The Biblical Kushites were not Negro !!
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#912 Dec 8, 2012
i am tracing the ANAG, the last kushite kings in the Sudan.(1)certainly they were kushites. for the Greeks they are Ethiopians and for the Arabs they are soudan, any of the names indicate a tinted black or tinted yellow, which can tail on one end to black and to the other to the yellow Nubian conventional complexion.(2)as is clear in any mass migration followers trace the foot prints of an early pioneers;in history there was more than one major drought that lead to the outward movement of Kushites within and outside Africa.(3)the last outward ANAG migration and the in coming of the Kushio/samites was responsible for the current population mix extending between Ethiopia, Chad, Sudan and up to the Lakes Area of central Africa, where Extra-large water storage earth works can be seen in central Sudan and Uganda.(4)without DNA confirmation the head geometry and feet of adult male can tell which area of the Kushite agglomeration a person came is not the cephalic index of anthropologists.

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#913 Jan 2, 2013
What is the great mistery about Blacks that every turn someone is trying to discredit us. No matter how plain the facts are.

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#914 Jan 3, 2013
Any , and I mean ANY positive thing a group of blacks manage to do in building ,science etc. whether in the ancient past , or in the more recent past Caucaliens will say that that the people had to have been of Caucasian extraction.

To the caucasian ,advanced cultures and black people are incongruent . Facts do not matter,for when faced with unassailable truths they will counter with well-written tomes of lies in scholarly prose and declare it to be the truth.

Caucasians do not play fractions.They want it all.What you are witnessing is the Caucasian colonization of history.

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#915 Jan 3, 2013
From which of Noah’s offspring did the blacks descend?“The sons of Cush [another one of Ham’s sons] were Seba and Havilah and Sabtah and Raamah and Sabteca.”(Gen. 10:6, 7) Later Biblical references to Cush are usually equivalent to Ethiopia. Seba is later used when referring to another people in the eastern part of Africa and evidently close to Ethiopia.—Isa. 43:3,

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#917 Jan 25, 2013
The OP has a sound idea. As per Indian civilization, Kusha was an Indian prince. Gautam Buddha claimed to be a decendent of Kusha. The Kasi dynasty, Moriya dynasty, Kushan dynasty originated from Kusha.
Infact origins of all the known aryan races can be attributed to Kusha.
In africa Kush is numerous but only due to a huge civilizational impact. The tribes related to Kush can all be demonstrated to be due to a Eurasian back migration (i.e. an Indian migration ) around 2000 - 1600 BC. The same can be argued for a number of native races. Kusha is more Aryan than African in any sense though I dont have anything against Africa at all.

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#918 Feb 7, 2013
Kush wrote:
<quoted text>
Negroes did NOT build the early Nile-Delta Pyramids.
It was built by Asiatics (Mesopotamians).
Asiatics used to be tall and blonde 4,000 years ago, look up their mummies, and pay attention to the 4,000 year old swastikas on their bronze helmets
big will

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#919 Mar 15, 2013
this guy is very dumb he must be a albino


#920 Mar 30, 2013
this is another way of telling the world that blacks were not present in Bible history.the middle nile down to sudan had always been kush and will remain kush. so stop the distortion.
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#921 Mar 31, 2013
There is a reason why cushites are called cushites cush in hebrew means black and in the bible after the flood ALL humans stayed in babylon the creators of babylon nimrod (son of cush) was a cushite note nimrod remained childless. until god wanted them to spread around the earth so he made them linguistically confused. cush had six sons seba Havilah Sabtah Raamah Sabteca and Nimrod.The name of Cush’s son Seba is associated with East Africa, while those of Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca are generally associated with regions on the Arabian Peninsula.besides didnt noah ark landed in mount ararat in turkey?So everyone is asian in origin blacks are not african then those who stayed in asia and made babylon sumeria civilization are black.besides in jeremiah 13:23 quotes "Can a Cush&#8242;ite change his skin? or a leopard its spots? YOU yourselves would also be able to do good, who are persons taught to do bad" read your own bible not what biased people say.blacks have asiatic origins and science is beginning to realize that.
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#922 Mar 31, 2013
This is biblical the bible doesnt say blacks are african but asian in origin besides cush means black in hebrew cushi is a way of mentioning a black person with endearment read jeremiah 13:23 cushites arent aryans ethiopians nubians and other blacks arent aryans.
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#923 Mar 31, 2013
The name of Cush’s son Seba is associated with East Africa, while those of Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca are generally associated with regions on the Arabian do know cush means black and cushite is an endearing way of calling a black in ancient times.Cushs son seba was the only one who went to seba(ethiopia) thats why theres the queen of sheba who is ethiopian. and in your bible please read the song of solomon 1:5.An article by P. English in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies (1959, Vol. XVIII, pp. 49-53) presents evidence of a Negro population in ancient times in the region of the South East corner of the Black Sea and later in the Caucasus region farther North. It suggests a relationship between the names of the regions of Abkhazia and Khazaria, inhabited by such tribes, and the Biblical Cush. Cananites were not black
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#924 Mar 31, 2013
no hes correct but you should see my comments they prove they are black with biblical evidence.
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#925 Mar 31, 2013
the aryan race does not exist
here the point I am trying to make. Models of the Indo-Aryan migration discuss scenarios of prehistoric migrations of the early Indo-Aryans to their historically attested areas of settlement in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent and from there further across all of North India. Claims of Indo-Aryan migration are primarily drawn from linguistic[18] evidence but also from a multitude of data stemming from genetics,[19] Vedic religion, rituals, poetics as well as some aspects of social organization and chariot technology.
All discussion of historical Indo-Aryan migrations or Aryan and Dravidian races remains highly controversial in India to this day, and continues to affect political and religious debate. Some Dravidians, and supporters of the Dalit movement, most commonly Tamils, claim that the worship of Shiva is a distinct Dravidian religion going back to the Indus Civilization,[20] to be distinguished from Brahminical "Aryan" Hinduism. In contrast, the Indian nationalist Hindutva movement argues that no Aryan invasion or migration ever occurred, asserting that Vedic beliefs emerged from the Indus Valley Civilisation,[21] which pre-dated the supposed advent of the Indo-Aryans in India, and is identified as a likely candidate for a Proto-Dravidian culture.
Some Indians were also influenced by the debate about the Aryan race during the British Raj. The Indian nationalist V. D. Savarkar believed in the theory that an "Aryan race" migrated to India,[22] but he didn't find much value in a racialized interpretation of the "Aryan race".[23] Some Indian nationalists supported the British version of the theory because it gave them the prestige of common descent with the ruling British class.[24]
Genetic studies
A genetic study in the year 2000 in Andhra Pradesh state of India found that the upper caste Hindus shared marginally more mitochondrial DNA with west Eurasian populations than did Hindus from lower castes, although the majority of mitochondrial DNA in both upper and lower Hindu castes was of Asian stock.[25]
A 2003 report confirmed that upper caste Hindus shared marginally more mitochondrial DNA with west Eurasian groups than did lower caste Hindu groups. The majority of mitochondrial DNA, however, was indigenous to South Asia, suggesting limited gene flow in and out of South Asia.[26]
However, a study conducted by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2009 (in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT) analyzed half a million genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 ethnic groups from 13 states in India across multiple caste groups.[27] The study asserts, based on the impossibility of identifying any genetic indicators across caste lines, that castes in South Asia grew out of traditional tribal organizations during the formation of Indian society, and was not the product of any Aryan invasion and "subjugation" of Dravidian you dont know your own country.the Aryan race doesnt exist. the term aryan is for iranians only not europeans!get your facts straight your just an indian who has been white washed by the british wake up they done it to ireland and other dumb white washed indian your countries people will have alot of problems accepting themselves.
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#926 Mar 31, 2013
or that blacks are asian in origin i am not black but i know more abut black history than blacks you must read the truth English in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies (1959, Vol. XVIII, pp. 49-53)
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#927 Mar 31, 2013
where do blacks come from then?
Holy creator

