Why does it take so many BM to take d...

Why does it take so many BM to take down one WM?

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the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#1 Jul 2, 2011
[11/23/09] 3 OH. Black Males Jump On 1 Unarmed White Male

the truth simply ain't gonna go away. don't get too heated or offended, look into ways to change your regular M.O. and habits instead.


``A student at Kent State University who was severely beaten last week has died. Christopher Kernich, 23, of Fairborn died Saturday at Akron City Hospital.

Police said Ronald Kelly, 20, and Adrian Barker, 21, have been charged with felonious assault, while a third suspect remains at large.

Kernich's was working in Iraq for a contractor that maintains the U.S. Embassy when she learned of her son's injuries. Back in southwest Ohio where Kernich grew up, his friends are trying to deal with the loss.

"He was one of my best friends. We grew up together. We met when we were 4 or 5 years old and have the same group of friends. We were real close," said Nico Yantko.

In the past week, Steve Gibson drove to the hospital to see his friend and hoped to see him pull through. Last night, Gibson found himself at the high school, remembering Kernich.

"It was very somber. People come out to remember Chris and keep his spirit alive in our hearts," Gibson told ONN's Lot Tan.

Meanwhile, a benefit to help Chris' family pay for hospital bills and funeral expenses will be held tonight at Cadillac Jacks sports bar in Fairborn.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#2 Jul 2, 2011
[7/15/08] 8 MN. Black Males Jump On 1 White Man At Theme Park

since the three year old incident, there's little question all eight suspects have racked up crime after crime records.


``Eight males took turns stomping and kicking the head of a father who had yelled at one of them minutes earlier for hitting his daughter's buttocks at Valleyfair.

The attack happened about midnight on July 4 after the father confronted two men who touched his 12-year-old daughter. The 41-year-old father's wife heard one of the men use his cell phone to say "he needed his boys over here".

The wife said a minute later several men arrived and assaulted her husband inside the exit of the amusement park, despite efforts by her and several female relatives to help him. He was knocked unconscious.

Fair security couldn't control the group but helped Shakopee police arrest seven of them. The eighth fled. Six men and a 14-year-old boy were jailed and charged July 8 with third-degree assault.

The eighth person hasn't been found. He said the victim asked that his name not be released because he fears retaliation from his attackers who have been released after posting bail. He said the group, one of whom slapped the 12-year-old girl on her butt, didn't know the victim's family.

"This type of violence cannot be accepted in our community," the county attorney said Tuesday. "We had a family at the fair enjoying the holiday. Behavior like this is personal to our community."

The father was taken to the hospital for a fractured eye socket bone and other injuries. His office was told Monday that doctors were waiting for the man's swelling to subside before checking for permanent injuries which could justify more serious charges.

The eight-member group had no known gang ties. One of the group, Darris D. Evans, allegedly punched a woman as the group left the unconscious father. Evans, 20, is charged with a misdemeanor assault for that offense.

Besides Darris Evans, five other men and an unnamed juvenile were charged with third-degree felony assault. The five are Derry D. Evans, 19; Devondre Evans-Lewis, 18; Terry L. Arnold, 22; Andrew D. Shannon, 19, and Anthony C. Gildersleeve, 20.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#3 Jul 3, 2011
[5/9/08] 3 FL. Black Males Jump On 1 White Male

happened at a local high school, and was an unprovoked racial attack.


``A Jacksonville high school student was recently beaten and battered at school by three students he said he didn't even know.

Witnesses to the attack said Karl Koch Jr. was targeted because of the color of his skin. "They started closing in, and all I remember is getting hit," Koch said.

Koch's wrist was shattered and six screws and a plate now hold it together. He also has nine stitches above his right eye. Two 15-year-old students and one 17-year-old student were taken into police custody and charged with aggravated battery in connection to the attack.

One of the suspects said, "Look at the white boy, he looks like a victim," before punching Koch in the eye. All three attackers began kicking Koch and then laughed and ran away from the scene.

"It seems like he was picked out just because was the only white boy in the crowd," said the victim's father. He said when he arrived at the school paramedics had already put his son in an ambulance.

"When I got to ambulance, it was a whole different story. His eye was split open, there was blood everywhere," The Koch family said they said they hope the three students responsible get what they deserve.

A school district official said the three students arrested could be expelled, but said the school board would decide on a punishment.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#4 Jul 3, 2011
[3/31/08] 4 FL. Black Male Jump On 1 Woman And 2 Disabled Persons

all victims were white. the disabled were males. again unprovoked.


