The White Man's Cruelty To White Women!

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#436 Aug 2, 2012

Rep. Murphy's wife granted temporary PFA
Published: July 25, 2012

State Rep. Kevin Murphy's wife has been granted a temporary protection-from-abuse order against her husband.

Denise Murphy, 547 Leggett St., Scranton, filed a petition for the PFA against Mr. Murphy, whose address is listed as 1734 Brick Ave., Scranton, according to documents filed in Lackawanna County Court Family Division.

The petition also requests protection for the couple's four minor children.

Mr. Murphy, D-113, Scranton, turned himself in to Scranton police Saturday after fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute outside the 547 Leggett St. home, which Mr. and Mrs. Murphy own.

Mr. Murphy met his wife as she went to get out of a car driven by her friend, Patrick Hessmiller, and slapped her in the face with an open hand, a criminal complaint said.

Mr. Murphy then grabbed his wife by the neck and pushed her head to the floor of the vehicle, the complaint says. Mr. Hessmiller tried to intervene at that point, only to have Mr. Murphy punch him in the face and put him in a choke hold, the complaint said.

Mr. Murphy was released after posting $15,000 bail and is slated for a preliminary hearing next week on two counts each of simple assault and harassment.

In a phone interview Tuesday night, Mr. Murphy said although he couldn't address the specifics of the incident, it stemmed from his three youngest children, ranging in age from 6 to 11, being left home unattended, and began when he went to pick them up after they called him.

"The complaint against me is a result of a father doing what any concerned parent would do to protect the welfare of their children," he said.

Murphy:'Facts' to come

Mr. Murphy said he was not surprised his wife was granted the temporary PFA, and he respects both the legal system and Judge Trish Corbett, who signed the injunction.

"It's commonplace for a temporary PFA to be put in place until the true facts come out in the hearing," Mr. Murphy said.

Besides last week's incident, Mrs. Murphy wrote in the petition that there was a time when Mr. Murphy "stalked" her for two hours while she was grocery shopping.

Mrs. Murphy also alleges in the petition that about three or four years ago, Mr. Murphy grabbed her by the throat and put her up against a wall. Another time, he held her head down when she tried to wake him up for work, screaming so hard in her infected ear that her eardrum was perforated, according to the petition.

She also alleges that Mr. Murphy threw groceries at her in the past. Court papers indicate the two have been involved in divorce proceedings.

The petition requests the court exclude Mr. Murphy from the Leggett Street residence, award Mrs. Murphy temporary custody of their children, prohibit Mr. Murphy from having any contact with Mrs. Murphy or her relatives and order him to relinquish any firearms or other weapons to the county sheriff, according to the petition.

Her children told her that Mr. Murphy owns a rifle, according to the petition.

Until the hearing, contact between Mr. Murphy and his children will be per approved agreements between his sisters and Mrs. Murphy, according to the petition.

A PFA hearing is slated for Aug. 6 at 9 a.m. Mr. Murphy said he will fight the charges.

"It is my intention to vigorously defend myself against these false allegations. And in turn, I'm quite certain the facts will tell a different story," he said. "This has been and will be about the welfare of my children."

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#437 Aug 2, 2012
Lola bunch of jealous black guys

Clarkston, MI

#438 Aug 2, 2012
CandyMixedGirl wrote:
Lola bunch of jealous black guys
No, a "bunch" of ABUSIVE WHITE GUYS!!!!

The title of this thread is, "The White Man's Cruelty To White Women!"

Stay on the topic, please.

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#439 Aug 2, 2012

Brooklyn cop arrested for raping ex-girlfriend at gunpoint in Staten Island parking lot
Arthur Roldan, 28, was accused of raping a woman he once dated at gunpoint, police sources and family members said.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2012, 11:47 PM

An NYPD officer was arrested Wednesday night for raping at gunpoint a woman he once dated, police sources and family members said.

Arthur Roldan, 28, was collared in Brooklyn around 8 p.m. and charged with rape, menacing and assault, cops said.

Roldan was off-duty when he allegedly attacked the woman in a parking lot on Father Capodanno Blvd. on Staten Island around 11 p.m. Tuesday, police sources said.

