The White Man's Cruelty To White Women!
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#770 Aug 30, 2012

Alleged rape victim testifies against former public defender
Published: August 30, 2012

Girl claims assaults at lawyer's hearing

Rape charges bound over to court

The 17-year-old Olyphant girl allegedly raped two years ago by a former Lackawanna County assistant public defender testified against him during a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Kenneth Andrew Kovaleski, 38, was bound over to Lackawanna County Court on charges that include rape by forcible compulsion and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a person less than 16 years of age after the hearing before Magisterial District Judge Terrance V. Gallagher.

Mr. Kovaleski turned himself in to the Lackawanna County district attorney's office in July after charges were filed against him stemming from the victim's disclosure earlier that month.

According to the victim's testimony, the abuse began in June 2011 when she was 15. Mr. Kovaleski raped her and then warned her that "he knew all the DAs and all" and that no one would believe her if she reported him.

Mr. Kovaleski was a Lackawanna County public defender. He sued the county in 2008 when he was terminated, claiming then-Democratic commissioners Mike Washo and Corey O'Brien fired him because of his political affiliation, Republican.

Though she could not remember how many times Mr. Kovaleski abused her in the months that followed, the subsequent incidents involved him touching her inappropriately and masturbating but not performing intercourse.

"I stopped keeping track," she said during her testimony.

Mr. Kovaleski also represented parents in child-custody disputes as a court-appointed lawyer in Susquehanna County, authorities said.

The victim said she decided to report the abuse after Mr. Kovaleski threatened her and grabbed her throat when he learned that she had a relationship of a sexual nature with a boy her age.

The Times-Tribune does not identify the victims of sexual assault.

A formal arraignment in the case was scheduled for Oct. 12 at 9 a.m.

He remains free on $50,000 unsecured bail.
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#771 Aug 30, 2012

White man receives life sentence for rape of girl

Beacon Journal staff report
Published: August 29, 2012 - 02:08 PM | Updated: August 30, 2012 - 06:52 AM

An Akron man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without parole eligibility until he serves 25 years for raping a girl under the age of 13.

In July, a Summit County jury convicted Mark A. Randles, 59, of Morningview Avenue, of the crime, along with a felony charge of gross sexual imposition.

The offenses occurred over four years, beginning when the girl was 7 years old, prosecutors said.

Randles, who has been in custody at the county jail for one year, turned himself in to Akron police after the girl told her mother about the abuse.

He appeared in court Wednesday morning for sentencing, using a walker, clutching the top rails tightly as he stood before the bench and appearing to wince with his head lowered as the girl’s mother and aunt addressed the court.

Randles gave a brief, mostly inaudible comment when asked by Common Pleas Judge Thomas A. Teodosio if he had anything to say, but did ask for mercy at the conclusion.

Attorney David Lombardi had asked the court to consider some form of incarceration other than a state penitentiary because of Randles’ physical infirmities.

Teodosio turned down that request, telling Randles what he did and how he conducted himself at his trial showed mercy was not warranted.

“In reviewing the pre­sentence reports and observing your conduct leaving the courtroom, there is absolutely no remorse shown by you in this case,” Teodosio said.

“This was a young child whose life has been impacted for years and years to come. It’s a continuing injury,” he said,“so it’s the most severe case, in my view, other than a case where there is a loss of life.”

The girl’s mother told the court that she and her family were stunned and deeply hurt when they heard Randles blurt an obscenity at them as his trial ended.

“I’ve had a whole year to try to figure out what I wanted to say,” the child’s mother told the court, reading from a written statement,“but it has been an exhausting process. Every time I try to write how I feel, I begin to cry. The thoughts of this horrible crime have made me think.

“I wondered what, as a parent, I did wrong, how could I have let this happen, why did he do it? I don’t know if these questions will ever be answered.”

She said that after she confronted Randles last year about what her daughter had told her, he confessed.

Crying at that point and finding it difficult to continue, the mother collected herself and told the court Randles had “taken everything [from her daughter], her right to grow up in her own time and experience adulthood on her own terms. Now all she will have is thoughts and memories of a time she will wish never would have happened.”

