Why do african americans hate african...

Monticello, IN

#160 Sep 19, 2012
because people from Africa probably have more aids..

and then when they come over here they try to mingle with other blacks and probably store it into the community..

i'm just making something up I really have no idea..

Monticello, IN

#161 Sep 19, 2012
I don't but I can actually think of many reasons why they should..

Monticello, IN

#162 Sep 19, 2012
I can think of a bad reason why they hate them..

maybe gangs hate them because of there might be someone from africa who wa den the afican gangs..

United States

#163 Sep 25, 2012
Im a young south african living in south africa. I don't think africans hate african americans. Frm wat i see daily, african kids love african americans. Here in south africa people try to dress & talk like like AA. That is probarly bcz 80 percent of wats on TV is american tv shows, 80 percent of wats on radio is american music.
I neva knew that the were issues between africans and AA, until i found this site. I have neva met an american as i have lived in south africa all my life. "African american'' why don't you just say you american. I'm sure white people in the US don't call themselves european americans. Just american
When I watch tv and they show africa on the news or sumthing I see a diffrent africa that i have neva seen in my whole life. They just show some sad staff.
Here in south africa, most south africans don't like africans from the continent. Calling them lots of nt nice names. We see other africans as foreinors but if you come from other countries such the US, england, australia etc then you a tourist. Strange
Prof Awodwa

Klerksdorp, South Africa

#164 Sep 26, 2012
To:White Abo
Am sure u have never been outside SA. Calling outsiders names isn't new. In Ghana "Obroni" and Nigeria "Akata" AAs have names. All these names are given to people who are seen as FOREIGN.

Again the xenophobic attacks in SA weren't the 1st or last ones in Africa. Most people attacked in SA xenphobic attacks were Zimbabweans, Malawians and Mozambiquens, Somalians who lived and were running businesses in shanty town or slums. As Chris Rock said this was "Broke on broke war". Chris Rock was here at that time and can tell a better story than the propaganda that was told in the west. Again if one knws the history of Southern Africa very well. They might know that Zimbabweans, Malawian,Zambians, Botswanans,Swazis etc..come from same Kingdom Mwana Mutapa. Hence these speak very much closely related languages. A Shona from Zimbabwe is closely related to Venda of SA. A Ndebele(part of Zulu nation ran away from Shaka),Xhosa(people who travelled with Cecil John Rhodes thinking he was a visitor only to find out he was a coloniser), thinking he was an ex of Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi trace their roots to South Africa.
Prof Awodwa

Klerksdorp, South Africa

#165 Sep 26, 2012
To:Abo thewhitetroll
Can u believe back in the day Nigerians killed and torched Ghanaians alive???

The causes of xenophobia


Africans living in other countries which are not their countries of origin are grimly accustomed to invectives like "fucking foreigner"; "parasite"; "alien"; "refugee", etc. But it appears matters have been getting out of hand in recent years. Xenophobia is on the rise, making nonsense of the catchy phrase "Africa for the Africans".

In sub-Saharan Africa this phenomenon raised its ugly head with the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first president who was quite continental, nay internationalist in outlook. In 1969/70 the government of K.A. Busia (which replaced the Nkrumah regime after a short period of military rule) came up with the infamous and disgraceful Aliens Compliance Order which saw the brutal and compulsory expulsion of "aliens" mostly from Nigeria and Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso). In the early 1980s, Nigeria followed suit (and more brutally) by burning alive hundreds of Ghanaians in Nigeria in an attempt to flush them out as "aliens". Today it is the same story in the Republic of South Africa. And quite recently, Malians were given a similar treatment in the wake of the struggle for political leadership between Laurent Gbagbo and Alasan Watara in the Côte d'Ivoire. This prompted President Abdoulie Wade of Senegal to make the rather myopic remark that racism in the Côte d'Ivoire dwarfed that found in Europe. He obviously intentionally forgot to mention the deep hatred and inhuman treatment meted out by his stone-cold immigration officers to anglophone West Africans entering or passing through Senegal. A few months ago people in Gadhafi's Libya took up arms against African immigrants, exiling quite a large number to the "next world", all in the name of this issue of "fucking foreigners". And yet Gadhafi, after having accused his brothers in the Arab League of being sell-outs to America, is busy trying to organise a Union of African States to replace the toothless bulldog, that the Organisation of African Unity has become! Interesting, isn't it?

