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#1698 Oct 11, 2012

Web gag on hateful Adrian Bayley material in Jill Meagher murder case

Paul Anderson
Herald Sun
October 11, 2012

A MAGISTRATE has today suppressed the publication of some information about the white man accused of raping and murdering Jill Meagher but rejected an application to ban publication of his image.

In partly granting an application made on behalf of Adrian Ernest Bayley at Melbourne Magistrates' Court today, Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton said in preliminary comments this afternoon that:

*The case had already attracted an extreme level of media and public interest.

*The mainstream media had not published any material as described in the order sought by the defence, but the area of threat or concern principally lay with "non-mainstream media".

*And courts should only make suppression orders where necessary while considering the principles of open justice and the importance of a fair trial.

In refusing the application to ban publication of Mr Bayley's image, Ms Broughton said lawyers for the Herald Sun - who opposed the applications - submitted that images should only be banned when identity may be an issue at trial.

She referred to the case of backpack killer Ivan Milat, whose photos were published before his committal proceedings had begun in a case where identity was an issue.

But she said the issue of identity had not been flagged by either the defence or prosecution during yesterday's application and it was not her role to speculate.

She therefore refused the application to ban publication of Mr Bayley's image.

Ms Broughton did, however, grant the application to suppress the publication of other relevant material.

A lawyer for Mr Bayley yesterday made an application for the court to ban the publication of the material and Mr Bayley's image in any forum, after a large amount of material was spread across Facebook, Twitter and the Internet.

During yesterday's application, defence lawyer Helen Spowart tendered a large amount of material sourced from social media that she said was designed to express hatred or incite hatred in relation to Mr Bayley.

Ms Spowart told Ms Broughton that images of Mr Bayley had become the target of public anger.

Ms Spowart had also applied for certain information about Mr Bayley to be prevented from publication.

She said some material could "irretrievably compromise the trial''.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, had submitted that court orders should be made only when necessary to protect the integrity of a trial, and not cause its delay.

Lawyers for the Herald Sun had opposed Ms Spowart's application.

Mr Bayley, 41, is charged with raping and murdering Ms Meagher in Brunswick on September 22.

He appeared from prison via video link in court today.

Sporting a ginger beard and wearing a green prison windcheater, Mr Bayley sat with hands clasped and head bowed during most of this afternoon's hearing.

Mr Bayley is next due to appear in court in January.

The existing suppression order will remain in force until then.

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#1699 Oct 11, 2012

Posted: 12:17 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, 2012

White man charged with murder after girlfriend dies from beating

TACOMA, Wash.— A man who was charged with the assault of his girlfriend has been charged with second-degree murder after she died from her injuries.

Pierce County prosecutors said 41-year-old William Selley beat 29-year-old Kathryn Southward so severely that a detective said he couldn’t believe she was alive.

On Sept. 26, Selley called his mother after Southward vomited a dark substance and was incoherent, prosecutors said. His mother came to the home, saw that Southward was seriously injured, and told Selley to call 911.

Once at the hospital, doctors determined that Southward had three broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken bone in her neck, a possible broken wrist and damage to her internal organs, as well as bruises all over her body in various stages of healing. The victim’s family members told police there was a history of Selley abusing Southward, police said.

According to police, a sheriff’s detective who met with Southward in the intensive care unit noted that he had never seen a victim that severely assaulted and still alive. After initially saying she couldn’t remember what happened, Southward said Selley had beaten her, authorities said.

Police said that Selley claimed that Southward fell backwards and hit her head on the television console when he tried to place her on the couch. She stayed on the couch for three days because of her injuries. Prosecutors said Selley did not take Southward to get medical treatment because they had no medical insurance.

Southward died on Friday. An autopsy determined that the cause of death was injuries from blunt-force trauma to the chest and abdomen, the medical examiner said.

“October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and this murderous assault unfortunately highlights the need to continue our efforts to hold abusers accountable and to prevent domestic violence,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

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#1700 Oct 11, 2012

White man killed wife for the insurance payout

October 11, 2012 - 6:02PM

Excerpt: "Except for the bloodstains, it looked like any other suburban Queensland home.

Wooden furniture and leather couches sat on top of wooden laminate floors, a partial filled laundry basket sat atop the dining room table, while a mixture of both professional and candid shots of two young sandy haired boys and family memories lined the walls.