``Four men in Orlando were charged with a hate crime after they pummeled a 62-year-old woman and her two mentally-challenged companions at a public park after they didn't pay a "fee" for being white, police said.

The victims were walking into Kaley Park when they were confronted by Christopher Colbert, Erick Golden, Willie Pritts and Antoniette Boone. Police said the victims were told that since they are white, they had to pay a fee to be in the park.

When the three didn't pay, the men beat them, officers said. One of the victims was held up with a knife. Deputies stopped the men a few miles from the park and they were taken into custody. The men face several charges in connection with the incident.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#5 Jul 4, 2011
[12/14/09] 3 IN. Black Males Attack 1 White Store Clerk.

at least one also had a weapon, a knife which he held to the clerk's throat. it wouldn't take a palm reader to tell that the other 2 black males together probably held the clerk down first for the knife-wielder to gain the upper hand....or the knife-wielder could have approached in a quiet sneak attack.

images from this video, which has become viral, are a little on the grainy side but still distinguishable. no text report could be found anywhere on the internet.


"Security camera video shows armed robbers drag a drug store clerk out of the store."
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#6 Jul 4, 2011
[5/29/10] 2 WA. Black Males Jump On 1 Unarmed White Male

at least one dedicated thread's been made for the case. as far as i know, the suspects are still unknown.


``A 16-year-old boy from West Seattle was held hostage and beaten for hours, all because of the color of his skin. Shane McClellan says two men kicked and whipped him at gunpoint, and told him they singled him out because he is white.

Shane's father barely recognized his son after the brutal assault. "I didn't know if he was alive or dead," he said. The incident happened as Shane was walking home from a birthday party at a friend's house Tuesday around 2 a.m.

Two men called to him from the top of a staircase near the intersection of 14th Avenue SW and SW Holden Street. The men asked for a light, and when Shane walked over to oblige, they knocked him to the ground and started kicking him.

The two men knocked the frightened teen around on the staircase, making racially charged remarks. "They started bringing up the past - like slavery - being like, white people did this," Shane said in an exclusive interview. The attackers stripped off McClellan's belt and started whipping his back.

One of the men held a gun against the back of his head and burned his neck with cigarettes. At one point they shoved McClellan's face into a hole with the gun against his head. They also urinated on him and poured beer over him.

The two assailants held the victim on the ground for some time, and Shane eventually passed out. When he regained consciousness, the attackers were gone. They had taken his money, a coat and an MP3 player.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#7 Jul 5, 2011
[8/19/10] 2 PA. Black Males Beat 1 Non-black Male To Death

other suspects may have been involved. race of victim not officially disclosed but more than likely either white or Hispanic.


``Pittsburgh police said a man was beaten to death in the stairwell of an apartment complex last Sunday.

Investigators found Victor Borrero, 55, unconscious with apparent trauma to his head. He was transported to the hospital where he was in critical condition for several days. Borrero died on Wednesday.

After investigating, homicide detectives determined that Borrero arrived at the apartment complex and was robbed by John Harris, 24, and Robert Coates, 25, both who reside in the East Ohio apartments.

After robbing Borrero, Harris and Coates punched him and assaulted him. As the two men were beating Borrero, two other men joined in the assault by kicking and punching Borrero.

A warrant for Harris, Coates and a third person's arrest has been issued. Police have not released the name of that man. Harris and Coates and the third man are all wanted on charges of robbery, aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. More charges could come depending on the outcome of Borrero's autopsy.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#8 Jul 5, 2011
[12/27/10] 5 FL. Black Males Jump On 1 White Male

