I want My white wife to carry a blac...


#21 Dec 27, 2009
You want you wife to carry a black man's baby? I don't blame you. All white men do. Although they don't necessarily want their wives to carry a black man's baby, they want their white who..res fu..cked by a black man. Why are you people so insecure? Grow a bigger di..ck and do the job you self. No decent black man would want to come near your ugly fat white who..re. Her pu..ssy is tainted. I bet you are a middle age while fool who is into swinging. Pathetic.
Maury Povich

United States

#22 Dec 27, 2009
JLD wrote:
I fantasize about my wife becoming pregnant by a black man.
Send us an e-mail, we may book you for an appearance on our show. Send pictures of your wife's litter of redbone kids and any ideas which gang or basketball team might be the "father".

Mumbai, India

#23 Dec 30, 2009
JLD wrote:
I fantasize about my wife becoming pregnant by a black man.
[b]i am a brown south asian women.. and my hubby wants me to have sex with both white and black men... and wants me to get pregnant by one of them...

if i got a chance.. then i will also love to work in a porn as well..

United States

#24 Dec 30, 2009
You're a delusional f--ker..please off yourself you stupid cuck,though more accurately your probably a useless black troll.

Randolph, NJ

#26 Dec 30, 2009
I a white man who made a big mistake and now I'm paying for it.
I got drunk and told my white wife if she liked black men so much that I told her to find herself one, bring him home and I want to watch you and he have sex and get you knocked up.
Well, I guess she already had this black guy in mind or being his friend was he doing her a pay back.
Now my wife has served me up with divorce papers and she is 3 month pregnant with this black guy's baby and I have to pay all the bills.
she doesn't want to work things out for me and Jesse is asking his old lady for a divorce my woman
Men, you don't need to your white woman to have a black man's baby

United States

#27 Mar 12, 2010
I would love to have a white wife to give me some beautiful black babies. There would be no need for divorce.

I would love and raise the babies as my own.
This would be the perfect marriage for me.

Randolph, NJ

#28 Mar 14, 2010
Hey Pete I feel for you man but didn't you ever hear that the drunkin' mind speaks the sober truth. You always wanted your old lady to have a black baby because you always knew she only married you for the sake of being married and not because she really love you or anything.

I am all for getting a white woman knocked up - check my track record - 10 kids - 8 girls and 2 boys presently accounted for and now I have 2 women having my baby.

I can't help myself. I am a black man with cravings for white women. Ever since I was 10 and the one white girl in my class paid me a lot of attention. We walked home from school and she held my hand all the way home. A few month later we went to the school dance together and they told her I was black and no good and she stood up to them and told them she didn't notice I was a different color than her and really liked me. She even brought me home.

Her parents freaked out but she told them that I was her friend and accept it. We dated for the rest of grade school all thru high school and went to the same college. We were engaged to be married and that's when it happened. My life changed - my girl was told she could never have children - she was beside herself. We talked about having a large family and even picked out names of our children and who their god parents would be etc.. A week later, I was without a girl-she took her life when she drove into a highway divider after spending the night at the bar drinking herself into a coma and driving home. She was pronounced dead at the scene and I vowed to have as many children as I could possibly have in her honor. All the girls that have or are having my baby know the story, understand and go with it.

Pete, you are a loser and why?? You couldn't keep your woman happy. In case you want to know - Jesse is not your woman's name - it's Jim and how do I know - I'm the one you watched screw your wife pregnant. Jesse is my buddy's name. I'm Jim and the guy you are paying all the bills for so my baby can get good medical care.

Thanks sucker. Be careful what you ask for - you asked for this and you got it and you regret it now don't you.

later *sshole!!!!

East Hampton, CT

#29 Mar 14, 2010
JLD wrote:
I fantasize about my wife becoming pregnant by a black man.
WTF?!! You crazy.


#30 Mar 15, 2010
JLD wrote:
I fantasize about my wife becoming pregnant by a black man.
yeah right, GTFOH
you are a negro male who is infatuated with white women.


#31 Mar 15, 2010
39ehonor wrote:
ahahahaha--nice try--no white man alive wants his white wife to have a black baby--who wants a low IQ half monkey?
you got that right.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#32 Mar 15, 2010
JLD wrote:
<quoted text>
I assure you I am white. I can't explain exactly why i feel this way but I also fantazise about watching her get PHQUED by a big black C0ck.
And I can assure you that I can explain exactly why if any husband/boyfriend of mine ever suggested that then he would be hung out to dry. ASAP

Dallas, TX

#33 Mar 15, 2010
Jim, I hope you are a father and dad to all those kids via finances, emotionally, etc.

“http://www.youtu be.com/watch?v”

Since: Mar 10

Paris, France

#34 Mar 15, 2010
These trolls, can't fool me, a black man disguised as a white man, how pathetic!
Black Rapist

New York, NY

#35 Mar 15, 2010
When and Where???

Kansas City, MO

#36 Mar 15, 2010
JLD wrote:
I fantasize about my wife becoming pregnant by a black man.
Having white skin and straight hair doesn't really make you white. It's a matter of what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. Those things are not prevalent in blacks...(I'm sure if you're really white, you'll know what I'm talking about). Look at your skin, hair, and features. Do they look "white" to you? Oh, but there's more to it than that! So actually you're not white at all. You're black.


#37 Mar 15, 2010
MagicCracker wrote:
<quoted text>
You call her "my white wife" in the thread title.
Now, if you're white yourself, why would you feel the need to specify that?
you caught that nigguh red - handed, he isn't white.
just another nigguh trying to make himself feel good.

“~Belle et ReBelle ~”

Since: Oct 08


#38 Mar 15, 2010
39ehonor wrote:
ahahahaha--nice try--no white man alive wants his white wife to have a black baby--who wants a low IQ half monkey?
are you sure, because there are plenty of websites and clubs dedicated to "cuckolding" where passive racist white men sit and watch their wives have sex with black men, and they happily fork over their cash to make it happen too.

“~Belle et ReBelle ~”

Since: Oct 08


#39 Mar 15, 2010
and god only knows what becomes of children born out of such perversion. i don't see how a black man could do this knowing he's bringing a child into sometheing like that, a white passive male who thinks blacks are sexual objects ( and will probably abuse the biracial child) the mother obviously doesn't think much of herself or the child either

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Mar 16, 2010
I am 58 and my wife is 57 we have six kids from 40 years of being together and they are all black.My wife has always had sex with black men since i met her I love to watch her and all her black lovers that sometimes stay with us for weeks at a time.

Jacksonville, FL

#41 Mar 26, 2010

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