Why are all the black people in the B...
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#199 Aug 9, 2012
We are in the Third Day of Christ the prophesy will be fulfilled as it has in the past and the future. You Edomites sons of Essau or what we call today "so called whites " will pay for your sins of your forefathers just like we did for going against his word that's why Israel went into captivity where will are still today. You think your forefathers can create a nation from blood, slavery and rape and you not pay for the consequences? You are foolish!!! It will come to pass just like your Babylonian and Roman Empire fell you are next. America has sold its soul to the financial super banks ran by the "so called Jews". Your European Union has failed they can't fix the crisis the American Empire is owned by China the Edomite Kingdoms will fall ... Why? Because you don't believe in the word of God but trust me you will. God will raise up his chosen people Israel, Essau will be wiped from the slaughtered according to the Bible and you will find no place of repentence for ymwhat you have done to Gods Chosen People and all the other Pagan/Gentile nations will serve us under the Law of God! It's coming to pass as we speak opem your eyes amd ask God for forgiveness your Empire is over!

New Baltimore, MI

#200 Nov 16, 2012
This is the problem with you people. God did not choose blacks to be a favor or whites to be a favor. God did this because he tests us to see if we have love with one another. But it seems like we are all failing. Everyone is saying that this person is from here or there. well noehs kids were all different in skin because god wanted to make the world a mixed place. ham was of african, canaan was in between middle east and africa. Shem who was of semetic more of middle east region. I am semetic and i am from iraq. My ancestory dates way back than 5000 years ago. There was no blacks nor whites. Abraham who origanlly came from Iraq went to isreal. remember he is not black. Abraham had a wife sarah who had kids that governed isreal, and abraham had another son with his servent who governed the arabian lands. When sarah died he married keturah she was a cushite. DO YOU GUYS SEE WHAT GODS PLAN WAS. MIXING. OH ya SHEM the brother of ham is the ancestor of semetic people arabs, jews, assyrians and it goes on. SEE THE LINK. we did not mutate. white people are not evil. black people are not evil. brown people are not evil. we are all image of god. It is the individuals in here that hate against eachother following the devils footsteps. READ THE BIBLE
rhonda djhamena okotcha

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#201 Apr 16, 2013
Please know what you're saying the first mentionof kush in the bible was the son of ham son of noah. Kush became the father of all dark skin no matter what features are
Kush name synonym with the people of the ancient kingdom of kush in the bible after but not kush in reference to the whole kushite branche
Bantu people are kushite their current facial feature or phemotypes are due to environmental adaptation of the africans tropic region
Mel Oyediwura

Birtley, UK

#202 Jun 1, 2013
Thank you for obeying Yah's commandment to 'study to show your selves approved' Black people need to go beyond what we know as 'black history' and look to our ancestors of the bible and the covenant that was given to us!
daughterofcush wrote:
just wanted to point out that the Noah's children repopulated the world after a flooding disaster which ended life on earth except what was saved in Noah's ark. The Cushits are the orignial people that is why the cushetic languages are older than other languages. If you look many languages that are used to day you will find that they borrowed from cushetic languages. Human features change over the years due to geographical and other influences. The Cushetic people were also the black pharoas and they occupied from south Egypt, North Sudan and all the way to the edge of the Horn of Africa. The Cushites are the Ormos, Somalis, Afar, Saho, Boran, Randile, among others. Other Cushites have spread to west Africa (the Fulani) Chad and many other countries. There are Cushites in Arabia and Isreal. The cushites had a civilisation much older than other ancient civilisations and there was a time when they had flourising technoligies. When Richard Burton visited Somalia he found out that the Somali medicinal knowledge was much more ahead than the west at the time. When he wrote his first 'footsteps in Africa' and he rediculed the fact the Somalis knew that the Mosquitto was the source of malaria. He dismissed them as superstiuous. It was 40 years after his book was published that an English mand discovered that the Mosquitto was the source of malaria after all. Just because that after centuries of wars the cushities turned to lead a nomadic pastoralist life does not mean that they lack knowledge, civilisation or history. Ready about the cushite civilisation on the internet. When we say cushites that does not mean the Amhara & Tigrenya of Ethiopia who are a recent arrivals from Yamen. We mean the real Cushites. Ask yourself why the statues of phoares have all their noses broken? As yourselve why so many nations tried to divide and rule the Cushites over the centuries - to ensure that they never returned to their former glory. Learn the ture African civilisation history.

