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#73 Jan 4, 2014
That's a lot of nonsense, and I haven't the time or inclination to address every bit of misinformation you've posted.

But it is very well known and proven that Europeans were never Africans they descend from very ancient peoples, beginning with Cro-Magnon and Uralics, then adding Neolithics (from the Mideast) and Aryans (from the steppes).

All Eurasians. The Basques are very ancient. The Franks were not black (LOL!!!) nor was their greatest king Charlemagne.

You're out of your Afronazi mind, boy.

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#74 Jan 4, 2014

The European Dark Ages

The "Dark Ages" is a term referring to the perceived period of both cultural and economic deterioration as well as disruption that took place in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire: the phrase was first recorded in 1602. Originally, the term characterized the bulk of the Middle Ages as a period of intellectual darkness between the extinguishing of the light of Rome, and the Renaissance or rebirth from the 14th century onwards.

The concept of a Dark Age originated with the Italian scholar Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca) in the 1330s, and was originally intended as a sweeping criticism of the character of Late Latin literature. Petrarch regarded the post-Roman centuries as "dark" compared to the light of classical antiquity. Later historians expanded the term to refer to the transitional period between Roman times and the High Middle Ages, including not only the lack of Latin literature, but also a lack of contemporary written history, general demographic decline, limited building activity and material cultural achievements in general. Popular culture has further expanded on the term as a vehicle to depict the Middle Ages as a time of backwardness, extending its pejorative use and expanding its scope.

The Problem!

Just as the Hellenes and Romans were an illiterate nomadic people, when they first entered Black Europe over a thousand years earlier. And just as they struggled to learn the ways and technologies of civilization, so it was also for the Germanic's. And just as before, there was a "Dark Ages" of regression, while they learned the ways of civilization.

But unlike the Hellenes, the Germanic's did NOT attribute their inheritance of civilization to the rightful benefactor (albeit an unwilling benefactor), the Black ancients. They perhaps ignorantly, perhaps racistly, attributed it to the Classical Greeks. Though somewhat eclipsed by technology today, the sense of a legacy was strongly felt by post-Renaissance European elite, who saw themselves as the spiritual heirs of Greece. As late as 1939 Will Durant could write "excepting machinery, there is hardly anything secular in our culture that does not come from Greece," and conversely "there is nothing in Greek civilization that doesn't illuminate our own".

Had it remained just a sense of debt to the ancient Greeks, the world would have been a much better place today. But it did not, the Germanic's not having any history of their own, decided to make one up, with the Hellenes and Romans as the base. They decided that they were the descendants of the Hellenes and Romans, but since they were White skinned, Blue-eyed, Blond haired, and the Hellenes and Romans were not. They decided to create statues and other artifacts depicting Hellenes and Romans as such.

Then, perhaps as a "Snowballing" effect, they decided that ALL ancient civilizations must be White like them also: soon White Egyptian artifacts began to appear (exclusive of the legitimate Greek and Roman period type). Then ancient Europeans, Mesopotamian's, Hebrews, and Persians became White. Then with their success in wars of expansion and colonization, they decided that because they were so great, then everyone previous of any consequence must also have been White - and the requisite artifacts thus appeared.(All this from a people who just a few hundred years earlier, couldn't figure out why it was a bad idea to shit in the same places that you took your drinking water from).

Under the heading "Better late than Never" mainstream White media, in the form of "The Guardian" known until 1959 as The Manchester Guardian (founded 1821), a British national daily newspaper: for reasons unknown, has decided to acknowledge the obvious: Greece and Rome were NOT Albino societies or cultures, and decided to do a newsstory on it, Thursday 11 July 2013.

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#75 Jan 4, 2014
The Turks

The next, and final wave of White Asians, the Turks, continued their migrations into Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, well into the modern era. And just like the previous Whites, they were bent on conquest. And just like the Germanic's, having no history, they decided to create a place in history for themselves. Thus they became the descendants of the Berbers, Egyptians, Mesopotamian's, Persians, Phoenicians, and Arabs - and oh yes, the Hebrews, vis-à-vis the Khazar Turks.