But on May 6, 2010, when police officers entered the home in response to two short triple-0 calls where no one spoke, they discovered Ian Hunter near naked semi-conscious and bleeding on the living room floor and his wife, 55-year-old house proud Vicki Hunter bludgeoned to death in the garage.

Vicki Hunter had returned to her Raceview home in Ipswich, parked her car in the garage under her house, exited her vehicle and was struck in the head with a metal bar.

The mother-of-two's grown sons would be hit 15 times in the face and head with the long metal bar, in a brutal attack she had tried feebly to ward off with her arm.

Described as a “slightly built woman”, Mrs Hunter died on the concrete floor of her garage from a severe brain injury, her handbag, book and lunch box sprawled around her. Her killer then poured petrol over her body and placed men's clothes on top, attempted to clean up the blood pooling on the garage floor and left.

Yesterday in the Brisbane Supreme Court, Ian Hunter, now 58, sat in the dock accused of killing his partner of nearly four decades.

The prosecution alleges that Mr Hunter killed his wife for her $180,000 life insurance policy, after financial difficulties began to plague the otherwise “normal” and apparent “happily married” couple.

Prosecutor Vicki Loury told the jury of eight men and five women (including an alternate jury member) that Ian Hunter had received a superannuation payout of $76,000 after retiring as a truck driver in the months before Mrs Hunter's death.

Despite Mrs Hunter continuing to work part time in a retail store, the couple's income was reduced to “about $500 a week” and Ms Loury said between their credit card debts, the $200,000-plus owing on their home loan and Mr Hunter's love of gambling, the couple were headed towards severe financial trouble.

Ms Loury told the jury a forensic accountant would testify the money Mr Hunter had received in superannuation was almost gone when Mrs Hunter was killed and, while the couple had originally paid off their credit card debts using the super funds, their Visa card debt was $10,000 just months later.

Opening the prosecution case, Ms Loury said Mr Hunter had concocted a “false” story “manufactured to cover up the fact he had killed his own wife” in an attempt to escape their economic woes."
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#1701 Oct 11, 2012
Frank wrote: s/man-charged-murder-after-gir lfriend-dies-beating/nSXkQ/
Posted: 12:17 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, 2012
White man charged with murder after girlfriend dies from beating
TACOMA, Wash.— A man who was charged with the assault of his girlfriend has been charged with second-degree murder after she died from her injuries.
Pierce County prosecutors said 41-year-old William Selley beat 29-year-old Kathryn Southward so severely that a detective said he couldn’t believe she was alive.
Hijo de la chingada!!!

Poor Kathryn! What were you thinking, woman, going steady with such a loser?....And, some total creep in his FOURTIES!

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#1702 Oct 13, 2012

White rapist 'covered up murder of young woman for 30 years after burying body in woodland'


PUBLISHED: 20:15 EST, 12 October 2012 | UPDATED: 09:41 EST, 13 October 2012

Excerpt: "A predatory rapist hid the murder of a young woman for more than three decades after burying her body in woodland, a court has heard.

Paul Taylor, 60, is accused of brutally murdering 22-year-old Sally McGrath and burying her body in woodland near Peterborough.

Miss McGrath’s unexplained disappearance in July 1979 received widespread press coverage at the time but remained a mystery for more than eight months until her badly decomposed body was discovered by a gamekeeper.

Her naked body was found buried in a shallow grave with just a pair of boots and jewellery nearby.
The body was so badly decomposed it could only been identified by dental records.

The murder case went unsolved for more than three decades before a cold case review by police led to a murder charge against Taylor.

Taylor, from Hampshire, appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court today.

He faces one charge of murder alongside three counts of rape relating to three different women, one count of attempted rape, one count of indecent assault and another serious sexual assault.

Karim Khalil QC, prosecuting, described the murder of Sally McGrath as 'the culmination of the defendant’s predatory traits' following a number of alleged violent sexual assaults on young woman.

He said:'It is clear she went with someone who she knew and was taken somewhere that he knew.
'She was stripped naked and was attacked.

'She was left in a shallow grave where, no doubt, her killer hoped she would never be found.

'Eight months later she was found by chance by a gamekeeper.'

Taylor - who was 27 years old and had been working as a builder at the time of the attack - was described as a reasonably good-looking and strong man who was known to flirt with a number of women despite being married.

The jury was told Taylor had been involved in a number of progressively more violent sexual assaults throughout 1979.

The court heard how in March 1979 he repeatedly raped a 19-year-old after offering her a lift home from the Bull Hotel in Peterborough.

