How come blacks never invented anythi...
rose black

Sylvania, GA

#211 Jun 13, 2013
Your an ass because your race is more on welfare than blacks. The upper white people don't even want to be around you rednecks. You guys considered lower than dirt. Than you want to talk about education right whose dumb. Let's start here you have whites who can't even read than blacks. You have more blacks going to college and succeed. Get your facts straight. All white people did with my ancestor is steal there invention and anything anyone else did because they were dumb.

Bellingham, WA

#212 Jun 18, 2013
Actually, Blacks use up 40% of all welfare distributed, while Whites use up 39%. Blacks are however 13% of the population, whereas Whites are 70% of the population. So the over representation is astounding.

Howell, MI

#213 Jun 23, 2013
blacks and the china man and the white man invented stuff.. nboody else invented stuff..

when the hell are Native Americans gonna invente something.. or people from India invented a math problem or something and got infinite credit for it when they only made one thing..

Los Angeles, CA

#214 Jul 10, 2013
Stop hate on black people u just mad ur white ancestor had to rob and steal from every other race to make themselves feel superior and they still doing it right to this day and always claim thing that are not there a bunch of fucking thieves not all but it's good percentage

Saltville, VA

#216 Aug 6, 2013
blacks and whites invented stuff ...

and everyone steals... get over stealing..

stealing is cool to some people..

Beenleigh, Australia

#218 Aug 31, 2013
Blacks just try to take credit for everything. The whites don't really care because they are better than that. The whites just giggle when they remember who put the blacks in chains back in the days. It's quite funny actually. I wonder who invented the whip?

Satellite Provider

#220 Aug 31, 2013
Whites are the most racist ppl i've ever seen and come to read abt.


Gateshead, UK

#221 Sep 30, 2013
they did invented stuff like air condition.

Greenville, NH

#222 Sep 30, 2013
coby wrote:
they did invented stuff like air condition.
No, that's a complete myth. That invention, as well as many others frequently cited (like cell phones, the typewriter, etc.), were based an old spam email hoax called "life without black people." Look it up on Snopes if you like.

Willis Carrier, a white dude, invented Air Conditioning.

Las Vegas, NV

#224 Nov 11, 2013
Blacks are not even part of the human race. All they know how to do is destroy. It is in their nature. They are destructive animals. Unfortunately 30 million of these wild animals have been turned lose in the US alone. While all other human races have to tolerate their behavior. If this continues the US will end up just like South Africa. Hopefully all the human races will wake up someday before it is too late.
Darkness Falls

Houston, TX

#225 Nov 12, 2013
legally_black101 wrote:
because we are the kings and queens of the universe....let you white people and the rest invent...we shall enjoy them....we did enough during slave trade!! time for you to work!!!
"Kings and queens" don't allow themselves to be herded like cattle onto slave ships and forced to travel to destinations unknown to live in shackles and pick cotton on plantations from sun-up until sundown. Too bad your "royal lineage" couldn't get you out of that 400-year bind.(smirks)

Sterling Heights, MI

#227 Dec 22, 2013
None of these answers are accurate at all. Black invention myths became mainstream because no one had internet at the time to do the research. Many white people came up with the ideas before blacks did. Whites had to make things more equal so they made up these inventions for blacks.

Here is the truth

South Africa

#228 Jan 2, 2014
What an answer,this is awesome!!!!!!!
isitdoyouwannasa yman

Howell, MI

#230 Jan 23, 2014
Atleast blacks are semi useful or something..though.. so whatever.. just means you gotta have white people for blacks to have stuff.. but some blacks wouldn't even exist either way if whites didn't exist..
isitdoyouwannasa yman

Howell, MI

#231 Jan 23, 2014
what do you wanna say A person can be black Anyway and still blame whites for anything say if they have a white ancestory Anyway..

Lake Worth, FL

#232 Feb 2, 2014
Cause they act like silver backs in the wild, and they stupid as the come. My hommies.
Unbiased biracial