Interestingly though, Turks in Turkey proper, are taught something quite different. In the Turkish Nations creation myth (a modern country with a creation myth?). From tomes: a large or scholarly book, produced by the Ministry of Education in 1932; Turks are taught that at the dawn of history, their ancestors, led by a mythical gray she-wolf, started migrating outwards from the heart of Central Asia. As the numbers of their people swelled and droughts dried the traditional grazing lands on the steppe, some of them, they are told, even crossed the Bering Strait into the Americas. Presumably becoming the American Indians. In his later years, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the founder of the modern Turkey nation), himself adopted a creed known as the "Sun Theory", which depicts the Turks as the mother race of all mankind, and proposed that all human languages are descendants of one proto-Turkic primal language.(Note: though the theory may sound outlandish, there is justification, and anecdotal evidence, for believing that at least the "North American Indian" was a Turk mulatto).

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, taught that the Turks discovered the America's fifty years before Christopher Columbus. The proof of this assertion, he told journalist, was that the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, had obviously been named by Turks, especially since their capital was called Grand Turk.(The islands are in fact named after a fez-shaped cactus).

Under the heading "This is Backwards": Just as Albino media seems reconciled to the fact that the truth of Greece and Rome will get out. They seem determined to continue to pass-off the Turks and Turk mulattoes, of North Africa, Arabia, Middle-East, and West Asia, as original people: rather than the recent invaders that they are. Obviously this serves to continue the myth that the original people of those areas were other than Black Africans. But unfortunately for those purveyors of falsehood, many 19th century writers had already acknowledged, and wrote about the Turk conquest and rule over parts of Europe, Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa, etc. Needless to say, the primary subject matter of these books is of no interest to us, and may in fact be contrary to our position.

Prince Michael's Kingdom: A Review of the Epochs of Creation, and of the Bible History by Charles R. Harvey (1880) Link to book

The Christian Observer [Afterw.] the Christian Observer and Advocate by Anonymous Author (1867) Link to Book

A chronological, geographical and historical view of the ancient and modern world, from the earliest period to 1850 (1851) Link to Book

The Christian guardian - and Church of England magazine (1833) Link to Book


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#76 Jan 4, 2014
Who are these modern White (Albino) Europeans?
Through means and methods that we can still only guess at, these least of all humans, both numerically and otherwise, had managed to gain control over much of the world. Though that control is now waning, many, especially the uneducated, are still dependent on them to tell us exactly who they are. But even this simple task is complicated by the fact that these people once claimed to be native to Europe, and today, the uneducated still do. Therefore their researchers and educators tend to lie and double-talk as relates to the origins of the European Albinos.
The Germanics:
This is particularly true of the Germanics: The basic ethnic stock in the composition of the modern peoples of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, North and central France, Lowland Scotland, and England. When we go to the Encyclopedia to look-up Germanics, we are greeted with pure nonsense as to their origins. But when we use a lateral approach, such as looking up their former tormentors, the Huns, then we see more truthful entries.
The Huns
The Huns occupied North China from the 3rd century until 581. Having swept across Asia, they invaded the lower Volga valley (Russia - see map) c.372 and advanced westward, pushing the Germanic Ostrogoths and Visigoths before them and thus precipitating the great waves of migrations (into Europe) that destroyed the Roman Empire and changed the face of Europe.
See T. Hodgkin, Italy and Her Invaders, Vol. I (rev. ed. 1892, repr. 1967); W. M. McGovern, Early Empires of Central Asia (1939); E. A. Thompson, A History of Attila and the Huns (1948); F. Teggart, China and Rome (1969, repr. 1983); J. D. Maenchen-Helfen, The World of the Huns (1973).
The Slavs
The Slavs are the largest ethnic and linguistic group of peoples in Europe belonging to the Indo-European linguistic family. It is estimated that the Slavs number over 300 million in the world. They are usually classified in three main divisions. The West Slavs include the Poles, the Czechs, the Slovaks, and the Wends (also known as Lusatians) and other small groups in East Germany. The South Slavs include the Serbs, the Croats, the Slovenes, the Macedonians, the Montenegrins, the Bosniaks, and the Bulgars. The East Slavs, the largest group, include the Great Russians, Ukrainians, and Belorussians (or White Russians).
Ethnically the Slavs possess little unity, for they have mixed for centuries with other peoples, including Turko-Tatars, Finnic peoples, Germans, Mongols, Greeks, and Illyrian tribes. The Bulgarians are not of Slavic origin. The obscure beginnings of the Slavs have given rise to several theories, all of which include as a possible place of origin the area of the Polesie marshes in Galicia (region spanning southeastern Poland and western Ukraine ). The ancestors of the Slavs were Neolithic tribes who occupied this territory a few centuries before the Christian era.(The Albinos will not venture into their origins before this time, as that would surely lead to Central Asia and Albinohood).
See K. Jazdzewski, Atlas to the Prehistory of the Slavs (tr., 2 vol., 1948—49); J. S. Roucek, ed., Slavonic Encyclopaedia (4 vol., 1949, repr. 1969); F. Dvornik, The Slavs (1956) and The Slavs in European History and Civilization (1962, repr. 1986); S. H. Cross, Slavic Civilization through the Ages (1963); A. P. Vlasto, The Entry of the Slav
s into Christendom (1970); M. A. Gimbutas, The Slavs (1971).
Because the Turks are now a predominately Mulatto people, no efforts are made to hide their origins. Therefore all Albino sources will freely admit that Turks were an Asian People.