Another family member said in a Beacon Journal interview before sentencing that the child is going to a new school now and receiving counseling.

“She’s doing wonderfully, but [Randles] gave her a life sentence, and he should get the same,” the woman said.

The Beacon Journal is withholding the names of the relatives to protect the identify of the girl.

Teodosio did grant Randles credit for the 365 days of time served in the county jail.
Frank Blackman

United States

#772 Aug 30, 2012
ghosts from the past wrote:
<quoted text>
If that's true it would make white women that gave birth to them CONCUBINES OF SATAN!!!
They satan's bitches. Evil heartless money grabbing cold blooded killing animals. Ask Emmett Till about those honkey bitches and what they done to him.
No men of any race have done as much evil in this world than white men. You can't blame white women for being corrupted by those RACIST WHITE DEVILS!
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#775 Aug 30, 2012

New documents show murdered mom's violent past with white ex-boyfriend

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 04:58PM

ORLANDO -- Orange County deputies' main person of interest in the murder of a Dr. Phillips mother has been taken into custody.

Kristofer Gould was arrested Wednesday morning in Volusia County on unrelated charges, Orange County deputies confirmed.
Gould is the ex-boyfriend of Jorgete Acarie, who was found dead in her home Sunday.
The couple's 3-year-old son was also in the home, but he was not hurt.

Orange County detectives went to Volusia County after Gould's arrest to talk to him about his violent past with Acarie.

Records show Acarie called deputies for help more than four dozen times in the past two years. Most of them were for threats or stalking by Gould.

Kristofer Gould appeared before a Volusia County judge Wednesday after he was found sleeping on the beach with a concealed weapon.
Gould also faces three warrants out of Orange County, one which was issued two days before Acarie's murder, for violating his probation for stalking her, accused of throwing a brick through her window.

The other two warrants were issued two days after the murder, and were connected to many of the more than 50 calls for help Acarie made, including one Saturday night, just a few hours before she was killed.

"Once someone is reaching out for help this many times, the system has to step up and say,'Hey, wait a minute, we've got to take a look at this,'" said Eben Self, who was Acarie's attorney.
In the restraining order, Acarie described in her own words that she was scared of Christopher Gould, whom she claimed threatened to kill her several times and battered her over the course of two years.

Acarie filed two injunctions against Gould. They were either denied or dismissed, but Acarie never gave up.

As recently as Friday, she tried to file another injunction, but was told by court employees that she missed the deadline by five minutes, and would have to come back Monday.

Gould has not been formally charged with Acarie's murder.

He has a $6,000 bond in Volusia County, but if he were to post that, he would then be held without bond in Orange County on felony domestic violence charges.
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#776 Aug 30, 2012

Mother murdered in front of toddler
updated 7:57 PM EDT, Wed August 29, 2012


Police responding to a home alarm found a Florida mother shot to death with her two year old son only steps away. Jorgete Acarie, a 43-year-old mother was found murdered in her bedroom, her body riddled with bullets. Her young son was nearby but was unharmed.

Police launched a manhunt for Acarie’s ex-boyfriend, Kristopher Gould. Acarie has previously filed a police report against Gould after an altercation which left her bruised and battered. Police found Gould sleeping on a bench and arrested him on unrelated charges, including giving a false name and carrying a concealed weapon.

Jim Moret spoke to Viviane Acarie, Jorgete’s sister and Eben Self, the attorney for Acarie’s family.
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#777 Aug 30, 2012
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#778 Aug 30, 2012

Carrollton Police Say FBI Knew About Murder Plot Prior to Woman's Shooting

Carrollton Police Department
11:38 a.m. CDT, August 30, 2012

Police say the FBI knew key details of a Carrollton accountant’s plot to murder his wife but didn’t share them with detectives until after the woman was shot.

An unknown gunman shot out Nancy Howard’s left eye Aug. 18 as she pulled into her garage in the 1500 block of Bluebonnet Lane. She survived, and her husband, John Franklin Howard, was arrested Sunday on a criminal solicitation charge.

Police say John Howard plotted with Van resident Dustin Hiroms, Hiroms’ mother, grandmother, stepfather, stepbrother and several associates.

