The White Man's Cruelty To White Women!

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#1472 Oct 2, 2012
Black men killing and raping

& Views Twisted
Man Shot After He Admits Impregnating His Girlfriend's 11-Year-Old Daughter
Posted by Kiri Blakeleyon September 4, 2012 at 3:46 PM .So imagine your 11-year-old daughter has stomach pains. You and your boyfriend decide to take her to the hospital. After some tests, the cause of the stomach pain is revealed: Your 11-year-old daughter doesn't have the flu nor food poisoning. Nope. She's pregnant. So, just as you're trying to adjust to this astounding news, your 42-year-old boyfriend asks for the keys to the car so he can run an errand. And he never returns. This story gets much, much, much worse before it's over.

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#1473 Oct 2, 2012
Carol wrote:
Wednesday, November 05, 2008
2008, Carol???

Now you're diggin' up OLD NEWS like ohReally's crazy ass!!!!

Orem, UT

#1474 Oct 2, 2012
Frank wrote:
2008, Carol???
That's ever WORSE!
What a crazy, lying sociopath...

your vile behind lives in Detroit, it happens EVERYDAY.

BLACK MEN COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST black women and children...

While white men provide the safest communities in the world for white women and children....

disgusting hypocrite.

Orem, UT

#1475 Oct 2, 2012
That sweet marine loved and had provided a five bedroom home for his sweet black bride when those vile animals broke into their home and killed them.

Clarkston, MI

#1476 Oct 2, 2012

White man sentenced in baby’s death

Published Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 5:30PM MDT
Last Updated Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 5:31PM MDT

A Calgary man will spend the next few years behind bars for his part in the death of his fiancée’s baby daughter.

Four-month old Emelia Matwiy died in August of 2007, four days after being admitted to the Alberta Children's Hospital.

A subsequent autopsy showed the girl died of cranial trauma and brain injury.

Daniel Vernon Berge was arrested following a two year investigation.

Berge was in a relationship with Emelia’s mother at the time of her death and was convicted of manslaughter in June, 2012.

The crown was pushing for a 10 year sentence but with credit for time served, Berge will spend two and half years in prison.

Daniel Vernon Berge

Orem, UT

#1477 Oct 2, 2012
when this disgusting hypocrite provides 1/4 of the security that white men provide...

then he can talk...

until then this worthless clown is just stupid.

Orem, UT

#1478 Oct 2, 2012
White men provide the most secure/safest communities ..

of all groups for white women and children...

Black men "provide" the least safest.

Clarkston, MI

#1479 Oct 2, 2012

White Man Who Murdered Girlfriend Receives Life Sentence

Posted: Oct 01, 2012 7:23 PM EDT

A man who pleaded guilty to murdering his girlfriend just over a year ago was sentenced to life in prison on Monday.

Judge Connie Steinheimer sentenced 28-year-old Brian Hobbs. He'll be eligible for parole in 18 years.

In August, Hobbs pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

He admitted he killed his girlfriend, Cherissa Davidson, and buried her body in their backyard before moving it to a ravine in Carson City.

She was found in Brunswick Canyon on September 9, 2011.

Clarkston, MI

#1480 Oct 2, 2012
Carol wrote:
when this disgusting hypocrite provides 1/4 of the security that white men provide...
then he can talk...
until then this worthless clown is just stupid.
You call THIS "security"???

Sefton rider who killed himself and his children 'was a bully and his estranged wife had already started divorce proceedings', friends claim

Ex-soldier Michael Pedersen stabbed himself and his two children to death in Hampshire on Sunday

His wife Erica had asked him for a divorce just days before, friends claim

Former Household Cavalry soldier was a 'coward and a bully', one friend of Erica Pedersen said

PUBLISHED: 14:06 EST, 2 October 2012 | UPDATED: 14:06 EST, 2 October 2012

Excerpt: "Hyde Park IRA bomb survivor Michael Pedersen killed himself and murdered his two young children just days after his wife had asked for a divorce, it has been claimed.

Friends of the couple said he had become a ‘bully’ and ‘wife abuser’ in the months leading up to the tragic events on Sunday.