She immediately reported the rape to police but that they persuaded her not pursue the matter.

A month later in April1979 Taylor allegedly attacked a 24-year-old girl after offering her a lift home from a Christening party near the town.

The jury heard that as he drove her back he pulled into a layby and grabbed her by the back of the neck whilst saying:'You know you want it'.

She resisted, so he attacked her before pushing her from his vehicle and driving off.

Just two weeks before the disappearance of Sally McGrath the court heard how he convinced a 17-year-old girl to join him and teenage building apprentice, Paul Stringer, on a boat ride.

But once she got in his work van he drove to a stretch of woodland just 600 yards from where Sally McGrath’s body was later discovered and violently raped her.

He told his terrified workmate:'F*** off in the van come back in half an hour.'

When Mr Stringer returned, Taylor was said to be 'back to his charming self' and even offered to buy the pair an ice cream.
The jury heard that a fortnight later, on the morning of July 11, Sally McGrath left her parents’ house and said 'cheerio, see you tonight' to her mother.

That was the last time she was seen alive.

Her badly decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave in a stretch of woodland called Castor Hanglands on the outskirts of Peterborough in March 1980.

A major police investigation was launched but despite the discovery of Miss McGrath’s body eight months after her disappearance - no one was ever charged with her murder until more than three decades later."

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#1703 Oct 13, 2012

12 October 2012 Last updated at 14:45 ET

White man charged with murder of wife in Oadby crash

The husband of a woman who died in a car crash in Leicestershire has been charged with her murder.

The husband of a woman who died in a car crash in Leicestershire has been charged with her murder.

Sally Lawrence, 47, was a passenger in a car which hit a tree in Gartree Road in Oadby on Saturday evening.

Iain Lawrence, 52, of Ratcliffe Road, Leicester, was remanded in custody after appearing at Leicester Magistrates' Court and will appear at the city's crown court on Monday.

A friend of the mother-of-three said she was a warm and genuine person.

'Absolutely devastated'
Angela Brotherhood said: "My heart goes out to all the family.

"She was a lovely, warm, genuine, kind person.

"I couldn't have asked for a better friend and I'm absolutely devastated that she's not here anymore."

The red Peugeot 406 had been travelling in the direction of Leicester Airport when it hit the tree, near the junction of Stoughton Road, between 18:20 and 18:35 BST.

The driver was taken to hospital for treatment and later released.

Det Ch Insp Neil Castle said: "We are still appealing for anyone who was in the area to contact us.

"The car travelled from the ring road via the Oadby racecourse roundabout and then on to Gartree Road - the scene of the collision.

"I am keen to hear from anyone who saw the car at any point or anyone who saw the occupants getting into the car on ring road on Saturday evening."

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#1704 Oct 13, 2012

Cop convicted of killing pregnant woman faces sentencing in November

Posted: Oct 12, 2012 11:18 AM EDT
Updated: Oct 12, 2012 11:31 AM EDT

Excerpt: "SAGINAW, MI (WNEM)-Thursday saw the dramatic conclusion to 11 days of testimony that gripped Mid-Michigan in the case of a suspended police officer found guilty of killing a pregnant woman carrying his child.

Now TV5 has learned when Ken Bluew will be sentenced - most likely to life in prison. Bluew will learn his fate after jurors found him guilty of killing Jenny Webb on Monday, Nov. 5 at 2:30 p.m.

Acting Police Chief Sean Waterman, with the Buena Vista Township Police department, issued this statement on Bluew, who remains suspended: "Now that he's been convicted a decision will be made about his employment at the Buena Vista Police Department." Authorities said the township is still working to sort the details out.

Saginaw County prosecutors said Bluew killed 32-year-old Jenny Webb near a Buena Vista Township gun range on Outer Drive on Aug. 30, 2011.

The prosecution says the baby boy Webb was eight months pregnant with was Bluew's child. Prosecutors said Bluew didn't want to pay child support, didn't want his wife to know about the situation and didn't want a baby.

In testimony yesterday, a medical examiner said Webb was killed by a choke hold, not the extension cord found around her neck at the crime scene. Dr. Kanu Virani, the man who conducted Webb's autopsy, said her death was "a homicide."

During the 11-day trial, Bluew never took the stand in his own defense. Around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, the prosecution rested its case. The defense called its one and only witness, Keith LaMont, with the Michigan State Police.