Winchester, TN

#203 Jun 1, 2013
Cush the patriarchal name of the people called Ad, Thamud, and Sabian in the Quran. The prophet Luqman is described as an Ethiopia/ Cush.

Adam in Arabic means brown people. In the Bible the garden of Eden describes four rivers near a place called Kish, ancient name of Cush/Kush (described in Genesis). Moses' Midianite wife was described as brown skinned Cushite. See more documented detail in the below article:

ai chosen

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#204 Jun 11, 2013
everybody on Earth is black your either black with little pigment or black with a whole lot of pigment. The only reason why race matters now is because less pigmented people came up with a crude effective way to make it matter by making everyone one on earth hate their dark skinned so the lessor of the Earth population can keep their power. Back then it was the name of of the family or the name of the country that kept people in power now its the color of your skin but just as much as someone gains power over time they lose power. The true Israel Hebrew people (dark-skinned people) as well as the gentiles (fair skinned people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior)will be returned back to the promise land. At this moment we all know they were black but, when Jesus came to die for our sins race went out the door it is now whoever wants to be saved can now be saved and Budha, muslim, catholic religions is not going to do it only the true untouched word of God will save you.
ai chosen

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#205 Jun 11, 2013
you know what your right your a smart guy we just like for our people to know our history because history books dont give us dark skinned people any credit but you are right I just like for kushite people to know we are important and in direct lineage with Israel.

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#206 Jun 11, 2013
zina wrote:
<quoted text>
Then how did white people begin
White people came about when blacks mixed with neanderthals. Then they grew in number and took over lightening up once black middleeast. Like what happen to t+e Indians
eryk gee

Altamonte Springs, FL

#207 Aug 28, 2013
Musa ,,of Myrtle Beach,SC
have you ever studied as how to the word "form " and what does it mean.
also is only natural that God can do what he wants without our approval and that black can only turn reddish
but no one has been able to turn or make black from any combination of other colors.
and yes white folks like us want to dismiss the biblical facts,Moses was turn white,Miriam was turn white,Laban means white or albino, and the biblical word leprous also mean white, but please don't believe my words ,look it up.

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#208 Aug 28, 2013
Str8LikeThat wrote:
<quoted text>White people came about when blacks mixed with neanderthals. Then they grew in number and took over lightening up once black middleeast. Like what happen to t+e Indians
Wrong. The Neanderthal is a hoax they've been trying to ram down our throats for decades now. Just like the alien bs, to cover over the ancient, black technology @ area 51. Their carbon dating is also garbage, their seeking to change times, claiming humans have been here for 100,000's of years, yet blacks only built mud huts. All is lies, in this, the great deception in the time of the end. Sure Whites came out of caves, but they were never cave men. They were lepers in exile. Around 9 B.C. the time of the Prophet El'isha, the Biblical leprosy (not to be confused with modern leprosy, because ancient leprosy made the skin pale and actually affected buildings) was becoming more rampant, along with the lawlessness in the ancient black world.

Note the servant of El'isha, Gehazi. For what he did, the Prophet cursed him and his descendents to be White skinned lepers, for ever. This was the start of the Blonde hair blue eyed, as before hand, the entire world was melaninated, having dark skin.

2 Kings 5:25-27
25 When he went in and stood before his master, Elisha asked him,“Where have you been, Gehazi?”

“Your servant didn’t go anywhere,” Gehazi answered.

26 But Elisha said to him,“Was not my spirit with you when the man got down from his chariot to meet you? Is this the time to take money or to accept clothes—or olive groves and vineyards, or flocks and herds, or male and female slaves? 27 Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and to your descendants forever.” Then Gehazi went from Elisha’s presence and his skin was leprous—it had become as white as snow.

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#209 Aug 28, 2013
Carbon dating is a hoax to make people disbelieve what times we are living in and to further shroud the history of black people in myth, while supplanting it with a false veneer of whiteness.


Daniel 7:25
He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.