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#77 Jan 4, 2014

Because the Turks are now a predominately Mulatto people, no efforts are made to hide their origins. Therefore all Albino sources will freely admit that Turks were an Asian People.

Greeks and Romans

Greeks and Romans were a Black and Mulatto people comprised of the Original Black Europeans and the first Central Asian Albinos to reach Europe, circa 1200 B.C. Modern Albinos have nothing to do with these people, as they were the victims of the marauding Albinos from Central Asia. But modern Albinos do falsely claim that the Hellenes of Greece were Albinos. The Greek historian Herodotus clearly explains the Hellenes were only "partly Albino" thusly:.
Herodotus (circa 440 B.C.)

Book 1 – CLIO
[1.58] The Hellenic race has never, since its first origin, changed its speech. This at least seems evident to me. It was a branch of the Pelasgic, which separated from the main body, and at first was scanty in numbers and of little power; but it gradually spread and increased to a multitude of nations, chiefly by the voluntary entrance into its ranks of numerous tribes of barbarians.

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#78 Jan 4, 2014
Where do you get this gibberish?

Slavs descend most likely from Kurgan peoples, and this is openly discussed all the time. The Balts, to the north of the Slavs, were also Aryan-speakers, possibly also Kurgan people at one time.

Turks are from eastern Asia. To find any connection with Native Americans you'd have to go far back before the Ural-Altaic languages (such as Turkic languages) even existed.

You are babbling nonsense.

The Pelasgians, Minoans, Vincans, etc., were all Europeans...“white” if you like.

Get a grip on reality.