this happened outside a theater. no pics on link though other web sources verify most-to-all suspects were black.


````Manatee County deputies responding to a disturbance at a movie theater on Christmas night had to call in back-up to quell a near-riot that led to five arrests and a young person being shocked with a stun gun.

Deputies arrived at the theater at about 9:50 p.m. to investigate a report that two juveniles had assaulted a man and his wife. A crowd of more than 100 people formed as deputies were arresting the juveniles.

The crowd swelled to more than 300 people and deputies called in more units to restore order. At the request of the theater manager, the site was cleared without further arrests or incidents. Deputies later discovered a sheriff's vehicle was damaged by one of the juveniles as he was being arrested.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#9 Jul 6, 2011
[8/23/09] 12 NY. Black Males Jump On 1 White Male

a great-many readers will remember the case. only two suspects, who also used makeshift weapons, were ever caught and tried.


``A Buffalo teen, viciously attacked earlier this week, remains in the hospital. Police are investigating the beating as a possible hate crime because the victim is white and the wanted suspects are a dozen African American men.

Brian Milligan, 18, is recovering at the hospital. He's got bleeding in his brain and a broken jaw. The group of men attacked him Tuesday night near an intersection.

"It didn't even look like my son," said Brian Milligan Sr., describing what his son looked like after the beating. He feels confident his son's beating is a hate crime because his son is white and his African American girlfriend was repeatedly taunted and teased about their relationship before the attack.

"They're just in love. They just want to be left alone," he said. Brian's father says his son didn't get a good look at those who beat him because they hit him from behind using a concrete brick.

"I mean, I couldn't believe that a human can lose so much blood and walk home for five blocks," Milligan Sr. said. His son's girlfriend is scared for her safety. Brian could be released from the hospital next week, but that depends on the results of a medical scan of his brain.

"No one deserves to be beaten the way this young man was and we as a community need to step up and help these young men who apparently don't know how to solve differences with words and not bricks," a local pastor said.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#10 Jul 6, 2011
[11/13/10] Black Man Pulls Gun On White Man About To Beat Him Up

this happened in Texas and unfortunately ended tragically. no pics on link though other sources verify the respective races of the suspect and victim and both fell under the same size and age bracket.


``They are two people whose lives are linked by a single act of tragic heroism outside a gas station in the Meyerland area. Randi Wood lost her son when he tried to fend off a gunman who stole the purse belonging to the wife of Jeb Wait.

"That's the true definition of a hero. He gave his life for someone he didn't know," Wait said at a news conference. He was speaking about Sam Irick. "He's the reason I still have my wife and my children have their mother," Wait said.

Amberly Wait was standing in line at the Chevron station when the robber approached with a pistol. He jammed the weapon into her abdomen and demanded the purse. Irick, 24, was standing behind her in the line.

As Irick attempted to assist her, the suspect withdrew the gun from the midsection of Amberly and fired one shot, very quickly, into the midsection of Samuel and fled.

The clerk then opened the front door and allowed Amberly Wait inside the service station. Irick, who had collapsed after being shot, managed to get to his feet and also made it inside. He died after arriving at the hospital.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#13 Jul 7, 2011
[10/29/10] 4 OH. Black Males Jump On 1 Unarmed White Male

almost carbon-copy circumstances as that in case #9 above, except in a different state. an obviously confused non-black also seems to have helped in the attack.


``Three students from Rhodes High School have been arrested for felonious assault in connection with the attack of a young, interracial couple. The arrested males are Brandon Carter, 19, Jose Infante, 18, and a 15-year-old juvenile male.

The couple were attacked while walking home after school. They believe they were targeted because they are an interracial couple.

"Absolutely that's why they were assaulted," said the female victims mother. The girl is African American and the boy is Caucasian. Both are 18 years of age and honor students.

On Wednesday afternoon, they exited a bus near an intersection. A group of eight boys ranging in age from 15 to 19, followed the couple south on W. 50th Street. The suspects were making insulting, vulgar and aggressive comments like, "You're cute but I'm gonna punch him in the face."

Minutes later, the boys made good on that threat, but instead. They punched the female victim in the face. Her boyfriend defended her and was then viciously punched and kicked by the mob.

Meanwhile, the female victim helped her boyfriend walk to a family member's house on the street, where relatives rushed him to the hospital. The boys injuries were so severe, doctors quickly had the victim life-flighted.

Cleveland police report that 5 of the 8 suspects have been apprehended. They face charges of felonious assault.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#14 Jul 7, 2011
[11/27/10] GA. Black Man Pulls Knife On White Man To Try To Get Away