The bodies of Mr Pedersen and his seven-year-old son Ben and six-year-old daughter Freya were discovered by a passer-by next to a car in a remote bridle path in Hampshire on Sunday.

It emerged yesterday that Erica, his wife of 10 years and mother of the two children, had recently asked the 51-year-old former soldier for a divorce.

The father-of-four, who had stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest after using the same knife on his children, had been kicked out of the family’s £310,000 terraced home in Ashford just three weeks ago.

Neighbours said the couple, who had celebrated their 10th anniversary in July, had had problems after Mrs Pedersen got drunk at a party and kissed another man in front of her husband.

They claimed police had been called to the family home a number of times over arguments between the couple.

A woman, who described herself as Erica’s best friend said that the 43-year-old driving instructor had already started divorce proceedings against Mr Pedersen who she claimed had been using the children against his wife.

Speaking after visiting the devastated mother at her red-brick home yesterday with flowers, the 45-year-old friend said:‘He was controlling, a bully and a wife abuser.

‘His final control over Erica was the children; it was his last throw of the dice. No one expected this - he was meant to have loved those kids.’

Another friend, who declined to be named, said:‘He (Michael) has been made out to be a hero, but he was not. He was a bully and a coward.

‘Erica was a wonderful Mum and those kids were just gorgeous, nobody can believe that this has happened.’

In 1982, Pedersen was riding the famous cavalry horse Sefton to the Changing of the Guard ceremony in Hyde Park when an IRA nail bomb exploded killing four soldiers and seven horses from the Household Cavalry.

Sefton was severely injured and suffered 37 shrapnel wounds in the blast but the horse’s remarkable recovery led to him becoming a household name.

An ex-military colleague of Mr Pedersen last night dismissed claims that the bombing still haunted the former soldier.
He claimed that Mr Pedersen had instead enjoyed the 'notoriety' of having ridden the iconic horse during the bombing.

The former Household Cavalryman, who declined to be named, said:‘When I saw him at functions he always seemed just a perfectly normal happy guy.

‘We would laugh, have a lot to drink and reminisce about the old days. I don’t think he was affected at all by the bombings.
‘I actually think that he quite liked the notoriety and enjoyed the fame that it brought him.’"

Orem, UT

#1481 Oct 2, 2012
Frank is stupid

White men provide the most secure/safest communities ..

of all groups for white women and children...

Black men "provide" the least safest.

It's black women and children who should be complaining...

about worthless trash like Frank....

why are clowns like him on the AA forum...

I would like for his type to stay away from the blk community...

as he's not a part of it.

Clarkston, MI

#1482 Oct 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 14:16

White ex-police officer tried to have wife killed

A former Shropshire police officer today admitted trying to arrange his wife’s murder.

Barry John Harrison pleaded guilty to a charge of soliciting murder when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court.

He is said to have arranged for Tony David Kent to murder Carol Harrison between February and April this year.

Kent, 33, pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud by making a false representation that he intended to help Harrison commit the crime in April this year.

A charge of conspiracy to murder Mrs Harrison had been denied by Harrison, of St Michaels Road, Madeley, Telford, Kent, of Chockleys Meadow, Leegomery, Telford, and Sundeep Patel, 48, of Flag Leasowe, Madeley, Telford.

At court today Mr Andrew Smith QC, prosecuting, offered no further evidence against all three. Mr Justice Henry Globe recorded a formal not guilty verdict on Mr Patel, who walked free from court.

Mr Andrew Baker, for Harrison, said it was believed his client was in the early stages of a dementia-type illness which should be investigated.

Sentence was adjourned for social inquiry and medical reports until November 8 and both Harrison and Kent were remanded in custody.

Harrison, who has earned police commendations working as a constable for West Mercia Police, is thought to have lived in the Madeley area with his wife for about 30 years.

Clarkston, MI

#1483 Oct 2, 2012

White comedian: I only hit my girlfriend to calm her down

Justin Lee Collins told police he had only hit his girlfriend to calm her down when she was self-harming.

11:59AM BST 02 Oct 2012

Comedian and television presenter Justin Lee Collins admitted slapping his ex-girlfriend but said he had only done it to calm her down.

The 38-year-old is accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend, Anna Larke, during their nine-month relationship.