Hiroms, 19, was charged Wednesday with criminal solicitation. Police said several other suspects in the plot were rounded up earlier this week. No one has been publicly charged yet with shooting Howard.

According to Howard’s arrest affidavit, an FBI agent learned three weeks before the shooting that Howard planned to have his wife killed. While in jail on unrelated charges, Hiroms’ mother, Stacey Serenko, told the agent that the accountant started plotting with her family in 2009 and had paid them tens of thousands of dollars.

Carrollton police spokesman Jon Stovall said the FBI did not tell detectives about the interview until after the shooting. An FBI spokeswoman said the agency had no comment on the case.

Carrollton investigators heard rumors of the plot in late July, when they say Hiroms told a traffic officer he was a hit man. But there is no indication that police knew Nancy Howard was the plot’s target or that John Howard was its alleged architect.

As Nancy Howard recovers from her wounds, her family asked friends to support both her and her jailed husband.

“Things are not as they appear,” read an online statement.“Do not believe everything you read, and a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted.”
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#779 Aug 30, 2012

White man ruled competent in case involving mother's death

White man charged with killing mother ruled competent

Posted August 29, 2012 at 11:24 a.m.

An East Memphis man charged with stabbing his mother to death in April has been found competent to stand trial, attorneys said Wednesday.

William Walsh, 23, faces first-degree murder charges in the death of his mother, Elaine Walsh, who was found stabbed multiple times on April 21 in the living room of the family home in the 5400 block of Gwynne.

The defendant's father, Memphis attorney John Kevin Walsh, said to police his son told him around 5 that morning that he had done "something terrible," that he had killed someone.

Elaine Walsh, 55, was a business officer at the University of Memphis.

William Walsh, who remains in custody without bond, will return to Domestic Violence Court next month.

The competency report included no finding on his sanity at the time of the crime.

Haledon, NJ

#780 Aug 30, 2012
Black women and men suffer from the highest rates of domestic violence. "Black females experienced domestic violence at a rate 35% higher than that of white females, and about 22 times the rate of women of other races. Black males experienced domestic violence at a rate about 62% higher than that of white males and about 22 times the rate of men of other races." All you simply have to do is look it up and it's all the same estimates you fool.I'm not saying others dont't do fucked up shit, but what I am saying is that it doesn't compare to the rate of black people doing it......Teee heee!
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#781 Aug 30, 2012
Tom wrote:
Black women and men suffer from the highest rates of domestic violence.
MORON, there are MANY MORE ABUSES that white women suffer other than "domestic violence" at the hands of WHITE MEN!!!!

Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#783 Aug 30, 2012

White soldier accused of leading militia plot was suspect in wife's death

Prosecutors say anarchist militia plotted to assassinate President Barack Obama and to attack their Fort Stewart, Ga., base

updated 8/30/2012 4:22:23 AM ET

Excerpt: "The U.S. Army private accused of being the ringleader of an anti-government militia in Georgia was a suspect in the death of his wife months before prosecutors say he and three fellow soldiers murdered two people to keep their clandestine group secret, authorities said.

Isaac Aguigui funded the anarchist militia FEAR, or Forever Enduring Always Ready, with up to $500,000 in life insurance benefits he collected after his wife's death in July 2011, prosecutors said.

Aguigui and three other soldiers stationed at Fort Stewart in southeastern Georgia near Savannah have since been charged with murder and other offenses stemming from the December 5, 2011, shooting deaths of a former soldier and his teenage girlfriend.
Aguigui, 21, and two others were scheduled to appear in court in Long County, Georgia, for a hearing on Thursday. A third co-defendant reached a plea deal with prosecutors on Monday.

Official: Anarchist GIs plotted to overthrow the government

The accused militia members had plotted to assassinate President Barack Obama and to attack their Army base and a dam in Aguigui's home state of Washington, Assistant County District Attorney Isabel Pauley said during those proceedings.
They also discussed poisoning the apple crop in Washington state and had purchased $87,000 worth of weapons to carry out their planned attacks, she said.