Grand Prairie, TX

#166 Sep 27, 2012
im reading this shit and cracking the hell up! But at the same time its kinda pathetic. You see my parents were born in Nigeria I was born in Houston TX so I live around both african culture and african american culture (cause my whole crew is african american). But damn in the end I gotta save my people. AirForce-3 and Proud African boy good job! Like really i stink? and ugly? not when I last checked, I KNOW im fine,(sexy people know if they sexy it's a straight fact). You know what, I was gonna bash yall pathetic as5es but it wont feel right but both africans and african americans reason for a moment. One both cultures knock each other down, since yall came from W. Africa yall look the same, like Airforce3 mentioned, yall both make each other look stupid: aa's high dropout rate and into drugs and acting ghetto and ratchit in public Africans starving and poor (in Africa) some uneducated, and both cultures got bad reps. So in the end none of yall win, so instead of hating try loving. ♥it what makes my world go round♥
girl _29

United States

#167 Oct 4, 2012
Well I'm african, kenyan to be precise
and i really don't know how i ended up here but in honest truth and faith i didn't even know thr was h8 going on
in my country we just go with the flow
hakuna matata
I've never really heard any1 say i hate african americans or anything like that
most people who've been 2 the states always come back n talk about clothes not about the people
well that's kenya for u
kfc pizza inn and creamy in that's what us teenagers hear think about not hating on races n stuff lol
wtf such a weird topic honestly
ohhh ohh ohh
almost forgot
I'm african my bff since age 4 is african american do the math
african+african american =awesome friendship
this is my case don't attack me with freaky questions
lol u should all just become lawyers arguing like this XD

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#168 Oct 5, 2012
Not true, there is an African community a couple of miles from me that i frequently visit, i am looking to make some friends, knock it off already' to be honest i have to compromise, it seems that they don't trust me any how i am still working on it......

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#169 Oct 5, 2012
VintageLover_ wrote:
Both Africans and African Americans need to get over themselves. All of this back and forth is immature.
I am finding out that' everything about black people is immature, sadly......
Frank Mucho

Brunswick West, Australia

#170 Oct 11, 2012
Firstly African people had different hair. then they try to grow there hair like an idiot. be happy with what you have. thanks

United States

#171 Oct 11, 2012
Proud african american wrote:
it seems that they don't trust me any how i am still working on it......
Many of them "report" how AAs are to other africans on their own forums. What ever you do, just look for the down-to-earth ones.
Stevie chucks

United States

#173 Oct 29, 2012
First of all im a nigerian and i have to say about african ameriacans. it is not all africans that hate african ameriacns and african americans should just calm down and stop insulting africa . the same african american that are insulting africa are the same people in love with africa and it people. we show them a lot of love and respect and we too should understand one another nigeria has one of the largest population of african ameriacan ansestry and black people love nigeria so much that even come to liv

New York, NY

#174 Nov 11, 2012
African Americans dislike Africans because Africans are the poster childs for poverty, AIDS, famine, corruption and a lack of development. It seems like Africans are incapable of developing their own countries & are at war with each other. Whilst Africa is the richest continent, Africans are always waiting for foreign aid from America & Europe. That's a damn shame. This hatred is not because of color, but it is because of cultural differences and values. Also, there are few Africans living in the US so AAs are not accustomed to them. The few Africans that are living in the US are either refugees or foreign students. And yes, most African immigrants do not have professional jobs in the US.

Bronx, NY

#175 Nov 21, 2012
Ok, first of all Some of these comments are stupid, If you were African and all these people were saying bad things about you what the fuck would you say? The dumbass who said africans are ugly and smelly as hell, go fuck your self, You had a bad experience with one african guy, that doesnt mean you should judge the rest based on your opinion about that one guy. And you say you would kill your self if you were african, well go get a gun or a knife and kill yourself, all traces of human life lead to africa so you have african roots.
Blaq Man


#177 Nov 23, 2012
Damn!:-D I DON'T BELIVE THIS XENOPHOBIC BULLSHIT...infact I thought African Americans where better than that!its even worse to found out that some Africans like my self think of AA the way some do in here,NX! Nizizinja ezingenamqolo!..you all make me sick!..hope You all understand my fuckern broken english...proudly African!

