Black Males And Crimes Against Children
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#150 Sep 24, 2011
[7/6/11] IL. Black Man Fatally Shoots 14-year-old

the general common black male is the cancer in the body of America. black males are aware of this themselves. it's one of the main reasons why they're so angry.

``A 23-year-old Lockport man has been charged with the January murder of a 14-year-old boy who was shot inside his home while playing video games.

Deonte Lesley, a talented offensive player for the Joliet Raiders youth football team, was killed one day before taking the entrance exam at a Catholic high school.

Vernon C. McCormick was arrested 4 days after the Jan. 3 shooting on an unrelated warrant for a parole violation, according to a release from the sheriff’s office. He has been held on $200,000 bail.

Investigators today received an arrest warrant on first-degree murder charges for McCormick with bail set at $2 million. He is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment Thursday.

Family members said Lesley was playing video games with his brother and two cousins around 8:19 p.m. on Jan. 3 when a hail of bullets tore through their southwest suburban home.``
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Atlanta, GA

#151 Sep 24, 2011
[7/8/11] TX. Black Man Molests 7-year-old In Public Restroom

there's also been other victims in other locations.

``The man police say admitted to groping multiple boys at several locations around town was indicted this week.

25-year-old Daryl Stephens is charged with 2-counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and 2-counts of indecency with a child.

Stephens confessed to grabbing and touching a boy inside the restroom of the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Moore Plaza.

Stephens later admitted to touching a 7-year old boy at Chuck-E-Cheese on May 18th. Police say he claims to have pulled the boy into a bathroom stall, grabbed his arms and wrists to keep the boy from leaving, until the boy escaped under the stall.

Stephens admitted to assaulting other young boys in restroom stalls at other locations around town. He is currently being held in the Nueces County Jail on a $190,000 bond.``
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Atlanta, GA

#152 Sep 24, 2011
[7/11/11] KY. Black Man Rapes 15-year-old

if one thing good comes out of these cases, hopefully sentencing judges tell the defendants why it's so necessary they must be fathers to their kids. a message for the world.

``A 62-year-old man is charged with third-degree rape of a teenager. James Leslie, of Paducah is charged with third-degree rape, which is described as an adult 21 years of age or older having sexual intercourse with a child at least 14 years of age, but less than 16 years of age.

The girl's mother noticed the girl had spending money and asked where it came from. The girl told her mother that Leslie, a friend of the family, had been giving her cash from time to time.

After more questioning, the girl said she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Leslie since October 2010. She was 15 at the time the relationship began. Leslie was taken to the McCracken County Regional Jail.``
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Atlanta, GA

#154 Sep 25, 2011
[7/11/11] VA. Black Daycare Worker Sodomized Children

the system failed here and allowed the suspect easy access to children, even after he was busted for prior offences.

``Parents of a four year girl who attended Chesterbrook Academy in Leesburg were alarmed by some comments she made. So alarmed, they called police and they began investigating 23- year-old Brad Minor who worked there.

That was March 7, 2011. Minor was put on leave at the time, but not charged until lab results came back last week.

"As a result of the forensic evidence, we obtained a charge of forcible sodomy, on July 6, 2011, against Mr. Minor.

Before the police had finished their investigation, Minor was allowed back at work. And now, Minor faces more changes.``
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Atlanta, GA

#155 Sep 25, 2011
[7/12/11] FL. Black Man Peeped 15-year-old In Bedroom Window

no pic of suspect on link though other sources should verify he's black.

``A Gainesville man was arrested on a charge of voyeurism after he allegedly snuck into a yard and watched a teenager in the bedroom through a window.

Kevis Devon Johnson, 20, was charged with voyeurism and burglary of an occupied dwelling in connection with the incident that happened after 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

The report states that Johnson either scaled a six-foot privacy fence or opened a closed gate to get into the back yard of a home near his.

Johnson secretly watched a 15-year-old girl in her bedroom, the report states. He was spotted fleeing by the girl’s mother, who gave deputies a description.

Evidence was collected at the scene. Johnson later was contacted and then arrested, the report states.``

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#156 Sep 25, 2011
Every crime in the USA is by far overrepersented percent wise by blacks, and in many cases total numbers, every one, yes every one, from DUI, rape, child mosesting serial killers, ETC.. If it is wrong the blacks will find a way to master it.
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Atlanta, GA

#157 Sep 26, 2011
[7/12/11] FL. Black Man Abuses His Own Son

he seems happy to be arrested and have his pic taken. he's only in his natural habitat who can blame him.

