Memorandum for Marisol Valles García

Memorandum for Marisol Valles García

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Tim John

Spokane, WA

#1 Oct 28, 2010
- Marisol Valles García

You are an incredibly brave young woman, I envy your bravery deeply. The circumstance that you have placed yourself beyond the word; bravery, I'm very humbled by your cause to do the right thing in such a unbelievably dangerous environment. I want to type this message to you here, which you will probably never see; however, your story is a very touching story, one for which few people would never believe. Mexico's Valley of Juárez is without question one of the most hostile places in the world. Your new position as police a 20 year old woman with no firearms training numbs my brains receptors for belief...but begs me to send you my deeply compassion. You have more back bone then any law enforcement entity I've ever heard of. My god all mighty you are one brave young woman.

You should seek grants from America, you should... Hell, everybody else does, you should call the DEA and so on and so forth and seek grants ..You say you have only two pistols? You need weapons, men and a support network. Contact the DEA and get a network of support young brave one.

Tim John

Spokane, WA

#2 Oct 28, 2010
I will tell you this, you have more backbone then any law enforcement person in America! EVER!

You are all heart Marisol Valles García, your story should be tracked from now on!

You have a child to look after, your child needs protection! You need much more protection. the drug cartels will spare for some time out of awe of your bravery, but eventually make seek to key in on your limited training and abilities.

Contact the DEA in America and ask for grants, support, and men, contractors anyone.
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#3 Oct 28, 2010
You are going to need weapons training, hell you need tactical training, you should travel to America for advanced training. Get the type of training that's going to keep you stay alive down there please. Contact someone to assist you with your training.
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#4 Oct 28, 2010
"PRAXEDIS G. GUERRERO, Mexico — Policing in some rural towns in the dangerous Valley of Juárez is now in the hands of a 20-year-old female student.

Her name is Marisol Valles García. And the dream of this young woman is to restore trust in her 13-member agency as the chief of police in Praxedis G. Guerrero.

“We just have to believe that we can,” Valles said in a soft voice Wednesday at the library of the border town, which is 35 miles southeast of Juárez.“It is my community. We all dream about peace.”

Freckle-faced Valles is still a college student pursuing a degree in criminology at a Juárez university. She is petite, has delicate features and wears little to no make-up. Although she did not want to share information about her family for security concerns, Praxedis Mayor José Luis Guerrero said Valles is married and has an infant son..."

...You are one amazing young woman, your story has touched me deeply today, you are a law enforcement person who actually care about her community, your heart is bigger than mountains here! Your courage to go into this role is mind boggling.
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#5 Oct 28, 2010
Wow, I

You are wow! That's all any man or woman can say, the area that you are in has seen 2400 killings over drug related matters this year!

You know what happened to the last chief and there you are standing in those big shoes

Contact the DEA in America, hell contact Barack Obama, get you the type of resources down there that you need straight away!
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#6 Oct 28, 2010
It's hard for me to even write clearly to you.

The drug cartel thugs, are sitting around now with their mouths gaped wide open I'm sure of it.

Just in another city, the entire police force quit down there Los Arromne or something like that, and you go to the worst city at 20 years old and step in as chief while going to school and with a young child!

,..Please contact the DEA and whoever you need to get some funding
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#7 Oct 28, 2010
I certainly hope nothing ever happens to you. You have placed yourself in harms way at odds even US soldiers are second too.

,..I hope you know what you are doing.

I will be monitoring your story from this day forward...
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#8 Oct 28, 2010
When your story first showed up, I said nothing thinking it was a misprint or propaganda....but you are real...and you are wow-One amazingly brave woman... there is not a law enforcement person in this country (America) at any level.. that would step in your shoes down there. Not one!

,..I'm going to follows any news about you every day. I'm setting up a browser that will search your name everyday.
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#9 Oct 28, 2010
"Valles Garcia got the Praxedis job because she offered a radically new police strategy: emphasize crime prevention and community development and let state and federal forces take on the cartels. Until now, city cops were seen as backup for the federal police and frequently got sucked into the violent tit-for-tat killings that have made the region so dangerous. Under Valles Garcia, the force will have a more proactive role, building social development programs, rather than just simply doing patrols and responding to shots fired..."

