Do black guys consider white girls e...

Vernon, TX

#2611 Jul 9, 2013
mhusa wrote:
<quoted text>
i read the things y'all say about white women on this forum.
and i read the things y'all say about white men on this forum.
and regardless of what you think of white women who date black men, the majority of white women do not appreciate their race traitoring representation and white men just find them disgusting.
i'm sure their fathers are hurt beyond belief and completely ashamed.
black girls white girls are the same butwhite girls do what yuou want in bed black girls can work that thang on ya

Scottsdale, AZ

#2612 Jul 9, 2013
I love white women, but only those that speak perfect Zulu and were born in Northern Romania. Otherwise, they are not one bit better than our sweet Black sisters who were born in Eastern Siberia and speak perfect Castilian.

Scottsdale, AZ

#2613 Jul 9, 2013
Ricky D wrote:
The "white girls are easy" thing is actually something inferior feeling black women espouse, in an attempt to deflect their insecurity about white women. I say that as a black man, myself.
When you examine it, it really makes no sense. Consider:
1) almost 80% of all black children are born to unwed mothers (an almost inversely proportionate number, 26%, of white kids are).
2) The majority of black women (over 60%) not only have (mostly illegitimate) kids, but have them with multiple fathers.
3) Black women represent the highest percentage of aids and other sexually transmitted diseases cases among all women in the nation.
Put these 3 facts together and you don't need a degree in sociology or behavioral sciences to come to the conclusion that the real "pushovers," or "easy" women are the sistas. By far.
and how well defined are your variable?. What procedure did you use to isolate Af.Am. women from Spanish, Asian, European, etc? Did you control for income, social status, education, availability of medical services, etc? OR are you mindlessly espousing a bunch of unvalidated stats that you picked up somewhere, then decided to hit Black women over the head? Since youare so damn "sorry" let's take the time to check out your sources and see to what extent they actually support your stupidity?

Fort Mcmurray, Canada

#2614 Aug 23, 2013
I am a white women who is also married to a black man , he is the most kindest hardworking man I know he loves me with all his heart. listen people we all bleed the same color ,!
KIP wrote:
Speaking as a black man married to a white woman, NO I didn't consider white women easy. There are some who may be, as there women from other groups who are easy. Women are going to behave as women when it best suits them and if playing easy suit them, then they will play that way. That doesn't mean they will be easy.
Racist people, jealous people, angry people, and haters will say ANYTHING to distort the realities. They will tell any myth and exaggerate any thing they see. White women are no more easy then black women are mean.
Enough with the stereotypes and lies.

Greer, SC

#2616 Sep 11, 2013
Poor, poor, poor, did I say poor stupid ignorant people of all races. Black people thinking white women are easy and white people thinking black women are easy and it is not about race but character. It do not matter what race you are it is about character and upbringing. There are easy black women, white women, Asian women, Middle Eastern women, etc. To be honest though because of our culture and those brought up in it, white women and black women are the most easy. Perhaps you can call it an American thing. I have been with both black and white women, but none of the other I have mentioned and they both are as easy as the other, but with that being said, back in the earliest days of Yahoo Chatrooms, in the middle to late 90s, I've found that white women are easier than blacks. Am I saying that because I am black? No I am not I am saying it for the following reason. On several occassions back then, I would go online around 9am or so, there were a few times when I would make contact with a white woman at 11am and by 1pm I was 34 miles away with my hand in here pussy telling her to put down the laptop and taking her into her bedroom. Over the course of a few years I have had several white women that easy and sadly no black women. Perhaps this will not make sense to anyone on her but the one black woman I met online I had to "pay her" to have sex but none of the white women. Say what you will about what I typed but to me the white women were easier. On the other hand "offline" I have met black women that had sex at the drop of a hat and some that I could not "bag". The ones I did bag though were ones that knew me. None of the white women I mentioned above knew me. It was a few hours online and then inside of them a few hours later.
White women don't have a monopoly of being virtuous simply because they are WHITE, nor do black women have a monopoly on being slutty or degenerate because they are black. Like I said before it is all about character and character and morals knows no color. There are bad people male and female in every race. But the liberal media want the country and the world to think that everything bad has to be black and everything good have to be white. They want you to think that HIV/AIDS is mostly a black thing. They will say things like the high percentage of blacks with HIV in the inner city and will not mention that fact that in certain areas of the country like Maine, Oregon, and some of those super big states with very few people and even fewer blacks the rate of HIV is as high as 90%. When will people especially white people wake up and realize that it is your fellow white American mulch-millionaires and billionaires, the super rich people that mold and shape your thinking. How many of you actually know a black person well enough to know that he or she is the way that the media portal them? Or do you just go by what is written and what is viewed on TV and on the internet. Things written by haters. People that say black people are less smart than whites, etc, etc. My daughter and I dispelled that lie. I finished high school back in 1977 I was 95th in my class of 250. And I did not even try because I was working while going to school and still managed to finished 95th out of a class of 250. Do the math. In a city that is at best 70% white and 30% black, back in 1977 and with me not really trying I was 95th. That tells me that there were 155 people lower than me in my class and you can bet that all 155 of them were not BLACK. And my baby daughter, she finished high school in 2005 with HIGH HONORS and 8th or 9th in her class and got three scholarships and when she finished college in 2009 she also finished with honor. Enough said. You stupid, dumb, ignorant people of ALL RACES need to learn to judge people individually and not as a whole. It is impossible for a whole race of people to be such and such a way as seen by some racist white people or racist black people. My hat to those that are not.
lynn wilson