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#79 Jan 4, 2014
Ish Tov wrote:
<quoted text>
No, it is not albinism, fool. Albinism is a pathological condition. Skin color evolved to suit a habitat is not pathological, it is very natural.
There is nothing inferior or wrong about light skin or dark skin or whatever color skin.
Lose the racism and become fully human.
reduced pigmentation is a form of albinism, the inability to produce the various skin.pigments seen around the world.,.. Now ....you get a tan so that you can become hu (color) man
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#80 Jan 4, 2014
BigKnob wrote:
<quoted text> reduced pigmentation is a form of albinism, the inability to produce the various skin.pigments seen around the world.,.. Now ....you get a tan so that you can become hu (color) man
Dumbo whiteys rule the world! They got their light skins from the neanderthal and Cromagnon!
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#81 Jan 4, 2014
motts wrote:
Note the hateful nature of the Albino researchers; though admitting that the Grimaldi were Homo-sapiens (modern Humans), they still referred to them as "Anthropoid" meaning - resembling a human being in form. This resentful, spiteful hatred, will cloud everything they do in regards to Human history, and the Black mans almost exclusive part in making and shaping it.
It is with Cro-Magnon that the Albino people get their chance to obfuscate history so as to make it appear that they were involved in the goings-on (they assign made-up pictures of Cro-Magnon as a White man - see the Homo-2 section. But notice that there is no claim that Cro-Magnon is a "Modern" human, but only so-called "Early" or Archaic Homo sapiens or prehistoric humans - everything but Modern Human. For to call them Modern Humans would be an outright and obvious lie. The Wiki article is total nonsense.
From Encyclopedia Britannica:
Cro-Magnon, population of early Homo sapiens dating from the Upper Paleolithic Period (c. 40,000 to c. 10,000 years ago) in Europe.
In 1868, in a shallow cave at Cro-Magnon near the town of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, a number of obviously ancient human skeletons were found. The cave was investigated by the French geologist Édouard Lartet, who uncovered five archaeological layers. The human bones found in the topmost layer proved to be between 10,000 and 35,000 years old. The prehistoric humans revealed by this find were called Cro-Magnon and have since been considered, along with Neanderthals (H. neanderthalensis), to be representative of prehistoric humans.
Cro-Magnons were robustly built and powerful and are presumed to have been about 166 to 171 cm (about 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches) tall. The body was generally heavy and solid, apparently with strong musculature. The forehead was straight, with slight browridges, and the face short and wide. Cro-Magnons were the first humans (genus Homo) to have a prominent chin. The brain capacity was about 1,600 cc (100 cubic inches), somewhat larger than the average for modern humans.
Note: Neither Cro-magnon nor Neanderthal are in the direct linage of Modern Humans, who exclusively evolved in Africa. Our ancestors are Homo-Hablis and Homo-Erectus. Modern Humans first appeared about 400,000 years ago and are much OLDER than both Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon are thought to be Hybrid creatures produced by the cross-mating of Modern Humans and Homo-Erectus in the case of Neanderthal - Erectus still existed as late as 300,000 B.C. Similarly, Cro-Magnon is believed to be a Hybrid of Modern Man and Neanderthal.
Though Cro-Magnon is found all over Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean, The tendency now is to locate the origin of the Cro-Magnon type Humanoid in the Middle-east: as typified by the remains found at the Jebel Qafzeh and Skhul sites in what is now Israel. Though the inescapable logical conclusion, is that Cro-Magnon is the product of Modern man cross-breeding with Neanderthal. Like all the other theory's relating to early man, it has not yet been proven. But just as complex as the origin of Cro-Magnons, is the duration of Cro-Magnons. It appears that they only flourished during the Upper Paleolithic (old stone age 40,000 - 4,000 years ago).
Afronazi RUBBISH!
Cromagnon are DIRECT ancestors of Europeans,Middle Eastern people!
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#82 Jan 4, 2014
motts wrote:
The lineage of the Ancient Greeks is always a source of controversy. In the Histories of Herodotus, he clearly identifies the lineage of each major Greek tribe. These books are considered one of the seminal works of history in Western literature. Written from the 450s to the 420s B.C, in the Ionic dialect of classical Greek. Here we have excerpted quotes from Herodotus Histories to clearly ethnically define each tribe of the ancient Greeks.
Note: from the link above, we know that the Hellenes were NOT Whites, they just accepted Whites into their midst. Herodotus refers to the Whites as Barbarians, but if we used that term, it would be confusing to those who know the Hellenes as Whites. Since the Hellenes and others, came to be at least part White, we will continue to use Hellene.
The Cyclades Islands
The Early Cycladic culture developed on parallel lines to the Early Minoan. Thanks to obsidian from Melos, marble from many islands, and local sources of gold, silver, and copper, the Cycladic islanders rapidly became prosperous. As in Crete, the Early Bronze Age merged without incident into the Middle Bronze Age.
The Early Cycladic period is celebrated principally for its statuettes and vases carved from the brilliant coarse-crystalled marble of these islands. The statuettes, mostly of goddesses, are among the finest products of the Greek Bronze Age. They owe their charm to the extreme simplification of bodily forms. The typical “Cycladic idol” is a naked female, lying with her head back, her arms crossed over her breasts. These figures vary in size from a few inches to more than six feet in length.
AFRONAZI RUBBISH Greeks have virtually NO African DNA and are WHITE EUROPEANS
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#83 Jan 4, 2014
World DNA MAP:
www.scs, illinois.edu/~mcdonald/worldmtdnamap.pdf
NO Europeans or Middle Eastern people are related to black Africans!
Do you want a tissue to dry your tears???????
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#84 Jan 4, 2014