the suspect was a shoplifter in an electronics store and the white was physically restraining the black. the victim's wounds were apparently not life threatening. no pic of victim in link though other web sources confirm he's white.


``Larry Frelin, a friend of 24-year-old Corporal Phillip Duggan, tells WAGT-TV in Augusta that Duggan was in good spirits at home after receiving stitches in his back.

Duggan and other Marines were at the Best Buy store collecting donations for the service branch's "Toys For Tots" program.

Reports say 39-year-old Tracey Attaway of grew angry and pulled out a knife when confronted by store staff who say they saw him on surveillance video putting merchandise under his jacket.

Witnesses say Attaway stabbed Duggan when the Marine tried to stop him. Attaway faces various charges, including armed robbery and aggravated assault.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#15 Jul 8, 2011
[6/24/11] FL. Black Man Dumps Paraplegic Out Of Wheelchair

details on the race of the victim are sketchy but given recent past history of the blacks' combat tactics verses other races, the odds are the victim was a non-black.


``How low can a person go? If Oxycodone is involved, folks can sink lower than a snake's ankles.

Robert Strappier, 30, is accused of posing as a Good Samaritan, allegedly driving a 33-year-old paraplegic man from Gainesville to Tampa to see a doctor. Before heading back to Gainesville, Strappier reportedly took the man to a pharmacy to fill his prescriptions, one of which was for Oxycodone.

One they returned to the man's Gainesville apartment, Strappier twice tipped the paraplegic man out of his wheelchair, punching him in the head and kicking him, before taking the man's drugs and $40.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#17 Jul 9, 2011
[5/28/11] LA. Black Man Fatally Shoots Unarmed White Cab Driver

the victim here unfortunately died. there was also considerable age difference between the suspect and victim.


``The man who killed cab driver William "Billy" Kerner IV on Friday did so while trying to skip paying his fare. Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested 24-year-old Jamario Alexander, charging him with second degree murder.

For Kerner's family, still in shock over the crime, the news brings a slight sense of relief. "It's not gonna bring Billy back, you know, but certainly the family is very, very happy about the apprehension," said the victim’s sister.

"It's a shame that we have to have somebody like that alive, and my brother was such a good person, helped so many people. It's just terrible. It's just not fair."

Once he was transported to the detective bureau after waiving his rights, at first he denied any knowledge of the shooting at all, but eventually, he wound up confessing, said police.

Alexander admitted to shooting Kerner once in the face, inside the taxi. Kerner tried to get away, but Fortunato says Alexander continued the attack.

Alexander exited the taxi on the back on the rear, and went around the taxi and continued chasing Mr. Kerner, shooting him multiple times in the back.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#18 Jul 9, 2011
[7/7/11] 8 SC. Black Males Jump On 1 White Man

many are familiar with the story. the textbook black man ain't helping himself. he's only hurting himself.


``Three of the seven juveniles accused of brutally attacking a teenager in Five Points earlier this month will now be charged as adults.

Charges against 16-year-old Yahquann Gantt have already been upgraded, and two other juveniles will also be charged as adults on Thursday. The names of the other two suspects have not been released.

Eight people face charges ranging from criminal conspiracy to assault and battery by mob in the June 20 beating of 18-year-old Carter Strange. Strange was jogging home when the mob savagely beat Strange in a parking lot and left him for dead.

Strange required emergency brain surgery and reconstructive surgery, but is out of the hospital and recovering. "My physical condition is amazing," Strange said on Tuesday. "I mean, the condition I'm in right now is a miracle."

The only adult facing charges, 19-year-old Thyeem Henrey, is still in jail on $750,000 bond. The ages of the other suspects range from 13 to 16.

In response to the attack, Columbia City Council passed an emergency 60-day curfew for the Five Points area. According to the curfew, teens under 17 are not allowed to be in Five Points from 11:00pm until 6:00am, seven days a week.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#20 Jul 10, 2011
[5/31/11] Group Of NC. Black Males Try To Accost 1 White Man

one of the potential suspects also pulled a weapon. the mess was all over a Confederate Flag swimsuit.


``A swimsuit with the Confederate battle flag caused controversy this weekend at a Rock Hill apartment complex swimming pool.

A man says someone pointed a gun at him at the Paces River Avenue pool Sunday because one of his friends was wearing the rebel-themed bathing suit, according to a Rock Hill police report.

The 20-year-old and his friends were hanging out around 8 p.m. when a group of people approached them. The group began calling them racists because a girl in his party was wearing a "stars and bars rebel flag" bikini. The group then surrounded him, so he stood up.

One of the suspects pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at him, but fled when he realized the police had been called. They took off in the direction of Riverchase Boulevard toward Celanese Road.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#21 Jul 11, 2011
[6/24/11] CO. Assaults Spur Police Warning

says the report, "In November 2009, police rounded up 33 black men and teenagers who were sucker punching white and Latino men".


