For all of the silly a_s Ethiopian an...

For all of the silly a_s Ethiopian and Eritrean women...

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Irving, TX

#1 Apr 5, 2014
I don't mean to me rude nor ugly by any means... But do the vast majority of Eritrean and Ethiopian women , know precisely WHY they look the way they do ??? I'm willing to bet that the extreme majority of you , don't have a clue ! In fact ; I'm willing to put money it ! Because the original people from those areas long ago , don't look like you guys look today ! Some folks love saying that African American's are "mixed" , blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

But just why in living hell do you think you guys look the way you look today. Especially when your ancestors , DIDN'T look like that ! Jesus christ ; do your f-ing homework people !!! Know your history ! And I mean ALL of it !!! Don't pick and choose the parts that you find "favorable" , and then ignore the parts you don't like. Because a LOT of Eritreans and Ethiopians , are HALF BREEDS !(And I mean that LITERALLY !!!) They have far more racial mixing , than African Americans will ever have as a whole...

You have the nerve to sit here , going on and on , bragging about wanting to keep your (PHYSICAL APPEARENCE). Loving the FACT , that you partially resemble the people that butchered up your people , and raped many countless THOUSANDS of your women !!!(Who bore tons of BASTARD babies by their RAPIST !) And then you sit there on your asses , pretending that the shit didn't happen. wtf !!!!! You've got to be kidding me !:(

And as for my African American brothers , why waste your time and be bothered with these snooty , arrogant as women , When there are tons of them , that don't look worth a flying f_ck ! Brothers , once you get past the skin complexion and hair texture. You'll quickly realize that a LOT of those women , don't look all that great ! And I dare you to check these peoples history ! And I mean their TRUE history ! You might be surprised at what you dig up...

There are way too many , absolutely gorgeous black women in this world . To be worried about a handful of bonifide , BASTARD half breed , RAPE babies . Who have never accomplished ANYTHING worth noting or mentioning , in the history of the world , since creation !!! And when it comes to black achievements and accomplishments. African Americans absolutely lead the way.(And that's for the entire "black" world !!!) Personally , I've never found an Eritrean or Ethiopian girl , that I found remotely interesting. And frankly , I've always found DARK skinned black women , more attractive. I've been around light skinned women , basically ALL of my life. And they're really nothing to write home about !(Trust me) And as for your "culture" ; don't kid yourself... At least African Americans have accomplished something ! And we did it under duress , incomprehensible stress , oppression and some of the worst forms of slavery , that has ever been thrown at a people ! What in living hell , has Eritreans and Ethiopians done as a whole ???(Don't think to hard about that)

And just like the FAKE so-called "Jews" , who are sitting on our soil , in our ancient homeland. It's real funny how a lot of Ethiopians also claim to be "Jews". It's real funny how anyone and EVERYONE , can claim to be the true chosen people of YHVH (Yehveh) Everyone can claim to be us , except us !!!!! Keep your looks , and keep your culture. I have no desire to mingle the bloodline of TRUE genetic Israelites , with the likes of Eritreans and Ethiopian. And please , don't start that whole , "Kohen" gene bullshit. You're no different than all of the Gentile dogs , claiming to be true genetic Israelites , when you're not !

And I know I'll get some jack-a_s on here , that doesn't really know scripture , that will passionately "protest" what I just said. But it will be of no consequence ultimately. I've learned to accept the fact the the extreme majority of people on this planet , are scripturally IGNORANT !(And glad in it)

Brothers , Ethiopian and Eritrean women , aren't worth even considering. Much less your time !

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#2 Apr 5, 2014
Quit! I'm married to an Eritrean and she and her family love AA culture. They look up to the Obama's as leaders of African descended people every where. As far as looks go she claims that, just like there is a certain 'look' which distinguishes them from other Africans, AA's have their own 'look' which is unique as well. Both of these 'looks' are attributable to non African genes. BFD! Point being:***They don't trip on it!*** Only in this forum do people trip like this. Get over it already!!!!

Houston, TX

#3 Apr 5, 2014
Whoa bro, slow down. Haha. I don't think it's a big deal about the Eritreans and Ethiopian women. But, at least, Ethiopia can somewhat make a claim about being Israelites. Check out Amos 9:7

"O Israel, art not thou as the Ethiopians unto me? O Israel. "

Now, I think the Ethiopians of that time, are different than then ones today. How so? Well, my logic is that they were Ethiopians during the period of Rome but when they migrated to West Africa, and stayed for 1600 years up to the time of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, they mostly got shipped out to America.

The Ethiopian today are just not that "branch" we are during the Transatlantic Slave Trade so, they're actually true Africans of African than an extension of us as Israelites. Regardless, I'm not sweating those ladies. Who cares about them anyway??? They're defective like the Black American Women.....the Kenya s too (worst!).

It's the Somali women that are of better worth and quality. A match to our genes set. At least they can give their daughters long hair as oppose to the s*** that happened with the sistas' hair. Whatever that is. The Somali Women need to come to the U.S.!

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