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#207 Jun 8, 2013
The sun is in Gemini,and its a New moon in Gemini.The signed ruled by mercury,the god of alchemy.
This planetary hour is ruled by mars(Navel chakra/the seat of sexual energy).Anyone familiar with Chinese medicine and advanced martial arts is aware of the chi (the life force) and how it is more active in certain pathways in the body on certain days and hours.
This vibration for mars/navel chakra can be used by both new and experienced meditators.

VAM or VANG(traditional chant) This vibration can be used by both new and experienced meditators.
"V-V-AH-AH-AH-M-M-M-M " or "V-V-AH-AH-AH-N-N-G-G "

In the ancient texts, the secret code words for chakra/s are "God/s." The full chakra meditation involves working on all of your seven chakras per meditation session.

If you have a weaker chakra or want to amplify the powers of one of your chakras, then it is important that you perform the meditation during the day and hours of that specific chakra. When doing this, even though you are working on all seven chakras, the energies of that specific chakra will dominate.

Planetary hours and chakras

To find the planetary hours for your specific location,go here..
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#208 Jun 8, 2013
Now this planetary hour is ruled by the sun,which governs the solar plexus chakra(will, power, manipulation).You can also do this excersize on sundays.

RAUM (Sanskrit)--This vibration is advanced and exceptionally powerful, and should only be used by experienced meditators
"R-R-AH-AH-AH-U-U-U-U-M-M -M-M" (Roll the R's)
The U rhymes with the English word tOO
iBreath of Fire (Kapalabhati)

1. Contract your abdominal muscles, forcefully, creating an exhale, by pumping your stomach muscles in and out, hard and fast, but controlled. Air will enter the top part of your lungs by itself. Use the rapid contractions of your abdominal muscles to inhale and exhale with this exercise. The contractions should be rhythmic.

2. Practice a few times, and get a feel for it.

3. Do 20 in a row, in and out, using your abdominal muscles in rapid succession, and at the end of the 20th breath, exhale, inhale and fill your lungs, contract your anus, lower your chin to your chest, hold your breath as long as you comfortably can- DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF!

4. Exhale slowly.

The above constitutes one round. The exhalation should be brief, and the inhalation should be passive and longer. Rounds are increased by adding the number of pumpings with your abdominal muscles. First, try doing three sets of 20 pumpings and then after some time, increase to 30, then 40 until you are doing 60.

What this breathing exercise does:

1. It increases the amount of oxygen in the body

2. It increases the amount of heat. Alchemists in medieval times were referred to as "puffers" and the bellows by the fireplace in alchemy paintings was symbolic of this exercise.
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#209 Jun 8, 2013
Today is Saturday,governed by saturn(capricorn/Aquarius).Sat urn governs the base chakra
This meditation is best performed on Saturdays during the hours of Saturn, but if you are doing the full meditation working on all of your chakras, then any time is fine.
1. Align visualize your base chakra pointing upwards, like a pyramid.

2. Perform the following breathing exercise:

Inhale slowly through your nose, contract your anus and visualize and focus upon energy being drawn into your base chakra and with the inhale, draw this energy up through all of your chakras to the crown, illuminating each one.
Hold for a count of four for new people, for an average, a count of ten and for advanced meditators, however long you feel comfortable. This should be the same count throughout the meditation.
Exhale slowly through your nose and visualize and focus upon energy being drawn into your crown chakra and with the exhale, direct this energy back down through all of your chakras to the base, illuminating each one.

3. Breathe in, focus upon, and feel your base chakra and on the exhale, vibrate your selected word of power several times.

4. Remain still, focusing upon and feeling your base chakra for several minutes.
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#210 Jun 8, 2013
Word VIBRATION/mantra for saturday/base chakra
Choose from one of the following:

LAM or LANG -- This vibration can be used by both new and experienced meditators.
"L-L-AH-AH-AH-M-M-M-M " or "L-L-AH-AH-AH-N-N-G-G "

LAUM [Sanskrit] This vibration is advanced and exceptionally powerful, and should only be used by experienced meditators
The U rhymes with the English word tOO
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#211 Jun 8, 2013
Monks have know to chant the word "ohm" for years to raise their vibration. The word itself is composed of the four elements,air,fire,earth,water. Earth is reprisented by the tongue.Air is needed to form and pronounce the words. Water is reprisented by the saliva in the mouth,and when combine with movement from the tongue,it spits fire.The matrix has designed programs to put out this fire and corrupt words mainly through the english language.

English is a fairly new language and it doesnt vibrate very high when its words are pronounced,as opposed to hebrew and arabic words,which language vibrates very high.English has the lowest vibration is being used by the matrix to dumb down the masses.