It really amazes me how Afronazis think they played a major role in Europe and the Middle East! In truth NO INDIGENOUS Europeans, Middle Eastern people are related to black Africans and look nothing like them! So nope you stupid low IQ Afronazi idiots, ancient Europeans.Middle Eastern were white AND STILL ARE! They are more related to each other than any other peoples! Check out the DNA map and cry!
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#85 Jan 4, 2014
motts wrote:
Modern White people
Please note: Modern White people have absolutely nothing to do with the following history. Though they are also Whites from central Asia (Albinos actually), just like the first Whites in Europe (who came circa 1,200 B.C.), they came at a much later date: circa 200 - 800 (A.D.). These modern people are the Germanics and Slavs, who were chased into Europe by the Huns of Asia. The last of these people, the Turks, were chased into the west by the Mongolians of Genghis Khan. Please see the Etruria-1 and Eastern Europe sections on the main menu for the history and genesis of those people.
Those modern Albinos who will acknowledge the ancient Blacks of Europe, encourage us to believe that the ancients were wiped-out, and the remaining absorbed by the Germanics, when they sacked Rome in 476. Romulus Augustus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was deposed by Odoacer, a Germanic chieftain. In the East, the Byzantine end came when on April 2, 1453, Turkic Sultan Mehmed's army of some 80,000 men and large numbers of irregulars laid siege to the city of Constantinople. Despite a desperate last-ditch defense of the city by the massively outnumbered Christian forces, Constantinople finally fell to the Ottomans after a two-month siege on 29 May 1453. The last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos (though Byzantines were originally Greeks, by then, Slavs had made significant inroads), was last seen casting off his imperial regalia and throwing himself into hand-to-hand combat after the walls of the city were taken.
What the Albinos are trying to hide, is that Black rule in Europe lasted well after the medieval, and was only broken by the race wars, disguised by Albino historians as religious wars, of the 1600s. In continental Europe, these were primarily the thirty years wars. In Britain there were many separate wars.
Note: As our knowledge increases we find more White lies as relates to ethnicity: The Franks and Frisians were native Black people. Undoubtedly in the future, we will find more White lies.
Germanic countries - Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, portugal, Scandinavians (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islanders, not Sami).
The Slavs
Slavic peoples are classified geographically and linguistically into West Slavic (including Czechs, Kashubians, Moravians, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks and Sorbs), East Slavic (including Belarusians, Russians, Rusyns and Ukrainians), and South Slavic (including Bosniaks, Bulgarians, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Serbs and Slovenes).
Slavic countries - Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
Italy - mixed Slav/Germanic
Greece - Mixed, mostly Slav
Armenia - mixed Slav/Turk
Algeria - mixed Berber/Germanic
Tunisia - mixed Germanic/Berber
The Turks
Turkic peoples - Göktürks, Seljuks, Khazars (Jews), Mughals, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Chuvash, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Uighur, Uzbek, and Sakha, Hephthalites.
Turkic Countries - Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).
Countries with large populations of ethnic Turks and Turkic culture:
Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain.
AFRONAZI RUBBISH FROM a low IQ Afronazi idiot!

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#87 Jan 5, 2014
BigDummy wrote:
<quoted text> reduced pigmentation is a form of albinism, the inability to produce the various skin.pigments seen around the world.,.. Now ....you get a tan so that you can become hu (color) man
Wrong as usual, racist subhuman.

Light skin in northern Eurasians (east as well as west) is due to evolution. It is as natural as any other color of skin.

“Whites” have melanin in their skin without tanning. Tanning increases it.

