Married White Men and Black Women hav...

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#705 Sep 22, 2012

You need to watch your language. If someone is facing discrimination, it is not their fault. You should never make someone feel badly for the wrong doings of others. They are trying to provide but racism is horrendous in this country. BW should know about discrimination first and foremost. If bm asked bw to go out and secure the top modeling spot in America,they would face the same discrimination - probably more, not because something is wrong with them, but because people are taught to be racially biased. Everyone is.

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#706 Sep 22, 2012

And here's a note and video from Jeff, a wm, about Serena Williams's appearance on the Letterman show.


Have you seen Serena Williams on Letterman?? She came out in a tight dress and Letterman went crazy (so did I, lol). She said to him, "Your eyes popped out!" Letterman replied, "that's not the only thing that popped!" He told Serena she was stunning!

Wow, now we live in a time when a white man will admit on TV to the most famous African American woman athlete of our time that she's incredibly sexy (I'm white and is she ever!)

What an amazing muscular athletic body.


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#707 Sep 22, 2012
Leanna wrote:
<quoted text>
That's interesting... do you believe that bw & wm tend to be more financially stable when married than bm and ww? There are some that believe wm and bw who marry tend to have similar levels of education, and overall finances; while many bm and ww tend to have very different circumstances. What are your thoughts?
I agree with you in some aspects, white men generally outearn black men, but it's tough getting hired in this country for good paying jobs. That's not the fault of black men at all and it certainly doesn't mean they wouldn't make good mates. However, bw/wm marriage rates may be lower because the bw who white men marry probably are more conservative in nature and come from more traditional backgrounds, so those bw have acquired better marriage skills than those out of single parent/divorced homes. They also are generally in a more privileged position socially and economically, not always but many times. It's easier for women to date down in class, but it's harder for women to marry/date up so there's probably more incentive on bw to keep the marriage alive or healthy. This is my speculation.

However, black women and black men can get along well (my parents are hitting their 50th anniversary) in a marriage when both work to keep it healthy, but some black women in this generation for some reason love competing with black men, which tells me that there are issues with self-esteem under the surface. Healthy self-esteem (acquired from self discovery, improvement, and acceptance) gives you the freedom and desire to be you and to not compare yourself to others, it violent against the soul. Work on yourselves more, so others won't matter more than your own sense of worth.
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#709 Sep 23, 2012
I've always been attracted to white men because my own father is white and he is probably the best man, father, husband I've seen in my life.
Most mixed women with a white father tend to exclusively date white men.
My mom only had very bad experiences with black men then a day she decided to give a chance to a white guy. Only one! He became her husband and they are still married today.
They aren't not about to divorce for sure.
Dark Knight

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#710 Sep 23, 2012
LOL the divorce rate for bw Wm is low because on the IR scale Wm bw marriage rate itself is low.

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#713 Apr 1, 2013
it's true, after a black lover for awhile, a white guy can't get it up with white.

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#715 Apr 5, 2013
lastorchid wrote: cles/mi_7532/is_200804/ai_n322 70493/pg_9/
I wouldn't take too much of this in application though. Most divorces are a result of financial conflicts followed by a breakdown in intimacy or infidelity. Race usually isn't a factor in divorce.

I couldn't agree with you anymore, it you do get into an interracial relationship, and you guys choose to marry each other, race should not even be a factor that places a barrier between you too... At all.

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#716 Apr 19, 2013
Dark Knight wrote:
LOL the divorce rate for bw Wm is low because on the IR scale Wm bw marriage rate itself is low.
Are you too stupid to realize why that doesn't make sense?

If that were the case then ONE divorce would affect the rate, much less the average 50% divorce rate this country has.

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#718 May 23, 2013
The reason the divorce rate among bw/wm is the lowest is because It's easier for white men to earn respect from black women. This doesn't surprise me, the fact that white men generally run things in this country and society at large, and very importantly control their image. Generally speaking, white men have always had access to black women, the more attractive black women normal weight black women. And, among black women that are more "educated", they tend to be more politically, socially compatible with white men, which is very fascinating.

Given how things are in this society, with ww/bm marriages, there are issues of bm earning respect from ww. Also, culturally there are greater differences between bm/ww than there're between bw/wm, causing greater friction. And, men of means of any hue tend to pick trophy wives, but I think it has more of a detrimental affect on bm.

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#719 May 23, 2013
To me social class & background
is also a significant in this. When black women marry white men they tend to be middle class & in good jobs, I think white men are more fussy with the type of black women they get involved with.
Whereas black men & white women tend to not be so fussy when they get involved with each other. They might both be attracted to each other but have a different social background & values.