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#212 Jun 8, 2013
Gemini is associated with learning and education

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#213 Jun 8, 2013

"im amazin'

born on a full moon

i was bred to get it in

no spoon"--Young Jeezy
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#214 Jun 9, 2013

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.--
Lao Tzu
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#215 Jun 9, 2013
"Music is a very subtle meditation. The seven notes of music are concerned with the seven chakras of the body and each chakra has its own note. If you concentrate on that chakra, you will start hearing that note arising within your body. The second chakra has two notes, the third, three. One is important, the other two are just part of it but create a harmony. It goes on becoming a greater harmony, rising higher with each chakra. On the seventh chakra it is an orchestra. Each chakra has its own form, its own music, its own taste, its own smell. The deeper you move inside yourself, the more you find the whole world, because if it is not within you, you cannot see it without either. Something is needed to correspond."--Osho
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#216 Jun 9, 2013
7 Ways Music Affects The Body (According to Science)

Slapping neuroscience right across the face, music is able to take stroke, lesion or other brain-damaged patients who have lost the partial ability to see or speak and return it to them.
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#217 Jun 9, 2013
"The subject is naturally one of the most obscure that is known to scholarship, and so far no one has thrown any real light on it. That, however, there was once in Egypt and Chaldea a science of this "nature language,"(using planetary hours) or "tongue of the gods,"
"In Egypt the priests hymn the Gods by means of the seven vowels, chanting them in order; instead of the pipe and lute the musical chanting of these letters is heard.
In speaking of the vowels or "sounding letters" - each of the seven spheres being said to give forth a different vowel or nature-tone - Nicomachus informs us that these root-sounds in nature are combined with certain material elements, as they are in spoken speech with the consonants; but " just as the soul with the body, and music with the lyre- strings, the one produces living creatures and the other musical modes and tunes, so do those root-sounds give birth to certain energies and initiatory powers of divine operations."
- From A Mithraic Ritual
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#218 Jun 10, 2013
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#219 Jun 10, 2013
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#220 Jun 12, 2013
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#221 Jun 13, 2013
The horn/phallus of Shiva inside the yoni/vagina of shakti is the symbol the Hindu 6 point star 'Shaktona'

Hatha yoga=Ha(sun) Tha(moon),uniting yin/yang.

we are spiritualy born from the "OM" mantra vibrations produce from the horns/voice that resonate the waters of the spine resting in the horns of the sacrum in which the chakra patterns are produced.leading to enlightenment of the awakened 3rd eye.

physically we're born of the horn/phallus of our father and horn/womb of our mothers.
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#222 Jun 13, 2013
The moon is passing through the fiery Lion in Leo(my moon sign)

Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day

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#223 Jun 14, 2013
Naada yoga is the yoga of sound.According to Yoga, the nadis(energy channels) and chakras have healing powers that unlock the spirit (katanasarira)and can be obtained with a dedicated practice of japa (repeated chanting) on the sounds
of the chakras. Japa is a meditative repetition of a mantra.

Mantra is a sound, syllable, word or
group of words that is believed to have transformative powers. Chakras have a certain number of petals depending on the number of sounds that it is capable of producing. During a practice of japa, when a specific sound is produced, the sound vibrates the petals which in turn vibrates the chakra.

Today is Friday which is goverened by venus(heart chakra)It corresponds to the Cardiac Plexus in the physical body. From here 15 Yoga Nadis emanate.
The sound that is produced by each Nadi is represented by the following Sanskrit syllables kam,
kham, gam, gham, ngam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam, and tham. Anahata sound, the
sound of Shabda Brahman, is heard at this centre.
The seed mantra is "Yam". Pronounce it by inhaling audibly though your mouth, and pronounce
the word hum (as in humming); allow the breath to extend beyond the resolution of the

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#224 Jun 14, 2013
" chanting om the supreme soul is revealed."--sage Vyasa

"Om is the "primordial seed" of the universe- this whole world is nothing but OM"--Ancient text

Our pineal gland/3rd eye recieves light/photon.In meditation we submit ourselves to the law of electrical resistance. Which is OHM.

With a mantra, a sound syllable which we repeat mentally, we transcend the mind and reach the
inner sounds and symbols; pictures which we see within and which, depending on their nature,
represent various levels of consciousness

Yoga states that sound is not only carried by our throat and vocal cords but that we also can articulate sounds in parts of the body which are connected with particular emotions.The body covers 50 sounds of the Sanskrit language and these sounds are carried throughout the body via a network of nadis and chakras .Nadis/energy channels and chakras are energetic
pathways and centres that carry prana/a universal vital energy that sustains human life.

more on Naada yoga(sound yoga)
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#226 Jun 16, 2013
"Sound vibrations are gross and subtle. The quality of Akasha[space or ether]is sound Akasha(melanin) is infinite.So you can fill the ear with the infinite sound.”--Upanishads
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#227 Jun 17, 2013

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