Today police interviews the star gave after his arrest were read to the jury at St Albans Crown Court.

In them Collins told officers that Ms Larke, a recovering alcoholic, was possessive of him and believed he was going to go off with other women.
Ms Larke has claimed Collins attacked her in their Miami hotel room in March 2011.

Collins said he had only ever slapped Ms Larke to calm her down when she was self-harming, which he claimed she did, once gouging her wrists and threatening to commit suicide.

Saying ''she had a screaming fit'' during a relapse in the hotel room, he said:''She would have episodes and I would try to calm her down.

''She was saying 'You are going to hit me, you are going to hit me', and I was saying 'What are you talking about?'

''I have never hit anyone in my life.

''I don't know where what she was saying comes from.

''A man came to the hotel room to ask if everything was all right.''

Collins, who shot to fame with The Friday Night Project, denies harassing Ms Larke, a former video games public relations worker.

Collins, of Kew, south west London, denies a single charge of harassment by causing Ms Larke fear of violence.

She alleges Collins beat her, made her write a grubby dossier of her entire sexual history and then branded her a "slag" who was "riddled with STDs".

She also claims the 38-year-old, who she met while he was still married to ex-wife Karen, tried to push her in front of a cab on a night out with fellow comedian Alan Carr and hit her pet cat.
The case at St Albans Crown Court continues.

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Since: May 08

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#1485 Oct 2, 2012
i hate bw and wm wrote:
<quoted text>
look at this ghetto gagger sticking up for her white daddies.
Carol's a hot mess! I think she's irritable because A-X-E didn't use enough lubricant last time she got banged out.

Invading Frank's thread to attack brothers - WTF?!!


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#1486 Oct 2, 2012

White man indicted in woman's death at Florence business

Posted: 10/02/2012
Last Updated: 1 hour and 40 minutes ago

FLORENCE, Ky.- A Boone County grand jury formally indicted a man for murder in the death woman at a Florence business.

On Sept. 27, police arrested and charged David Dooley, 38, for allegedly killing Michelle Mockbee at Thermo Fisher Scientific last May, where officials say he worked as a janitor. He was charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence in connection with Mockbee's death.

On Tuesday, Dooley was indicted for the original charges and a kidnapping charge was added by the jury.

Commonwealth's attorney Linda Tally Smith says when a defendant faces a combination of murder and kidnapping charges it can result in a possible death penalty case. Under Kentucky law, Smith says an aggregated murder charge and mitigated circumstances must be further reviewed and more evidence would have to be collected.

No decision has been made to pursue the death penalty at this time. There is no time frame on when that decision will be made.

Authorities have not discussed a motive for the killing at this time.

Dooley has had run-ins with the law in the past that dates back as far as 1994.

Dooley was sentenced to prison in 1994 for burglary and theft by deception in Campbell County. Dooley was paroled one year later, but was back behind bars in 1996 for receiving stolen property and possession of a handgun. He was paroled again in 1999.

It will be announced next week when Dooley will be arraigned.

Mockbee was a mother of two and an employee of Thermo Fisher Scientific for 16 years. The company is a distribution center of laboratory equipment.

Clarkston, MI

#1487 Oct 2, 2012

White man sentenced to life plus 47

OCTOBER 2, 2012

Waseem Daker, the Cobb County man accused and found guilty of the 1995 murder of Karmen Smith and the assault of her son, Nickolas Smith, was sentenced yesterday at the Cobb County Superior Courthouse, in Marietta.

Last month, Daker's trial started. He was charged with a murder and assault that took place over a decade ago when DNA evidence placed him directly at the murder scene. In addition, Daker's computer tracks revealed he bought materials entitled "How to Get Away with Murder," and "Kill Without Joy." Along with the damning evidence, several witnesses, including Nickolas Smith and his mother's former roommate, took the witness stand during his trial month.

Daker insists that he has been wrongly convicted. Before sentencing, he made a plea to Cobb County Superior Court Judge, Mary Staley:

“I did not kill Karmen Smith. I did not stab Nick Smith. I hope that one day the truth comes out, because this is not it.”