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#720 Jun 7, 2013
all this is BS and just another way for a white man trying to prove he's better than a black man and the best choice. BS!!!!
Black Deal

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#721 Jun 7, 2013
jennifer wrote:
To me social class & background
is also a significant in this. When black women marry white men they tend to be middle class & in good jobs, I think white men are more fussy with the type of black women they get involved with.
Whereas black men & white women tend to not be so fussy when they get involved with each other. They might both be attracted to each other but have a different social background & values.
Devil we know white mfs get educated refined BW so STFU

tell your white mfs to leave our BW alone cuz they belong to us BM

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#722 Jun 12, 2013
Leanna wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, that's not true. The divorce rate between wm & bw is actually lower than WM & WW.
I'm simply asking why do you suppose BW & WM have such a lower divorce rate. I've often heard that BW and WM who marry tend to have more in common in terms of education, career, political views, ideas, etc; therefore, when things get rough, they remain together due to their shared backgrounds.
What are your views as to why BM & WW have such a high divorce rate? I'm really curious.
I think that to some degree the social pressures are greater on bm/wf couple because there has always been a stigma. Additionally, I feel that the feminist movement has granted wf the "ability" to date substandard dudes and they don't always end up happy. White women overall have a high divorce rate. Added with the social ineffectiveness of Black men (high incarceration rates and low college grad rates), I can easily see why white women and black men don't stay married. Socially, both are self-loathing. I would like to see this adjusted for education and background.

PS - I am a Black male who is 4-year, Big 10 educated and dates interracial and I WILL NOT SETTLE. I believe that involved objective self-analysis even if self-depreciating at times.

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#723 Jul 1, 2013
BestOftheEast wrote:
I have no proof of this. But I will guarantee that the Black women and White men that do get divorce. 80% of the divorces have been filed by the White men.
Black women just don't want to leave a White man because her options are not as great as a White or Asian Woman.
I dont know why but it always surprises me of how hateful black men are towards black women. You can just tell by your language. Nobody else has that bitterness like u just demonstrated. Sad. That might be why marriages between bw/wm last, because they sincerely love each other without all those issues alot of black men apparently have.
Who wants to be with someone with such hostility in his heart. I don't

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#724 Jul 1, 2013
Leanna wrote:
Across black and white interracial marriages, white male-black female (WM-BF) pairings had half the divorce rate of all-white pairings. In contrast, black male-white female (BM-WF) marriages had twice the divorce rate of all-white pairings.
This means, roughly, that BM-WF pairings are four times as likely to divorce as WM-BF couples.
I'm a bit curious as to why the divorce rate for BF's & WM is so low; but rather high for BM & WF's.
I'd really like everyone to chime in. In truth, I didn't expect the divorce rates between BM & WF's to be so high...
**Note: Please check the census website for verification -if you don't believe the above statements.
This is really not hard to believe, IRBW, will kiss ten yards of whiteman azz and ask for ten more. So if he cheats or beats them they arent going to blow him up to her friends at the beauty shop, in fact they will stay on their best behavior for their white god,(remember they have admitted that they "leave the blackgirl attitude at home" when they get with whitemen.) Dont believe me, look at the ones on here that rush to the defense of Scandal, whiteman cheating on his wife and its called "love" by these women, is it because he's doing it with a sister? No, it's because they see whitemen as entitled to certain liberties, I would be willing to bet that more racial slurs "slip" in those households than anywhere else but it's cool because as long as master gives crumbs they are happy, need another example? I read this book where this oil baron from louisiana had fathered a black child years back, he was so "gracious" that he allowed her to work as his maid(his own daughter), she had finally had enough of his crap and was about to go to the police on him for an old murder that he committed that she had evidence of and all he had to do was invite her to sat at his table and have a meal with him and she recanted! so if a group of women held a group of men in such high regard no matter what they do, then there SHOULD be a low divorce rate!
real talk

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#725 Jul 1, 2013
It's because white men and black women genuinely love each other and work against the negativity they have constantly pushed on them by the white devil females and black male demons, and both are hard working and extremely motivated.

Its Hellywood

“I'm better than you”

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#726 Jul 1, 2013
Its actually Black men and White women couples that have the lowest divorce rates. Sorry folks, try again.

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#731 Jul 2, 2013
Okay. I reported it. We will see how long this non-sense continues.

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#735 Oct 8, 2013
It's only an issue in America.

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#737 Jun 28, 2014
I love black woman and don't car e what no body say

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