Prosecutor Mike Thomas started his closing arguments at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. Thomas told jurors that Bluew killed Jenny Webb so he wouldn't have to pay child support and so his wife wouldn't get a divorce. Thomas stated that the evidence that Bluew killed the mother of his child was overwhelming. Thomas said Webb was looking forward to having the baby, as stated by family and friends who testified. The prosecutor told the jury that Webb was hung after she was killed and that only one person had a motive - Ken Bluew.

Thomas said that Bluew finally admitted two hours and 36 minutes into his interview with police that he had sex with Jenny Webb. Thomas said Jenny Marie Webb was murdered and did not die as a result of suicide, which was what the defense alluded to as cause of death.

Thomas brought up the Internet searches on Bluew's computer and reminded the jury that no clear answer was given as to where Bluew was on the night Webb died, between 9 p.m. and 10:35 p.m. Thomas said Officer Patterson caught Bluew at the crime scene and that wasn't part of Bluew's plan. Thomas said Webb became her own best witness because she bit her assailant's finger, a finger tip that MSP crime scene investigator Valerie Bowman found in Webb's clothing. The prosecutor said Webb convicted Bluew of her own murder, and that Bluew lied, lied and lied. Thomas said it was 23 minutes before Bluew recognized Webb at the crime scene.

The prosecution continued, stating that Bluew left his blood, his stains and his evidence all over the crime scene. Thomas questioned how Bluew DNA profile, 1 in 93.4 quadrillion, get on the back of her T-shirt? Thomas said the jury has more than enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Thomas stated that Bluew killed Webb in the driveway of the waste water treatment plant, then drover he to stage a suicide. Thomas said nothing indicates she was depressed in any way, and that the suicide note found at the scene that Bluew wrote is the strongest proof of premeditated intent. Thomas stated, "There is only one verdict; guilty on all four counts."

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#1705 Oct 13, 2012

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 Last update: 11:59 a.m.

White man sentenced to 45 years in prison for murder of ex-girlfriend

By Abigail Curtis, BDN Staff
Posted Oct. 12, 2012, at 4:14 p.m.
Last modified Oct. 12, 2012, at 6:09 p.m.

Excerpt: "ROCKLAND, Maine — The Rockland man convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend two years ago and dumping her body along a rural road was sentenced Friday afternoon to 45 years in prison.

Arnold Diana, 37, declined to address Justice Jeffrey Hjelm or the family and friends of victim Katrina Windred who were present at Knox County Superior Court for his sentencing hearing.

But he listened as her loved ones spoke up, often through tears, about the kind of person she was and the hole in their lives her loss has left.

Windred, a single mother from Friendship, was 47 when she was strangled on Nov. 20, 2010, in Diana’s apartment in the Thorndike building in Rockland after going there to drop off some groceries. Her 10-year-old son had been waiting in her car while his mother was killed, according to Assistant District Attorney Lisa Marchese.

Diana told Maine State Police investigators that he then got the boy, telling him that his mother was taking a nap, and put him in the same bedroom where Windred’s body lay. As the boy later slept, Diana wrapped Windred in a blanket, tied her with cut-up towels and then drove to Thompson Meadow Road, where he dumped her body on the side of the road. A man walking his dog there found her body three days later.

Diana was convicted in July by a Knox County jury after a trial that lasted nearly two weeks.

“She had a pure spirit with such compassion that she made an impact on every soul she met,” Lynne Stevens of Rockland said about her friend during the hearing.“It is a sad testament to her life that her life would be so callously snuffed out by one she was trying to help.”

Marchese said that the murder was a clear example of domestic violence homicide and had asked the court for a 50-year sentence. The prosecutor pointed out that at the time of the murder, Diana was on probation for domestic violence assault on another woman.

“This case really represents domestic violence at the extreme,” Marchese said.“Katrina needed to know that she was free to end a relationship.… The reason is that Katrina had moved on with her life. He recognized that their intimate bond was over, and that’s when she was killed.”

Defense attorney Chris MacLean said after the hearing that his client maintains his innocence in Windred’s death and continues to assert that Windred’s murderer is another woman who was involved with Diana and was upset that he maintained a relationship with Windred. During the sentencing hearing, MacLean emphasized factors that could have mitigated Diana’s sentence, including his client’s low IQ, severe mental and physical difficulties and abusive childhood. The defense attorney asked Hjelm for a 25- to 30-year sentence. The minimum mandatory sentence for murder is 25 years in prison.