Prosecutors said the group crossed the line from conspiracy to actual violence when they killed Michael Roark, 19, and Tiffany York, 17, whose bodies were found in a wooded area near the base, in a bid to keep them from exposing the militia.
One of the four accused killers, Private First-Class Michael Burnett, pleaded guilty on Monday to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and agreed to testify against his three co-defendants.
As part of the plea deal, he would be spared the death penalty so long as he cooperates.

Wife's suspicious death

Months before the two slayings in December, military authorities were investigating Aguigui's role in the death of his wife, also a soldier at Fort Stewart, according to Sergeant John Kruse of the police department in Wenatchee, near Aguigui's northwest Washington hometown of Cashmere.

Kruse told Reuters on Wednesday he inquired about Aguigui with the Army Criminal Investigation Command when a member of Aguigui's family approached the police sergeant with concerns she had about her relative. At the time, Kruse said, Aguigui was on leave from the Army and visiting his old neighborhood.

In addition to confirming the relative's claims that Aguigui was under investigation in connection with the suspicious death of his wife, Kruse said he also confirmed with a local gun merchant that Aguigui had recently purchased 15 firearms, several of them semiautomatic rifles."

Haledon, NJ

#784 Aug 30, 2012
alright, like the mothering a fatherless child, cheating, getting other girls pregnant and continuing the same process of not being there.Rape is more rampant in many more details you need?
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#785 Aug 30, 2012
Tom wrote:
alright, like the mothering a fatherless child, cheating, getting other girls pregnant and continuing the same process of not being there.Rape is more rampant in many more details you need?
The title of this thread is "The White Man's Cruelty To White Women!".

Stay on the topic, please.

“It really don't matter”

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#787 Aug 30, 2012
Why is this even a thread? I could careless about what the WM

does to his b*tch. Unless you wanna play caption save a h*e
Frank Blackman

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#788 Aug 30, 2012

911 Dispatcher Arrested, Charged With Rape
Posted on: 4:27 pm, August 30, 2012

CLEVELAND — Authorities in Parma Heights say a dispatcher with Cuyahoga County’s 911 System has been arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition, aggravated menacing and other crimes.

Sergeant Steve Scharschmidt with the Parma Heights Police Department tells Fox 8 News that Ralph C. Hughes, 50, of Parma, was taken into custody by deputies with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

Hughes was wanted on a capias warrant issued on August 29th.

Authorities in Parma Heights were first alerted to Hughes alleged crimes on July 8, 2011. A report was filed with police by an alleged victim and authorities continued their investigation until enough evidence was gathered to present to a Cuyahoga County grand jury.

Hughes was indicted by the grand jury on August 28th.

According to the report filed with Parma Height Police, Hughes allegedly raped two victims on multiple occasions.

Sergeant Scharschmidt says the victim told authorities that the rapes occurred over a five-year period.

Hughes currently sits in the Cuyahoga County jail awaiting his initial court appearance on the charges.
Frank Blackman

Detroit, MI

#789 Aug 30, 2012
Coca-Cola Body wrote:
Why is this even a thread? I could careless about what the WM
does to his b*tch. Unless you wanna play caption save a h*e.
No, this thread is a "compliment" to the many threads here that demonize black men such as the threads created by The Boundaries of Space.

The reason for this thread is public awareness...not save a hoe.
Frank Blackman

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#790 Aug 30, 2012

Prosecutors: White man killed daughter to spare grief from mom's murder

By KOMO Staff Published: Aug 30, 2012 at 2:38 PM PDT Last Updated: Aug 30, 2012 at 3:27 PM PDT

SPANAWAY, Wash.-- Prosecutors have filed aggravated first degree murder charges against a man they say murdered his wife and 11-year-old daughter Tuesday.

Dean Holmes, 40, pleaded not guilty Thursday and remains held in the Pierce County Jail.

The bodies of Holmes' wife Kristi and his daughter Violet were discovered after Holmes walked into the Pierce County Jail early Wednesday and said he fatally shot his wife and child. Pierce County Sheriff's Captain Ed Smith said deputies went to a home in the 15500 block of 20th Ave. Court East and found the bodies just before 5 a.m.

Prosecutors say Dean Holmes pulled a revolver from a dresser early Tuesday morning and shot his wife of 12 years four times as she was sleeping in their bed. Violet was sleeping with a friend in the living room and didn't hear the gunshots due to the sound of a fan running nearby.

