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#435 Oct 10, 2013
God Body720 wrote:
<quoted text> /watch?v=NVSGFGRyR9sXX

Muaah <3

“Black in Amerikkka”

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&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player

“Black in Amerikkka”

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Im High risk

#437 Nov 12, 2013
Light, sounds and number are different aspects of the same thing, i.e.vibration

Pythagoras and other Greek initiate-students of the Egyptians wrote of the celestial music of the spheres. These divine sounds are the original music and the original mantras (hekau).The planetary angels are ever singing the celestial songs.

And we (angels) sing songs in your praise and make holy for you.-- Quran 2:30

"Sound vibrations are gross and subtle. The quality of Akasha[space or ether]is sound Akasha(melanin) is infinite.So you can fill the ear with the infinite sound.”--Upanishads

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#438 Jan 22, 2014
Aziya Shines wrote:
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Muaah <3
muah! To the top with you

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#439 Feb 7, 2014
Chakras have a certain number of petals depending on the number of sounds that it is capable of producing. During a practice of japa, when a specific sound is produced, the sound vibrates the petals which in turn vibrates the chakra

"The supreme syllable of the chant in the supreme ether, in which all the Gods reside, those who do not know this, what can they do with the Veda? Those who know it alone are gathered here."---Upanishads

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#440 Mar 31, 2014
"Sound vibrations are gross and subtle. The quality of Akasha[space or ether]is sound Akasha(melanin) is infinite.So you can fill the ear with the infinite sound.”--Upanishads

Sound is used in the scriptures for all kinds of vibration. We are stablized standing waves of Brahm.
Time has no beginning and no end, which means there is no moment of creation and the world will never come to an end.
After the so called (big bang) the very first sound that emanated from the universe, that is OM. OM is still, after billions of years is travelling through time and the echo of OM can still be heard in the depth of silence(meditation) following this first sound the universe, that is planets and nature and beings manefested.

During meditation our senses stop taking stimulus from Maya(earthly illusion)and Maya's illusion disappears allowing us to see our true self.

We humans are all connected by invisible threads composed of faint vibrations what our sages and Ayurvedha calls as “PREMORDIAL SOUNDS”. This primordial sound acts as a glue to the universe according to sages.
We are all manisfestations of our higher selves, we reapeat the same cycles over and over with the same groups of people until we finish our debts. Everyone you have met in your life was also present in you're last life.


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#441 Mar 31, 2014
In The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's vision he was humming a tune in a valley. That represents that chanting the mantra Hum -- mantra of the gunu chakra which bestows wisdom - accesses the knowledge stored in the subconscious depths.

In the Quran that Hum mantra appears as the mystic letters Ha Meem. They form the mantra Haammm. Seven surahs (representing seven chakras) begin with Ha Meem.

Ha Meem By the Book that makes manifest! Surely We have made it an Arabic Quran that you may understand. And it is surely in the Mother of the Book with US, truly elevated, full of wisdom.

-- Quran 43: 1 -- 4

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#442 Apr 1, 2014
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#443 Apr 1, 2014

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#444 Apr 1, 2014
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#445 Apr 1, 2014
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#446 Apr 1, 2014
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Pastor Troy - This Tha City

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#447 Apr 1, 2014
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#448 Apr 2, 2014
One characteristic of energy is that it vibrates. It can’t help but vibrate. And by vibrating energy produces a sound. Although most sounds exist outside the range of human hearing, the sounds exist.

All energy vibrates. The measurement of vibration requires math, i.e. the science of numbers. The auditory expression of vibration is sounds and when sound occurs mathematically, i.e., rhymically and proportionally, it becomes music.
“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.

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#450 Apr 4, 2014

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#451 Apr 5, 2014
In the Bhagavati Sutra [Bhag. Sut.2/3]-- "Motion may be spontaneous or caused by outside forces. It is not eternal i.e. matter is sometime in motion and sometime at rest. It sometimes vibrates, and also rotates and so on up to the time when it changes its mode.

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#452 Apr 11, 2014
English is a fairly new language and it doesnt vibrate very high when its words are pronounced,as opposed to hebrew and arabic words,which language vibrates very high.English has the lowest vibration is being used by the matrix to dumb down the masses

"You Must Give Them Back And Reject Their Tones, Voices, Frequencies And Vibrations And Take On Your Own; Learn Your Own Language, Vibrations And Tones And You Will Be Free Mentally."--Paa Nuwaup-u Mudrusu Tashrak(Nuwabian nation of moors)

"it never stops when my momma ask me will i change?
i tell her "yeah" but its clear
i'll always be the same
until the end of time"-R.I.P Tupac
until the end of time

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Big Kuntry ft T.I- Still Kuntry

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#454 Apr 14, 2014
C-murder-Yall heard of me

in vedic physics the observer is united with the universe. There exists no duality and separation in the vedic model of the universe, it is only part of an illusion of the mind, and it called “maya” thus modern quantum mechanics is closer to the vedic model

According to the ancient Vedas, there are two types of sound:

Musical sound

Vocal sound

The cause of sound is due to the result of oscillation of particles in the air causing by the sound wave and the particles working concurrently. The Mimamsaka school held that sound itself and its travel was the result of the condensation and rarefaction of air molecules. The intensity and timbre of sound was seen as varied and a consequence of the varying kampasantanasamskara (vibrations) of air molecules.

Sound are defined as waves and and there are two modes of waves according to the VS:



This is explained in ancient Indian literature on music. Musical pitches(sruti) are caused by momentum and frequency of vibrations.

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#455 Apr 16, 2014
To the top..

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