“We’re definitely going to appeal,” MacLean said after the sentencing.“We were really impressed with how thoughtfully the judge had considered arguments made by both the prosecution and the defense. What it comes down to — we would put a lot more weight on the mitigating factors. The court placed a lot more weight on victim impact.”

Among those victims most severely affected is Windred’s son, who is now 12."

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#1706 Oct 13, 2012

Locked up: white teenager who tried to rape a 91-year-old

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Excerpt: "A teenager who broke into a 91-year-old's home and tried to rape her has been jailed indefinitely.

Ashley Lawrence molested the pensioner and tried to force himself upon her while pressing a pillow on to her face.

The 18-year-old was arrested but twice escaped from detention centres.

On the run he committed other offences, including burgling an elderly couple's home while they were asleep and breaking into a shed to spray paint his white, prison-issue trainers black.

At Leicester Crown Court yesterday, Lawrence, who has been offending since he was 10, was jailed for public protection. He will serve at least four years behind bars, and will only be released – on a life licence – when the authorities no longer consider him to be dangerous.

Judge Michael Pert QC told Lawrence: "Your behaviour has escalated in a way that's terrifying."

Lawrence was sentenced via a live video link with HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes, where he is detained.

Prosecutor Felicity Gerry said the elderly victim was "a shell of her former self".

She never returned to her bungalow in Hinckley, and is being looked after by relatives.

Her health has suffered and she still cries about what happened, the court was told.

In a police video played at trial, she described finding a burglar in her bedroom. "I started squealing," she said. "He jumped on top of me. He put a pillow over my face for quite a while. He tried to rape me."

Her phone was ripped out.

Battered and bruised, she got dressed when she was able to and went to a nearby residential home for help."

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#1707 Oct 13, 2012

Judge finds white man fit for trial in beating death of girlfriend's mother

October 12, 2012|By Ruth Fuller | Special to the Tribune

After a judge today found Daniel Baker fit to stand trial in the beating death of his girlfriend’s mother, Baker said he wants to get rid of his attorneys and represent himself when his trial is due to start Monday.

Baker is accused of killing Marina Aksman on April 1, 2010, with a baseball bat in her Vernon Hills home, then fleeing in her car with her daughter, his then-girlfriend, Kristina Aksman. His attorney Ed Genson has said he plans to mount an insanity defense. He has argued that Baker is unfit to stand trial.

The 24-year-old Deerfield man spent much of the conclusion of a mental fitness hearing that began last Friday whispering in the ears of his attorneys, Genson and Blaire Dalton. Genson has argued that Baker was unfit to stand trial.

Genson said Baker has "an inability to cooperate with his attorneys" and has argued with them over issues such as whether his verdict would be determined by a jury or judge.

Baker himself told the judge he doesn't want a jury trial.“Why select citizens who may be swayed by the prosecution being very manipulative?” he said.

Last Friday, a mental health expert for the defense testified that Baker was not fit to stand trial, while a mental health expert for the prosecution testified that he was fit.

Assistant State’s Attorney Patricia Fix said that Baker was also found fit to stand trial by a court-appointed psychologist in September 2011.

Judge Daniels Shanes apparently agreed with the prosecution’s experts.

“I find him to be an intelligent young man who has always behaved appropriately in court,” he said.

Shanes later admonished Baker, however, for his constant whispering in his attorneys’ ears.

“It is good that you are helping your attorneys, but there can be too much of a good thing,” he said.

As for his desire to represent himself, Shanes told Baker he should think about that decision seriously and give him his decision on Monday before the trial begins.

“You didn’t go to law school, did you?” Shanes asked.

“No, sir. I did study for a week in here,” Baker replied.

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#1708 Oct 13, 2012

1:57 pm - October 11, 2012 — Updated: 11:41 pm - October 11, 2012

White Man Gets Life Sentence In Mother’s Beating Death

Excerpt: "CLARKSVILLE — A Dardanelle man convicted Wednesday in the January beating death of his mother will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Tommy Bowden, 49, fatally beat his mother, 71-year-old Julie Richardson, with a shovel at her Hagarville home on Jan. 30. A Johnson County jury deliberated less than 30 minutes Wednesday before deciding to convict Bowden of first-degree murder.

Jurors deliberated just under three hours Thursday before reaching a sentencing recommendation of life without parole, which 5th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge William Pearson imposed.