After the shooting, Holmes reloaded, then woke the girls and drove them to drop the friend off at her home in Auburn, prosecutors said.

On his way home, Holmes pulled over and shot his daughter several times as she lay sleeping in the backseat, investigators said. He then drove to a fast food restaurant, and ordered food through the drive-thru with his dead daughter in the backseat.

He returned home and put Violet's body next to his wife's then got back in the car and drove around aimlessly, prosecutors said. He decided Wednesday morning to turn himself in, investigators said.

Holmes told investigators he had put his family in dire financial straits and he was afraid his wife would leave him when she found out he had been lying about their finances. Financial records with the Department of Revenue show Dean Holmes owed more than $18,000 in unpaid taxes. He was also being sued by the owners of a home in Puyallup for unfinished work as part of his home painting business.

Holmes told detectives killed his daughter because he reasoned that she would be unable to cope with her mother’s death and her father’s imprisonment, prosecutors said. He also told detectives that after he shot his wife and daughter, he wanted to also shoot himself and repeatedly placed the gun to his head, but he could not will himself to pull the trigger.

"It's absolutely horrendous, I can't even imagine," said Gerald McNulty, who was married to Holmes' sister. "From the time I've known him... he was just a great guy, nice man, kind soul.

"If you'd have known him before (August) 28, you would say all the things I'm saying. What put him in his place to do these horrible things, I have no idea."

Prosecutors say if Holmes is convicted of aggravated first degree murder, the only possible sentences are the death penalty or life in prison without parole. His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 22.

“The Love Below”

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#791 Aug 30, 2012
Believe it or not, some women are best left alone, with no husband or man. Also, a lot of white men talk to their women like they are little kids, and verbal abuse the hell out of them. Their women are very sensitive natured as well. Many will cry at a drop of the dime.

“It really don't matter”

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#792 Aug 30, 2012
Frank Blackman wrote:
<quoted text>No, this thread is a "compliment" to the many threads here that demonize black men such as the threads created by The Boundaries of Space.
The reason for this thread is public awareness...not save a hoe.
Lol ok :)
Frank Blackman

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#793 Aug 31, 2012

Huguely Sentenced to 23 Years in UVA Lacrosse Murder

Prosecutor: "All I see is loss. It will be that way forever"

Thursday, Aug 30, 2012 | Updated 10:43 PM CDT

Excerpt: "George W. Huguely V was sentenced Thursday to 23 years in the May 2010 slaying of his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love.

He will serve one year concurrently for grand larceny, and will have supervised probation after his release, NBC4's Jackie Bensen reports.
There is no parole in Virginia, but he could get up to 15 percent of his sentence cut for good behavior. Inmates in the commonwealth serve on average 85 percent of their sentences. Huguely will also receive credit for time served.

A prosecutor on the case teared up as he spoke to reporters. "All I see is loss," Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman. "It will be that way forever."

Huguely, of Chevy Chase, Md., had faced up to 26 years in prison for the beating death of Love. Both were students and lacrosse players at the University of Virginia when she was killed. Huguely was convicted in February of second-degree murder and grand larceny. The jury had recommended 26 years, including one for grand larceny.
"This gentleman has an anger problem," said Chapman. "He has a violence problem... whether it's under the influence of alcohol or not."
Chapman commented on the fact that Huguely did not use a weapon. "You can exhibit [malice] with your hands and feet and whatever, to exactly the same degree [as using a gun or knife].... Great bodily harm was done, and it caused death, and that was the fact."
During the sentencing hearing, a Roman Catholic priest testified that Huguely is a spiritual person who displayed no anger or aggression in his presence.

Scordo said he has visited Huguely weekly in jail since the May 2010 slaying of Love. He said the "wild, out-of-control" person that Huguely, 24, has been portrayed as is not the man he knows.

Earlier Thursday, prosecution witnesses described Huguely beating a man who went home with Love after a party. A woman also testified he angrily put his hands around her neck.

On Wednesday, Huguely's attorneys asked Circuit Judge Edward Hogshire to reduce the jury's recommended sentence, offering his mother's plea for leniency for her “beautiful son.”

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