``A spate of late-night assaults and robberies near downtown has Denver police asking the community to be cautious and on the lookout.

Seven of the eight attacks in the past 10 weeks happened near the intersection of Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West in the evening or early morning. One attack took place 17th and Champa streets.

The victims were robbed of small items like cell phones or calling cards. While in every instance the victims were white men and the attacker or attackers black men, police do not believe the crimes to be racially motivated.

In November 2009, police rounded up 33 black men and teenagers who were sucker punching white and Latino men in the LoDo entertainment district and video taping the attacks as rites of passage.

Police conducted a months-long undercover investigation into the racially motivated assaults and robberies, but drew some criticism for not notifying the public sooner.

In those cases, the attackers travelled in groups of four or five, used racist slang and professed gang ties. "There's nothing to indicate that," police said. "The majority of these are solo individuals."``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#22 Jul 11, 2011
[5/10/11] 6 NC. Black Males Jump On 1 White Man

why would a particular race/gender be so passionately angry, bitter or hostile towards the very race/gender he thinks he's better than? the dots don't connect, and these types of crimes seem to be on the rise.


``The wife of a Henderson man who was severely beaten in March by a mob is sharing her story for the first time in an exclusive interview.

A group of men attacked Eric Loznicka after he accidentally hit their friend with his car. Police arrested and charged six people, but Angela Loznicka said the charges aren't strong enough.

"Does he have to be dead for anybody to wake up and realize that this was very wrong?" Angela Loznicka asked. Loznicka is also the mother of two.

"It makes me really angry. I mean, it's not right," she said. She continues to plead for answers about a night she can't forget. "I have nightmares about it and I can only imagine how he's feeling".

Eric was driving down Raleigh Road when 18-year-old Reuben Wright stepped into the road. Wright's friends allegedly then pulled Eric from his car and attacked him for minutes while 16 witnesses called 911.

"They're punching this person, and it's like a jump, like a gang jump thing," once witness told a 911 operator.

"To beat him and take turns beating on him like that, over and over and over, that's far from just losing control cause a loved one got hit," Angela said.

"At the best, they were stomping him in his throat," Angela said. "That night it was (showing with hands) this big all the way around."

"Is he any less human than these people are?" she asked. "I mean, it's very, very disturbing and all I see [are] his eyes sitting there by himself."

"I don't appreciate what ya'll did to him and I'm gonna get my chance in court to tell you that he's a husband, he's a son, he's a daddy, he's a brother to people just like ya'll are," Angela said.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#23 Jul 12, 2011
[6/7/11] PA. Black Man Stabs Man At Party

the suspect "lost it" when he was told to leave. the race or ID of the victim not officially seen but given all the circumstances and past history, he was likely a non-black.


``A man thrown out of a private weekend party at the Hilton Harrisburg returned and attacked one of the guests with a knife. Authorities are looking for Gary Clarke, 25, on charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

Police said a group of about 25 people had rented a penthouse suite on the 14th floor for a party Saturday night.

Clarke, who knew some of the party-goers, came into the suite and was drinking from a bottle of whiskey before he was told to leave because of his behavior.

He left after an argument, but came back at around 1:20 a.m. and stabbed a 20-year-old man three times in the neck before fleeing, police said.

The victim was taken to Penn State Hershey Medical Center for treatment of his wounds and a collapsed lung, police said. His name was not released, but police said he is expected to survive.``
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#24 Jul 12, 2011
[6/2/11] 4 Young IL. Black Males Kill 1 Elderly Cab Driver

whether it's theft or robbery for financial gain, or a racially motivated schoolyard fight, the average black man almost always needs the aid of at least one equalizer to go against the average non-black man.


``Bond was set at $3 million for each of four suspects arrested for the murder of a Mount Vernon cab driver.

Christopher A. Wells, 15; Damondros Q. James, 18; Demandre D. Black, 18; and Mark Anthony Taylor Jr., 18, appeared Wednesday in county circuit court, where each was charged with three alternative counts of first-degree murder in the death of Charles Ellis, 75.

Ellis, a driver for American Cab Co., was found dead in his cab early Tuesday morning near the intersection of 6th and Bell Streets on the city's south side. He had been shot once in the back.

The four suspects, including Wells, a juvenile now charged in adult court, appeared individually on Wednesday afternoon.

Each suspect is charged with one count of first-degree murder during the commission of a felony, in this case, attempted armed robbery.

In the charging documents filed against James and Wells, the two are accused of personally discharging a firearm, while documents filed against Black and Taylor allege they were "armed with a firearm."

Ellis, who worked at Lay's Manufacturing Co. for eight years and East Side Lumber Co. for 20, was married and the father of eight children.``

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