When Pearson asked Bowden if he wanted to address the court, Bowden began to recount pretrial rulings that went against him — including a request for change of venue — before Pearson reminded him those matters were already settled.

“I think everything will be OK. Maybe we’ll get an appeal or something going,” Bowden responded.

Michael Robbins, one of two public defenders assigned to represent Bowden, asked the nine-woman, two-man jury to consider a sentence of less than life, arguing Bowden’s actions were a result of mental illness.

Little Rock psychiatrist Bradley Diner, who examined Bowden in late September, testified that Bowden suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and his actions were a direct result of his psychotic and delusional thinking.

Diner testified that Bowden believed his mother was poisoning him and his stepfather, that his thoughts were broadcast to other people, that he received telepathic messages from other people, and that he misinterpreted neutral events and persecution of him.

If not for his warped thinking, Diner told jurors he didn’t believe Bowden would have taken such drastic action toward his mother, but conceded Bowden did have the ability to restrain himself and was responsible for his actions.

At points during Diner’s testimony and Robbins’ closing argument, Bowden sobbed and moaned loudly with a hand over his mouth.

Prosecuting Attorney David Gibbons asked Diner if he was telling the jury Bowden couldn’t control his thoughts or feelings, but had the ability to control his actions.

“Yes,” said Diner.

Gibbons also asked Diner if some of the psychotic symptoms he ascribed to Bowden could be associated with his more than 20 years of self-admitted methamphetamine use, to which Diner replied yes.

While Robbins sought mercy for Bowden, Gibbons forcefully argued that Bowden should spend the rest of his life in prison.

He reminded jurors that Bowden was previously convicted of two violent felonies, committing a terrorist act and second-degree battery in July 2006, and misdemeanor third-degree domestic battery in October 2011.

In the domestic-battery case, a Johnson County District Court judge also ordered Bowden not to have any contact with his mother.

Gibbons also conceded there are people who are severely enough mentally ill, they aren’t responsible for their actions, but said there are also bad people in the world.

Gibbons then pointed to Bowden and said,“… and over there is one of them.”

Two days after his mother’s body was discovered, Bowden confessed to killing his mother during an interview with Investigator Jeff Wood, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, and another investigator. The 45-minute interview was played for the jury on Wednesday.

Bowden said he drove to his mother’s home about 7 or 8 a.m. on Jan. 30, grabbed a shovel from a shed behind the house and tried to break the glass on the front door. When he couldn’t, he said, he went to the back door, broke the glass, reached inside, unlocked the door and then walked in.

Once inside, Bowden said of his mother,“She was like,‘Oh, I can’t,’ or something like that, and then I hit her with the shovel.”
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#1709 Oct 13, 2012
Frank wrote:
http://articles.chicagotribune .com/2012-10-12/news/chi-judge -finds-daniel-baker-fit-for-tr ial-in-beating-death-of-girlfr iends-mother-20121012_1_daniel -baker-mental-fitness-mental-h ealth-expert
Judge finds white man fit for trial in beating death of girlfriend's mother
Looks like Bozo found a new way of dealing with a pesky mother-in-law.
Hope he finds that delicious prison slop more to his taste?

Black Angel 7

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#1710 Oct 13, 2012
Frank, why do you even care?

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#1711 Oct 13, 2012
Black Angel 7 wrote:
Frank, why do you even care?
because KKK rednecks are constantly claiming Black men to be a race of murderers when themselves are murderers by drove. That's why sir Frank does care, if i can speak for him.
a whiteboi

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#1712 Oct 13, 2012
attai1 wrote:
because KKK rednecks are constantly claiming Black men to be a race of murderers when themselves are murderers by drove. That's why sir Frank does care, if i can speak for him.
a whiteboi
Sounds right to me, attai, my white brother!


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#1713 Oct 13, 2012

White Home Invasion Machete Murder Suspect Seeks To Reverse Conviction

October 13, 2012 3:48 PM

CONCORD, N.H.(AP)— A New Hampshire man seeking to reverse his conviction for the murder of a woman hacked to death with a machete and knife in her home will have his case argued next month before the state Supreme Court.

Christopher Gribble of Brookline is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for killing 42-year-old Kimberly Cates and maiming her 11-year-old daughter in their Mont Vernon home in 2009. He and Steven Spader were convicted of wielding a machete and a knife during the attacks.

Gribble was convicted in March 2011, after a jury rejected his defense of insanity.