Houston, TX

#178 Nov 24, 2012
Wow.all yall people just chikk. Am jamaican people see africa as big place with one culture and everybody somehow is desame,smells desame,acts desame if u really hate , ask you what is the first word of your ethnicity , is african, us jamaiican are proud to be part africans,because all you usa black people you are fucking stupid

United States

#179 Nov 25, 2012
duke2012 wrote:
African Americans dislike Africans because Africans are the poster childs for poverty, AIDS, famine, corruption and a lack of development. It seems like Africans are incapable of developing their own countries & are at war with each other. Whilst Africa is the richest continent, Africans are always waiting for foreign aid from America & Europe. That's a damn shame. This hatred is not because of color, but it is because of cultural differences and values. Also, there are few Africans living in the US so AAs are not accustomed to them. The few Africans that are living in the US are either refugees or foreign students. And yes, most African immigrants do not have professional jobs in the US.
After reading your posting, it is clear to me that as the majority, your have greatly fail to understand the game being played. Concerning the situation of the African continent, although some of the issue can be blamed on those countries. Most of the wars and other issue there are the direct result of foreign hands manipulating elections and putting in place puppet government that are useless to their countries but useful to their foreign masters. To me personally, ignorance is the greatest flaw a human being can have. To close my argument, take note that the truth will never be brought to you but you have to find it yourself and it clear that you still need to find it. I hope my comment will enlighten you to seek the truth not some people truth but the TRUTH.

United States

#180 Nov 25, 2012
Oh black people ( African American+African and any other black nationals ). We have over and over failed to understand what other races have easily understood.

1)No racial group can be successful on any level w/o any sense of solidarity which we lack greatly. This can be observed here in the USA black community, even in Africa black people always fail to come together and do things on a grand scale. I don't know why but it seems to be a major issue with all blacks. Some of you will disagree. If that is the case, take time and observe very well how other races operate and you will agree with me.

2) Some A.A ( I am not sure what percentage ) think they were sold by their African brothers/sisters (Let say it is true. Ask your self what is the chance that they were forced to do it ). This is what you have been told not what happened. If you doubt me, take time to learn the history of Africa and what Africans that you had left behind in Africa had endured back home.

3) The only way for the black race to overcome the challenges it faces is for all sons of the race to understand that the obstacles that we are facing worldwide will not be resolved by hating each other.

4) I think the black race in general has let itself be defined by others. Unless you love yourself in the first place, no body will love you. Let start by loving ourself (black ) no matter the geographical location.

5) As an African that has been in the USA for sometime, there are certain things that I wish African American we doing differently.

a) Learn to listen no matter what. Even when an AA criticized they way the AA community does things, AA take it personally. I recall when Obama was asking black men to take their familial responsibilities, he was slapped with all kinds of insults from the black community.( One thing that I have noticed no matter the continent is our poor ability to listen. We tend to always know everything even when we are clueless. A wise man knows that life is an endless learning journey.)

b) Undersand the dynamics of the whole game that they are part of. I have always wonder why for instance the USA has to import foreign workers to fill in IT positions in the 100,000 per year. A.A. can use those venues to further lift themselves out of the social/economic position that they have. It is not easy but it is doable .

c) AA should try to restructure their communities (morality, values system,family) such that individuals coming out of those communities are citizens that can fit easily in any country, social group or relationship not only in the Black community.( By the way this will greatly help black AA women keeping their rich and highly successful men). The reason most rich AA men go else where to look for women has a lot to do with the fact few BW aren't ready to compete with their piers of others race ( attitude being more of the major area of work). I know that what AA had gone through have greatly affected AA women more than men. But is is imperative to understand that men tend to go after the most feminine women. Black women/men should find a way to raise next generation black girls with the tools needed kept BM in the community.

d) AA should come up with a values system to be taught to all young blacks growing up in blacks throughout communities centers ( to be build ) across the USA in order to promote what values their children should pick and not let the TV and other medias dictated them. Remember this: Children are like empty buckets that need to be fill up. AA should come up with what they think should be filled in those empty buckets.

6) As a naturalized US citizen, What I have just mentioned above for AA is the same thing I do when I analyze the things holding us back in Africa.

7) After reading the forum, I have noticed most complains from AA and Africans are superficial and the fact that we are not raised with the mind set of changing our world but instead we want to find things that are already established.

Howell, MI

#183 Dec 14, 2012
It takes a genius to know what to say to the black community.... no such genius even bothers to take notice of it but they pursue various other endeavors which may be of a higher monetary value in addition to a dangerous escapade for that particular one or perhaps the image and indeed there is such one where the image is skewered to become what they don't want to give meaning to when someone observes their life. I was gonna say something else but I forgot..

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