“My son is innocent,” the officer’s mother, Elizabeth Roldan, said when reached by phone early Thursday morning, but declined to comment further.
“This is not in his character, he is a police officer,” his aunt, who only gave her name as Nancy, said in his defense.“He’s never been a problem, he’s never had a problem in his life.”
Roldan works in Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct in Park Slope and lives on Staten Island, the sources added. He joined the force on July 10, 2006, and had a salary of $56,609 in 2011, records show.
He has been suspended without pay, officials said. Police did not release the age of the victim, but a family member said his accuser was a woman he had dated.

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#440 Aug 2, 2012

Yarmouth police arrest man for rape of child

Posted Aug 02, 2012 @ 07:10 AM
Last update Aug 02, 2012 @ 07:33 AM

WEST YARMOUTH —A 22-year-old West Yarmouth man is charged with 10 counts of raping a child with force, two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and violating Massachusetts sex offender laws.
On Tuesday, July 31at 1:33 p.m. Yarmouth police went to 19 Flicker Lane in West Yarmouth and arrested Daniel Parker Wilson who was wanted for sexually assaulting two children.
The investigation was led by Yarmouth Police Detective Stephen W. Renzi and was based on an initial report made to the Yarmouth Police Department on Sunday, July 29.

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#442 Aug 2, 2012 -

Protective order details reported violent attack by former Farmington High principal Christopher Webb
11:16 PM, Jul 25, 2012

FARMINGTON, Ark.(KTHV)- Our affiliate KFSM reports that the Farmington High School principal was served a protection order from his ex-wife hours after police said he tried to choke his fiancé and killed the family dog.

42-year-old Christopher Webb was arrested last Thursday after police say they found him naked and covered in blood, assaulting his fiancé. KFSM reports that a petition for a protective order filed later that day says Webb's 12-year-old daughter witnessed the attack and was the one who called police.

Clarkston, MI

#443 Aug 2, 2012

Syracuse police officer accused of violating order of protection
Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 6:24 PM Updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 7:40 PM

Clay, N.Y.-- A Syracuse police officer accused of punching a former girlfriend in the face in June is facing another misdemeanor charge for violating an order of protection over the weekend, according to court records.

Sgt. Kevin J. Blair, 45, an officer with the Syracuse Police Department since 1994, appeared in Clay Town Court tonight on the assault charge and a criminal contempt charge for violating the order, both misdemeanors. Judge Brian J. Lauri told Blair and his attorney, Bob Durr, to return to court Sept. 4 with an update on the status of the case.
Outside the courtroom, Blair declined to comment.

Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies made the arrest in both charges. Sheriff Kevin Walsh said his office notified Syracuse police command of the arrests.

“We’re obviously conducting an internal investigation,” Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said today.

Blair is on administrative suspension until the internal investigation is completed, Fowler said. Blair may be subject to departmental discipline, depending on what the internal investigation finds, Fowler said.

According to court papers, Blair struck Crystal L. DiGregorio at her Clay home on afternoon of June 10 after Blair went to DiGregorio’s home to talk about their relationship. DiGregorio and Blair have a son in common.

DiGregorio is a former adult movie actress, performing under the name of Nadia Hilton, and owner of a former Oswego bar called Club Crystal.

In court papers, Blair is accused of going to DiGregorio’s home on June 10. DiGregorio said that after a heated conversation about their relationship ended, she walked Blair to his truck, where Blair began to verbally abuse her.

At one point, Blair looked as if he was getting back into his truck “when he turned toward me and just punched me in the face with his right fist,” court papers quote DiGregorio as saying.

DiGregorio fell to the driveway after being punched, she said.

“... Kevin was standing over the top of me. Kevin was looking at me with an angry rage psycho look on his face,” she said in court papers.

In response to Blair’s arrest in June, the court issued an order of protection for DiGregorio good until the end of the year, records state.

Then on Friday, Blair went to spend time with his son at DiGregorio’s home, according to court papers. They watched a movie and later the couple discussed their relationship, papers state. During the discussion, the two began yelling at each other and neighbors called the police, records state.

That incident resulted in the criminal contempt charge against Blair.

Blair is a decorated member of the Syracuse Police Department, receiving the Police Benevolent Association award in 2003 and the department’s lifesaver award in 2001. In the 2001 case, Blair and two other officers went into a burning building looking for someone reported to be inside. The officers later found out the person had made it outside and was safe.