``A child is in the hospital and on a ventilator and his father has been arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect of a child, the Orange City Police Department said.

Ivan Charles, 23, admitted to shaking and throwing his son during an interview on Monday, police said. Bert Fish Memorial Hospital notified police of possible child abuse on Sunday morning, warranting the interview.

The child is at Florida Hospital South and is on a ventilator, police said. He is in the custody of the Child Protection Team and the Florida Department of Children and Families.``
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Atlanta, GA

#158 Sep 26, 2011
[7/14/11] AL. Black Child Rapist On The Loose

no suspect identified yet but they're looking.

``Huntsville Police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to rape a child. The victim was 11 years old.

Specifics involving the story are being withheld due to privacy. The police spokesman says it's that way for one reason.

"A small child was involved and there was a sexual attack. It is a case that none of us ever want to deal with," said police.

Investigators are focusing their efforts on Whitney Avenue. A home on that street is where a man forced his way in through a window.

"We saw the guy walking down the street with a white t-shirt around his neck," said a neighbor.

The man put the t-shirt over his face, broke into the home, and tried to rape an 11-year-old girl.

Police say the nature of the case strikes an emotional cord with the entire community and investigators are taking the case seriously.

The suspect was a thin black male, wearing a blue tank top and black basketball shorts. He was wearing a pair of black shoes with the red number "23" on them. The man's face was wrapped with a white T-shirt.``
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Atlanta, GA

#159 Sep 26, 2011
[7/15/11] 4 AL. Black Males Fatally Shoot 12-year-old

the suspects also killed the child's grandfather (who tried in vain to put up a fight) during the violent home invasion.

``A 17-year-old girl awoke in the middle of the night to hear her younger brother scream followed by a round of gunfire.

Then, a man wearing a white hockey mask flicked on the lights of her bedroom. She rolled off the bed and hid under a blanket — enough of a cover for the girl to go unnoticed.

A Mobile police detective testified that the girl heard the man walk through the bedroom into an adjacent bathroom and climb out a window, the blinds scraping together as he squeezed past. She waited through at least 15 minutes of silence.

Her younger brother, 12-year-old Glenn Sullivan, and her grandfather, 66-year-old Willie Sullivan, were shot and killed inside the blue and white trailer in Theodore.

Three men kicked in the door and walked inside armed with guns, while a fourth man who helped plan the robbery stayed in a black SUV outside.

Ricky Jerome Turner, 28; Bryant Lamar Reynolds, 25; Tavares Dishun Jones, 26; and Timothy Holley Taylor, 28, have been charged with capital murder.

Willie Sullivan apparently fired shots at the intruders before he died. Police found that two men — later identified as Reynolds and Jones — were at a hospital with gunshot wounds.

At Turner’s house, police located a bloody assault rifle, a bloody pistol, a box of ammunition and one gun bore Turner’s fingerprint.

The men who barged in had at least two assault-style rifles. Earlier that night, an assault rifle and a mask had been stolen in a burglary just two blocks from the Sullivan home.

When police arrived at the Sullivan home, they saw Glenn Sullivan on the living room floor with two shots to the back, near the sofa where he had been sleeping. Willie Sullivan was found in the kitchen with a gunshot to the chest.``
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Atlanta, GA

#160 Sep 27, 2011
[7/19/11] 2 FL. Black Males Rape Teenage Runaway

they also forced her into prostitution. as many as ten suspects are also implicated in the same case, though only two are pictured.

``Ten people were arrested after a teenager told police about another teen who was sexually battered and forced into prostitution in Orange County and in South Florida.

In February, another law enforcement agency notified it of a teenage girl it described as "a runaway" who claimed she was abused in Orange County.

The teen told investigators about another teenage girl who was sexually battered and procured for prostitution in Orange County and in South Florida.

Police said the second teen was arrested on prostitution charges in South Florida and told investigators about illegal activity in Orange County.

Ten suspects were arrested on charges including sex trafficking, procuring a minor for prostitution and interference with child custody.

Police continue to search for two more suspects, Montavious Rakeem Postell and Luc Louidor.``
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Atlanta, GA

#161 Sep 27, 2011
[7/20/11] OH. Black Soldier Charged With Statutory Rape

may have been consensual but still not legal...not at that age. |newswell|text|News|s

``Leando Banks was an Iraqi war hero who came home to be a Lincoln Heights firefighter.

Now, he's also a convicted felon who will spend the next year in prison and the next 25 years reporting as a sex offender after he had sex with a 15-year-old in a city building.

