Human it being done in se...

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#65 Jun 15, 2012
passer by wrote:
I always brought u that next level isht..The moon is in scientific/futuristic aquarius.
Stallin was trying to create half ape half human "super soldiers" back then.Another russian scientist was succesfull in fusing an ape sperm with human egg.They kept these eperiments top secret.Back in the 1920's!
uote: Beyond Species: Il’ya Ivanov and His Experiments on Cross-Breeding Humans with Anthropoid Apes
The possibility of crossing humans with other anthropoid species has been discussed in fiction as well as in scientific literature during the twentieth century. Professor Il’ya Ivanov’s attempt to achieve this was crucial for the beginning of organized primate research in the Soviet Union, and remains one of the most interesting and controversial experiments that was ever done on non-human primates. The possibility of removing theboundarythatseparates humans from other animal species, apes in particular, is loaded with important political meaning and violates cultural and ethical taboos. The history of Ivanov’s scientific experiment thus helps to reveal some of the twentieth-century’s important cultural conventions and hidden assumptions about human nature, species, and social hierarchy.
Ivanov’s plans for the continuation of his experiments at the Sukhum station heavilyconcentrated on the insemination of women. As Ivanov explained the problem in December 1927 to the academic council of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology,“Experiments on the artificial insemination of women with the sperm of anthropoid apes will require the delivery of only two or three adultmaleapes,” whiletheinsemination of chimpanzee females would need a much larger number of animals (IP 983, pp. 14–15). The main difficulty with which the Sukhum primate station had to struggle was the proper acclimatization of primates in the new location. Sukhum with its palm trees may have seemed south to Russians, but it was very far north for the apes.
Ivanov’s experiments were to be kept secret “until their results would be clear,” and until that moment, neither he nor other commission members would publish anything or even mention the topic publicly.
Ape-human hybrids??

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#66 Jun 15, 2012
One of my best friends in College in mChicago was a Scientist and former Professot, He told me about how cloning experiments are definitely occurring even in A mica underground. He told me about one of his colleagues and his plan to attempt to clone a very famous deceased "king". No, he was not joking. He wouldn't tell me the guys name, but he said he is one of the most respected Scientists in the world and has Millions of funds and backers in any project he wants to do. This gentleman is definitely not the type to BS...

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#67 Jun 16, 2012
Phil valentine says nasa is secretly sending clones to other planets and seeding them with life.
auntie bee

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#69 Jun 16, 2012
na, just with momo and FRANK and turds.

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#70 Jun 16, 2012
Humans cannot be cloned, only conceived. Unlike animals, the human body requires a soul which cannot be cloned as it has nothing to do with genetics, DNA, nor anything else in the physical world. Enormous waste of resources best used elsewhere...
Guest 1 wrote: gy/the-science-...
Further research into mammal and human cloning continued. In 2008, Dr. Samuel Wood and Andrew French, scientific officer in California’s Stemagen Corporation Lab, created five cloned human embryos. They were said to be later destroyed. Who is supplying the DNA and which genetic code of DNA is more preforable factored into the process of cloning? The science of cloning humans and other mammals in biotechnology is considered controversial, unethical and illegal in certain countries. But, would that stop our United States government from ordering biotechnology scientists in the military from creating human clones that match a specific DNA profile for the use of possible Manchurian candidate?
Scientists within our military is the new secret weapon being explored by covert operations similar to that of operation, MK-ultra. By theory, these human clones can be manufactured by biotechnology scientists and then programmed to become killing machines for our military. You see, cloning humans and other mammals usually result in super humans or what is termed as “large off-spring syndrome”, by which the clone expires by the affliction or several other varied diseases. Hence, the genetically milled clone would become expendable considering their life expectancy is so short. Sounds like a conspiracy theory on the Internet, doesn’t it? Some may view the syndrome as reason to initate the notion of collateral damage considering the short life expectancy of the clones. Well, if you poke around the Internet and become your own investigator into the science of human cloning and related syndrome, you’ll see that the cloning of humans for the use of a secret weapon within our military is really no new mystery or secret on the Internet.

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#71 Jun 27, 2012
The guy above is funny.

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#72 Jul 8, 2012

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#73 Jul 8, 2012
This baby was born with strange,frog-like features was berthed by a 20 yr old haitian women who stromed out of the hospital distraught,never to be seen again.

Is this some government experiment gone bad?

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#74 Aug 9, 2012
To the top.

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#75 Nov 7, 2012
Romney lost. But did we win
the light has come

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#77 Nov 7, 2012
Masud_S_Hoghughi__ wrote:
....but who'd wanna clone u stoopit kneegrows anyway........your hood rats are already breeding like roaches..........
you probably an expert on rats and roaches because you probably live with them.

“No more wars--I promise”

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#78 Nov 7, 2012
Interesting wrote:
Romney lost. But did we win
Romney lost and the country won..........

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#79 Sep 19, 2013
Yes its being done.
The Demon Troller

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#80 Sep 20, 2013
yes , this cloning story is true. I am in fact a copy of Al Sharpton, one of 45, and we all live in a compound in Alaska, along with some Elvises and 4 Michael Jacksons.
The Demon Troller

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#81 Sep 20, 2013
tru wrote:
This baby was born with strange,frog-like features was berthed by a 20 yr old haitian women who stromed out of the hospital distraught,never to be seen again.
Is this some government experiment gone bad?
many black kids look like frogs. But why was stis woman "stroming"? do other black people "strome" a lot?

Barrie, Canada

#82 Sep 20, 2013
Yes, cloning is real. DNA of Hitler, King Leonides of Sparta, Alexander the Great, etc., has been harvested, for obvious purpose.
Leo moon

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#83 Oct 28, 2013

24 Year Old Ryan Singleton Dead in California Desert with All Organs Missing

A potential and unusual murder mystery 2,000 miles away has left an Atlanta family with a lot of heartbreaking questions. A Mableton mother is searching for answers about her son's death, including why internal organs were missing from his body.
Ryan Singleton, 24, left metro Atlanta in early July to chase his dream of becoming an actor or model in Hollywood. Instead of dreams coming true, his mother is now living a nightmare, wondering about her son, whose body turned up near one of the most inhospitable places on earth in Death Valley, California.
"He (her son) went to Las Vegas during a weekend visit and got missing in Baker, California on the way back," Iris Flowers told FOX 5'S George Franco.
Ms. Flowers learned joggers discovered Singleton's body on September 21 in the desert near Baker, which is located between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She says she'll never forget the call from police.
"There were no organs," Ms. Flowers said. "He said,'Ma'am, there were no eyes, there was no heart, there was no lungs, there was no liver, there were no kidneys."
Biglips Van Nostrils


#84 Oct 28, 2013
Guest 1 wrote:
<quoted text>yeah.our real president the one we"ll never get to see is somewere on the moon or area 51 calling the
the REAL president is one of the underground crab people. If any of the present lot at the top were shot, a new one would be put in place at once and pretend "to get better". Why do you think Obama has not birth "sterstifticate"? he is a clone.(or a CLOWN more likely)
Blacks Are Worthless

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#85 Oct 28, 2013
Well you darkies have nothing to fear because nobody in their right mind would clone you because your race holds no scientific or economic value.
Biglips Van Nostrils


#86 Oct 28, 2013
tru wrote:
This baby was born with strange,frog-like features was berthed by a 20 yr old haitian women who stromed out of the hospital distraught,never to be seen again.
Is this some government experiment gone bad?
ALL blacks have strange frog-like features.

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