On appeal, he claims the trial should have been moved to a different county because of the sensational publicity preceding his trial. He is also challenging the judge’s instructions on insanity and the admission of his confession.

Attorney Stephanie Hausman, who represents Gribble, says her client’s trial should have been moved because it followed so closely on the heels of Spader’s trial.

“Reports of the Spader trial graphically described the crimes and the victims’ injuries, often using inflammatory language,” Hausman wrote, saying words like savage, vicious and horrific were often invoked.

She also cited articles written about the insanity defense that quoted lawyers’ skepticism of it succeeding in Gribble’s case.

“Because of the overwhelming media coverage and intensely antagonistic community sentiment, Gribble did not have a fair determination of his sanity and criminal responsibility for these crimes in Hillsborough County,” Hausman wrote.

Gribble’s lawyers asked the judge during the trial to give an instruction that did include factors for jurors to consider. Abramson denied that request and gave instructions that included examples — in one instance, telling jurors,“You may also consider whether the defendant acted impulsively or acted with cunning and planning in executing his crimes and escaping without detection.”

Hausman said in her brief that the Supreme Court should reverse because Abramson’s instructions improperly influenced jurors.

She also challenged admission of Gribble’s detailed confession, which he gave after saying he didn’t want to talk anymore and then, an hour later, reinitiating a discussion with state police. Hausman claims state police “did not scrupulously honor” Gribble’s decision to halt the interview as case law requires.

State prosecutors counter in their brief that Gribble, an hour after saying he didn’t want to talk anymore, motioned the sergeant back into the room and talked to him about his job for a while before stating,“I’ll tell you everything.”

Prosecutors also argue that Abramson was right to refuse to move the trial, noting that Gribble admitted his guilt and was waging an insanity defense.

Gribble’s lawyer argues that the speed with which the jury returned a verdict — in about two hours — is indicative that jurors were influenced by the media and community sentiment. Prosecutors in their brief chalk it up to Gribble’s own emotionless but graphic testimony about how he planned and executed the crimes and hid THE evidence.

Prosecutors defended the jury instructions, saying Abramson gave “the standard jury instruction on insanity” that the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld.

Gribble was also convicted of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit burglary and witness tampering.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the case Nov. 8.

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#1716 Oct 20, 2012
the boundaries of space wrote:
most non-black women (especially white) who are with black men romantically tend to be of lower socioeconomical backgrounds. often times the said women have decided in an early stage in life to take the easy way even before dating age.

white women from a more middle or upper class bracket are much less likely to desire dating a black. it's the same in several other countries across the globe though Germany or even the U.K. might be the black's only saving grace.

Get a life, Boundaries. lol

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#1717 Oct 20, 2012
the boundaries of space wrote:
[5/31/12] IN. Black Man Shoots 4, Then Kills Himself
four people were wounded and one died in the attack.
``Metro Police have identified the man who shot four other people and himself Wednesday as 30-year-old Michael Anderson....
Now, now, Boundaries - stay on topic! Don't try to change the subject.

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#1718 Oct 20, 2012
Harrisson wrote:
<quoted text>
Get a life, Boundaries. lol
Sir, you're asking him way too much lol

a whiteboi
Ellie Palmer

Corning, NY

#1719 Oct 22, 2012
I Ju You Not wrote:
White people are deranged. That much is obvious.
Its Not " white people " that are ..........its people that think its okay to abuse another human-being that are deranged.
I. myself, in previous marriage was a fifteen year victim of domestic abuse. i speak from experience.
my ex spit in my face, slapped me hard, choked me, hollard at me, threw things at me, etc, etc, amnd then he would lie to his family/friends about it. would tell them i was being a bitch.
abuse isnt a race thing. its a people thing.
its not in all people, but it does exist in all races.
it seems like a white thing by these postings, because they are all about tradgedies in white relationships.
but it happens more widely than you realise.
i am white, my ex is white....but i think his abuse of me had alot more to do with the way he was raised than it did his race.
i dont understand why dean treated me the awful way he did.
i am a good person. a caring person.
i did NOT deserve the abuse i had to endure.
if it werent for my kids i wouldnt have had the courage to walk-a-way, i owe my life to my kids for telling me it was okay and they didnt want him there anymore.
i am certain other abused women had it far worse than i did....but what i went thru was still domestic abuse and it had a profound emotional effect on my children and myself.
it is NEVER ok to hurt another person. never.
there is NEVER a reason or and excuse.

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