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#928 Aug 3, 2013
You all need to be closed month of who is who. I created all things in righteousness. You have spoil the earth with total ignorance. Your duty towards ME is to worship ME and obey the Ten Commandments. Your foolish thought are lower than dirt. In which dirt sand soil was here long before you therefore it know more than you. It does not need to talk. It knows. You don't. Do what is right and leave out what is wrong. All race of men produce evil sodo right unto me and live.
playa hata6

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#929 Aug 3, 2013
Kushite kindgom worshipped the devil. Civilizations are slavery systems.
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#930 Aug 3, 2013
Any man speaks of other men is evil upon himself. As I said before... I created all in right.
With instructions of kindness in your heart while you was in your mothers whom. I could have made you and all men totally blind and not see the light at all. But with my merciful blessings I bestowed you vision, and still you not. The color of man skin is identification of whom I desired to be. If all was one main color your ignorants would not be able to identify one from another in wrong doing. So summit to ME, and serve right to those who do right in percentage. Surely a wise man would accept the good of the LORD or be cast into a hellish mind. A happyless journeys end.

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#931 Sep 18, 2013
Ahh, unfortunately, you are wrong.
Reading the Bible, you will know that Europeans are descendants of Yafet, the "Asians" are the descendants of (I forgot the name but I think it sounds like Sem), and the Africans are the descendants of Kam, whose son or grandson (I forgot) is Kush.
African AE

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#932 Sep 19, 2013
Kush wrote:
Kushites > Kussites > Kassites > Kashites > etc ...
The Biblical Kushites originated on the North-Eastern side of the Persian-Gulf in southern-Mesopotamia.
According to the Hebrew-Bible they were ruled by a great warrior-king called in Hebrew NIMROD, but could have been the MARDUK of secular manuscripts.
Half of this great race migrated from the eastern coasts of the Persian-Gulf all the way to the Indus-Valley and Kashmir ("Kush" - Mir), while the other half migrated from the western coasts of the Persian-Gulf southwards into the Arabian-Peninsula, establishing kingdoms in the south Arabian-Peninsula, like the kingdom of SHEBA.
Some of them even entered North-East Africa from Yemen, which is why from then-on the region between Ethiopia and southern-Nubia was also known as KUSH.
Wherever they migrated they also got a little mixed with the Aboriginals of the lands they settled in, But the origin of their race (Kushite-Race) was all around the Persian-Gulf coasts.
The original Kushite race had straight-hair, with Olive skin-tone to light-brown. They were Asiatic-Caucasoids.
They were NOT Negroids.
Negro-Africans don't belong to the Kushite-Race at all.
When one reads "Kush" in the Bible, one should imagine an Arab or better yet a north-west Indian-like people, like in Baluchistan, but definitely not Negro.
None of the sons of Kush were Negro, unless they later mixed with the Negro to a certain extent, as could have happened to the Kushites who entered East-Africa from Yemen, and later mixed with the Ethiopoid-Negroes.
What nonsense you talking? The ancient Mesopotamians were Eurasians originating from Anatolia carrying Haplogroup J2! The ancient Middle Eastern Farmers originated from ANATOLIA before going into Europe,North Africa,Arabia 10000 years ago. Thats why these nations carry Haplogroup J,G WHICH ARE INDIGENOUS HAPLOGROUPS OF THE MIDDLE EAST!Read up on the Middle Eastern Farmers!

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