United States

#233 Feb 4, 2014
Cal wrote:
<quoted text>
Why does this "Lame" subject keep coming up? If rednecks were to read they'd know about "black inventors" to name a few:
*George Alcorn - Imaging X-ray spectrometer
*Ben Banneker - first clock
*Otis Boykin - improved electrical resistor
*Marie Van Britton Brown - Home Security Systems
*Dr. Charles Drew - Blood Bank
*Dr. Phillip Emeagwali - worlds fastest computer
(And the list goes on)
The question should be, why do white maggots take credit for blacks and other races innovations and teach you in highschool that whitey created and disperesed them?...Answer: Because Rednecks are a bunch of liars, hypocrites and thieves!!! "simple" "it is what it is"
Look u should actually research these claims instead of just copying and pasting someone else's answers... U make us look even worse... The "clock" ... Really!!! Been around since sumaria, and even the qaurtz was used by a white person first
Elevator-- been around for centuries, brake invented by Otis, and the electrical by a German years before a black man got a patent, "or stole the idea"
Worlds fastest computer???? not only has this been invented over a thousand times the first computer was invented by whites, super computer by whites, even windows was by whites.
Cellular phone was by a white man from Motorola, even though the guy listed by some online did invent gamma cell radiation, his patent was shared with a white man
Home security system really???? The idea was proposed by a white man, but later, in tandem with emerging technology of the time, put into effect by Marie

The elictrical resistor was invented by whites and later "improved upon"
Same goes for iron board, clothes dryer, curtain rods and holders, and shoes

All the things aside from peanut butter and clay shell mix was already invented before being claimed by black people. So who really has stole from whom??
Black people are genetically less intelligent, more athletic. They have longer arms and wider nose holes to breathe more oxygen, ie more to fuel muscles with the mouth closed. They have higher hips, which is why they can run faster. they have more fast twitch muscle fibers and more natural testosterone levels. White people have more brain capacity with less dense skulls, more knowledge retention capability and societal structure. They not only have a superior ability to learn but they also have the luxury of obtaining knowledge from white people before them which doubles their intelligence over black people. Black people have superior chemical imbalances which is the cause of sudden acts of emotions without thought. White people are natural problem solvers. everything started in africa where it was hot and open ranged. the black person is a step behind the white person in evolution because humans no longer need these traits for survival, a poweful mind is better than a powerful body at this stage. I'm glad I have the best of both worlds, I can dunk a basketball AND I scored a 1300 on my SAT. these are the facts, being racist is just ignorant people trying to win arguments.
White trash

Mountain View, CA

#234 Feb 15, 2014
Nobody can deny that Whites have created most of everything we use in the current world, in fact even the countries that were never colonized by Europeans have their modern societies based on White technologies, White models, White example.

Asians or Arabs have also created many things, such as mathematics and the current numeric system for the Arabs, gunpowder and fireworks for the Asians, and so-on.

As for Blacks, throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing.

1). Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel.

2). He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him)

3). His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.

4). He never build a house although there were millions of board feet of lumber at his fingertips; he never built a table or chairs; he never built a chest of drawers, a dresser; he never built a bed, or desk; he never built a kitchen, never built a stove; he never formed a brick, until he saw the white man do it; he never made a knife, spoon, fork, dish, glass, cup, or any of the other things to eat with; he never built a building; created a money system; he never discovered how to doctor those who were sick except with a few natural remedis that he accidently found; he never built a fireplace to cook and warm himself with; he never weaved a piece of cloth, nor made a shirt, pants, dress, bed clothes, sheets, spreads, quilts, or anything of the sort; he never built an automobile, an airplane, a train, a bus, truck, tractor; he never farmed anything until the white man showed him how, and then when the white man left he let the tractors that he had been given sit and rust away, and the fields unplowed; he never dug a well to produce water for his crops, family, friends and etc., but when the white man came and dug the wells and installed the pumps they used the water with glee, but when the white man left and the pump wore out instead of fixing it they went to the city and begain begging the white man for more food and water.


More and more people here in Europe or in N-A are fed up with all the politically correctness concerning Blacks, I use to have no bias toward any race, treating everyone equally and fairly, and still I got Blacks insulting me and hating me just because I am White. So now I no longer try to be correct and treat people equally, thanks to the internet we can know have access to different opinions and forge our own.

Bronx, NY

#236 May 10, 2014
That is so sad that America school system is so whitewashed they don't educate fair.The elevator,the traffic lights,light bulb,cell phone,computer,comb,crush, iron board,rock an roll,first doctor ever to separate Siamese twins,so many more were created or invented, by a people who are seen as lazy no getters.If the American school system was not so white washed they will educate on these inventors.Even the peanut butter was invented by a black person.written,science,an math were all invented by Africans long time ago.They lied an told you the bible was written by whites.Look up the truth about black people.Stop being ignorant also there are more whites on welfare than blacks.This is a known fact.

San Diego, CA

#237 May 16, 2014
legally_black101 wrote:
because we are the kings and queens of the universe....let you white people and the rest invent...we shall enjoy them....we did enough during slave trade!! time for you to work!!!
You are forever dumb. Let me teach you something real quick, we have all been slaves it has absolutely nothing to do with pigmentation, your just an uneducated idiot. Keep blaiming your physical appearance cause im sure its working out great!

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