Hu- LOL!!! The word “human” is from the Latin Homo, as in Homo sapiens. It has nothing to do with “hue”.

Afronazis are SOOOOOOOOOOO stupid!
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#88 Jan 5, 2014
Ish Tov wrote:
That's a lot of nonsense, and I haven't the time or inclination to address every bit of misinformation you've posted.
But it is very well known and proven that Europeans were never Africans they descend from very ancient peoples, beginning with Cro-Magnon and Uralics, then adding Neolithics (from the Mideast) and Aryans (from the steppes).
All Eurasians. The Basques are very ancient. The Franks were not black (LOL!!!) nor was their greatest king Charlemagne.
You're out of your Afronazi mind, boy.
Homo sapiens arrived in Europe some 35,000 years ago, from Morocco and from Libya and Ethiopia. Homo sapiens are modern humans and have not evolved into any other specie or type as yet. They competed with the Neanderthals for 10,000 years. DNA studies are still ambivalent on whether the two species interbred.

First remains of Homo sapiens – modern humans – were found in 1868 near a cave in the Dordogne, France, and known as Cro-Magnon man. As the BBC series sponsored reconstruction has clearly demonstrated, the Cro-Magnon man was an African, a black African founder of modern Europe.

The Cromagnons appear cranially and skeletally unrelated to modern Europeans or modern Eurasiatics. Cro-Magnons were closely tied to the Mechtoids of North Africa and later populations in North Africa along Nile who became the Bronze Age Nilotes like the Naqqada Badarian groups related to present day East Africans.

The Cro-Magnon, and the Aurignacians people lie at the root of modern Europe. They left artefacts and culture in Europe in places like Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira. They brought language, fire, and elemental sciences. In the ages spanning their existence, much of what became European religion and culture was established.

All bones found in European graves carbon-dated between 35,000 and 5,000 years ago have been exclusively the bones of African people…black people…the original owners of Europe…the original Europeans.

Whether they are a Serb and a Swiss, or a Finn and a Frenchman, any two Europeans are likely to have many common ancestors who lived around 1,000 years ago. A genomic survey of 2,257 people from 40 populations finds that people of European ancestry are more closely related to one another than previously thought, and could help to bring about new insights into European history
In recent years, researchers have looked to the rest of the genome — the DNA that can come from either parent — to understand ancestry. In the latest study, population geneticists Peter Ralph, now at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and Graham Coop, at the University of California, Davis, looked to the entire genome to reconstruct European ancestry.
They found common ancestors from as recently as 500 years ago mainly within populations. Older stretches of DNA, however, connected more geographically distant Europeans.

The work also uncovered genetic signatures for key events in European history, such as the migration of the Huns into Eastern Europe in the fourth century, and the later rise of Slavic-speaking people there. Present-day inhabitants of Eastern European countries share many ancestors who lived around 1,500 years ago, Ralph and Coop found. Italians, meanwhile, are connected to other European populations mainly through individuals who lived more than 2,000 years ago, perhaps as a result of the country's geographic isolation.
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#89 Jan 5, 2014
DNA recovered from ancient skeletons reveals that the genetic makeup of modern Europe was established around 4,500 B.C. in the mid-Neolithic—or 6,500 years ago—and not by the first farmers who arrived in the area around 7,500 years ago or by earlier hunter-gatherer groups.(Read about Europe’s oldest known town.)

“The genetics show that something around that point caused the genetic signatures of previous populations to disappear,” said Alan Cooper, director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide, where the research was performed.

“However, we don’t know what happened or why, and [the mid-Neolithic] has not been previously identified as [a time] of major change,” he said.

Furthermore, the origins of the mid-Neolithic populations that did form the basis of modern Europe are also unknown.

“This population moves in around 4,000 to 5,000 [B.C.], but where it came from remains a mystery, as we can’t see anything like it in the areas surrounding Europe,” Cooper said.

The surprising findings are part of a new study, published in this week’s issue of the journal Nature Communications, that provides the first detailed genetic history of modern Europe.