In 2010, Blair was flagged down outside an Eastwood bar by a woman. When Blair got out to investigate, the woman jumped in and took the patrol car. The department declined to comment on whether Blair was disciplined in that case.

DiGregorio didn't return calls to a reporter seeking comment on the charges.

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#444 Aug 2, 2012

Man accused of assaulting wife

Posted: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 8:33 am | Updated: 8:34 am, Wed Aug 1, 2012.

An argument between a married couple late Saturday night resulted in one going to the hospital and the other going to jail.
Cpt. Eric Woodall, of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, said the female attempted to leave the residence, on County Road 451 in Dutton, when her husband, Jerry Wayne Dunn, 41, tackled her in the yard.
The 39-year-old female victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital with a suspected broken leg, Woodall said.
Dunn has been charged with domestic violence assault second degree. He was booked into the Jackson County Jail, then later released on a $2,500 bond.

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#445 Aug 2, 2012

Mitt Romney Facebook photo upsets Lowell Turpin, who assaulted girlfriend, reports say
8:28 AM, Aug 1, 2012

CLINTON, Tenn.- He suspected his live-in girlfriend of planning an affair, and when he saw a picture of a man he didn't recognize on her Facebook page, it set him off, according to reports.

Lowell Turpin "angrily demanded to know who the male was," an Anderson County Sheriff's Department incident report states.

The answer, his girlfriend told him: presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Upset at the woman's "attempting to communicate with friends through her Facebook account," Turpin jerked her laptop computer from her grasp, smashed the machine into a wall, and then hit her in the face with his fist, according to reports.

The 40-year-old Turpin remains in the Anderson County Jail, charged with domestic assault in connection with the July 22 incident in Anderson County's Claxton community.

The woman told a deputy that Turpin "has been violent toward her multiple times over several years."

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#446 Aug 2, 2012
GhostRider600RR wrote:
<quoted text>
i'm not agree you speak english very well lol
yes i speak english bad- but the meaning everyone can understand.

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#447 Aug 2, 2012
GhostRider600RR wrote:
<quoted text>
me thinks you make very good tips. me no thinkey racism good. but me thinkey you slightly retarded. yes?
No, racists are retarded, they haven't enough brains to realize - life is wonderful, there are so many useful and enjoyable things in this world!!! But they are focused only on their hatred and they are too blind to see things around. Nobody even cares about to act somehow against racists and destroy them- slowly they already destroy themselves... I only very sorry for you and others like you.

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#448 Aug 2, 2012
Lyalya wrote:
<quoted text>
yes i speak english bad- but the meaning everyone can understand.
Hello Innally. Long time since I've seen you post.

“I thank God for life and love.”

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#449 Aug 2, 2012
sONE wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Innally. Long time since I've seen you post.
Hello sONE.. well, i didn't come here seems for a 2 a lot of things changed in my life. But i'm still very busy, so when i find a minut i can come here on a while. It's nice you remember me, and it's always nice to see you :))

So.. how are you?

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#450 Aug 2, 2012
Lyalya wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello sONE.. well, i didn't come here seems for a 2 a lot of things changed in my life. But i'm still very busy, so when i find a minut i can come here on a while. It's nice you remember me, and it's always nice to see you :))
So.. how are you?
Yes, I recognized you :)

Well, I hope they were good changes, and if not I hope things have gotten better.

I'm doing great- enjoying a very lazy summer with a little bit of travel. I'm getting married next summer. I'll begin my third year in college next year. Things are much the same with me- but that's pretty much a good thing.

Are you still working in photography? I hope you & your family are doing well.

