad.new Orleans.la imperial royal saints.miami.fl rampage killer army.key west.fl down south hustlers.fort pierce.fl omega alpha ridas.hillsboro.tx

“No more wars--I promise”

Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Columbus Ohio

#211 Mar 16, 2015
The Boy Scouts are pretty tough where I live

Riverside, CA

#214 Mar 23, 2015
Pagans mc.princeton.wv Dgf.cudahy.wi surenos-3ps.whitewater.wi latin kings.cudahy.wi bloods.watertown.wi bloods crips.oregon.wi crips marshfield.wi juggalos.oshkosh.wi tres puntos.jefferson.wi gangster disciples-killa squad-latin kings.hayward.wi latin kings.lac bu flambeau.wi latin kings.crandon.wi gangsta disciples.lake Geneva.wi the rednecks-porno palace players-gangsta disciples.portage.wi 30s-gdt-bang bang-gd74-to damn real-gdn-gangster disciples-nfl-ns6-lp.caledonia .wi bloods.sheboygan falls.wi the ghost riders.stoughton.wi bay city kings.green bay.wi sinister soldiers.rock springs.wy juggalos-sur13.torrington.wi Los zetas.devine.tx rosedale park kings.san Antonio.tx mexican mafia.pearsell.tx tango blast.moody.tx ms13.hedwig village.tx ms13-tango blast.richmond.tx gulf cartel-Los zetas-aryan brotherhood of texas-tango blast-vallucos-ms13.roma.tx aryan brotherhood of texas.mineralwells.tx bloods-crips-northbrook13.spri ngbranch.tx sur13-ms13.stafford.tx the fish bowl.fortworth.tx varrio carnales.wichita falls.tx northside four trey gangsta crips.fortworth.tx somos pocos pero locos.houston.tx tango blast-raza unida.kingwood.tx sur13.round rock.tx dirty white boys-aryan brotherhood.seagoville.tx more later

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