Louisville, KY

#2619 Sep 25, 2013
oh yes they can

Howell, MI

#2622 Sep 26, 2013
I think i'm too white looking of a black guy to pick up white women Actually.. kinda didn't realize how white I looked..

er.. kinda think that when I go get a job and theres a black person they take them first cuz i'm too white looking they All think I have money too..

i'm poor as fuck.. like All the other blacks..

Louisville, KY

#2629 Sep 26, 2013
no you sir

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#2630 Sep 26, 2013
KIP wrote:
<quoted text>
You sound gay.
If you're a homosexual how would you know how easy any woman is?
Black women are easier,but white women are more open minded!
Which I love more!

Las Vegas, NV

#2631 Sep 26, 2013
We were always raised as keeping it in your own race when it comes to love and dating which I believe is nothing wrong with that. It's amazing how black guys look so hard for white girls as their trophy pieces and then try to brag about it like it hurts the white guy. To bad most white girls that do like black guys are white trash, fat, ugly, hooked on drugs, and don't get it twisted cause I know blacks teach their own the same principles so don't sit on here trying to say we need to be equal and fai bullshit. My wife before we met was raped and pistol whipped on 2 separate occasions at age 14 and 25 by black men which gave her an std. She is a beautiful blonde and blue eyed girl People hate people for many reasons so get over yourself. Any girls who sleep with black men are not desired by white men same goes for Asians and Hispanics, sorry but that's life.

United States

#2632 Oct 4, 2013
FUBU wrote:
<quoted text>
No actually black women are the easiest women in the world to f&&k and thats no joke! I think all black men know that black women will f&&k d&m near anything and anybody.
just like your mother for having your stupid a$$ i hope your mother white stupid ass if not she should be shame for having your sorry motherf$%#!!!!! who raise you a stupid [email protected]@@ that who!!!!!!!!

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Bristol, UK

#2633 Jan 10, 2014
I love white blonde women

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#2634 Jan 10, 2014
carolyn wrote:
It's been bothering me. I keep hearing this. I really like black guys but this has been bugging me. Is this what most black guys think? Be honest please.
I consider black women to be way easier than white women because black women are trying to get paid so that they can pay for cellphones and hair weaves!
BeAuTiFuL SoUl

Clarksville, TN

#2635 Jan 10, 2014
trigga11 wrote:
No we don't think that white girls are easy. I've been dating white women for a while and I can honestly say that they are not easy. Black guys in general don't know what to really make of white women. The only people who say those type of things are some black women and some black guys who want to impress black women by putting down white women. These men usually never been with a white woman before. The black guys who are interested in white women know that some white chicks can be extremely hard to get. So don't let it get to you Carolyn. Some of us black guys really love white women.
Stop it with all of the lies. You just don't won't white females to know the truth and stop dating you. Black men always brag about how submissive and easy a white woman is. You know good and well that white women are much easier to CONTROL than a black female. Just like this deceitful post. A white woman will be quick to believe this bull just because deep down she WANTS to believe it is true but black women already know it's nothing but a lie....nothing but game.