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#210 Aug 28, 2013

Lawrence, MA

#211 Aug 28, 2013
zina wrote:
<quoted text>
Then how did white people begin
go to the bible read 2kings 5:26-27

Lawrence, MA

#212 Aug 28, 2013
Enoch ch103 vs15

And they helped those who robbed and devoured us, and those who diminished us and they made secret there oppression, so that they they didnt remove their yoke from us, but devoured us and scattered us and murdered us; and they kept secret our murder, and did not think of it that they had lifted up their hands against us.

Enoch ch98 vs12
Woe to you who love the deeds of injustice; why do ye hope for goodness to yourselves? know that ye shall be given into the hands of the just; they will cut off your necks and slay you, and will not pity you. VS: woe to you who rejoice in the trouble of the just,for a grave will not be dug for you.

Garfield, NJ

#213 Mar 7, 2014
You can't be serious with that question. Or maybe you just that stupid.

Melrose Park, IL

#214 Apr 7, 2014
Mr_Azhaad wrote:
That's a very simplistic view of both books and not at all founded on reality. I don't have time to expand now, but I surely will later. Also Cushitic features have changed mainly by Arab immigration over the years. They were surely darker and much more African-featured during the days of the scriptures.
The bible is not racist, the bible exposes sins and show how sins begin many years ago,
the bible also states there is nothing new under the sun; that means
we learn the bible because we suffer with the same sin as many people did in the bible.
please understand the bible is powerful showing how to love yet it corrects and exposes sin so that we can be come better people and love each other,.
regarding the Cushite, Moses married a Cushite women and his sister Miriam got angry because she was black. just like today many people are racist in every color. God punished her by giving her leprosy and showing us that it is bad to be a racist. Leprosy is when all the pigmentation from your skin diminishes until a person is left completely white. God tells us he does not discriminate, he made all people and he loves all people. He writes this to tell us not to react as Miriam did. Miriam was a good women with a flaw just like many of us have flaws. Many stories are in the bible that show weaknesses and strengths from people read them and learn how to live today by reviewing God's corrections and blessing.
I hope you read for understanding the bible is not what you think that it is
it is the map that leads us back to Jesus Christ. It is medican for our spirit yet is also viatimin to make us live spiritually healthy lives. Go to a Christian bible study you will learn a lot.


#216 Jul 6, 2014
Eritrea is semis not cushites oromo's and a far are
African AE

Durban, South Africa

#217 Jul 7, 2014
zina wrote:
Why aren't there any bantu and nilotes in those books. It just proves how racist both these religions are because they only write about the black people with caucasian features aka the cushites.
Ancient Middle Eastern people WERE CAUCASIAN SHEMITES looking EXACTLY like modern INDIGENOUS Middle eastern people!
Samaritans have lived in Israel for over 3000 years and carry Israelite DNA:
Assyrians have lived thousands of years in Mesopotamia:
Thomas Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

#219 Mar 31, 2015
It is unfortunate that most people today do not know the meaning of Cush in the context of the Bible - used interchangeably with Ethiopia (which means burnt/black). Cush included present day Sudan. So they were black people. The Ethiopian Eunuch mentioned in Acts came from Merowe in Present Day Sudan. It does not require a professor of history to know that what is today called Ethiopia was called Abyssinia less than a century ago.


#220 Apr 16, 2015
Ludinio wrote:
<quoted text>
Sigh.. not again. Being considered AA is good enough for me but here:
Deuteronomy 28: 15-68
The Historical Documents from The Fall of Jerusalem 70 AD
The fact that Israel was/IS in Northeast Africa in the first place. White cartographers invented the term "The Middle East" because they did not want to consider the Holy Land to be part of Africa. Like they are trying to make it seem like Egypt and other North African countries are not African in modern times.
After the Fall of Rome, The Israelites who were not taken to Rome to be slaves fled into other parts of Africa in this pattern.
The ones who went to Rome's Migration Pattern:
The Others:
READ: From Babylon to Timbuktu bt Rudolph Windsor
Hebrewisms of West Africa by Joseph J. Williams
The Moors of Spain by Stanley Poole
The Travels of David Livingstone by Dr. David Livingstone
All these books are good, but The Bible Prophecies did it for me.
Believe what you want, it won't pay me bills one way or the other..
You know what I've noticed lately, people (presumely mostly non-white) produce stacks of evidece to support what they are saying but white people still won't accept the facts.

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