The study shows that “relatively recent migrations seem to have had a significant genetic impact on the population of Central Europe,” said study co-author Spencer Wells, who leads National Geographic’s Genographic Project.(Read about Europe’s “Wild Men” in National Geographic magazine.)

Genetic Signature

In the study, Cooper and his colleagues extracted mitochondrial DNA—which children inherit only from their mothers—from the teeth and bones of 39 skeletons found in central Germany. The skeletons ranged in age from about 7,500 to 2,500 years old.

The team focused on a group of closely related mitochondrial lineages—mutations in mitochondrial DNA that are similar to one another—known as haplogroup H, which is carried by up to 45 percent of modern Europeans.

Cooper and his colleagues focused on haplogroup H because previous studies have indicated the mutations might have been present in Europeans’ genetic makeup for several thousand years.

It’s unclear how this haplogroup became dominant in Europe. Some scientists have proposed that it spread across the continent following a population boom after the end of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago.

But the new data paint a different picture of the genetic foundation of modern Europe: Rather than a single or a few migration events, Europe was occupied several times, in waves, by different groups, from different directions and at different times.
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#90 Jan 5, 2014
The first modern humans to reach Europe arrived from Africa 35,000 to 40,000 years ago. By about 30,000 years ago, they were widespread throughout the area while their close cousins, the Neanderthals, disappeared. Hardly any of these early hunter-gatherers carried the H haplogroup in their DNA.

About 7,500 years ago during the early Neolithic period, another wave of humans expanded into Europe, this time from the Middle East. They carried in their genes a variant of the H haplogroup, and in their minds knowledge of how to grow and raise crops.(Related:“Egypt’s Earliest Farming Village Found.”)

Archeologists call these first Central European farmers the linear pottery culture (LBK)—so named because their pottery often had linear decorations.

The genetic evidence shows that the appearance of the LBK farmers and their unique H haplogroups coincided with a dramatic reduction of the U haplogroup—the dominant haplogroup among the hunter-gatherers living in Europe at that time.

Farmers Move In

The findings settle a longstanding debate among archaeologists, said Wells, who is also a National Geographic explorer-in-residence.

Archaeology alone can’t determine whether cultural movements—such as a new style of pottery or, in this case, farming—were accompanied by the movements of people, Wells said in an email.

“In this study we show that changes in the European archaeological record are accompanied by genetic changes, suggesting that cultural shifts were accompanied by the migration of people and their DNA.”

The LBK group and its descendants were very successful and spread quickly across Europe.“They became the first pan-European culture, if you like,” Cooper said.

Given their success, it would be natural to assume that members of the LBK culture were significant genetic ancestors of many modern Europeans.[/B}

But the team's genetic analysis revealed a surprise: About 6,500 years ago in the mid-Neolithic,[B]the LBK culture was itself displaced. Their haplogroup H types suddenly became very rare, and they were subsequently replaced by populations bearing a different set of haplogroup H variations.

Mysterious Turnover

The details of this “genetic turnover” event are murky. Scientists don’t know what prompted it, or even where the new colonizers came from.

“The extent or nature of this genetic turnover are not clear, and we don’t know how widespread it is,” Cooper said.

If this turnover were widespread, it could have been prompted by climate change or disease, he said.

“All we know is that the descendants of the LBK farmers disappeared from Central Europe about 4,500 [B.C.], clearing the way for the rise of populations from elsewhere, with their own unique H signatures.”

Peter Bogucki, an archeologist at Princeton University who has studied early farming societies in Europe, called the finding “really interesting” and noted the timing of the genetic turnover is curious.

“At the end of the fifth millennium—[about] 4,000 B.C.—there are a lot of changes in the archeological record,” said Bogucki, who was not involved in the study.

For example, the long houses that LBK farmers and their descendants favored became less common. Also, the settlement patterns of people living in Central Europe began changing, as did their stone tools.

“There are major transformations during this time that haven’t really been all that well explained in interior Central Europe,” Bogucki said.

“It looks like the whole system of agricultural settlement that got established with the LBK ran its course through the fifth millennium and something caused people to change.”
Citizen 1986


#91 Jan 5, 2014
Of Unknown Origins

Bogucki agrees that climate change might have been a trigger for the change in Europe’s genetic makeup, but he thinks it was only a factor and not the sole cause.