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#451 Aug 2, 2012
Frank wrote:
Why do white men treat white women so vicious and cruel???
Here is yet another story about the white man's cruelty to white women....
Victim of torture murder in Oklahoma may have been alive when she was dismembered
Witnesses say Carina Sanders was tied to a table when two fiends sawed off her foot. The killing may have been a warning to other women trapped in forced prostitution.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012, 9:17 AM
A teenager whose dismembered body was found last October in a duffel bag in a suburb of Oklahoma City may have had her foot sawed off while she was still alive.
A witness told police that one of the men charged in the murder beat Carina Saunders, tied her with a rope to a table and performed the vivisection, according to an affidavit obtained by the Associated Press.
Luis Ruiz, 37, and Jim Massey, 33, of Oklahoma City were charged Monday with first-degree murder for the 2011 slaying of the 19-year-old – a murder that authorities believe is tied to a human trafficking and drug ring.
Police believe that Ruiz and Massey killed Saunders in front of another woman to frighten the woman and her friends into cooperating with the trafficking ring, which also involved prostitution.
Animal welfare workers discovered Saunders' body behind a grocery store last October while they were gathering feral cats in Bethany, a suburb of Oklahoma City.
Ruiz and Massey are currently being held in Oklahoma County jail without bail.
Ruiz is accused of planning as well as carrying out the grizzly slaying, according to the affidavit, NewsOk reported.
Michelle Hanshaw, a witness, told police that Ruiz tried to cut off Saunders' right foot, but stopped when the saw broke, NewsOk reported. Hanshaw reportedly jumped out of a window to escape.
Another woman, Tia Downour, told police she had seen a video of the horrific killing on Ruiz's cellphone.
Downour was sharing a room at a hotel with Ruiz this May when she caught a glimpse of the video and saw a person who she recognized as Ruiz sawing off Saunders' foot.
"Downour said she watched for a few seconds until Saunders began to scream," Bethany police Lt. JR Jencks wrote in the affidavit, according to NewsOk.
The medical examiner's office confirmed that Saunders had been killed in a violent manner, but did not give any further details.
Massey was arrested on a warrant for the first-degree murder of Saunders in December 2011 – well before Ruiz, who was arrested on July 5.
Massey, at the time, admitted to kidnapping an unidentified 20-year-old woman and forcing her to watch others murder Saunders.
Police, however, claim that Massey told a fellow inmate that he actually participated in the murder and gave intimate details about the torture, killing and dismemberment that authorities had not made public.
Um...because it may not be racial. People like that may do this to anyone they get their hands on... Also, it would most likely be a white woman since they outnumber everyone else in America.

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#453 Aug 2, 2012
Shalimarr wrote:
<quoted text>
I think BM are entertaining and some are nice.
But i think there is something genetically flawed witht he slave descendent BM....he chases the descendents of his enslavers and is marrying them at 24% in the US and 50% in the UK.
The high numbers seem strange to me. Every race of men and women enjoy IR, but slave descendent BM are obsessed by the women who descend from their white enslavers.
So no, I don't concern myself with you guys, too many real men are on this planet.
You need to deal with Whatever issues you have with BM and WW, I am sure they are not thinking of you. BM choosing them over their own is not my problem either.

United States

#454 Aug 2, 2012
Frank wrote:
<quoted text>Yeah...a BOOBY PRIZE for being INCORRECT!!!!
Both of my neighbors are blackwomen with white men who I love them all dearly and I helped save the life of a white man married to a blackwoman once!
IRBW Are An Embarassment to the Black Race!
Frank wrote:
<quoted text>Interracial black women.
The white man's black hoes.

Clarkston, MI

#455 Aug 2, 2012
Stan wrote:
IRBW Are An Embarassment to the Black Race!
Many of them indeed are an embarrassment to the black race!

I have a high tolerance for womens nonsense, however, so they don't bother me!

Clarkston, MI

#456 Aug 2, 2012
Sirach 26:22 An harlot shall be accounted as spit; but a married woman is a tower against death to her husband.

23 A wicked woman is given as a portion to a wicked man: but a godly woman is given to him that feareth the Lord.

24 A dishonest woman contemneth shame: but an honest woman will reverence her husband.

25 A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will fear the Lord.

26 A woman that honoureth her husband shall be judged wise of all; but she that dishonoureth him in her pride shall be counted ungodly of all.

27 A loud crying woman and a scold shall be sought out to drive away the enemies.

Leeds, AL

#457 Aug 2, 2012
Frank wrote:
<quoted text>Many of them indeed are an embarrassment to the black race!
I have a high tolerance for womens nonsense, however, so they don't bother me!
Frank wrote:
They ain't nothin' but HOES!

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