And don't worry I cannot throw salt in your game when it comes to a weak woman. Any female who is needy would rather believe your lies and tell themselves that strong women are just jealous than to believe the truth. Weak women will always accept your lies as long as you keep telling them what they want to hear. Weak women are pathetic and they get no respect from me. They are very desperate females.

Cleveland, OH

#2636 Jan 10, 2014
Depend on the woman & it depend on her greed or her values & how much MONEY you're making! A money greedy woman is easy to any man with MONEY! A lot of white women will date black men having financial problems before most black women. Most white women will stay in a relationship with a black men when things are going bad longer than most black women. Most black men think most white women can financially save them.

Cleveland, OH

#2637 Jan 10, 2014
No! I'm not in a relationship with a white woman. No! I never used any women in my life. No! I never really been in a relationship with a white woman, but I'm going off the number of black men that I know that are in relationship with white women & most of them are in college so they know how to articulate themselves.
BeAuTiFuL SoUl

Clarksville, TN

#2638 Jan 10, 2014
Logic_c wrote:
White girls are easy, yet black women are having more kids out of wedlock than they are and have less STDs than they have. Lol.
First of all a lot of you do not understand what is meant by EASY! White girls are considered easy because they will put up with a lot of crap off of a man (regardless of his race) than an African American woman will and they easily fall for a black man's game! They believe all of the lies you tell them like the lies you are all telling on this thread. LOL

Second...most white women who date or mess around with black men are the ones who are trashy and sexually loose.(they easily sleep with black men without black men having to offer them anything) What I mean by offering them anything men don't have to have himself together financially or mentally and a white female will still mess with him.

White girls with high self esteem and who are considered somebody in the white community do not date black males. Only trashy, ignorant, and desperate white females date black males. Black men can never get a white female with a bright future in the white community.....a matter of fact it is hard for a black man to get beautiful black women with a bright future and a good head on her shoulders.

No woman regardless of race who knows her self worth is seeking weak men who have nothing to offer but a lifetime of pain and aggravation. Period! Now there are some good brothas out there but they are the ones who do not date white women. Most black males who date white females are lazy, childish, weak, confused about who they are, and are constantly looking for the easy way out. If a white female is interested in such of a disgrace of a so called man then bless her poor little heart because she obviously is a desperate female.

And you need to stop talking about how many black women are having babies out of wedlock when the projects today are filled with white women and little half breed babies that belong to black men. So obviously black men are the common denominator in the situation.(the real problem)White girls are now running around with little black babies out of wedlock too.

A word for the ladies (regardless of your color). A no good man will not change. It doesn't matter who he is with, and it doesn't matter about your color.....if he is no good then he will ONLY bring you a life of misery and pain. He will ONLY bring you down. Save yourself for the right man and leave these JOKERS alone. They got you black women and white women fighting over their stank trifling butts. Females like me they could only dream about. Wake up and just do what is best for you and forget about what they are talking about........because IT IS ALL GAME! They want to control and play with your mind. Don't fall for it! Think about what is best for YOU!!!!
educatedblackwom ensetting

Catonsville, MD

#2639 Jan 27, 2014
What I wish yall white people get through your heads is yall mare not superior in no type way.... white people are some of the nastiest dirty people alive and yes they really smell like wet dogs smh and yes most black men that date white women is because they easy you can do anything to them in the bedroom and they still gonna take care of them lol sucks to be yall...


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#2640 Jan 27, 2014
educatedblackwomensetting wrote:
What I wish yall white people get through your heads is yall mare not superior in no type way.... white people are some of the nastiest dirty people alive and yes they really smell like wet dogs smh and yes most black men that date white women is because they easy you can do anything to them in the bedroom and they still gonna take care of them lol sucks to be yall...
No, white women in general are no more easy than black women, although black women tend to have more out of wedlock children. This should make you revisit the stereotype of white women being easy. Nevertheless, any woman can be easy. Any man can be a player. Loyalty is a virtue entirely independent of anyone's race.

Euclid, OH

#2641 Jan 27, 2014
Yes, that's what my brothers told me. P

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