One thing that is clear from the genetic data is that nearly half of modern Europeans can trace their origins back to this mysterious group.

“About [4,500 B.C.], you start seeing a diversity and composition of genetic signatures that are beginning to look like modern [Central] Europe,” Cooper said.“This composition is then modified by subsequent cultures moving in, but it’s the first point at which you see something like the modern European genetic makeup in place.”

Whatever prompted the replacement of genetic signatures from the first pan-European culture, Cooper is clearly intrigued.“Something major happened,” he said in a statement,“and the hunt is now on to find out what that was.”

Bridgetown, Barbados

#94 Jan 5, 2014
As is always the case with Europeanized history, there has always been an attempt by European Academics and researchers to establish a genetic link between modern White Europeans and Europe’s Original Black inhabitants. To that end, there has been no lack of Bogus and mis-attributed Artifacts, along with the requisite bogus history. But today, a new breed of researchers have taken the stage; a group less insecure and more honest - but still not completely honest: Though they present the data, they still present it in a confusing and obfuscating way, and they still can't seem to bring themselves to actually say it, i.e. The first Europeans were Black People and we are Albinos from Central Asia! Note the studies below: there must be some type of Phobia, peculiar only to White people.

As we know, there are three direct ways of entering Europe from Africa:

(1) Cross the Strait of Gibraltar and Enter in Spain, or Cross in Anatolia/Turkey (2) at the Bosphorus (now known as the Istanbul Strait) or (3) the Dardanelle's (formerly known as Hellespont).

We know that modern Africans (The Khoisan like Grimaldi) first entered Europe by way of the Strait of Gibraltar (circa 45,000 ya), because the oldest skeletons are found in nearby France/Monaco.

At about 7,500 ya, African FARMERS moved into Europe by way of Anatolia. These "NEW" Africans mixed with the Grimaldi Africans who were already there. Out of this mixture was born the modern Black European. For centuries, since they first "Usurped" rule in Europe, the Albinos have tried to convince the world that they are "Original" Europeans. It's a lie, and even their own scientists prove it.


Bridgetown, Barbados

#95 Jan 5, 2014

The study goes on to say:

Various tests show that the Tuscans (see next study below) are the Etruscans’ closest neighbors in terms of genetic distances. Despite that broad similarity, however, Etruscans and Tuscans share only two haplotypes. This finding is difficult to interpret in the absence of data on any other European population of the pre-classical period. One possible interpretation is that all or most European populations of that time period were as different from their modern counterparts as the Etruscans appear to be. This would imply either extensive gene flow or a high rate of extinction of mitochondrial haplotypes, both processes causing a drastic change of the mitochondrial pool in the last 2,500 years. More importantly, a result of that kind would force us to reconsider the universally held assumption that patterns in the DNA of modern individuals reflect the evolutionary processes affecting their prehistoric ancestors. Alternatively, should other ancient populations prove similar to comparable modern ones, one should conclude that the Etruscans’ mitochondrial sequences underwent extinction at a particularly high rate and look for an explanation for that. Until more ancient DNA data become available, both scenarios will remain possible, although we favor the latter.

But then they go on to say obfuscating nonsense like this:

Etruscans show closer relationships both to North Africans and to Turks than any contemporary population. In particular, the Turkish component in their gene pool appears three times as large as in the other populations.(Note: The Turks are an Albino people from Asia - now heavily admixed with the indigenous Black people of Anatolia - who first entered the west in the 6th. century A.D, and later conquered Anatolia, then called the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire in 1453. Obviously what these liars are seeing is the genes of the original Black Anatolians - NOT the Turks!

Albino scientists can't help but lie: because the alternative is to admit that they are Albinos, and invaders of Europe. So the say obfuscating things like this, see above: "Various tests show that the Tuscan's are the Etruscans’ closest neighbors in terms of genetic distances". The problem for them, is that they have no way to cross reference other studies to see if the author is furthering the Albino lies, or trying to tell the truth. In this case, there is another study debunking that lie.

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