The judge, however, didn't buy into Daker's claim of innocence, and while handing down his sentencing, she called his act of violence nothing less than "untold evil."

Daker was convicted of taking the life of Karmen Smith on October 23, 1995, when he stabbed her multiple times with a screwdriver. He then finished the job by strangling her with a rope. Daker waited in Smith's Cobb County home for her son Nickolas to come home for close to four hours. Nickolas, who was only 5 years old at the time, was stabbed several times when he arrived, and although his injuries were life-threatening, he survived.

In 1996, Daker was convicted of stalking Lottie Spencer Blatz, the Smiths' roommate and upstairs neighbor in the house they shared together.
Detectives have always suspected Daker of the Smith murder, but never had enough evidence until they were able connect DNA evidence from his vehicle and belongings in 2009.

Daker was sentenced to life in prison, plus 47 years.

Clarkston, MI

#1488 Oct 2, 2012

Supreme Court upholds murder conviction, death sentence of white man who killed wife, son

October 02, 2012 - 3:18 pm EDT

NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction and death sentence of a man who killed his estranged wife and 5-year-old son and attempted to kill his two daughters.

Jurors convicted James Magee for the 2007 shooting deaths of his 28-year-old wife, Adrienne, and their son, Zach, in the Tall Timbers subdivision north of Mandeville. He also was found guilty of attempting to kill his daughters, then-8-year-old Ashleigh and then-7-year-old Aleisha.

The Times-Picayune reports ( ) the Supreme Court affirmed the conviction and sentence last week.

A few days before the killings, Magee and his wife argued because he believed she had been seeing another man. He left dozens of voice mail messages on his wife's answering machine, threatening to harm her if she didn't return his calls.

A few days later, as Adrienne Magee was returning to home after retrieving the children from Mandeville Elementary School, her estranged husband chased their car through the neighborhood, ramming it into a tree, according to the testimony of witnesses. He then began shooting.

At point-blank range, he shot Adrienne Magee in the temple with a shotgun. He then fired two blasts at his son, as the boy scurried from the scene. Turning the weapon on his daughters, he fired one shot into the car where they were hiding.

Magee was willing to plead guilty before the trial began in exchange for a sentence of life in prison. But St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed did not accept the offer.

Throughout the 2009 trial, Magee's legal team did not deny their client's actions, but argued he did not deserve the death penalty.

During the penalty phase of the trial, Magee's family members pleaded for his life, noting that it would be better for his two remaining children if he were to receive a sentence of life in prison.

Orem, UT

#1491 Oct 3, 2012
Harrisson wrote:
<quoted text>
Carol's a hot mess! I think she's irritable because A-X-E didn't use enough lubricant last time she got banged out.
Invading Frank's thread to attack brothers - WTF?!!
o the AA foru

You're a fugly reject who comes to the AA forum and rears...

your satanic fugly face to disrespect blk women with your whale collection of discarded porn.

Why are you sambo types on the AA forum...

oh I know because white women would SNUB you shuckin and jivin sambo punks...

if they were on a site with the majority whites.

Just like Blonde(oldhag)girl aka POS aka Scot..

sone aka ugly monkeys...

aziya aka helloworld etc

changes their names to insult blacks.

You people aren't part of the blk community...move on with your lives...

as if those white whores would choose you worthless losers over this.... @@._V1._SX284_SY400_.jpg

You sambo types have no base that's why you hang around blk forums...

MOVE on with your lives.

Orem, UT

#1492 Oct 3, 2012
I made a mistake in the post abovebecause these vile feds are still controlling my computers.

Orem, UT

#1493 Oct 3, 2012

Frank is stupid

White men provide the most secure/safest communities ..

of all groups for white women and children...

Black men "provide" the least safest.

It's black women and children who should be complaining...

about worthless trash like Frank....

why are clowns like him on the AA forum...

I would like for his type to stay away from the blk community...

as he's not a part of it.

Clarkston, MI

#1494 Oct 3, 2012
oh-Really _-_-___ wrote:
LOL...Frank's still obsessing over white folks, ehh?
You're in a BLACK FORUM 24/7, although you hate BLACK PEOPLE!

It's obvious that YOU'RE the one who's obsessed!

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