I wonder if the FBI is taking notes on what 'true' proactive and preventative measures are...and not new COINTELPRO!

Of course they are not!
Mandingo Warrior

Round Rock, TX

#10 Oct 29, 2010
I'm telling you this chic is super Brave. Not as brave as the Warrior but very close. It reminds me of when I went up against the Cartels last year in Juarez. Calling the Zetas and the other mofos' "Maricones and Jotos" in their backyard and they didn't do shyt to me. They tried but I phucked them up. The Warrior then proceeded to take their women, cars and money. The Cartels ain't shyt when they they try to Bop against the Warrior! Mexican chix are not only sexy but brave. BW need to learn something from this Mexican chic. Mexican women take care of business unlike BW who just sit around and bash brothas all day long.
Sinaloa Assassins

United States

#11 Oct 29, 2010
I feel sorry for her, ANYONE who stands up to the Cartels, or Mexican Mafia and drug running associates eventually gets Killed in a very gruesome manner.

May God bless her and her Family.

Jamaica, NY

#12 Oct 29, 2010
I think it's courage mixed with idealism and sprinkled with the stupidity of youth. ...but in general I will give her courageous.
Tim John

Spokane, WA

#13 Nov 30, 2010
"Female Police Chief Murdered in Mexico..."

This was the news today 11/30/2010

...I was really worried this was you, Marisol Valles García, though still the same this is a tragic event... you should consider a different career, Marisol Valles Garcí are a police chief at 21 years old with a newborn child..

I would hate to hear this news about anyone, but especially you

Since: Oct 09

Location hidden

#14 Nov 30, 2010
Tim John wrote:
"Female Police Chief Murdered in Mexico..."
This was the news today 11/30/2010
...I was really worried this was you, Marisol Valles García, though still the same this is a tragic event... you should consider a different career, Marisol Valles Garcí are a police chief at 21 years old with a newborn child..
I would hate to hear this news about anyone, but especially you
When I saw you post this I was scared it was her too and I am thankful it isn't. I am also veyr sorry for the women who lost her life. I say if anyone can stop the violence it is a woman.

Spokane, WA

#15 Mar 4, 2011
"A 20-year-old college student who was hired as police chief of a Mexican border town has reportedly sought asylum in the United States.

Marisol Valles Garcia "received death threats from a criminal group that wanted to force her to work for them," the relative told AFP news service on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity..."

This is a good idea, you should make arrangements to come to America. Hell the ATF is allowing guns to flow into Mexico.
Mandingo Warrior

San Marcos, TX

#16 Mar 4, 2011
Yeah that's my Girl. Brave as hell but unfortunately not even I (the great Mandingo Warrior) can protect her from those crazy Mofo's. I"ve whooped the Zetas a** before and I"ve roughed up the Juarez Cartel also but the Warrior can't do it all alone. I came close to being beheaded by those devilish Mofos but when their women saw how handsome I am, they somehow convinced the Mofos' to let me go free. Marisol stay safe and God Bless you .

Brooklyn, NY

#17 Apr 15, 2011
Mandingo, no need to suck up to us by taking cheap shots at ur own women. It's too bad that apes like you are still not accepted fully into society. Your sneaky BW bashing reflects on your own hatred for your mammy. My father and brothers would kill me for even dating a coon like you. It's best that you stick to your own or better yet, learn to choose a BW more carefully and you won't have that problem. No one here is complaing and moaning about BW but, YOU! As a White Mexican, we laugh at you neegros trying to impress ppl who look down upon you. Stop sucking up, you look stupid.

Maybe if you stop rapin and abusing your women and expecting them to take care of you all the time, you wouldn't have that problem. Since you hate ur own women, you will never be happy with who you are, being born of a BW

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#18 Apr 15, 2011
I saw a documentary on her where it stated that her parents had told her to keep a low profile for her own safety. Instead she had photos taken of herself toting a rifle and had messages posted through town stating that lawessness would not be tolerated any longer. Others attempting the same thing have been murdered. Obviously she is a very brave woman.

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