"He has led a great existence up to this point,(but) he did a bad thing here," the judge said in sending Banks, 27, to prison after he was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Banks, whose body shook as he faced the judge Tuesday, was a U.S. Marine who fought in the battle of Fallujah, earning an honorable discharge after a four-year hitch.

When confronted about the girl's allegations, Banks admitted he had sex with her - and gave her $300 to help her out. The girl told authorities it was to pay for an abortion, but she lied and never was pregnant.

"She sounds like she was about 12 or 11,(has) this little voice," the judge said. "He knew he shouldn't have been messing with her."

"You're supposed to rescue us and help us. It's just so improper." Banks also was a part-time firefighter in Lockland.``
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Atlanta, GA

#162 Sep 27, 2011
[7/21/11] OH. Black Athlete Charged With Statutory Rape

the defendents partner was only fifteen. says the assistant prosecutor, "She was tired of being robbed of her youth". find someone willing who's your own age, if you can.

``Nathaniel “Nate” Webster Jr., a former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, often went to cookouts and socialized with friends at his Symmes Township home, so when he needed a baby sitter, he asked the 15-year-old daughter of one of those friends.

That, though, may have been part of an excuse to begin a sexual relationship with the teen that went undiscovered for two years.

A Thursday indictment alleged Webster used guns to intimidate the girl into keeping quiet about their relationship. Sometimes when they had sex in Webster’s car, the girl told police, Webster also had a gun in clear sight.

“It’s a disgusting thing to live under the threat of this,” said the county prosecutor.“This conduct occurred dozens of times, In his car, his home, a park nearby.”

Webster, 33, was indicted on seven charges – sexual battery, gross sexual imposition and five counts of unlawful sex with a minor – but that indictment was sealed until Webster’s Thursday arrest.

Webster is accused of telling the girl if she revealed the sexual relationship he would kill her and her family, the prosecutor said.

She lived with the secret of her sexual relationship with Webster and being deathly afraid of him until her father took another job out of town and she told him.

He contacted police. The sheriff’s office served search warrants on Webster’s home and found four guns and a small amount of marijuana.

Webster was 31 and the girl 15 when the alleged relationship started.“It was two years of this violent abuse,” the prosecutor said.“She was tired of being robbed of her youth.”``
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Atlanta, GA

#163 Sep 27, 2011
[7/24/11] 2 FL. Black Males Fatally Shoot 1-year-old

another man was wounded in the gunfire. only one suspect is pictured in link but the other suspect is already verified to be black.

``A suspect in the shooting death of a Pensacola toddler remained in custody in Hammond, LA. Sunday afternoon.

Shaquill Jerell Besst, 18, was arrested on an open charge of murder stemming from a shooting at a Pensacola apartment complex.

Besst was being held at Tangipahoa Parish Prison as a fugitive from justice Sunday. Legal arrangements to extradite Besst to Florida are in progress.

Besst was present at a July 15 shooting that killed a 19-month-old toddler, Ty’Quarius Moultrie, and wounded a family friend, Vincent Dennis, 23.

A suspect fired at least five shots into the kitchen window, striking Ty’Quarius and Dennis, who were in the living room.

The alleged triggerman in the shooting, Dwayne “Money” Pinestraw, formerly of Cantonment, is still at large and believed to be in hiding in Louisiana.

The shooting occurred after several people were involved in a drug transaction near the apartment complex, police said.``
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Atlanta, GA

#164 Sep 28, 2011
[7/25/11] Black Dad Of 22 Arrested When Child Wanders Off

amazement that this Florida man only has five baby mamas. one would expect much more.

``A father was arrested Saturday after his 2-year-old son, one of his 22 children, was found wandering alone on a Miami street corner.

George McKinley Frye, 41, and Pascale Martin, 37, are both charged with child neglect with no great harm. Their son was found near Northwest 153rd Street and Seventh Avenue.

According to the arrest affidavit, the child left their home alone, and Frye called police about six hours later to report him missing.

Frye and Martin have been released from jail after posting bond. According to the arrest affidavit, Frye is the father of 22 children with five different mothers.

The Department of Children and Families said Monday that the 2-year-old boy is staying with relatives.``
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Atlanta, GA

#165 Sep 28, 2011
[7/25/11] SC. Black Man Shoots Infant In Face

the child survived.

``Police said an infant was shot in the face at a Newberry apartment complex Friday night following an alcohol-related dispute between two men.

26-year-old Melvin Bernard Prophet allegedly fired a round at the other male. That's when they said the infant, who's less than a year hold, was hit in the face.

She was airlifted to Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Lt. Kevin Atkins said she's responding well to treatment there.

Prophet was arrested and is being held at the detention center. Prophet will likely be charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm during a violent crime.``
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Atlanta, GA

#166 Sep 28, 2011
[7/26/11] WI. Black Man Fatally Stabbed 16-year-old

in this cold case, esoteric forensic details can be found in link if you're interested enough.

``A Madison, WI. man has been brought back to Illinois to face murder charges in the killing of a 16-year-old girl in her apartment in 1991.

Steven Dixon, 36, was 16 at the time of Tiffany Lindsey's death from multiple stab wounds and a severe beating.

Dixon was an inmate at the Wisconsin State Prison system for an unrelated crime at the time that the warrant was issued and was later brought back to Chicago.

Police interviewed Dixon in 1991 after Lindsey was found dead, but he was never arrested. The case went unsolved until detectives matched his DNA with that found on the victim and matched DNA from Lindsey to blood found on his clothing.

On Oct. 13, 1991, Dixon, an acquaintance of Lindsey who had stayed in her apartment with her and her 1-year-old son the previous night, woke up at about 7 a.m., severely beat Lindsey and stabbed her 12 times in the face, head and neck with a serrated steak knife, leaving the blade of the weapon in her neck when he fled.

Dixon's sister called a friend, who went to check on Lindsey and found her dead, the body partially covered with a blanket.

There was a screwdriver found near one hand, and two broken knife handles and a broken knife blade were found near the victim's head. Lindsey's 1-year-old son was found crawling on her body.``
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Atlanta, GA

#167 Sep 28, 2011
[7/26/11] FL. Black Coach Convicted Of Child Sex

main subject of report is the sentencing. fifteen is not legal, even if consensual.

``A high school track coach accused of a sickening crime has changed his plea. David Tillman is now pleading guilty to a lesser charge of child abuse. He entered his new plea in court Tuesday.

A judge has ordered Tillman to four years probation and a year of community control.

Tillman, who was a volunteer track coach at Hollywood Christian Academy, had sex with a 15-year-old student last year, after bringing her to his home. Tillman had originally faced charges of lewd and lascivious battery.``
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Atlanta, GA

#168 Sep 29, 2011
[7/27/11] MO. Black Man Beats 2-year-old To Death

the victim was his own son. when are y'all gonna wake up?

``Prosecutors today charged a St. Louis County man with fatally beating his 2-year-old son. Ramond L. Woods, 23, was charged with second-degree murder.

He was jailed in St. Louis County in lieu of a $250,000 cash bail. Woods called 911 about 8:40 a.m. Tuesday to report his son, Jamel Reed, was unconscious because he fell.

Jamel was taken to DePaul Health Center in Bridgeton where he was pronounced dead from blunt force trauma to his chest and abdomen.

Jamel's injuries included broken ribs, bruising to his back and buttocks and a lacerated liver, court documents say. Woods later confessed to punching Jamel twice in the stomach.``
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Atlanta, GA

#169 Sep 29, 2011
[7/29/11] FL. Black Man Rapes 14-year-old

the abuser even drove the young woman to be suicidal in order to get rid of him.

``A 33-year-old Newberry man accused of sexual battery on a 14-year-old girl has been arrested.

The girl said Savalas Leaton Lee began forcing her to participate in sex acts during spring break of 2010.

The girl said the acts continued through Mother's Day weekend of 2011 and happened inside her home while her mother was gone.

The man gave her a cellphone for her birthday — which her mother did not know about — and once gave her $40 in cash, according to police.

The situation was discovered when the victim told her mother she was considering suicide in order to get the man to leave her alone.

Another family member told investigators that Lee would stop by the house unannounced, spend a short amount of time visiting, then go upstairs where the girl was and spend extended periods of time.

During questioning, Lee told police he would stop by the home. After being questioned, Lee was arrested and booked into the Alachua County jail.``
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Atlanta, GA

#170 Sep 29, 2011
[7/29/11] TX. Black Man Rapes Disabled 8-year-old

are these acts done in an effort to relieve stress due to "economic pressures or shortfalls" in the black community? what's happened to plain theft or robbery

``A Central Texas man has been convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault of a girl with development disabilities.

Jurors found 35-year-old Torie Eugene Ricks of Speegleville guilty of five counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child over the January 2010 incidents.

Ricks faces a maximum five life prison terms. The girl, who's now 8 years old, is considered physically and mentally disabled because of abuse she suffered when she was younger.

Ricks has a felony conviction for robbery and misdemeanor convictions for criminal trespass, evading detention, possession of marijuana, failure to identify to a police officer and theft. His criminal record led to enhanced charges in the assault on the girl.`

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